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UPDATE 100411: Visit the newly-launched website here.

Let’s support a worthy cause.



Haha, as if Saab needs my help – she already got over a thousand votes. But still do vote for my favorite blogger (nuks!) for her to be able to sell her uber chic pre-loved clothes at the SuperSale Bazaar!

All you have to do is:

1. Like SuperSale Bazaar
2. Like her photo
3. Promote her photo

There, easy as pie. Go vote now!

Okay ang fanboy ko, errrr.

Globe Tatt Awards

With up to 95% of online Pinoys as active participants in social media, it comes as no surprise that the Philippines has been named the Social Networking Capital of the world. Passionate, committed and vocal, Filipino web users are headed for social media greatness, and Tattoo, the Globe-powered internet brand that has become a youth favorite, is right there with them.

Responding to the Pinoy online explosion, Tattoo has created the first-ever Tatt Awards, a series of accolades celebrating Filipinos who share Tattoo’s fiery passion and who have used that energy to create a strong and unforgettable social media presence.

Technophiles, video vamps, take-no-prisoners ballbreakers and advocates for change are all welcome at the Tatt Awards (see all categories and mechanics.) Stand up and have your pioneering online efforts be recognized by a jury of your peers and the Tatt Awards Council of judges including —

Veteran journalist and the force behind ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs initiatives Maria Ressa

Rock Ed Philippines founder Gang Badoy

Prolific blogger and entrepreneur Cecile Zamora-Van Straten

Tech blogger supreme and Tattoo ambassador Rico Mossesgeld

Flippish star and YouTube personality, Director, and Video Blogger Kring Elenzano

RX radio DJ Chico Garcia

President of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association Hans Roxas-Chua

Tattoo Head of Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo

Representing life without limits, Tattoo is the perfect brand to celebrate social media strides, with its speedy and affordable broadband hookups that enable myriad online connections among Filipinos in the country and around the world.  Ronquillo enthuses, “Tattoo is all about making your mark and your own personal definition of greatness.  The Tatt Awards is our venue to recognize those individuals that through their passion and individuality have created a space that is uniquely theirs, but sincerely shared with others.”

It is no coincidence that Tattoo is launching the Tatt Awards on June 30, designated the second annual Social Media Day by award-winning social media and tech news site Mashable (www.mashable.com).  With Social Media Day meetups planned in nearly 1400 cities around the world, it will be the day to celebrate the technological advancements that empower everyone to connect with others and access information quickly and easily.

The field will be open for nominations via tattoo.globe.com.ph/tattawards.   Public votes through the Tatt Awards portal and the scores of the Tatt Awards Council will determine the winners, who will each receive 100,000 Pesos in cash and premium broadband products from Tattoo. Expect the big announcements within August 2011!

Take your cue from Tattoo.  Steal the spotlight online and share your passion to create, inspire and lead in social media.


And look who’s on the banner?! It’s my favorite blogger Saab!

Jonver goes SG for MTV Asia!

One stressful day, this came in my e-mail:

STOOOOOOKED! Nevermind going to Singapore, but the fact that MTV Asia invited me there is enough! I am really grateful for all the opportunities this blog is opening for me! Thank you, thank you MTV Asia!

However, I had a little bit of a problem because my passport is a year and a couple of months expired already. I had to have it extended. Good thing, DFA has this public memo about extension. AND YES, even if you’re a year and a couple of months late from renewing your passport. Yay for DFA’s impeccable service. So people, renew your passports ahead of time!

Special mention to Hanna, Glenn, and Kass for helping me out for my passport dilemma. Also, I read a helpful post from the OAP maven, Mr. Anton Diaz.

P.S. You may have remembered Saab Magalona being invited to EMA’s Live Screening by MTV Asia, also in Singapore. Wala laaaaaaang… You know me naman when it comes to Saab, teehee! I’m so freaking excited!

P.S.S. I won’t even deny. This will be the first time I’ll be out of the country.

Can’t. Hide. EXCITEMENT,

Actress, Musician, Blogger, Tumblr Queen… and DJ?!

Catch Saab!


Blasted late duty schedules, I think I can’t make it also to the launch at Podium tomorrow. I wanna shoot (photos, of course, LOL) some people pa naman. I also wanna take my still unnamed camera for a date too. There are so many stuff going on this week, and apparently I can’t go because I still have to wait for schedule! This is one sad week. Very sad indeed.

All I can do is to blog about it though. Those who wanna catch Saab spin the tables for them all hippies at Cubao X, come one, come all!!! Except for me, errrrrr… I hope Saab DJs again :|

A dose of art on a Saturday

This is where I’ll be, most probably tonight:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSaw this at Inkarlcerating by Karl earlier this morning and I thought I’ll give it a try to look at some installations they might be showing. Also, I’ve been wanting to see some of AJ Omandac’s stuff, which have a lot of buzz (and here also) about it. Come let’s support the local art scene!

So there, if you’re looking for some place to chill on a chilly, lonely, and highly unproductive Saturday night, grab your booties and head over White Space at Pasong Tamo extension, Makati City. Aside from the quirky fashionistas and I hope Saab drops by too tonight,  I hope to see y’all tonight!

Gallery is up until February 6, 2011.

Who doesn’t tumble these days?

It was once a place for people who don’t want Facebook, much more Twitter. It was a spot where you can be yourself (well, you can be anywhere, trust me) and let loose what you can’t on Facebook because your entire clan is logged in 24/7. It was a new hype in blogging.

Spot.ph brings you Filipino Tumblr Superstars who 1.) has a lot of following, 2.) are definitely Tumblarity (when it was still around) kings and queens, 3.) must be a celebrity, and 4.) post damn good stuff in the internet. And apparently they drove a lot of tumbling peeps along with them.


Click photo to go to original post

I am following 7 out of 10 bloggers in that list. Of course (!) including the lovely and witty (and all the nice words that I can find in the dictionary) Saab.

Follow me, too! http://jnvrmnlph.tumblr.com


Actually it’s FrancisMClothing.com

The famed clothing company inspired by Urban Patriotism and Francis M‘s music, image, and advocacies launched it’s official online shopping portal, moving from the original Multiply shop set up by the Master Rapper himself, Francis Magalona with collaborators Carlo Maniquiz, Itoy Villajin, and Willy Velasquez. Now runned by the Magalonas and the same collaborators, Francis M Clothing Company (FMCC) brings their products accessible to all the Philippine Islands and the world —

It was on soft launch on December 6, as tweeted by Saab. Some things are still rough on the edges so she tweeted…

And I see that it’s still up by now. I suppose it’s functional already. Featuring the future of the Tee —

Men’s Collection.

Women’s Collection.

Now offering bags also. FrancisMClothing.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Saab tweeted about DHL, so I again suppose they’re delivering via DHL.

Learn more about FrancisMClothing.com in their blog, terms and conditions, and FAQs.

Come to think of it, this holiday season, this is not a bad gift idea. Spread urban patriotism. Love our own. Represent, yo!

* I feel the need to disclose some details here. I am not paid for this entry and also not in connection with the Magalonas, nor the management of FMCC. But yes, I am in love with FMCC designs, Saab, and the Mags.

* Have fun shopping for the Holidays!

UPDATE: FMCC would be at the Noel Discovery Bazaar in the World Trade Center in Pasay City from December 18-23. See y’all there!

It’s that time of the year.

Holiday Wishlist. For the awesome friends of Jonver David, nyahahaha.

Books. Refer to my Pageturners section :)

Cardigan, Scarf, Leather jacket, or anything winter couture, haha demanding?

DMs! 8-hole please.

Vintage specs. Channeling John Lennon. Can I have prescriptions like this?

Planner. Or help me for the Starbucks planner and have mercy on my pocket and hips!

Ultra spic and span Muji PH store! And also the loot inside! (Hideo Muraoka in the foreground, photo by Chuvaness)

Muji notebooks I love.

Anything from MUJI. Better yet take me there :)

Tae Guk Gi, film about the Korean War

Peace in Korea, in the world. Let’s pray.

I want to stay at the hotel near Forest House... if ever.

Trip back to Baguio/Sagada/Somewhere North.

Channeling minamalism.

Onto Headphones. I still like these.

Cases! Gawd, I don’t want to have duty on Christmas  day. And even on New Year’s!


Leather case for my BB ❤

from Lazaro's

Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Photo from DCF.com)

The I-still-think-it’s-Valrhona chocolate cake from Lazaro’s. Maybe THE Jen Aquino can scout for me who made it, teehee. Or Cookie Dough Cheesecake. /drool

Narnia movie!

SAAAAAAAAAB with her new tattoo ❤ (Photo from Saab's tumblr)

A greeting from my crush, Saab ❤

A part-time job.

Cereal Killers reunion.

Tote by Juun J

A leather tote bag.

The legalization of the RH Bill….

…and YOU! (Sino? Haha!)

P.S. I put up this list for the holidays though all I really want for Christmas is a spanking new dSLR <— the 20th wish ❤

Cross fingers, please Lord.

P.P.S. I’ll be an aliping saguiguilid for the rest of the year, to that someone who will give me the dSLR (asa x law of attraction) haha!

Happy shopping,

I can’t do today without blogging this ♥

from saabmagalona.tumblr.com

Happy birthday to my, ehem, crush… Ms. Saab Magalona. Click the link and greet her via Twitter.


from saabmagalona.tumblr.com

And oh! She’s the same date with her sister, Maxene Magalona! Have a good one, too!