Guest Bloggers

Patricia San Jose – UP Baguio

Alecks Mutuc – DLS-CSB

Ame Calix – DLS-CSB


I have this habit of reading blogs before I make a post myself. This helps me 1.) relax, 2.) gather ideas, 3.) gather inspiration, and 4.) help me believe in myself. This is kinda quirky of me, and yes consumes time before I finally come up with a post. It dawned to me though if other bloggers do this also.

Since it’s a bulk of input that I have, I thought of reblogging things the blogs I read said. I wanted to share to the world, not only my finds, but also my co-blogger’s who do not just write good, but has plenty to share also. But that’s what tumblr‘s for, so instead of simply reblogging them, I came up with a Guest Bloggers section.

With these, I thought, I can at least gather a number of good writers to write in my blog, to share themselves to my readers. It’s kinda giving you a sampler of the menu of writers that I read. I listed about twenty friends of mine who I follow and read, sms’d them of this little project of mine, and sent some guidelines if ever they’re interested. At first, I didn’t really even expect there would be replies, but hey whaddya know, there replied one good soul.

So before the month of September this 2010 ends, before finals week kicks in, before you isolate yourself from the outer world for reviewing and doing your thesis, and before the much-colder Ber months come, here I, with all pride, present to you my very first — but nevertheless very good — guest blogger, Patricia San Jose.

Please stay tuned to the guest bloggers section, I have people, really good writers, coming up.

One question left to ask though: who do you wanna see write a guest entry here? Comment your suggestions below. Thanks!

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