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College memories


Yesterday, I got to meet some of my classmates x dutymates x most probable group in any class class activity. Way back college, I swore I never imagined I’d ever see them again, and it was nice to hear their stories post-mortem, ehrm college (!) Dee just got back from Australia, and her sister Zoe is graduating this year. EC, who’s really not our groupmate but is a welcome addition to the pack to eat two humongous pans of pizza, is taking up Medicine with some other batchmates. Joanne and Johnel are pretty much taking the high road of their nursing career… And well me, still trying to deny that I am a nurse (hehe) but will review this year for US boards.

It’s fun to hear their stories from different perspectives. And I guess, life is just starting for us. Some are overwhelmed with the rigors of daily adult life. And some are just swinging by. Some are still students in the medical field, while some decided to take the course called life. Whatever paths we may be treading now, it’s apparent that adult life is not easy, but is fun and challenging.

I really hope we can do this every now and then guys, I really miss you all.

P.S. 110, kung nababasa nyo ‘to magpakita naman kayo minsan hahaha!

Hello, 2012!

The year 2011 was good to me.

  • Graduated from college (FINALLY!) with latin honors
  • Passed the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam
  • First time out of the country — and trip was foh free yow!
  • I didn’t need to find work, work came to me (which I thank GOD for a million times. I’m truly blessed)
  • Not to mention the people I’ve met and worked with this year are incredibly amazing! TwestivalJuanxiPdPMoonleaf plus the countless, albeit absolutely fabulous, events that I’ve been to. My most heartfelt gratitude to the plethora of PR agencies that kept on inviting me. I heart you, guys!
  • Started up my own venture with the best of my college friends. You should watch out for Stereotyped‘s next collection!
  • First talk about blogging — pretty nerve-wracking but is one of my best days as a blogger, indeed!

Thank you all for being a part of the adventurous year, that is 2011. The adventure hadn’t stopped, but it only have just begun… again! Though I’ve been concealing, in this blog that is, I was jobless and no longer in the PdP team. No it’s not them, it’s me. As much as I love to continue working for them, believe me if I could, I would… but some things, as I always say, have to meet their conclusions. Fortunately for me, friendship never dies and I still get to work with them at times. *cheese alert* It’s just that I miss my team badly.

Here comes 2012, saying hello to me. I think my two-week unemployment starting last Christmas season was necessary to open my eyes to a lot of things – especially to those that I really want to do achieve in 2012. Yeah I know, kinda foolish. Christmas and jobless. A perfect match. *basks in irony*

But thank God, because up until now, I still can’t figure out how come these things are happening. I have my plans… but definitely His plans are way bigger than I thought they are. I’ll start work in a few days, and you bet I can’t wait to start… TO START A LOT OF THINGS. I won’t (maybe can’t) disclose for now, but it is indeed an exciting turn and it’s just the START of 2012.

This post is growing in length already, but before I forget, I wanna list down 12 things I want to do in 2012.

  1. SAVE. If last year, this was in the last, now it’s coming in first.
  2. ACQUIRE a domain name. How does jonverdavid.com sounds to you?
  3. TAKE a lot of photos… again. Rediscover photography.
  4. TRAIN. I’m so excited, somebody’s funding my social media training. I’ll make kwento soon!
  5. READ. I’ve been reading, but I’m not satisfied with the rate I’m running. This forcibly and partly justifies the next goal (haha) —
  6. BUY an iPad. So I can read more (!) and mobilize my job.
  7. TRAVEL the Indochina Southeast Asia trail. At least even before the year ends. Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand and maybe a ferry to Indonesia, Malaysia, and culminate in Singapore before going back to Manila. My good friend, Hanna Samson of 1 Week and After,  and her tips are especially noteworthy!
  8. PACK lightly, traveling far away or not. Or at least learn how to.
  9. FIX my room, errrr… space. No matter how asthmatic I can get.
  10. SLEEP at night, wake up in the morning and work in between. Read this somewhere but I forgot where. I like the idea.
  11. START the NYC project. Employ the Law of Attraction.
  12. GET tested. ‘Nuff said.

Simple goals for a simple and successful 2012.

Of stereos and typographies

2011 302These are not my photos because I left my SD card at home. BUMMER!

2011 304

2011 311

2011 314Divisoria is a mess…

2011 319

2011 327But we found what we went there for.

2011 329

2011 334

2011 344We randomly stopped in front of once glorified architecture, but now completely forgotten

2011 388

2011 391We practically looked like tourists, but truthfully this is just our second time around here (first for Ella!)

2011 394

2011 407

2011 458The clouds are affirmative

2011 467We didn’t forget to have fun. After all, fun is what this is all about.

2011 474

2011 508

2011 554

2011 560Lunch at Manosca. Filling but kinda underwhelmed.

2011 569

2011 651This day took a lot of rides and walks… sore feet indeed!

2011 657

That day was pretty goddamn tiring. I never liked Divisoria in the first place. But heck it was sooooo productive! We got to accomplish a lot of things despite giving up a holiday and having to wake up the next day for work! I can say that my body may be complaining but my mind wants to do some more! Pretty impressive, when way back college, I seldom (LIKE REALLY SELDOM, TO THE POINT OF NOT EVEN BEING AN OPTION) become so productive, and now I’m almost drunk of being productive. Oh. That. Yes, pun intended folks :P

2011 693

2011 695

2011 696

It’s pretty amazing working with these two so far, and I am proud to say that we are nurses. Registered Nurses, for that matter. I believe it doesn’t matter what education you have. All one has to do is to be open-minded about your options, your talents, and your passion. Yeah, a pretty nice shout out to all nurses out there!

2011 707

Photos by Hanna Samson

If you’re gonna ask about the title, then the logo above may explain. StereoTyped is one of my latest collaborations, now with college buddies Hanna and Ella. I must admit, that I’ve been fancying around having a shirt collaboration for the longest time! Though I do not want to preempt the collection, I’m just gonna say that this one is pretty dope. Ella designed the whole PILOT collection inspired by music and typography! Can’t say more for now, but we’re looking forward to sharing it with all of you once it’s out!

Support StereoTyped and be free to wear the soundtrack of your life with our originally-designed, audio-inspired shirts! Like us in Facebook, follow us in Twitter (@wearstereotyped), and follow our blog in Tumblr to get updates from us! Keep tuned in ’cause we’ll be releasing our PILOT collection in a matter of days time! We hope you’re excited because damn we are!

For a nurse-friendly Philippines


There you have it, finally! Finally, the DOH opened their eyes and took action at the atrocity of opportunistic hospitals exploiting the need of nurses. I am in an overzealous state and maybe, in an overhopeful tone, that this will change the face of nursing profession in the country.

Then again, I have to reiterate that we are licensed professionals and we do not deserve to be treated as if we are still students. We passed the board exam for a reason – and being admitted as a nurse volunteer in exchange of work experience is undeniable exploitation (in part of the employer) and a pathetic act (in part of the nurse.) As licensed professionals we should be compensated duly for our services. The reason why our kind do not stay, is not only because of greener pastures, but because this country (the hospital administrators, especially) does not give what we are due of, not even enough to even feed our families.

This memo may be flawless in words, however it cannot be executed fully without political will. So the battle must continue after this – Hospitals should be inspected. Administrators should be monitored. And results should be evident. It should not stop with this.

10 Questions after watching Transformers 3

Why is Sam the only one with surname in the cast roll?
How would it feel if Megatron said, “I ain’t your bitch,” instead?
How did Carly managed wearing skyscraper pumps the whole war?
Didn’t it taste like grease when Sam and Carly kissed in the end?
How hot is the Josh Duhamel?
How much did they pay Hermes to have it mentioned in the movie?
How many minutes will it take for a transformer to transform?
Who misses Megan Fox? (I do!)
Why is Optimus getting buffed up every after movie?

And the most important question, that we must not forget is…
What brand of pumps is Rosie Huntington-Whitely wearing?


The movie is great! Everything you’ll ever expect out of a mainstream blockbuster hit. Hands down with the graphics, and I miss Megan Fox. Everytime Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is on screen, she just shouts screechingly, “SAAAAAAAAAM!” No offense, honey. You’re damn hot and I love your accent, but your character is a wuss. Megan Fox’s has some balls.

Though I really think about it – JOSH DUHAMEL IS SO HOT! He’s the only one I’ve been waiting to see in the screen every Transformer movie. And for that classic slide-in-the-rubble-then-shoot moves. Never fails. Oh and have I mentioned that his second name is the same as my surname??? Well… ENOUGH FANBOYING!

Go out destress! Great post-boards!

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Post-Board Comatose

Board exams has been done for two days now, and yes I haven’t touched this blog. Been out, seeing some people I haven’t seen for quite some time. Watched a movie, used my camera (which was living in the closet for some good two weeks,) and actually tried to find work (which feels surreal in some kind of way.) I did find an internship that looks kinda hell of fun!

But definitely I’m back. Although I’m really backlogged, REALLY need to catch up. I want to start posting now, but my head’s still ringing from the Transformers 3 movie – never sit way too near the speakers, especially when it’s Dolby Surround.

Anyway. Board exam is done. All I have to do is wait. I really don’t care about waiting, I’ll willingly accept any result (but I still hope for the best.) All I care about now is to get this blog running again. So…

Let’s roll.




EDIT: After around ten minutes of posting this, I just got confirmation that FETE is not pushing through due to weather concerns. But MEIDAY (Indie/Punk Stage) at KEG is still on, still hosted by Tumblr Royalty Regina Belmonte.

100+ Bands. 14 Genres. 8 Stages. 1 Day.

in partnership with ALTERNATIVE ASSETS, B-SIDE and ARTS in the CITY present:

FETE DE LA MUSIQUE 2011: Old School meets New School


4PM – Classical:
Manila Symphony Orchestra
Manila String Machine

5PM – Jazz:
Henry Katindig
Radioactive Sago Project

6PM – World:

Planet Zips Luminaries (Poi Artist Troupe)
Manila Fixed Gear
Fete de la Fold
Pinas Lowridaz
Paranaque Fil-Chi Fire Volunteers Association

7PM – Reggae:
Tropical Depression
Milagros Dancehall Collective

8PM – Funk:
Cosmic Love

9PM – Swing / Big Band:
The Executives
Skarlet and Asosasyon ng Musikerong Pilipino (AMP)

Merzhin (France)

10:30PM – AFRO-BRAZILIAN FINALE: (Directed by Nyko Maca)
Escola de Samba de Manila
Nyko Maca & Gafieira
Planet Zips
FutKal (Futbol sa Kalye)


@ Arts in the City by Rebel Lion & Sweet Productions

@ Craft Pub & Grill by Revolver Productions

@ Scarlet Wine Lounge by Kool Kat Productions Manila & Rogue Productions

Blues/Soul/Ska @ Draft by Manila Soul & Mambo Rat Productions

@ Katsu by Nomad Productions

@ Amber by Hi-Fan & Red Alert Productions

@ Keg by Meiday Productions


Fort Bonifacio Development Corp
Bonifacio Global City
Arts in the City
Craft Pub & Grill
Scarlet Wine Lounge
Draft GastroPub

Paranaque Fil-Chi Fire Volunteer Association



But what with all this rain?! Bah-hum-bug! BUT STILL, THE BIGGEST MUSIC FESTIVAL IN THE COUNTRY, FETE DE LA MUSIQUE, IS HAPPENING ON JUNE 25 AT THE FORT PLAZA (in front of Pier One, Main Stage) AND THE FORT STRIP (several Indoor Stages), STARTING 4PM! Refer to the photo above where your favorite band will be! It will be awesome! I can’t go though I’ll be prepping up for the boards. So please blog how awesome it will be (second time already to use that word!)

Hope you really had fun! (While I drown in my reviewers for one last time…)


In eight days…

The July 2011 Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) will take place in eight days! I will be one of the takers this July and I can guarantee you that stress is over the head already. With eight days only to prepare, everybody is all rattled by the thought, “Will I pass the board exam,” much less the mantra of review centers today, “to top the board exam!”

That is just so the drama! HAHA! But really, it is painstakingly agonizing to prepare for it, especially if it is one of the most awaited board exams of the country. (And with less probabilities of getting hired even if you get your goddamn license. Okay, in another post.) Anyhow, in public service to my co-nurses, here are the links where you could find your room assignment for the exam —

July 2011 Nurse – Complete (Manila Examinees only)
July 2011 Nurses – Removal (Manila Examinees only)
July 2011 Nurse (CDO Examinees only)
June 2011 Pharmacists
* From the PRC website

* A blogger decided to post it separately just so traffic can be reduced in either way.

I hope it helped. And I hope we all pass.


Where was I?

Nanyang Milk Tea, Toast Box. Taken with BlackBerry Curve 8520

I apologize for the slow pace my blog has taken for quite a while. Maybe you’ve heard through Twitter, or personally from me, or have read it here in my blog, that I’ve been reviewing for the upcoming nursing board exams on July 2-3. And it is the reason why I’ve slowed down a bit (but, I think I made it well so far that I post at least once a week, squeezing in between reviews.) But worry not. Because when all of these are done, I’ll be back with more photos, more events, and a whole lot more. I really miss going to places and just shooting whatever I see, going to events, meeting people, and of course, blogging all about them. This is a phase that I think everyone has to go through. It will be rough in the coming last two weeks of tthe review, so I ask you to bear with me.

Practice test questionnaire. Taken with BlackBerry Curve 8520

I hope you keep the love, everyone of you! Thanks for dropping by, reading my posts, and leaving a comment every once in a while. While you’re at it, check out some of the posts I put up for some contests. Please do spend a couple of seconds to LIKE the posts. It is much appreciated, as always! I’ll be frank about it though. I really, as in really, want to win, not just the prizes, but the experience I can get from being a winner-featured blogger/photographer-intern at Juice.ph. Maybe this is the break I am wanting to get. And of course, all for this blog and you guys who support and read this blog. (Kinda cheesy, but it’s all true!)

Here it is:
Cafe Lidia – Marikina’s hidden gem
Rizal-era Merienda Cena

Thanks in advance! Always tune in for more!

P.S. What’s the connection of the picture above? Before I went home, I dropped by Toast Box to have tea and toast while I answer my practice questionnaires. I was in the middle of the long couch, and I have this thing for corners when I’m in a restaurant or cafe. When a bunch of adolescents were done, they moved the table which is supposedly in the corner. I have to arrange it back so I can settle in my corner. I moved the plates, and I missed to see a saucer and it fell on the floor and broke. I asked the waitress what can I do to compensate, but she just smiled at me. I guess she really didn’t know what to say, also. So instead, I just bought another tall glass of Nanyang milk tea and even left a note to give to their manager, saying if I can really do anything (because I am really embarrassed for breaking their China.) This post is to say how accommodating and really kind people in Toast Box are. Thanks and I’ll be dropping by more often!


I really planned on posting something today, but got a little tied up with revisions for some contributions to other entities. My Google Reader has also piled up and I couldn’t catch up with it already, so I tried to read some of them today. I didn’t come up with a blog post (but I should, I told myself I should.) However, I ended up inspired.

Photo by Ame Calix.

There are really bigger and better bloggers than I am. I can’t tell the world enough how I am grateful for every opportunity this blog has opened up for me. New doors. New lessons. New people. New experiences. New me. I’ve put up heart and passion into what I know I want to do, and not because I am good at it. I do this because I want this. Despite my other obligations (i.e. board exams, family matters) I always tell people and myself – if you really love something, you’ll do everything.

Photo by Antonio Carranza.

Here’s to everything for this blog. Thank you, reader. You too, as well, are an inspiration.

Photo by Karl Leuterio.