Last Week in Photos

A rather laid back week after Philippine Fashion Week, but nonetheless still hectic and productive (I am so grateful for this!) But I admit that my body really is now aching for a break. I am so hoping for a weekend soon!

I practically spent Monday and Tuesday blogging. Covered a number of my PFW posts, and I am happy my readers like it (thanks for those comments and tweets. It means a lot to me ❤)

DSC_0037Erika in werq mode

Went to Starbucks Cheer Party at The Fort to support my friend Erika, who hosted for this event. She was so charming in the stage and they got the band Acoustic Indulgence who played a wicked cover of Moves Like Jagger! Also, there were trivia contests, raffle, and free pastries. I stayed with Cariza, Tatie, and Mark the whole time Erika was working, and it was a hilarious evening indeed!


Freebies from Starbucks! I won a trivia contest :P


The Frappucino family. Reminded us of Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika. HAHA! 



My current obsession: Sundried Tomato and Basil Bun.


Went to Gabriel*Martel Tocca di Lusso launch afterwards. I lurve the bags! I swear I wish I was a woman (but I don’t because of menstrual cramps and pregnancy, lol) if it meant having lots of bags and pairs of pumps!



DSC_0108Heart Evangelista



Last week was full of meetings and preps. One was with Hanna and Ella for our collaboration. I really can’t wait to share it here in my blog. We’re working so hard for this, and I promise it’s gonna be great!





Manned PdP’s booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. It was my first time to sell our stuff in a bazaar, and it was a great experience! I had fun meeting our beloved customers, both old and new! We’ll see you next at the Luxe at Il Terrazo, though!

DSC_0170Ava, Gersh, and Athan visited. Athan was so kulet! LOL!


DSC_0183These are made with Bamboo by Island Girl.

DSC_0190I promise to buy myself a satchel. Just had to figure how to save lots of moolah haha!

DSC_0193These headphones by Timbre (pronounced tam-ber), in collaboration with Team Manila, looks so nice! Will be blogging about this soon!

So busy! But I am always thankful for these blessings. Better be busy than be nada. Have a great week ahead, folks!

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