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A gift of home this Christmas

Am back from the holidays!

And it has been fun… being with family, and friends, with lots of food and fun things. Got to go home to the province for five days and it was glorious! I don’t see my family that much, and even when I was going home to Bulacan everyday, we rarely see each other, much more eat meals together. or hang out. It is definitely a privilege to spend the holidays at home.

But in different parts of the country, families don’t even have a home to go to. While I feel immensely blessed to be able to go home this time of the year, my wish for the families, especially those who met storms and typhoons, is for them to spend this wonderful time with family under one roof.

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I support TxtHIV to 8504

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom powers “TxtHIV to 8504” campaign, a first of its kind SMS-based information, counseling, and clinic referral drive in Asia for people who wants to be tested for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) but are afraid of facing societal discrimination. The disease leads to the fatal Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) often associated with sexual promiscuity.

“TxtHIV to 8504 is Globe Telecom’s way of tapping into the wide use of SMS in the country and harnessing the power of telecommunications to further solutions in health care. It offers an accessible and easy-to-use solution which can change and even save lives. Our assistance to this campaign is part of Globe Telecom’s advocacy to provide communities that it serves with access to social services,” said Fernando Esguerra, OIC of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.

Currently available only to Globe postpaid and prepaid mobile users, those at risk may simply text HIV to 8504 and answer five yes or no questions via an interactive voice recording to check if testing is necessary. The sender is then provided with contact details and addresses of the nearest specialized accredited health centers where they can go for assessment, counseling, and immediate treatment. The use of IVR, likewise, ensures that all calls remain very impersonal and confidential.

“I wish to thank all our collaborating partners for their support and involvement in this pioneering effort. Development of this IT-driven platform took some time as it required the involvement of key partner organizations that believe in the same cause of making health accessible to all, are willing to share their resources and expertise, and are committed to make the idea become a reality. Indeed, this is a trailblazing public, private, civil society partnership for an innovative, cost-effective, and practical solution to reach individuals who are at risk or vulnerable to HIV and STI infection,” said Oscar Picazo, chairman of Philippine NGO Support Program (PHANSuP).

PHANSuP spearheads TxtHIV to 8504 together with the Philippine National Aids Council, Globe, S&S Technologies, and local health programs of the cities of Manila, Pasay, Pasig, and Quezon. It is currently being piloted in Metro Manila but is expected to eventually go nationwide. More clinics and local government units are also being enjoined to be part of the program.

There are only seven countries in the world which are experiencing a steady increase in the number of HIV cases and the Philippines is one of them. The Philippines received 12 new cases of HIV daily in 2013 from only one case in 2009, with 95% of them involving males. Since 1984, 17,450 Filipinos have been reported with HIV, 1,599 of them have progressed into AIDS.

By widening awareness about HIV and encouraging people to get tested, the campaign would be able to contribute to the country’s efforts of halting or reversing the spread of HIV/AIDs by 2015 in line with the UN Millennium Development Goal 6.

At present, only one percent of the general population has been tested for HIV since most people are afraid to ask for help or simply do not know where to get information, making TxtHIV to 8504 an important avenue not only for sending across information about HIV but also in encouraging those who may be affected to take the first step. The text service is provided for free to Globe users for one year.

HIV may be contracted through blood transfusion, needle-sharing, mother-child transmission, and unprotected sexual contact.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s day and I’m cutting my annual tradition of emo shitty posts on the day of hearts. For the first time, my V-day has been without drama so far and only love, love, love from my friends. Being single isn’t really bad at all (I’m a changed man! LOL)

Also, I want to show to you our Valentine’s feature at Moonleaf! So what if nobody’s there, right huh? This video is a proud production of our Design Team at DGNTY! Congratulations, team!

And for added V-day sizzle schmizzle, introducing internet star Sebastian Castro‘s ultra hot music video!!! BEWARE: if you’re busy don’t watch it now. It’ll keep you peeled to the screen like a… I don’t really wanna say anymore HAHAHAHA.

Gad, summer is indeed here. Hahahahaha. Get a hint, guys!


Just got back at the office, and it’s back to work bitches. I really had fun with our company Singles’ brunch. Though technically, Nica’s no longer single hihihi. Don’t ask me, ask her :P


Love is in the air. Pull the joker card.

Hey everyone! Watch out for my new blog —! See you there soon!

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Dec 2, 2012, 2:27 PM

Last weekend, two of my best college friends and I went to a short-notice, unplanned Tagaytay roadtrip. So understood that I had my Friday full to the brim with events and stuff to do, I still pushed through with the trip in ol’ fashioned Jonver style – zero sleep, 100% caffeine. It was worth the trip, especially it was Ella’s birthday and we really wanted to do something crazy. And it’s Ella’s only day off from the hospital (she’s a nurse at St. Luke’s) so Hanna and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate.

Dec 2, 2012, 2:32 PM

Dec 2, 2012, 2:31 PM

Dec 2, 2012, 2:30 PM

Dec 2, 2012, 2:28 PM

The clouds were so lovely that day, and even if my palpitations still haunt me up to this day, I’d still say it was a nice day. I wish to be back there with someone special who’s not currently talking to me :(

Okay, this is Ella’s moment. No spoiling that. Happy birthday again Ella! To more roadtrips!!!

And Hanna, please upload our Dawson’s Creek inspired photos. Pretty pleeeeeeeease?? Hehe :)

The Ultimate Punchdrunk Panda Blogger Hangout!

This will be the fourth blogger hangout that I will be with Punchdrunk Panda, and I am just so happy they keep on inviting me (hehe!) And this time around, it’s the biggest one there is in the history of funkifying the world with quirky cool stuff!

It was held at the new Pino – Pipino restaurant and bar at Jupiter street in Makati. Hands down for this group for always making the best grub in town! The last time in Pipino at Malingap street in Teacher’s Village was amazing. And so is this one. ONE PROOF: I have no photos of the food (hehe and sorry!)  because each time the food comes in, it magically finds it way to our mouths. TRUE STORY. This is why we are not dedicated food bloggers, haha!

Anyway, on its fourth wave of blogger hangouts already, Punchdrunk Panda (also, PdP) introduced its new batch of skimmers and camera straps! If you’re still not familiar with PdP, you’re in for some quirky and cool fun!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:47 PMManix Abrera

Light Years


First up, Manix Abrera (of the Kikomachine Komix fame!) designed a pair of guys’ skimmers, and camera straps (another favorite from PdP!) I really like how it became an extension of his work from the graphic novel world and a fan would instantly buy it. After the whole hangout, everyone was busy buying their own Shutterbug camera straps and had it signed by Manix himself!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:49 PMDiego Mapa

Intergalactic Duet with Dan Matutina

Diego Mapa of two-man band Tarsius, one of our artists from Anteroom Sessions 1 and 2, together with graphic designer Dan Matutina, designed this galactic pair of skimmers. What’s unique with this pair is that with its postcard (each product comes with a postcard with a message from the artist) is a QR code of Diego Mapa’s original soundtrack for Graphika Manila! It’s an intense intergalactic medley of art!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:52 PMNemo Aguila



Nemo Aguila‘s character designs are to die for! It kinda reminds me of some PdP products with monsters – yepp, you’re right Rob Cham’s Monsters – but now in a different dimension and apparently adaptation of Nemo’s name! Cool work, bruh!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:53 PMJen “Master Panda” Horn

Stamp Collector

Jen Horn‘s love for travel have successfully transcended into her designs and et voila, the Stamp Collector is a mirage of travel visa stamps! It’s my frustration to travel more frequently, and buying this maybe will psyche its way into my life. I don’t know but you, but isn’t that how the law of attraction works?

Nov 7, 2012, 3:59 PMAlessandra Lanot

Eat Your Vegetables

Alessandra Lanot, or fondly Alessa of Pipino, is a vegan. YES, folks, a real one! I didn’t think vegans exist too, until I met her! I have nothing against vegetables, in fact I love them, but you cannot deprive me of my meat (sorry, Alessa!) So Alessa’s work is demanding you to eat your vegetables instead! Haha mai-connect lang, labo! Featured in this artwork is NOT only Alessa’s love for vegetables, but also her watercolor skills that kill! You didn’t even notice it’s watercolor, yes?

Nov 7, 2012, 4:08 PM

Some of the artists from this collection were not able to join us, so here are their works of funkifying art!

Splash by Lady Krystle Tanmantiong & Anna Oposa

Save the Philippine Seas-inspired, definitely! This artwork definitely shows us how beautiful the sea is even in a small canvas like a shoe. Wear it and be a proud planeteer!

Bob-eye the Referee by Apol Sta. Maria

Another playful artwork in a pair of skimmers? It’s just so PdP I love it! I love how collaborations show the different facets of a brand through different artists as well!

Geoglyphs by Nathania Gail Go

We’d love to see Gail here, but she’s funkifying the other end of the world. But yay for her work which I think means “art on stone.” It’s a naturally occurring formation on rocks! Cool new information, huh? And oh, love the contrasting colors!


I love blogger hangouts! It’s simple and intimate and ultimately I get to know the brand and other bloggers as well. It’s fun to see familiar faces too from our previous blogger hangouts :)

Nov 7, 2012, 3:57 PM

Nov 7, 2012, 3:58 PM

Pino’s signature wall art is very tempting for camwhoring. Or we’re just camwhores I think. Say hi to Margarita Queen Tin Rementilla with me on the photo! Di po kami nag-usap sa outfit haha

Nov 7, 2012, 4:14 PM

Where the boys at? Near me. Hehe. Say hi to Paul the PR Guy and Seph Cham of Love Chic.

Look how big the PdP family already is *tears!* Really thankful to be part of this team and group of bloggers! Much love from moi!

Manix on the Pino wall! Artist on action, *camera click*

The Pandas Nica, Jen, and Pauline with honorary Panda Alessa!

Also, let’s congratulate Pino for being part of’s Juice 50: The Ultimate List of Things to Do, Eat, Drink, Buy and Try In and Out of the Metro! You deserve it guys!

Photos courtesy of Pauline Santillan. Thanks, girl!

Divinely Flawless

She’s been there a long time, but those who got to know her just recently would call her the Queen of Beckies. Loved for her penchant for fashion, beauty, and all around gayness; Globe Asiatique’s princess-in-charge, and the world wide web’s beloved BB (babaeng baklaDivine Lee is now the new face of beauty conglomerate FLAWLESS.

In a short interview with the Queen (all hail!), Divine shares that she has no fears for mistakes. This top blogger doesn’t care if she hits a wrong letter or misses a subject-verb agreement… if it meant talking to you like you’re friends of a lifetime. “I mean Victor (Basa) is very particular about spelling, grammar, I’m like “Naintindihan mo yung sinulat ko?” Victor: Yeah, it’s wrong” Me: “O alam mo ngang wrong pero naintindihan mo, so ok na yan” (laughs). I don’t check. I’m really excited when I write so I just write everything. Minsan mali mali young words, ganyan. Victor: “Your blog is the pinakamagulo” Even Google AdSense wont accept me coz I’m taglish. But forget it, It’s more of like a personal diary talking to a best friend.”

“I would share things there that I would usually call my closest friends, like Jake, “May bago akong nadiscover na pamapaganda”. I would share it with my blog the same way that I would tell them. I guess people got to know me better that way. Para na kaming friends. And when I see them, I get excited kasi everyday of my life, I’m writing and I’m sharing something to them. So when I see someone and they say, “OMG, I’m a fierce follower”, I feel like I know them na rin; from tweeting, to tumblr to the blog nga,” Divine just want to talk to you like she does in real life, and her blog stands true to all of these.

Our favorite becky icon may have no fears for mistakes, but if it can be made better, our Divinely Flawless girl right here gives you the “WHY NOT?” and go signal for Flawless’ latest service: “Hey guys, nahanap ko na young matagal na nating hinahanap sa mga sump na tinatawag nation. Lahat naman tayo may sump at one point or another. Like chicken pox, stretch marks, acne scars. Mawawala na lahat yan coz of Frac N Roll. You guys better check it out. Ako natry ko na siya and aminin, talagang nawala yung mga things na dati kailangan ko pang i-concealer. But now may solusyon na siya.”

So what is Flawless’ Frac N’ Roll? More details after the jump! Continue reading

We’ll miss you Master Panda!



Last night, my friend and former boss Jen a.k.a. Master Panda of the funky fresh brand Punchdrunk Panda flew for Cambodia to start her life-changing trip of a lifetime, which obviously everyone was envious for, haha. Anyway, so we’re pretty  sure we’re gonna miss our favorite panda, so the Apprentice Panda set up a supposed-to-be-small-turned-feast of a despedida for her!


Just look at that spread, and it wasn’t even the half of everything! We bought all kinds of vegetarian-friendly foodam and Karlo, the Panda Boyfriend, brought FOUR FREAKING BIG BOXES OF BROOKLYN PIZZA! There’s no way Jen couldn’t have guessed we’re throwing a party for her… we were excited pa naman  to see her cry, teehee!

[There used to be a really pretty picture of Nica haha with that caption below]
Dalagang Pilipina smile

DSC_0222Monopoly Deal-ing before the panda touches down


[There used to be a surprised photo of Jen’s face. Hahaha, oo na mej troll ako]
Jen’s pseudo-surprised face


Nica was in charge of the food, Karlo with the guests and more food (yay!) and my broke self with the venue (working with Moonleaf has its perks, really!) We hijacked four tables and it wasn’t even enough. So much for a small gathering, hehe. So glad though Jen’s friends had the time to drop by even though it was pouring outside!



DSC_0228Pizza, anyone? There’s plenty for everyone!





DSC_0240I love nori crackers…. must buy soon!






DSC_0250Once a PdP girl, always one.



DSC_0259We bet Karlo secretly cried in the bathroom, haha!

But the Master Panda, a.k.a. the Nomad Manager, will not be really far away if you know what I mean! Keep tuned in her travel antics as she blogs along the way! Be sure to put her in your RSS reader or follow her @nomadmanager on Twitter!

Take care always Jen, and always always always remember we will always look  forward to seeing you again when you come back! Bring some panda-wesome (maipilit lang, haha!) stories with you :)

…and some Ceylon tea, please? Just kiddin’ :P

Letting go

I’m… letting go of these babies. I’m already on the brink of crying because of separation issues… and all the asthma I got after unearthing these babies :(

It’s sad, but in one point or another, we all have to say good bye.
But I’m looking forward to getting new titles on Saturday at The Bookworm Brigade! Happening this Saturday already at Moonleaf Maginhawa :)

Map by Jonard

Bring your old books, magazines, and any other reading materials for swapping and/or donating and have some tea with us!

Pub mats by Cariza

Also, we’re giving away felt bookmarks (c/o Moonleaf and Twee Shop) to the first 100 registrants —

Planner not included, hehe

We’ll see you on Saturday! I’m so excited already :)

Official event pub mat by VPG

For more updates, please RSVP to our event page here :)

Globe Tatt Awards Finalists Night + Rockeoke!

I knoooooooooooooooow! This post is a bit late – another bad lazy-ass blogger moment for me, buuuuut, I’m still blogging how fun Globe’s Rockeoke Night at Seventh High was! I swear this is the best Globe party ever by far! I love you, Globe :)


The Tatt Awards finalists were introduced by Chicosci’s Miggy Chavez, Ashley Rivera (or more commonly known as Petra Mahalimuyak,) and DJ Gino Quillamor (weeeeee, who I have such a big crush on!)


Nina Sandejas (lurve your hair, girl!) and EWWS’ Garovs and Ryan

DSC_0069The Advocate finalists (you go, Arriane! WOOHOO!)

DSC_0072Superstar Marian’s missing in action! Do you know who s/he is?! :P

DSC_0079The Game Changer finalists


Francis Brew


Gloc 9 for Indie Rocker (wonder where are the other finalists?)


DSC_0088Krissy and Erika performed for an intermission. Do you remember the time they were internet stars?


DSC_0096Stylisimo finalists. Laureen Uy, reigning stylisimo, is also nominated this year!


Bogart the Explorer for what else? The Explorer! Why weren’t you explorin’ like the other finalists, eh? LOL!

DSC_0100Becky Nights for Thought Mover!





When all of the finalists were announced, it’s time for Rockeoke! Two of my friends joined the roll, and man were they good!




This is the first time I heard TJ sing live…


DSC_0114Naks, Paul! Parang concert lang aah! Anyway, I didn’t know Paul can sing… PLUS PLUS PLUS POGI POINTS HAHA!


Here’s Paul, hitting the high notes! I’m sucha big fan teehee!



DSC_0124Of course, Mikee Bustos just had to sing too, which was one of the best renditions of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing I’ve evar heard!



DSC_0133Thank you Team Globe! You know I love you so (yiiiii cheesy haha)


Paul as the rocker, and me as the groupie (LOL JUST KIDDING!!!)

ADD oversized top (from Karl Leuterio), Oxygen gray denim pants, Thrifted military boots

…OH! Watch out if your online rockstars win in the 2012 Tatt Awards this Friday. I’ll be live tweeting at the event, so make sure to follow me @Jonver_David for updates!

Bloggers United 3!


It was a pleasant welcome to June when our friends over at Bloggers United held their very famous bazaar and all their fans/readers/friends were all too supportive and giddy to have the Grandview Events Place in Makati so packed!!



And of course, I cannot pass up the opportunity to meet my favorite blogger friends and snag some of their fab clothes – which you will see in my future posts!


Kookie Buhain


Karl Leuterio


Mike Magallanes


JP Singson


Paul Jatayna and Willar Mateo

DSC_1116Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham

DSC_1117Kelly Medina, Megann Jabola, Angel Rodriguez, Jacob Gayanelo, Vergil Chua

DSC_1119Krissy Cruz, Reg Rodriguez, Ava Te


DSC_1121Miko Carreon, Vern Enciso


Kaye Awatin

DSC_1125with Gerd Perez


Paul “The PR Guy” Chuapoco




Thrifted oversized hoodie and military boots, Hang Ten brown shorts and wayfarers 


I really loved my outfit which is really half ukay, and half sponsored. Hehe. I particularly liked my loose top ’cause I have to go around the metro all day and it really is easy to run around town when you’re wearing something as comfy as this.

Congratulations to Bloggers United for making yet another groundbreaking event spearheaded by the net’s most influential fashion bloggers! We love you!!!