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College memories


Yesterday, I got to meet some of my classmates x dutymates x most probable group in any class class activity. Way back college, I swore I never imagined I’d ever see them again, and it was nice to hear their stories post-mortem, ehrm college (!) Dee just got back from Australia, and her sister Zoe is graduating this year. EC, who’s really not our groupmate but is a welcome addition to the pack to eat two humongous pans of pizza, is taking up Medicine with some other batchmates. Joanne and Johnel are pretty much taking the high road of their nursing career… And well me, still trying to deny that I am a nurse (hehe) but will review this year for US boards.

It’s fun to hear their stories from different perspectives. And I guess, life is just starting for us. Some are overwhelmed with the rigors of daily adult life. And some are just swinging by. Some are still students in the medical field, while some decided to take the course called life. Whatever paths we may be treading now, it’s apparent that adult life is not easy, but is fun and challenging.

I really hope we can do this every now and then guys, I really miss you all.

P.S. 110, kung nababasa nyo ‘to magpakita naman kayo minsan hahaha!

Moonleaf presents: UAAP Cheerdance Competition

It’s yet another season of UAAP, and for those who care less about basketball (sorry, junkies) there’s the Cheerdance Competition. Probably, if not the second, the most anticipated event in UAAP. And I’m not kidding. From where I graduated, I heard, the pep squad is the most pampered and most spent on team!

Sep 20, 2012, 6:50 PM

And we at Moonleaf were more than happy to host a CDC screening. Now on its second year to host, we always love seeing school spirit!

Sep 22, 2012, 2:35 PM

Our friends, Travis and Cai among many others, came to watch (and cheer their lungs out) with us! Can you tell who they were rooting for from their outfit?

Sep 22, 2012, 2:39 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 3:20 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 3:45 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 3:45 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 5:25 PM

I was actually third wheeling this sweet couple hehe. Cai rooted for UP, Travis for DLSU, and of course, I rooted for FEU! Let’s go Tamaraws!

Sep 22, 2012, 5:36 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 5:37 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 5:37 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 5:37 PM

Sep 22, 2012, 7:18 PM

There’s plenty of goofing around, too. Not captured in photos, though! Everybody was loopy and happy not until the announcement of winners. When the champion was announced, which was UP for the 8th time now, EVERYBODY, and I mean everybody, like the shop was like quaking in full joy! This is Maginhawa branch we are talking about! Balwarte levels!

Sep 23, 2012, 3:57 AM

And after hosting the event, we were all hungry and shit so… Mercato ensued. I had isaw, Laoag empanada, and the most heavenly aligue-laden three-cheese Risotto balls. I. HAZ. TO. GO. BACK. FOR. THAT.

Sep 23, 2012, 3:58 AM

Sep 23, 2012, 3:59 AM

Sep 23, 2012, 4:00 AM

And a little beer wouldn’t hurt to cap night. This is my and my friend Pat’s favorite drink. I miss her badly. Pat if you’re reading this, get the hell outta of that lab and let’s drink!

Talk about responsibility

I am so impressed with Badile for doing his job and gatekeeping BOTH the students and the administration. I am so proud that someone from FEU has such sense of responsibility for his duty. Succeeding FEUCSO presidents should learn from him and past ones who haven’t had the same sensibility should be ashamed of themselves.

Haute Auteur photodump

























DSC_0653Oh what a witty copy!!! *slow clap*

We’re a tad bit late, but hey we made it!! Didn’t get to go in though. Talked and talked with friends instead, drank a lil, erm… stalked a lil; lol zeh crush was in the area… but I still succumbed into sending that BBM message and meeting him instead. Yes, now I remembered that I forgot to take a photo of him. Anyway, it was a chill fun night, and looking forward to nights like this.

For the record, that week, I ate squidballs everyday. Idk with myself.

You think the main copy is witty, read the disclaimer then

NKKLK yung copy, pero mas NKKLK yung disclaimer!!!!
Disclaimers are more fun, indeed —
Wag kang magdrama, wala kang period.
PAK. Straightforward, powerful beki copy.
San ka pa? Purrrrrrrrfect.

I wanna meet this copywriter stat. Like them on Facebook, and follow @TheBekiry! I hope they deliver, kasi bet ko yung Coke-chocolate cupcake!!!!

P.S. Just so you know, no I am not feeling a bit bromantic (kasi I feel it a lot, char) and I do not intend to give a cupcake to anyone. I’ll eat it myself.
P.S.S. For those interested only, I do not have V-day plans. Unless you’re giving me something to do, then we can talk *wink, wink*

UP FAIR 2012: Rebokultura

Order tickets now! Look for the Facebook pages of the different UP FAIR 2012 nights.

FEB. 14 – SyamnAPO sa Ilog kong Irog
FEB. 15 – KONTRAKULTURA: A Date With Destiny
FEB. 16 – LOVERAGE 6: Innervate
FEB. 17 – Status Change
FEB. 18 — HIMIGsikan: Reclaiming Traditions, Continuing Struggle… Serving the People!

To know more about UP FAIR 2012, like them at Facebook here!

ALSO! Moonleaf will have a booth there! Come have your milk tea fix while enjoying your favorite music at the UP Fair!

Raffles Design Institute – Manila


First off, forgive me. Yes this is very last week pa. But am really swamped with work and some other issues along the side. What is good now is I’m so ready to share to you Raffles Design Institiute – Manila! I really do not want to give just a couple of minutes for this, but I want to be able to impart to you this humble institution with a glorious international boast-worthy history.

DSC_0202With Miko, Kaye, Erika, and Lawryeng

DSC_0203LARGE BRANDS up for internship. I just say WOW



I’d rather not bore you with the slide photos, would I? Raffles, as I fondly call it, is an international design institute offering world-recognized courses and degrees – Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Design, and Visual Communication. What really tickles my fancy is that after taking your subjects at this campus, you have an option to continue it ELSEWHERE in its other 37 colleges in 36 cities across 14 countries! Get all that WITH assistance from the management. Now how is that for a college education to look forward to!


Well above is a slide of just SOME of their affiliates that you can get an internship at. I wish I had gotten an opportunity to intern at Swatch or Zara when I was in college (but yeah, I’m in nursing school, what was I thinking LOL!) But seriously, if I’d be given a chance to study again, then maybe I’d rethink my choices.

DSC_0209Moi, Miko, Kaye, Erika, Arnie





We had a quick tour of their floors at Accralaw building in The Fort, Global City. Picture above is their library. Get that – a library stockful of magazines! I wonder if they have Fantastic Man? :D




The study lounge is a conducive space for the students to study. Think tank, it is! I’d kill for my college to have one of these for the nursing department. Damn!



Interior Design students would find this room suitable to their plate-making needs. Lotsa free space to spread long sheets of paper and other materials!



I like that the Fashion Marketing and Management rooms are very minimal. Tables + projector + mood board. Yes, marketers DO need mood boards! I second that!



In the middle of our tour, Interior Design lecturer Mr. Lee Miles showed up and talked with us for a little while. He has a fancy accent and a really interesting sense of fashion (PEG!) I love it when men wear blazers over their shirts. Faux hipster, a really classy one, if you ask me :P

DSC_0225Sewing room

DSC_0228They have a MAC ROOM! Yes, MAC, separate from a PC room. LOVE. Just pure love.

DSC_0229Some works by students at visual communication

DSC_0231I took this photo because I wanna learn how to draw. Eventually, I hope I will

I’d like to show the room for Visual Communication, but I guess all I need to say is to imagine a blank space. Very conducive for those students, I think, because they need their tabula rasa!


Before the tour ended, Fashion Design Professor Dr. Janet Emmanuel came to have a little chat with us. She shared how she is amazed at how blogging has mobilized marketing through social media in the country. I agree, Ma’am! If it weren’t for blogging, I may not have a job now. LOL! But seriously! I am also flattered at how she acknowledged at how I managed blogging while I am a registered nurse. She’s such a sweet and happy person :D

IMG_7912 copy

IMG_7914 copyF&H black v-neck, Thrifted blazer, Oxygen reversible jeans, Thrifted military boots, Punchdrunk Panda camera strap | Outfit photo by Miko Carreon

Haha! Did you notice that I look a little pandak when I’m wearing a lot of dark colors? Taking a note on that! Anyhow, it was a lovely morning to spend at Raffles! I am really privileged to be invited to tour around it! I love it. Even the programs, they’re very organized and aligned to international standards. I hope more and more internationally competitive universities, colleges, and institutes come here and invest for the Filipinos and our education.

I even see myself being enrolled in Fashion Marketing and Management… Hmmmm, we will see. We WILL see about that :P

* We were really late (Erika and I) but we also attended the WGSN trend forecasting for Summer-Spring 2012. I found a lot of familiar and new takes on some aesthetics. I’m so excited for Summer! Are you? If you are, then visit WGSN and learn about 50’s revival, tribal artisan, acquatic, and an upcoming Olympic-inspired trend!

* Also, Raffles Education in other countries does  not only focus on design. There are a lot of courses available, and you may look at it here.

Raffles Design Institue – Manila
Units 18-01/19-00 Accralaw Tower
30th Street, Crescent Park West
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+632 846-2888

Last Week in Photos

Straight from the GPB last week, I really didn’t have a weekend. Props to my body for not crashing, LOL! Anyway, I love this week because it’s so busy and productive. But it was also fun. Lots and lots of fun with friends, officemates, collaborators, and what have you.

2011 304

2011 327

2011 328

2011 341

2011 340

2011 366

2011 394Forgive that face. MY FAAAAACE!

2011 407

2011 516Divisoria photos by iphoneographer Hanna Samson

Went to Divisoria to source for our little project. I think this is the highlight of my week – Hanna, Ella, and I braved the roads of Manila and back to Eastwood, where our temporary HQ is, to plan a lot for this project. I’m glad our baby steps are going somewhere! Props to my team for being so cooperative :D




Attended WGSN trend forecasting seminar at Raffles Design Institute in The Fort. It was seeing fashion in a different set of eyes, and thanks to that, I now have more knowledge in fashion than just “black really is elegant.” LOL! Also, we had a tour at the international institution. Makes me wanna study again!



Tango Fire is coming here in Manila! And I am so lucky to be the one of the first to know it! Tango is my favorite ballroom way back college PE days. Though I know it’s a dance between a quarreling couple, I never knew it comes in a ballet form! Looking forward to this indeed!


DSC_0309Was he informed I’m gonna take this photo? LOL! Chris Lao in the house!!!


IMMAP Open Mic Night at Craft was really awesome! I was really inspired to continue my newfound career in Marketing and it was indeed a learning smorgasbord for everyone! Will be sharing tots of inspiration I got from this session really soon!




Dropped by Mango Shangri-la with some other bloggers to shoot their Holiday collection. I wish they carry a men’s line because I really love the fabric they use here. I can almost see myself wearing it. No not the women’s clothes. LOL, forget I said that :P




Spotted Bianca Valerio on the runway

Capped the weekend by watching Shangri-la’s Holiday Fashion Show; featuring some of the brands they carry under their mall!

Not bad at all. I love doing this weekly photo thing and I also love being busy! Don’t you?

Keep being productive,

Diliman Night

Redundant title, LOL!

I went to UP Diliman after my blogger friend’s Pat‘s MS interview. I miss it here, really. Haven’t been here for a while.






DSC_0375Academic Oval

Waiting for Patricia. I took the liberty to take some photos since the lighting is so forgiving.

DSC_0377Sunken Garden

DSC_0379How to take a photo of this without the light absorbing the other colors?



Pat loves streetlights.



We rode the jeep to Philcoa to get to Moonleaf. We can walk from UP, but we’re really tamad like that, haha.




DSC_0388Night markets




Ate dinner at Ate Fe’s Kitchen, which is in Maginhawa for, like, since forever!

DSC_0391Say hello to Thysz!


A trip in Maginhawa is always a trip to Moonleaf!




DSC_0399Red velvet and Pistachio macarons from Cookie Jar


Yes, I am still in a macaron fever.



We love our Yogurt Milk Tea!



Capped the day at Bookay-ukay!



DSC_0408Spring cleaning, eh?


Pat and I are planning to get a tattoo before the year ends or early next year. Got goosebumps when we saw this store. Anyway, we headed straight to Trinoma to find some decent earphones. I found some at Digital Walker and I’ll be buying them right after sweldo. Somebody teach me how to dougie budget, LOL!

Bloggers Congress 2

Read about the first Bloggers Congress here.

Following the success of the first Bloggers Congress comes the second wave of Manila’s top bloggers who are ready to share their blogging tips, secrets, and success stories to aspiring fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

DSC_0052Rob Cham



Rob is an illustrator who is well known for his uncannily funny comic strips over Tumblrverse. He shared how he started his blog from part-time illustrating while studying Accounting at the Ateneo to how he was able to snag a job in the design world through his blog. He is also a designer for Punchdrunk Panda!

DSC_0057I always envy people who can draw!


DSC_0061He has published two books already!


DSC_0063and other doodles!


DSC_0066Anton Diaz



Mercato’s brainparent Anton is an entrepreneur and a food-travel blogger who quit his high-paying job in P&G to venture out full-time in blogging. He started blogging about his family and called this as a love letter to his children. Now he blogs about his food finds, the finest restaurants in the metro, and the Philippines’ hidden travel treasures alongside managing and taste-testing for the Mercato.

DSC_0070A blog vs. a website




DSC_0081Camille Co




Camille is such a doll! She always looks nice and is really tall and pretty. She shared her blogging roots and the steps she had to take when she put up a blog – from choosing a platform to buying a domain name to posting everyday. She dissected her blog to show how us the parts of her blog. I like how she really hastened the pace of her talk and how concise she structured it.


DSC_0089Saab Magalona


Saab, you all know Saab (go to my tag!) She came in without a presentation, but it’s really funny how she pulled it off. She shared a lot of her blogging stories – how she was this angsty high school goth girl who hates the world and her celebrity life, how she deals with haters, and how she juggles her time from being a contract artist for GMA7 and her freelance blogging. OH! She also gave away South Park headphones!!! Anyhoo, Her impromptu speech is such an appropriate ending to this learning experience!










DSC_0100Camille, Saab, Nyko, Martin



What I wore: Blazer – thrifted, Shirt – Rex Clothing, Denim pants – Oxygen, Boots – thrifted, Bag – Jansport 


I like this photo! If the hands were just in the right places.


I srsly love this shirt!



DSC_0116with Efril who hosted the whole thingamajig

DSC_0117Rob and girlf

DSC_0118My company for the afternoon: Jen and Hanna


I love shooting in Monochrome!!!

DSC_0120Meaty dinner with Jen at Bigby’s! This is the Ultimate Platter! We lalalalalalove the ribs! Definitely going back!

DSC_0121Rice Pillaf

DSC_0122Happy carnivore

DSC_0123The lovely bones *burp*

DSC_0124Very Filipino to use Knorr Liquid Seasoning which goes well pretty much with everything


DSC_0135The biggest macaron I’ve ever seen! This is from French Baker. Thank you, Killer!

DSC_0132Had a nightcap at Cha Dao (will blog further in a separate post!)

Looking forward to Bloggers Congress 3!!!