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So y’all know that I’ve been working on a new blog and it’s finally alive!! Please visit www.blog.jonverdavid.com and maybe spread it to your friends…

And to my WordPress followers, hope you also follow my new blog. I’ll be blogging there from now on, with a little more here :)

Thanks all for the love :*


Singapore and some others


After two years (oh how I miss MTV Asia!) I’ll be back in Singapore, now for St. Jerome’s Laneway festival to be held at the new The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay. Now, I’ll have more time to go around to experience the famed lion city. I really cannot hide my excitement!!! OF MONSTERS AND MEN is playing among other amazing bands. I’m also excited for Kings of Convenience, Gotye, Kimbra, Bat for Lashes, ALT-J, and Polica! And that’s just the cherry on top! There’s a total of 14 bands playing (others are Tame Impala, Yeasayer, Real Estate, Nicolas Jaar, Japandroids, Cloud Nothings, and Divine Fits) Hope I win the Meet and Greet too! Teehee!

I’ll be live tweeting at the event… and mostly for my stay in Singapore. Thanks to Globe’s BridgeUnlimited unlimited surfing, it’s more affordable AND just easy to register but just the same reliable service we get while roaming. So if you wanna keep tabs on what’s happening during Laneway, feel free to follow @Jonver_David!

PLUS… I’m planning a blog reboot. Whew! I’ve been scared to tell here, because it’d be so much pressure, but now I’m really sure! Keep tuned in for developments and I hope you’re still ready to follow my blog in its soon-to-be new home.



College memories


Yesterday, I got to meet some of my classmates x dutymates x most probable group in any class class activity. Way back college, I swore I never imagined I’d ever see them again, and it was nice to hear their stories post-mortem, ehrm college (!) Dee just got back from Australia, and her sister Zoe is graduating this year. EC, who’s really not our groupmate but is a welcome addition to the pack to eat two humongous pans of pizza, is taking up Medicine with some other batchmates. Joanne and Johnel are pretty much taking the high road of their nursing career… And well me, still trying to deny that I am a nurse (hehe) but will review this year for US boards.

It’s fun to hear their stories from different perspectives. And I guess, life is just starting for us. Some are overwhelmed with the rigors of daily adult life. And some are just swinging by. Some are still students in the medical field, while some decided to take the course called life. Whatever paths we may be treading now, it’s apparent that adult life is not easy, but is fun and challenging.

I really hope we can do this every now and then guys, I really miss you all.

P.S. 110, kung nababasa nyo ‘to magpakita naman kayo minsan hahaha!




It’s quite refreshing and coincidental that I just read this post JUST NOW. Y’all know the shit going through my blog – how I have not been writing and taking photos so often as the last six months. And reading this just drives me to blog how I used to. It’s a complex of emotions right now that I don’t wanna divulge here. So yeah.

Anyway Thanks Kris, for the message. Hola to my Spanish readers, too. And to all who still read my blog. Please know that you guys are loved by this blogger. Kris, I hope you don’t mind I posted our conversation here. It really makes me feel good, especially now.

Here we go, 2013!!!

Illustration by Rob Cham

Wow, it’s already 2013 in a few hours. And I thought I’m gonna wake up it’s the new year already… Been catching up with some zzzz, trying to fix my body clock, when obviously I can’t. Anyway. I’ll keep this new year message short and sweet. (I was too tired last Christmas to even drop a line, sorry guys)

Anyway, the first half of my 2012 was just simple. Starting out in a start up company with friends, taking a couple of projects left and right, and taking whatever I could take just to add up to what would be my measly income. I am happy the way it was. Its simplicity, its just being right and ample. Still got some time to blog… Most of my fond memories, I think, this year would be at the first half of the year.

Fast forward to the second half. Projects doubled, so as what I’m earning. Switched to freelance, and now I’m maintaining a number of clients. I kinda lost time for my blog. And I kinda miss it. I think I kinda dedicated a blog post for that. Though I’m starting out another one with a few friends. And for myself as well. I couldn’t place my schedule well in most times. A day, with its 24 hours couldn’t be just enough. Oh, let’s not forget I got my heart broken twice this year. In a row. In the second half. And that was a whammy. I think I kinda self-destructed a number if times. I’m not even gonna hide it… Went to my friends’ place drunk, smoked up, and just wasted. There were times that I just wouldn’t go home, and I was tempted to stay at the streets, walking, just to think and clear my mind.

I just wanted to go away. Always to go away. Escape the city for a couple of days only to find myself wanting to go away again the moment I arrive the city. I’m always tired and hungry for sleep, and I am hating sleep already ’cause it’s eating up all my time. I don’t wanna need rest. And it really feels like college only now, I can’t screw up.

I know I make it feel like I’m living the life here in my blog. I am though. I do live my life how I want it. My mistake though is that I forgot that I am not free to choose the consequences. If you ask me, I do not have a fucking idea how 2013 will be. I have plans, but I’d rather keep them to myself for now. It is yet again uncertainty that bothers me and at the same time excites the whole of me. It is, however, adult life which makes it all dark and twisted, and God knows, depressing.

2012 is a wildcard. But I am thankful to everything that happened with people I met, people I’ve worked with, been working with, people who believed in me, people who saw my potential, people who took the high road and became patient with me, people who were there when I was at my lowest, people who never left me. People who I will be spending 2013 with. Bottomline is we couldn’t have done all these, these capsule of memory we would now call 2012, without the ups and downs. So to that we raise our glasses, and puff our smokes. Cheers, 2012. And hello, 2013!!!

And let’s give back to God all the glory for a whirlwind rollercoaster ride that is 2012.

Here’s to another rollercoaster ride,

Current mood: William Fitzsimmons

And there are, and will be, moments in life that we will have to say, no matter how we don’t want to, these words by Mr. Fitzsimmons (hey I like how his surname sound). I won’t go there though. I guess a couple of blog posts about him is enough. I was hurt, but it’s not that I am not ready for a no. What hurt is how his message came to me. I think nobody deserves that, and for that… I think, this is goodbye… even though I don’t want to.

I think I gave him way too much credit. But hurting me that way proved to me that I’m better off just friends with you… if he talks to me ever again, that is. For now, this is goodbye.

And I cry myself to sleep
And you thought I was happy
I was lonely
Had nowhere to go


Oct 7, 2012, 8:34 PM

So recently, it’s been my iPad, music, coffee, and smokes. I don’t even want to justify my habits now, but this is what’s keeping me sane. For now. Especially with all the stresses of daily adult life. I remember once, when I was in college, when my clinical instructor pushed my (ok, you wanna gulp deep before you read the next words) forearm deep down the uterus of a mother who just gave birth to clean it. It’s so warm and fuzzy in there, why would anyone want to go out and grow up?

‘Cause I guess we all have to.

Sep 29, 2012, 10:39 PM

And so, maybe you’ve noticed the hiatus. Slight, maybe. But I miss the old times, when I can blog everyday, and share what has been my day about or this cool thing I just found, or you know just letting out some steam. I miss it. It kills me that I go home (or somebody else’s I’m crashing at) too tired to open even the WordPress app to write a few. I wish I could go back to college for a lot of reasons. One, you obviously know the dilemma. And two, because I damn well miss blogging like there’s no exams tomorrow.

Oct 1, 2012, 6:37 AM

But life happened. And we just continue. A guy I really love once told me that if life throws shit on you, you pick it up and throw it back, and be proud of your dirty hands. That’s what I’m doing now. My eyes are drooping and God knows how many times I hit backspace because I kept on typing misspelled words. But I am pushing all boundaries, and even myself to do this.

Because I love what I’m doing. Because this is who I am, I guess. And because I owe so much to this blog, I won’t want this to be just another project I started.

Life happened. But love is stronger.

Per as it was

And just like in a movie, time stopped when we talked. And when the bomb was dropped, everything resumed per as it was.

Except for me. I was once again infiltrated by the shrapnels I can never avoid, I can never miss. I wish though time would stop for me even without you as a medium. To lend me some time to recuperate a bit.

So that I, too, can be per as it was.

No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life

From the Human Rights Campaign Facebook page

So today (in some other countries) they remember those who have suffered and died because of discrimination of their chosen gender roles and preferences. It is sad, but what we could do now is to remember, learn, and apply what history could teach us.

Nobody should die because they chose who they really are and chose not to live a life of conformity. And may this day may serve its purpose – to open the eyes of the blinded and for us who are different from the rest of them, may it serve as an encouragement to be brave and face this life with dignity and pride.


Backlog Progress Report


Yepp, I’m in the middle of werq-related shit, and currently pulling an all-nighter (ah, well it’s morning already, so fuck eeeeeet) and neither the two us, here with my friend Vince, are finished. I’m tempted to tease you though with what I’ll be blogging in the next days (God, I need a free day) but I’d rather you guys be excited about it.

But, I’ll be starting a mini-travel series, some news about our generous brand friends, and a little big (labo, haha!) gossip in the local blogging industry.

So I hope you’re not bummed there (’cause I am with all the lack of sleep) and you keep tuned in to my little happy space.

Til free time decides to bug me,