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Quick Giveaway c/o Rexona Philippines!

Y’all know I’m a big supporter of these two girls, so we’re now doing a quick giveaway! And it’s just easy… Just watch the two girls in action and answer this simple question:

If you are Iya and Anya, how will you do the challenge with more confidence?

If you are as confident as Iya and Anya, comment below with your answer, and the most confident answer will win a P1000 gift pack from Rexona Philippines! Winner will be announced on Monday, so better start watching NOW!

Iya and Anya says, “Why Not?”

…and so the most adventurous girls we’re already announced and they are cheerleaders Iya Acuna and Anya Ong! Watch their audition above and find out why they’re the “Why Not?” girls!




Congratulations Iya and Anya for winning P500 grand… and the chance to embark into an adventure of a lifetime. I really do wonder though if my best friend Hanna and I tried out (just hypothetically, I was a girl) will we be able to win? HAHA!





Follow Rexona Philippines and keep track of Iya and Anya’s adventures here.

Globe Tatt Awards Finalists Night + Rockeoke!

I knoooooooooooooooow! This post is a bit late – another bad lazy-ass blogger moment for me, buuuuut, I’m still blogging how fun Globe’s Rockeoke Night at Seventh High was! I swear this is the best Globe party ever by far! I love you, Globe :)


The Tatt Awards finalists were introduced by Chicosci’s Miggy Chavez, Ashley Rivera (or more commonly known as Petra Mahalimuyak,) and DJ Gino Quillamor (weeeeee, who I have such a big crush on!)


Nina Sandejas (lurve your hair, girl!) and EWWS’ Garovs and Ryan

DSC_0069The Advocate finalists (you go, Arriane! WOOHOO!)

DSC_0072Superstar Marian’s missing in action! Do you know who s/he is?! :P

DSC_0079The Game Changer finalists


Francis Brew


Gloc 9 for Indie Rocker (wonder where are the other finalists?)


DSC_0088Krissy and Erika performed for an intermission. Do you remember the time they were internet stars?


DSC_0096Stylisimo finalists. Laureen Uy, reigning stylisimo, is also nominated this year!


Bogart the Explorer for what else? The Explorer! Why weren’t you explorin’ like the other finalists, eh? LOL!

DSC_0100Becky Nights for Thought Mover!





When all of the finalists were announced, it’s time for Rockeoke! Two of my friends joined the roll, and man were they good!




This is the first time I heard TJ sing live…


DSC_0114Naks, Paul! Parang concert lang aah! Anyway, I didn’t know Paul can sing… PLUS PLUS PLUS POGI POINTS HAHA!


Here’s Paul, hitting the high notes! I’m sucha big fan teehee!



DSC_0124Of course, Mikee Bustos just had to sing too, which was one of the best renditions of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing I’ve evar heard!



DSC_0133Thank you Team Globe! You know I love you so (yiiiii cheesy haha)


Paul as the rocker, and me as the groupie (LOL JUST KIDDING!!!)

ADD oversized top (from Karl Leuterio), Oxygen gray denim pants, Thrifted military boots

…OH! Watch out if your online rockstars win in the 2012 Tatt Awards this Friday. I’ll be live tweeting at the event, so make sure to follow me @Jonver_David for updates!

Are you happy?


Happiness isn’t my strongest suit. However, I have always believed that contentment is the philosophy behind happiness. Yes, that’s found in my Facebook info page, and yes that may qualify as an answer to Ms. Universe. But I guess, that’s not the point of this post, hehe :P




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Are you confident enough?

Now these are the few times that I really wish I am a girl!

Yeah it doesn’t mean I’m gay that I want to be a girl. I have my exceptions though – clothes and shoes, all those straight men, and privileges like these. Haha! I’ve been talking to my college best friend, Hanna, that we’ve been thru crazy auditions as BFFs, but we think we cannot this time. How I wish I am a crazy girl right now :P

SO WHY NOT?! Why not go on a crazy week and do something outrageous everyday? Dress up like it’s Halloween (or Born This Way Ball, lolz) everyday. Talk to a complete stranger and sing Call Me Maybe. Walk in a straight line anywhere. Pretend that it’s your birthday. OR WHAT ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF SOMETHING CRAZY? What matters is the adventure you’ll get while doing it!

Rexona asks us, WHY NOT? So maybe Hanna and I will end up auditioning? WATCH OUT :P

Follow these simple steps above to join and have a chance to have the adventure of your lifetime AND take home 500 grand! NOW TELL ME WHY I DO NOT WISH I AM A GIRL RIGHT NOW!


Last Monday, just right before Independence day, along with some bloggers, we spent dinner at M Cafe with Rexona and Unilever Philippines to discuss this new crazy project. I tell you, the girls behind this were crazy too, I love them!






And speaking of crazy, I met up with two of my craziest and the bestest friends I’d ever had in college, too! Say hello to Hanna and Ella (who most prolly should join this contest!)



WHY NOT JOIN NOW! Deadline is on June 17 (THIS. SUNDAY. ALREADY.) To know more about this, like them on Facebook!

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

Fashion week is upon us once again! And it’s my favorite season of all time – Holiday (or Autumn/Winter in other countries where there are actual four seasons. Bitter. Haha!)

Here’s the schedule for all your favorite brands and designers who are showing their Holiday collections. I have a few invites already, and am sooooo excited to see all of ’em!

Wanna get hold of some tickets? Follow @moonleafteashop and @styleanywhere for their giveaways! Or you can just scour the internet your favorite brands and designers for giveaways!

So block the dates already, May 22 – 27 is Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012! Say hi when you see us, okay? See you all there!

P.S. I am posting this because I need to so badly remind myself to do the Mensweek photos and post it already! I couldn’t understand why last week was so tiring. But, there’s no reason to lax now.
P.S.S. Bah-hum-bug for backlogs.

Who rocks your [online] world?

Tattoo, the #1 broadband in the Philippines continues this year with its trailblazing recognition of social media celebrities and influencers with the prestigious Tatt Awards, the first-ever awards platform for online personalities who have inspired, led, influenced and sparked changes in the world in a positive way.

Learn how to nominate your online rockstar by watching this guide by Petra Mahalimuyak!

The first-ever Tatt awards held last year gathered and shone the limelight on technophiles, video vamps and passionate advocates of change.

This year, the Council members, led by Globe Tattoo’s Dong “@FierceDong” Ronquillo, include award-winning journalist and ABS-CBN News & Public Affairs social media pioneer Maria Ressa; Filipino singer, comedian, and YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos; TV Personality-columnist and style guru Tim Yap; former music director for the rock station NU107.5 FM and musician Francis Brew; Multi-awarded humor blogger and one of Tatt Awards 2011 winners, The Professional Heckler, Loi Landicho; one of the most sought-after corporate, fashion and advertising photographers in the Philippines, Wig Tysmans; TV Host, Editor, Columnist, Endorser and Actor Raymond Gutierrez; model, host, magazine editor and sports enthusiast Rovilson Fernandez; Commissioner to the National Youth Commission and Outstanding student leader Gio Tingson; and Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Vice President Pao Peña.

Here are the categories you can choose from! Nominate your best bet NOW!

“This year’s Tatt awards will honor a new batch of digital rockers,” explains Dong Ronquillo, head of the Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business. “What sets Tatt awards from other web-centric awards is that we look beyond mere statistics and acknowledge individuals who have expressed an opinion, created inspiring works or ignited social change. This is not a mere popularity contest but a recognition of people who used the social media space to share what they are most passionate about and, in the process, created positive influence and stirred action among people,” he adds.


Some outtakes from the Tatt Awards 2012 launch at Buddha Bar! Had the grandest time with Manila’s tweeps, bloggers, and social media mavens!




















Support your favorite online rock stars who rocked the social media stage as Tattoo opens the curtain once again to give them their well-deserved Tatt awards.

You can start nominating now here! Voting starts June 13, 2012!

CONTEST ALERT: Globe Telecom x It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Love making your own #itsmorefuninthephilippines memes? Submit it to to get a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 610 WEEKLY!

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White Hat’s New Brand Ambassadors and Challenge

The White Hat – Italian Frozen Yogurt, officially welcomes Ms. Andi Manzano and Ms. Jessica Mendoza as its official brand ambassadors. To kick off the event, TWH is launching the TWH CUP CHALLENGE with this question – “How many yogurt cups can you carry?”  Continue reading

Bench 1M for 1M

DSC_0729With Thysz and Mark at the Bench 1m for 1m press conference at M Cafe.

DSC_0730The (healthy) mouthwatering servings at M Cafe O____O









We’ve all seen the power of social networks, but this time around, Bench harnesses its strength for a good cause, with its historic 1M for 1M campaign.




Enlisting the help of its endorsers, Bench has drummed up a list of 15 foundations for the ultimate goal of endowing one of these charities with 1 million pesos.




This includes World Vision for Sam Concepcion, Kris Lawrence and Anthony and David Semerad, K.I.D.S. Foundation for Diether Ocampo, YesPinoy Foundation for Dingdong Dantes, Ephesus, Home of the Abused Girls for Isabelle Daza, School for the Deaf for Iya Villania, C.R.I.B.S. for Jake Cuenca, White Cross for Janine Gutierrez, Mother of Mercy Home for the Elderly for Jason Francisco, Missionaries of Charity for Jessy Mendiola, National Children’s Hospital for John Prats, Philippine Orthopedic Center Auxiliary Board, Inc. for Jon Avila, CHILDHaus for Karylle, AGAPP for Kris Aquino, Childhope Asia for Lovi Poe, K.I.D.S. (Kapatid Iwas Droga sa Tulong ng Sports) for Lucy Torres Gomez, Philippine Red Cross for Paulo Avelino, and Cancer Warriors Foundation for Rocco Nacino.




The promo begins January 2012. To join, users follow three simple steps. First, visit and then log in via Twitter. If a user has no Twitter account, there will be a Twitter Sign Up button for him or her to sign up.

After this, follow @benchtm, by clicking on a button on the left side of the page. If the logged user is already following @benchtm, he/she will see a grayed out button.



Finally, vote by clicking on options on a poll on the left hand side of the screen.




Once you vote, there will be a button with which to send a TWEET saying “I follow @benchtm and voted for Celebrity Name for Charity Name via #Bench1M41M.”




Once @BenchTM reaches 100,000 followers, and for every additional 100,000 followers up to a ceiling of one million, Bench will endow the charity with the most votes, with 100,000 pesos. A total of 1 million pesos will be donated to charity, divided into 10 in order to help more institutions.


_MG_1380bKamukha ko daw :P