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The Ultimate Punchdrunk Panda Blogger Hangout!

This will be the fourth blogger hangout that I will be with Punchdrunk Panda, and I am just so happy they keep on inviting me (hehe!) And this time around, it’s the biggest one there is in the history of funkifying the world with quirky cool stuff!

It was held at the new Pino – Pipino restaurant and bar at Jupiter street in Makati. Hands down for this group for always making the best grub in town! The last time in Pipino at Malingap street in Teacher’s Village was amazing. And so is this one. ONE PROOF: I have no photos of the food (hehe and sorry!)  because each time the food comes in, it magically finds it way to our mouths. TRUE STORY. This is why we are not dedicated food bloggers, haha!

Anyway, on its fourth wave of blogger hangouts already, Punchdrunk Panda (also, PdP) introduced its new batch of skimmers and camera straps! If you’re still not familiar with PdP, you’re in for some quirky and cool fun!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:47 PMManix Abrera

Light Years


First up, Manix Abrera (of the Kikomachine Komix fame!) designed a pair of guys’ skimmers, and camera straps (another favorite from PdP!) I really like how it became an extension of his work from the graphic novel world and a fan would instantly buy it. After the whole hangout, everyone was busy buying their own Shutterbug camera straps and had it signed by Manix himself!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:49 PMDiego Mapa

Intergalactic Duet with Dan Matutina

Diego Mapa of two-man band Tarsius, one of our artists from Anteroom Sessions 1 and 2, together with graphic designer Dan Matutina, designed this galactic pair of skimmers. What’s unique with this pair is that with its postcard (each product comes with a postcard with a message from the artist) is a QR code of Diego Mapa’s original soundtrack for Graphika Manila! It’s an intense intergalactic medley of art!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:52 PMNemo Aguila



Nemo Aguila‘s character designs are to die for! It kinda reminds me of some PdP products with monsters – yepp, you’re right Rob Cham’s Monsters – but now in a different dimension and apparently adaptation of Nemo’s name! Cool work, bruh!

Nov 7, 2012, 3:53 PMJen “Master Panda” Horn

Stamp Collector

Jen Horn‘s love for travel have successfully transcended into her designs and et voila, the Stamp Collector is a mirage of travel visa stamps! It’s my frustration to travel more frequently, and buying this maybe will psyche its way into my life. I don’t know but you, but isn’t that how the law of attraction works?

Nov 7, 2012, 3:59 PMAlessandra Lanot

Eat Your Vegetables

Alessandra Lanot, or fondly Alessa of Pipino, is a vegan. YES, folks, a real one! I didn’t think vegans exist too, until I met her! I have nothing against vegetables, in fact I love them, but you cannot deprive me of my meat (sorry, Alessa!) So Alessa’s work is demanding you to eat your vegetables instead! Haha mai-connect lang, labo! Featured in this artwork is NOT only Alessa’s love for vegetables, but also her watercolor skills that kill! You didn’t even notice it’s watercolor, yes?

Nov 7, 2012, 4:08 PM

Some of the artists from this collection were not able to join us, so here are their works of funkifying art!

Splash by Lady Krystle Tanmantiong & Anna Oposa

Save the Philippine Seas-inspired, definitely! This artwork definitely shows us how beautiful the sea is even in a small canvas like a shoe. Wear it and be a proud planeteer!

Bob-eye the Referee by Apol Sta. Maria

Another playful artwork in a pair of skimmers? It’s just so PdP I love it! I love how collaborations show the different facets of a brand through different artists as well!

Geoglyphs by Nathania Gail Go

We’d love to see Gail here, but she’s funkifying the other end of the world. But yay for her work which I think means “art on stone.” It’s a naturally occurring formation on rocks! Cool new information, huh? And oh, love the contrasting colors!


I love blogger hangouts! It’s simple and intimate and ultimately I get to know the brand and other bloggers as well. It’s fun to see familiar faces too from our previous blogger hangouts :)

Nov 7, 2012, 3:57 PM

Nov 7, 2012, 3:58 PM

Pino’s signature wall art is very tempting for camwhoring. Or we’re just camwhores I think. Say hi to Margarita Queen Tin Rementilla with me on the photo! Di po kami nag-usap sa outfit haha

Nov 7, 2012, 4:14 PM

Where the boys at? Near me. Hehe. Say hi to Paul the PR Guy and Seph Cham of Love Chic.

Look how big the PdP family already is *tears!* Really thankful to be part of this team and group of bloggers! Much love from moi!

Manix on the Pino wall! Artist on action, *camera click*

The Pandas Nica, Jen, and Pauline with honorary Panda Alessa!

Also, let’s congratulate Pino for being part of Juice.ph’s Juice 50: The Ultimate List of Things to Do, Eat, Drink, Buy and Try In and Out of the Metro! You deserve it guys!

Photos courtesy of Pauline Santillan. Thanks, girl!

MANELS celebrates with you!

It’s time again for All-Filipino premium leather goods brand Manels‘ Anniversary Sale… And guess what, it still is 50% off ON ALL ITEMS! So march down the nearest Manels store and shop til hearts drop. Tweet @marksig_manels if you have questions :)

Schools Run for School Rooms

Iligan City was among the places in Northeastern Mindanao that were worst-hit by typhoon Sendong. The typhoon, which ravaged the region with its heavy rainfall from December 15 to 18, left a total of PhP 1,033,131,515,100. 00 worth of damages in infrastructures, agricultural crops, and school buildings. Six months after the disaster, the situation in Iligan City remains bleak. Many people are still living in so-called tent cities and living off relief goods. As the school year starts, the children would have to make do with makeshift classrooms, as 12 schools and 136 classrooms in Iligan City were among Sendong’s casualties.

Athletes in Action (AIA) believes in making positive changes in people’s lives through sports. That is why the international humanitarian organization of athletes is organizing an advocacy run on July, which proceeds will fund the rebuilding of the classrooms in Iligan City.

Titled “Schools Run for School Rooms” (SRSR), the advocacy run will gather student-runners from major colleges and universities in Metro Manila to compete in distances of 3K, 5K, and 10K on the urban environment of the Bonifacio Global City early morning of July 7th. Besides college students, groups from government agencies, churches, and private corporations have also expressed their interest in joining the SRSR.














Thank you Fila and AIA for the pleasant evening!

Civic Duty Launch Party




DSC_0470Very inclined to Jerome Lorico’s present collection :)


DSC_0472This is my favorite pair!





DSC_0478Another favorite from the Bumgarners














I love these Tyvec shoes by Civic Duty!

Tomato Green at Market! Market!

There are very few things aside from food and Muji that brings me to The Fort. If it isn’t an exhibit, show, or friends, it must be something I can’t find in the North.


So before the payday weekend hit, I make sure to check out Tomato Green’s summer collection.


DSC_0915Men’s watches


DSC_0917Colored pants



DSC_0920When I saw this online, I just knew I had to buy it. Loveleh!

DSC_0939Chambray shirts.

I don’t wear short-sleeved shirts, because it’s either too small or lousy on me. But Tomato’s shirts fit well!


DSC_0941Summer shorts



This set is very me: shirt, cardigan, and maybe denim



Aside from sneakers, they have boat shoes and loafers as well.





DSC_0930Jen got this leopard-print shorts





DSC_0926I LOVE THIS PHOTO OF ME!!!! Lakas maka-BTS!


DSC_0937Thank you, Tomato!



Stereotyped shirt, Oxygen reversible jeans, Reebok high cut sneakers

This is my normal look, watch out for my Tomato look though – I never have thought I can look like that! Also, I hope they bring Tomato Green to their North branches!! :)

Get Sole Blogger Launch

Goy invited to the blogger’s launch of Get Sole shoes. I love how these blogger launches are getting informal and more intimate. Now it’s in the newly opened Chatime branch in Eton Centris. Talk about more events happening in the North!

DSC_0144I love them basics!


DSC_0146The insole gets me interested.







DSC_0158Brand ambassador Kelly Medina talks about Get Sole and his very first brand ambassadorship!

DSC_0159The David Guison (sorry, Dave, I love putting The, haha!) He’s the other brand ambassador aside from Kelly.

DSC_0160Erika Ongtauco of Get Sole


DSC_0162Best-dressed Miko and Catch! Kayo na! 



DSC_0169We walked around Eton Centris Walk after the event. I love how modern-looking the place is. Some more restaurants and shops, and it should be happening soon!



DSC_0179HOY PAX! Haha! We were goofing around with Paul the PR Guy. He’s cute noh? Pax is already all clingy on him, LOLJK!









Thanks to Paul for this photo. I look mad and like I won in Battle Royale, haha!



Oxygen x Marcela Gutierrez graphic tee, Folded and Hung denim pants and cardigan (as cape), Thrifted military boots

I cannot not say that my inspiration for this outfit is my androgynously dressed friends! LOL, kidding aside, I just came up with this look ’cause it suddenly rained and it was cold outside so I had to cover up. But it got a little hot after (damn you, climate change!) and I don’t want to put my cardigan on the bag, so I thought I’d use it as a cape. Witty or wit?

Back to Get Sole! You can get these in your favorite American Boulevard shops! I’m thinking of getting the brown one for everyday officewear (yeah we’re cool like that in our office :P)

High Fashion Sneakers?

Hermes x Vans? Wrooooooooong! Guess again —


Reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics any time of the day

This isn’t for sale, just to be clear about it. Yes, celebrity stylist Robert Verdi just wants to break our hearts for making these. He painted several Vans slip-ons with his favorite Hermes scarves, and these are just some of my favorites. Look at all his painted shoes here. Gawd, he’s sucha trendsetter.

Dr. Martens reopens in the Philippines!!!

Imagine how happy Doc Martens lovers here in Manila were when the beloved shoe brand announced they’re opening in The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City! A lot of us were frustrated because there is not one outlet that sell trusty ol’ DM boots before. So when it reopened its doors again to Manilenos, there is no way we would miss it!

DSC_067014-holes!!!! Oh love.


DSC_0673Mantons, Desert boots, Tassel loafers, and Bennets


DSC_0675Everyone was wearing their favorite Docs





Dr. Martnes Philippines is located at The Fort Strip – in a container van! Very cool concept! It looks like pop-up shop, but when we asked around, the people working there actually told us it’s here to stay! OH JOY!!!!








DSC_0691Dinner break at Burger Avenue



DSC_0696Radiactive Sago Project plays for Dr. Martens Philippines opening








DSC_0704Borgy Manotoc hosts the giveaway


Thrifted blazer, Basic white v-neck, H&M purple plaid scarf, Penshoppe semi-glossy pants, Thrifted (from Karl Leuterio) boots, Bags of Love UK leather holdall bag

Jonver’s Christmas Wishlist 2011 edition!

Batchel. A satchel with a handle. I don’t know where did the “B” come from, haha. Doesn’t really need to be Cambridge, but it won’t hurt too if you get me a Cambridge haha. Preferably 13″ and in mustard or brown :P

Creepers. A 50’s classic! I don’t know when I started liking it, but it is definitely in my radar now (especially because I need the height LOL!)! I don’t know where else in the Philippines you can find one aside from Gold Dot! That furry addition and military belt buckle detail is just so fierce! I’m a size 8 men’s, haha!

The Amazing Playground Letterman jacket. Patched with the letter J, please! Am no jock, but I really dig these jackets – you all know I love stuff I can wear anywhere! Preferably medium size and in maroon and white. #AlamNa! :P

iPod Nano 3rd gen. This is my favorite iPod nano! I sold my iPod a couple of years ago, and now I want one again. I know I’m such a fickle, haha! I’d love a silver one :)

Moonleaf Planner. CROSS. THIS. OUT. Because… Moonleaf management has already given me one!!! Thank you Moonleaf! But I lalalalalalalove this planner — I quit a five-year habit for this and saved up money and calories. There’s a lot inside too — YOU HAVE TO BUY ONE FOR YOU TO KNOW :P

A date in Moonleaf Maginhawa and my Wintermelon Black Tea. 100% sweetness, no add-ons. Buy me tea with macarons, pleash? I’d love a catch up session with people I haven’t seen for a while and maybe, just maybe I can bring someone special here too :3

Sophie’s Mom Red Velvet Cupcakes + Dulce de Leche Chocolate cupcakes. I’ll finish a dozen quickly! Oh alright, I’ll share! HAHA! I love that it’s just so perfect. Finally, I have found my perfect cupcake :3 *SOB*

Macarons. Salted Caramel please! Before cupcakes, I am so gaga with Macarons! Empire and The Cookie Jar make exquisite batches of guilty macaron love! Perfect with a cup of tea.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins boxed set. Been meaning to read the whole saga, but damn I need to find time. I need to read this before the movie hits theaters. That gives me three months — GO FIGURE!

Anything crucifix without a man. I think I am starting to have a cross fever! Amen fashion anyone?

NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet. My New York project hasn’t formally started yet, but this can help it kick start! The name of the game is simple – collect anything that shouts (or even whisper) NUEVA YORK! Anyway this wallet is made from recyclable materials so it’s earth-friendly and you can buy this from Punchdrunk Panda, yow!

Opulence by Jeremy Scott and/or White Rebel by Swatch. I haven’t worn any watch since my last duty in college. But I will wear one again (and promise will never be late again — CHOS LANG!)


Advanced grateful remarks to those who will gift me (kapal lang noh?!) But seriously, any gift wrapped with a whole lot of love is fine. A lil’ addition, i.e. anything from this list, will be better though — HAHA!

Gird your loins for the I’m-a-brat Wishlist Christmas 2011 edition!!!

Bloggers United 2

I will have to apologize for the blurred photos. This is Jonver in shopping mode :P




I am very prepared when the Bloggers United bazaar was announced. I know which stores to go to already. What I didn’t prepare though is my time. I had a meeting early in the morning. So what I only saw in David‘s booth was these signs, LOL! Seriously, kidding aside, all the stuff I wanna buy from David was swept clean. Better luck next time, I guess…



DSC_0561Accessories from Gelo Arucan! I wanna buy the Born This Way but I forgot to!

DSC_0562Unisex Accessories, curated by JP Singson

DSC_0566Karl + Mike + Bosquejo booth!

DSC_0567Sino itong bakla na lagi kong kasamang magshopping?! ALAMIN. Chos!



The Plump Pinay has a very nice booth! CAN YOU BELIEVE I scored a hoodie from them (that I don’t have a photo now!) Aside from the perfect fit, I love the vintage Rolling Stones illustration. SCORED… OH YEAH!

DSC_0572Jen, Angel, Ava


The sellers at Divine Lee/Tim Yap/Victor Basa‘s booth we’re very kind! 1. They gave me a discount for V’s vintage boots, 2. There was a lotto ticket in V’s shoes and they gave it to me na lang haha AND 3. I left my DSLR at their booth and they were kind enough to keep it!!!! I WAS REALLY WORRIED! But I am so proud of them for being honest. *fist pump* tayo mga Ate!




Gold Dot team! No I didn’t buy a pair of shoes for myself from Gold Dot (asa naman sa malapad kong mga feet) but I scored booties from internationally known blogger Karl Leuterio! It was the right fit and it’s ITALIAN. I can ask for nothing more!

Sorry for the lack of photos, especially that of my purchases. But all in all I just spent something over a thousand pesos for TWO BOOTS and a HOODIE. It’s like I went to ukay but I just got really fabulous pieces!!! Can’t wait to post outfit photos using them!!!

DSC_0581My shopping partner in crime, Jen Aquino, in leopard sheer blazer. Arrive. Idagdag mo ang pangalawang Longchamp Le Pliage nya. ARRIVE.

Went to Mary Grace to grab early dinner…

DSC_0582Fried Kesong Puti with Chili Daing Dressing. This naturally goes with a calamansi dressing, but I like to try the chili daing dressing. The waiter was too kind to accommodate my request :)

It was funny when I took this photo. The lens was fogged up because of the aircon and I didn’t notice it. I like the effect though.

DSC_0583Grilled Classic Ensaymada. Fluffy and cheesy. Why can’t all ensaymadas be like this?!

DSC_0584Pasta Amatriciana with Italian meatballs. Pasta for my fabulous meat-loving friend. 

DSC_0585Oh this dressing… IS LOVE!

DSC_0586Dropped by Sonja’s to grab a red velvet cupcake. I am still in the Red Velvet fever. 



DSC_0589The Red Velvet Vixen


I died of happiness that day. Shopping + Foodtrip is indeed the most foolproof stress buster!