Manels 47th Anniversary + SALE: 50% off on all items!!!

It’s MANELS‘ 47th year anniversary, and it’s bigger than ever! For five days, Manels is offering ALL ITEMS (shoes, bags, & accessories) at 50% OFF at ALL BRANCHES. “This serves as a thank you to all our customers for having been with us these last five decades. As a bonus, we’re even giving ALL ITEMS at 55% OFF for transactions which have five or more items,” says the leading leather goods brand in the country.

The Manels Anniversary Sale runs from July 13 to 17 only!

I will just have to reiterate that – it is NOT up to 50% off, BUT — 50% OFF ON ALL ITEMS INCLUDING NEW ARRIVALS! So what are you waiting for, rush to your nearest Manels store to score this amazing offer!

Also they are launching the MANELS NATION campaign. Get to be a part of the continually growing brand by being featured in their online pages and even in their store branches. Just take a photo of you and your Manels stuff and upload it in their Facebook and/or your respective Lookbook accounts. You can also blog about it and notify them of your look. You may get lucky and get featured in the website or even the store!

Manels | Maphisto
Located in leading malls nationwide

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