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Jansport x Sole Academy

JanSport Right Pack Signature Series Collaboration

JanSport Right Pack Signature Series

Collaboration is really the name of the game these days, and Philippines’ very own boutique apparel store Sole Academy! Being one of the 21 collaborators from all over the world this year, Sole Academy was chosen to represent our country to design a signature and limited edition classic leather bottom backpack only available at Sole Academy in Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. For more details, like them on Facebook and follow too on Twitter! :)

JanSport Right Pack Signature Series Patch

Bags of Love UK

Some time in December (I think) when a mail slash early Christmas treat arrived from London! I was exchanging emails with Bags of Love UK regarding this leather holdall. I already used it a number of times – in events, work, vacation. It really does hold it all, y’know?

Bicol trip for a talk: Rex Clothing cross shirt, Oxygen reversible jeans, US brand denim jacket, Punchdrunk Panda negatives plimsolls, and Bags of Love UK leather holdall.

I think by now, friends and family already know that I am a heavy packer (pronounce well, kids.) And this bag indeed is a wonder. It’s made of authentic leather – from the make to the handles. It is spacious enough to carry my everyday stuff: netbook, DSLR, extra clothes, books, planner/journal/notebooks, and whatever I may deem to need or even unnecessarily carry that day. It does the job well. It doesn’t break even though I fill it to the brim!

Dr. Marten’s Launch: Basic shirt, Thrifted coat, H&M plaid scarf, Penshoppe jeans, Karl Leuterio (BU2) boots, Bags of Love UK leather holdall

And I love how I can use them when I’m in the mood for formal wear. It’s always the case then – I don’t know what bag to bring when I’m in somewhat formal. This bag cures this problem though. No more excuses to use a backpack, haha!


Bicol trip Day 2: it acts as a shoulder bag also!

AND OH! Have I told you about how they customized the design for me? I sent over a photo that I took and they printed it and stitched it to my holdall! How convenient was that? I can easily say to my clients that, hey this is one of the photos I took around the city. Et voila, it’s a conversation piece! It really is a bag of love!!!

To know more about Bags of Love UK, this amazing British brand, you may hover at the links below. Anyway, Can you guess which Manila City photo I had them put in my bag?

Bags of Love UK

Jonver’s Christmas Wishlist 2011 edition!

Batchel. A satchel with a handle. I don’t know where did the “B” come from, haha. Doesn’t really need to be Cambridge, but it won’t hurt too if you get me a Cambridge haha. Preferably 13″ and in mustard or brown :P

Creepers. A 50’s classic! I don’t know when I started liking it, but it is definitely in my radar now (especially because I need the height LOL!)! I don’t know where else in the Philippines you can find one aside from Gold Dot! That furry addition and military belt buckle detail is just so fierce! I’m a size 8 men’s, haha!

The Amazing Playground Letterman jacket. Patched with the letter J, please! Am no jock, but I really dig these jackets – you all know I love stuff I can wear anywhere! Preferably medium size and in maroon and white. #AlamNa! :P

iPod Nano 3rd gen. This is my favorite iPod nano! I sold my iPod a couple of years ago, and now I want one again. I know I’m such a fickle, haha! I’d love a silver one :)

Moonleaf Planner. CROSS. THIS. OUT. Because… Moonleaf management has already given me one!!! Thank you Moonleaf! But I lalalalalalalove this planner — I quit a five-year habit for this and saved up money and calories. There’s a lot inside too — YOU HAVE TO BUY ONE FOR YOU TO KNOW :P

A date in Moonleaf Maginhawa and my Wintermelon Black Tea. 100% sweetness, no add-ons. Buy me tea with macarons, pleash? I’d love a catch up session with people I haven’t seen for a while and maybe, just maybe I can bring someone special here too :3

Sophie’s Mom Red Velvet Cupcakes + Dulce de Leche Chocolate cupcakes. I’ll finish a dozen quickly! Oh alright, I’ll share! HAHA! I love that it’s just so perfect. Finally, I have found my perfect cupcake :3 *SOB*

Macarons. Salted Caramel please! Before cupcakes, I am so gaga with Macarons! Empire and The Cookie Jar make exquisite batches of guilty macaron love! Perfect with a cup of tea.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins boxed set. Been meaning to read the whole saga, but damn I need to find time. I need to read this before the movie hits theaters. That gives me three months — GO FIGURE!

Anything crucifix without a man. I think I am starting to have a cross fever! Amen fashion anyone?

NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet. My New York project hasn’t formally started yet, but this can help it kick start! The name of the game is simple – collect anything that shouts (or even whisper) NUEVA YORK! Anyway this wallet is made from recyclable materials so it’s earth-friendly and you can buy this from Punchdrunk Panda, yow!

Opulence by Jeremy Scott and/or White Rebel by Swatch. I haven’t worn any watch since my last duty in college. But I will wear one again (and promise will never be late again — CHOS LANG!)


Advanced grateful remarks to those who will gift me (kapal lang noh?!) But seriously, any gift wrapped with a whole lot of love is fine. A lil’ addition, i.e. anything from this list, will be better though — HAHA!

Gird your loins for the I’m-a-brat Wishlist Christmas 2011 edition!!!

Bite me

I should be really sleeping by now. I have a long day ahead of me, and I still have to pack my stuff ’cause I’ll be away from home for work. PLUS I shall need all my energy for prepping for the ST. JAMES BAZAAR on Saturday, where Punchdrunk Panda is participating.

BUT! My adrenaline won’t go down. Forgive me as I spazz over at my new bag that came all the way from LONDON!!!

I still have no decent picture of it, but it is pretty much like it! It is an understatement to say that I love it!!! Here’s a photo from my BB though. Sorry, I can’t help it. Thank you to Bags of Love UK for sending me this personalized genuine leather holdall WITH a print of a photo I took last June! It’s just so lovely! I’ll blog more about this in the coming days (when my failed time management skills, a.k.a. my tortuous schedule actually had mercy on me!) But yeah, I can’t really believe I have this in my hands!!!

I know a lot still haven’t seen Breaking Dawn part 1. I won’t spoil, don’t worry. I urge you to watch it, it’s an interesting watch. My really meticulous friend, Pat actually LIKED it – so chances are I’m right. But hey shout out to that bitch who narrated every single scene to her friends – who apparently also sat right behind us. So what, your friends are like morons and they can’t comprehend without you telling them what’s happening? There’s a reason why it’s called a goddamn movie.

Pardon the rant. Anyhoo, I prolly won’t post a review until the end of this month. One thing’s for sure though – I stopped reading New Moon because it was really awful, and this movie just made me churn my gut to read the rest of the story I just left. It’s that good. Also, props to cinematography – gore is the way to go (YOU HAVE TO WATCH NA I’M SO ITCHING TO POST A REVIEW ALR!!!!)

So there. I’ll finish some work stuff before I actually have a shuteye. Gawd. It’s such a happy night.

And yeah, you most probably got the reason behind the title. Go figure it out, if you haven’t. Maybe that bitch I just told you about can help you :P

Gabriel*Martel: Tocca di Lusso

DSC_0066Cariza Opana, Bianca Perez, Tatie Aquino, Erika Rodica, and Kevin Yapjoco

DSC_0067…and a lot more bloggers! Barely know them all, but I hope to get to know them better in the next events!

DSC_0068Glad to have met a reader (the one beside me) – meet Jacky Moraleda.


DSC_0073Edgy Momma! 














DSC_0109Oh the shuwezz!!!


F&H purple polo shirt, F&H light blue striped cardigan, Levi’s distressed white denims, Manels beige topsiders, Wrangler denim tote, Anagon Collection wired bib necklace, Speedo frames


Trying to experiment my non-boots-wearing look and unearthed my topsiders from Manels. I’ve been using that tote too much also, but just so because I’m still waiting for a pleasant surprise from… secret for now :P I really wanted to look very light and casual, yet not too much, since I just came from the Starbucks Cheer Party. I feel kinda odd without my boots, but change is good :D

Anyway. I’ve only heard of the posh brand Gabriel*Martel just right after their fashion show in Prive. Though the invite came in the last minute, it was to be noted that the collection and the brand itself is impressive. These creations by Celine Gabriel-Lim and Andrea Martel are really superb – I can see the pieces being featured in the nation’s high end magazines and maybe even tapping the international scene. You have to give it to Filipinos who really raise the bar of excellence. Tocca di Lusso means touches of luxury in Italian. This collection seems to have stood up to its name.

Thanks to Gerick Ortiz for inviting me and all the bloggers in the party! I did go home right away after the party (lolo mode!) because I still have work the next day. But I intend to stay at their next designer party at Prive! You should all watch out for it!

P.S. Props to the VERY simple yet utterly beautiful website by Gabriel*Martel! Indeed, branding in every touchpoint! Good job!!!

Last Week in Photos

A rather laid back week after Philippine Fashion Week, but nonetheless still hectic and productive (I am so grateful for this!) But I admit that my body really is now aching for a break. I am so hoping for a weekend soon!

I practically spent Monday and Tuesday blogging. Covered a number of my PFW posts, and I am happy my readers like it (thanks for those comments and tweets. It means a lot to me ❤)

DSC_0037Erika in werq mode

Went to Starbucks Cheer Party at The Fort to support my friend Erika, who hosted for this event. She was so charming in the stage and they got the band Acoustic Indulgence who played a wicked cover of Moves Like Jagger! Also, there were trivia contests, raffle, and free pastries. I stayed with Cariza, Tatie, and Mark the whole time Erika was working, and it was a hilarious evening indeed!


Freebies from Starbucks! I won a trivia contest :P


The Frappucino family. Reminded us of Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika. HAHA! 



My current obsession: Sundried Tomato and Basil Bun.


Went to Gabriel*Martel Tocca di Lusso launch afterwards. I lurve the bags! I swear I wish I was a woman (but I don’t because of menstrual cramps and pregnancy, lol) if it meant having lots of bags and pairs of pumps!



DSC_0108Heart Evangelista



Last week was full of meetings and preps. One was with Hanna and Ella for our collaboration. I really can’t wait to share it here in my blog. We’re working so hard for this, and I promise it’s gonna be great!





Manned PdP’s booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. It was my first time to sell our stuff in a bazaar, and it was a great experience! I had fun meeting our beloved customers, both old and new! We’ll see you next at the Luxe at Il Terrazo, though!

DSC_0170Ava, Gersh, and Athan visited. Athan was so kulet! LOL!


DSC_0183These are made with Bamboo by Island Girl.

DSC_0190I promise to buy myself a satchel. Just had to figure how to save lots of moolah haha!

DSC_0193These headphones by Timbre (pronounced tam-ber), in collaboration with Team Manila, looks so nice! Will be blogging about this soon!

So busy! But I am always thankful for these blessings. Better be busy than be nada. Have a great week ahead, folks!

Sick and Blue


No rain is gonna stop me from going out! LOL! Actually, I had to pay bills so I needed to go out. My allergic rhinitis made it hard for me though. Been sick ever since I’m back from the family reunion.



Rain is the perfect excuse to wear zeh boots!


Trying hard to be fierce!

DSC_0253Top – Grafitee, Jacket – FEU, Reversible jeans – Oxygen, Military boots – Thrifted, Backpack – Reebok

I know I’m a bit old for a backpack, but I love this bag that I bought from the Sports Outlet Sale at Eastwood City! Bought it at PhP 350 from PhP 750! It’s so spacious – I can bring Toshi the lappie and Chace the D3100, all at the same space!

DSC_0232Hainanese Chicken Rice at Toast Box! I looooooove chicken rice!


DSC_0234As if I’m not full enough, I still had French Toast


DSC_0236You break the eggs, put special soy sauce and dip bread here! Yummmm!

DSC_0238Nica of Oh Random! playing with a panda head cutout

DSC_0240But obviously we failed



Meet Team PdP

So since I have all this free time after you-know-what I’ve been searching left and right to put my idle time to good use. Fortunately, a number of opportunities presented itself to me and one of those is a short-term marketing stint at Punchdrunk Panda or PdP.

As their Twitter profile would say, they are out there to funkify the planet, PdP started out being just an avenue to earn some more by then students Jen Horn and Gail Go. Their products include out-of-the-norm designs for laptop bags, camera straps, stationery, and later on shoes for men and women and iPad sleeves. Starting from being a humble multiply shop, it has expanded through four years into consigning with boutique stores such as LapDance, The A Shop, Power Mac Center, Team Manila (Jupiter Branch), Powerbooks, Fully Booked and fellow multiply store Analog Soul. Punchdrunk Panda’s designs cater to the need of being different – that kind of quirk that sets you apart  and takes you one notch higher from the rest.

So much for introducing a really well put brand. Anyhow. One of the activities I’ll be involved with is the shoot of the latest collection of PdP shoes. Here are some behind-the-scenes of us prepping the place up for our shoot tomorrow —




DSC_1175Weapons of mass funkiness

DSC_1178Let”s do some chalk art!





DSC_1195Chalk residue



Nica Kim

DSC_1198Jen Horn






DSC_1207The most colorful boombox ever!


We capped the day at Moonleaf Tea Shop! Yummeh wintermelon milk tea for a great job that day!






DSC_1216LOL! I look so haggard! 

We will be uploading our new batch of shoes and I’m really REALLY excited to share it with you! Watch out too for contests and promos we’re gonna have! Go Team Punchdrunk Panda!

Punchdrunk Panda products are available in LapDance, The A Shop, Power Mac Center, Team Manila (Jupiter), Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and Analog Soul

Punchdrunk Panda
Facebook | Tumblr | Lookbook

Manels Private Sale

If there are two fashion guilty pleasures that I have – that would be shoes and bags. Shameful confession: most of the time, before I look to the face, I look to the shoes first! Well, anyway. HAHA! Enough of that.

Two days before the launch of the biggest sale (as far as I’m concerned) I’ve ever heard, Manels invited bloggers to see their latest collections and, of course, to go shopping!!! ALL ITEMS, 50% OFF! Zeh bloggers just went wild!

DSC_1046Bloggers just went giddy!



DSC_1051Ooops, dark. Sarreh Melai!

DSC_1052Camwhore-all-you-can! You go shoot that photo, Aisa!


DSC_1057Early (not angry) birds: Aisa, Reg, Honey, Krissy, and Ana

DSC_1061Gah, so many choices! WHICH TO BUY THOUGH?

Maphisto: Men’s shoes. I actually find it marginalizing (very serious, lol) that most boutiques have only A CORNER for men. We are capable of dressing up people, so pimp that corner up! Just saying…

DSC_1047Premium leather

DSC_1050I love the wingtip and perforations, but I really don’t need it.

DSC_1053These look comfy like bathroom slippers.

DSC_1055Topsiders nation

DSC_1059I’ve been searching for a tote bag…

DSC_1060When you’re at Manels, try to smell the leather. It’s so addicting.

DSC_1064I have a pair that looks like these, but I think aren’t as sturdy as these topsiders.




DSC_1091I got the fourth, beige one.



Mr. Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations of Manels leathergoods. He’s very accommodating. Thank you Sir!

Now some treat for the girls. Manels has a wide selection of women’s shoes.


DSC_1067This snow leopard print tote can stand out in any crowd.

DSC_1068Fringe, anyone?

DSC_1073Studded leather oxfords. For some remixed hipster chic outfit.

DSC_1094You know what they say…

DSC_1080“The higher the heels…”

DSC_1083“…the closer to God!”



They also feature some other leather items like…


DSC_1074More bags

DSC_1075Very classy wallets 


Here are some of the bloggers I met in the event:


DSC_1071Photographer Frank Ruaya


Honey Andrade of Somnium et Vita. Fellow nurse-blogger. Hello there, Honey!


Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant. I was surprised to know her age, she looks so young! And so stylish too!



Reg Rodriguez of Hey Rocket Girl! Her maxi dress really caught my eye.


Krissy of Krissyfied.

DSC_1084Manels staff, who are equally accommodating as their boss!

Thank you and happy anniversary, Manels for a wonderful shopping experience! And I wish I can remember all the bloggers’ names! There goes me again.

The Manels BIG Sale, 50% off on all items, including new arrivals, also on all branches, runs from July 13 – 17 only.

Lastly this is what I wore. Kinda repeat (teehee, I’m not fashown!) Photo by Frank Ruaya

And this is what I got, beige topsiders. Yay! I have new shoes ulit! Photo by Manels Megamall branch.

Heed your inner consumerist! (LOL!)


Actually it’s FrancisMClothing.com

The famed clothing company inspired by Urban Patriotism and Francis M‘s music, image, and advocacies launched it’s official online shopping portal, moving from the original Multiply shop set up by the Master Rapper himself, Francis Magalona with collaborators Carlo Maniquiz, Itoy Villajin, and Willy Velasquez. Now runned by the Magalonas and the same collaborators, Francis M Clothing Company (FMCC) brings their products accessible to all the Philippine Islands and the world —

It was on soft launch on December 6, as tweeted by Saab. Some things are still rough on the edges so she tweeted…

And I see that it’s still up by now. I suppose it’s functional already. Featuring the future of the Tee —

Men’s Collection.

Women’s Collection.

Now offering bags also. FrancisMClothing.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Saab tweeted about DHL, so I again suppose they’re delivering via DHL.

Learn more about FrancisMClothing.com in their blog, terms and conditions, and FAQs.

Come to think of it, this holiday season, this is not a bad gift idea. Spread urban patriotism. Love our own. Represent, yo!

* I feel the need to disclose some details here. I am not paid for this entry and also not in connection with the Magalonas, nor the management of FMCC. But yes, I am in love with FMCC designs, Saab, and the Mags.

* Have fun shopping for the Holidays!

UPDATE: FMCC would be at the Noel Discovery Bazaar in the World Trade Center in Pasay City from December 18-23. See y’all there!