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Got to watch TIKTIK: THE ASWANG CHRONICLES last Monday, and I am proud to share with all of you that it is the very first Filipino film produced in a green screen entirely. The movie which ran in a budget of roughly 80 million pesos, is a good showcase of Filipino talent and that the Philippine cinema need not be behind the big Hollywood companies who does digital cinema. One thing I like about it is the character design which really is an evidence if painstaking plannimg and revision until they have come up with an impeccable roster (lol, pun. You’ll find out why if you’ll watch) of digitally made CGI characters.

One setback though is that I find the story a little undeveloped, but not entirely. The plot is good and very Filipino I just wished it could have been more… developed. The pacing is a little awkward at times though, but I thik this one is a trend among digital films here in the Philippines.

It’s a long way to go, but hey, it’s a good thimg we can expect more beautiful Filipino digital films made in the future. Kudos to Direk Erik Matti and his team, and thanks Origin 8 Media for inviting me :)

Catch Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles in theaters near you!

Battousai is here

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! We were just musing about waiting for a subtitled version to hit the internet (HEEEEEEEEEY RUROUNI KENSHIN OTAKU REPRESENT!) but now, it’s even better. We’ll need to wait for another month before Battousai hits the big screens. October 17 at SM Cinemas. I’ll definitely rampage my way WHATEVER I AM DOING just to watch it!

P.S. Unknown to many, I was am a BIG anime fan, and RK happens to be my favorite of all time. I actually haven’t watched anything as faithfully as I did with Kenshin. This just means I. HAVE. TO. WATCH. THIS.
P.S.S. Haha, apologies for the ultraspazzing and fanboying.

Free movie, anyone?

For times like the long weekend, and we’ve run out of things to do, there’s always an option to hit the movies. It’s cold there, with a date or your barkada… but budget is always the question. C’mon let’s face it. Movies nowadays ain’t as cheap as before. So, if you wanna save up a little but want to spend a night out – check this treat from BDO! Read on ahead to learn more how you can snag free tickets to ANY movie you want :)

Promo Mechanics

  1. The promo is open to all active principal and supplementary cardholders of MasterCard, Visa, JCB and The American Express Credit Card issued by BDO.
  2. BDO Credit Card single online transaction of at least P3,000 from July 1 to August 31, 2012 entitles the cardholder to a FREE P100 voucher from SM Cinema.
  3. Availment of voucher is from July 1 to October 31, 2012 from all SM Cinema branches nationwide. Voucher is valid up to one year from issuance.
  4. All online (local, international or installment) purchases are qualified. Transactions not tagged as online such as but not limited to retail, mail order/telephone order, recurring payment system, cash advances made via ATM or over the counter, auto charge, charge on demand, balance transfer, balance convert, Easy Pay convert retail, Easy Pay Cash or Cash It Easy are excluded from the promo.

Full mechanics are here.

How’s your long weekend

Norwegian morning Wood

Pardon the title, hihi. But if you watched this film, I think you pretty much know it’s appropriate. Heh.

But I’ve been hearing a lot since Norwegian Wood was released last year. I purposely scheduled myself to watch it, but everytime I had a chance to, something would come up or I’d be diverted to another film (yes, friends, the pains of being a self-diagnosed ADHD kid.)

When finally I sat down to watch it, thanks to the single best gift of internet – torrent, I had to divide watching it into three nights. I deny that it was from boredom but I think it was because the storytelling was so intensely peaceful and chaotic all at the same time. I had become tired of feeling and thinking alternately and what had become of my consciousness is not a result of the slow pacing, others may have described boring, and what is to me carefully calculated filmmaking.

I have not watched much films to compare or to even prove that this film is good, but what I do know is that it speaks – one thing I always look for in a film. Not necessarily to relate but I need a film to speak – to me or for me – to be able to come across a barrier and finally inject – an inception – the idea, the story, the moral. Norwegian Wood in every touch point, for me, managed to speak to my soul, that thinking and feeling happen at the same time and renders one tired.

If it’s boredom, I think, I wouldn’t even have the slightest wakefulness to last this review.

Uh-mazing Spider-man swung and got my heart

Well, actually, Andrew Garfield did! ❤

I even changed my Twitter surname. Yes, in my perfect world, I married him.

Serious talk though, there are absolute three blasphemous things to say about this film, and these are:

  • Is that Mary Jane? (I CANNOT.),
  • OMG why is she blond? (srlsy do research sometimes),
  • I don’t get it, why did Emma (can’t even remember it’s GWEN!) smile in the end? (WE. DIED.)

Mind you, we heard those from people IN the cinema. Egad, the shock in our faces cannot be concealed by the longest face ever.

I will not even pretend that I am a big superhero slash comic book junkie. I am serious when I told people I am watching this because mi husbando Andy is playing the abso-fucking-lutely amazing Spidey boy (lol, is this blasphemous too?) BUT didn’t the trailers make it pretty obvious this isn’t the same Spidey? I think that’s the point of filming it the second time around, ’cause they have something new? And it really doesn’t hurt to do some research, really. Befriend the internet, puh-lease. I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT WE HEARD WAS REAL. Seriously, izzo stupid.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen it twice, and I really recommend you go to the nearest cinema if you haven’t. I mean, aside from the adorkable killer smile and piercing glances from my boy Andrew, he shared good chemistry with Emma Stone – who btw I absolutely forgive already having an affair with him while shooting. HAHA! 

I just think that, as with some movies I’ve seen lately, there are lapses in transition, which really doesn’t help to communicate the emotion. It’s especially observed when Uncle Ben was shot and they didn’t even transitioned Peter’s change of mood smoothly. Other than that, I think it’s an uh-mazing movie. Putting amazing in the title was appropriate.

So I think that’s all. I really am tired from this day, though I hardly done anything because it was raining so hard. So…

Andy, come let’s sleep hihi :)



I am my hair

Penshoppe hoodie shirt, Thrifted drapey coverup, Hang Ten shorts, Tomato Green mustard sneakers

JUST GOT HOME FROM AN EPIC NIGHT! Went to the Fila x AIA event, and watched Rock of Ages after. Anyway, introducing my new hair *Cue Hair by Lady Gaga* which, according to popular opinion, makes me look like a girl, a lesbian and/or someone from mainland Southeast Asian. What can you say though?

I’m downloading the Rock of Ages OST, and trying to make a concrete review of the movie/musical. AND TRY NOT TO DREAM OF TOM CRUISE. Trying really damn hard, haha!

Gay is not weak. Gay is not easy.

Nessun Dorma by Ronald Genato.

Acceptance by Petersen Vargas.

There’s so much more than just men and parties to being  gay. And I really beg to disagree that we are weak, that it’s so much easier so we chose to be gay.

Discriminated. Unaccepted. But at least we are who we are. We accepted to ourselves our truest form. No more hiding, no more pretending. It took so much for most of us to be gay, and that is not weakness or succumbing. It is bravery. Bravery to face what has been trash in the face of the society. Bravery to fight your way out of this demeaning world. Bravery to accept yourself for who you are, who you love, and what you stand up for.

And for me, no religion can limit me. Besides, it’s what I believe in what matters, not the practices I involve myself with.

Shoot with the Probe Team

Day 1












































These are the behind-the-scenes of the shoot I did with Probe last week. We were to reenact the accounts of Wachi participation in the war with Japan during World War II. It wasn’t a role I was really gunning for, for all you know I’d better be behind the camera. But I didn’t pass for the opportunity (maybe the last one I’ll get) to act in front of a camera.

I can’t hide though that I enjoyed watching the production set up instead of acting. Haha! Anyway, again I want to thank Probe for this experience and for the wonderful stay at BAE (pictures after the jump)!

BTS Photos by Dessa Jimenez

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Moonleaf: My Summer Staycation 2012

Come to think of it, staycation isn’t a bad idea at all. Though I’d really love to be in the islands by now because of this heat staring down at us, the city isn’t that unbearable with my favorite milk tea in hand.

See you all at Moonleaf!


Photography by Joseph Pascual
Videography by Judd Figuerres

With Sasha Palomares, Justine Aure, Rutherford Perez, Gela Abores and Bruce Venida

Make up & grooming by Kim Alcoreza
Production & Set Design by Dreps Tatad and Jan Pineda

I’ll post the whole campaign and BTS by moi soon!