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UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2010//Kudos!

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My cup of [milk] tea

Oh glorious milk tea, I can drink you for the whole day! I wish I’d lived in other parts of Asia though to maybe have discovered this earlier.

Milk tea craze has surely hit the PI already! But before it had hit mainstream, a few outlets only had served milk tea. One of those is Bubble Tea in The Block and Megamall. There go my frosh days when I just have to have my milk tea fix before going home. Or just chill around when everything’s lax and laid back. Milk tea wasn’t everyone’s thing though. I’d heard mixed reactions on this.

I forgot from what blog I got this from

Shots from my multiply site

Okay let’s give credit to Chowking’s Nai Cha, but it’s kinda… lame. I just don’t get it.

Three years later, however, milk tea had its time in the Philippine street fare scene. My fellow milk tea-drinking friend Hanna and I was surprised to see a stall [I’ll describe it na lang since I don’t have any pictures of it pala :|] with metal casks with labels of different kinds of tea, and a sealer we first saw in Zagu, which is manned by a Chinese woman and three jejemon-gangster-looking crewmen (I’m not even joking when I typed that :P) Located conveniently in front of our school’s gate, we were happy we can now get our fix anytime at a whim! Happy Fanshu is a milk tea joint based in three areas: front of FEU, UST Carpark, and Dapitan st. (near 711) all in Manila. You can check out a Facebook page here dedicated to all that Fanshu goodness.

From the Fanshu page


Usually I like my milk tea with extra pudding, or pearls if it doesn’t come with my tea. ALSO! I like my tea manually shaken. Ice-blended Nai Cha by Tea Zone in the newly opened OMS Food Court in Morayta sells ‘buy one take one.’ Aside from the rough feel of the blended ice, It also tastes like more sugar than milk tea. Well, I must note that not all milk teas are great tasting. But I just cringe at the fact that more students liked it than Fanshu :(

So the fact that there is milk tea craze and not all milk teas are good made me go for those I know and trust. Just when my ever-milk-tea-loving friend Hanna was on the lookout for lunch other than chicken fillet and rice, we stumbled upon Zen Tea in the Pearl Drive area.

Zen Tea looks like Burger Machine but also like a café stall.


This cute cork board for customers caught my attention.

AND THEY DO MILK TEA THE RIGHT WAY! That gave me a hint that this may be good. Lo and behold — a very well-executed Milk tea.

Almond Milk tea

Nai Cha for Hanna, and Altitude for moi

And it was good! Too bad it’s far from where I live (hello BULACAN?!) The almond in my milk tea was probably too strong but the Nai Cha was just perfect. Even better than Fanshu!

Almond and Pearl Milk Tea

What is your favorite milk tea joint?

P.S. My eyes were photosensitive that day we had milk tea on Pearl Drive. Thanks to Hanna for lending the shades, which btw I love!


Death by Splurge//Orgasm by Food

It was a random evening for me and my friend Ame, one Monday night.

Jamming in Manila Bay

I went to Taft to fetch the belt I left with Ame, and see how she was doing with her film [to be shown tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken.] It was great! I can swear Ame has a future in the digital arts! I wished I copied her music video though [feat. Alon by I-forgot-the-singer’s-name] so that I could share how good it is. And brag that she’s my friend. But her lappie betrayed us by dying in itself and leaving us ‘WTF!’ Anyway, it was rather early so we headed somewhere and decided we’d jam for the night. Of course we’d cover Up Dharma Down songs! Ame is a fellow UDD junkie.

We planned to ransack a friend’s condo, but decided to hit the Bay for the night. We WALKED from Vito Cruz to Manila Bay and there settled. She played, we sang [am not a musician] sample below. Oo seems to be a personal favorite for the both of us :)

Ame’s cover of Oo by Up Dharma Down

And I took some shots also. Trying to be really creative. I have a portfolio to make also, so this is some kind of training.

Guitar and Sea

While playing Oo

[insert thought bubble here :)]

Emo shot

It was a very laid back evening for the both of us despite requirements to finish the next day. But both of us need a good unwinding, especially before doing films.

It was 12 mn when we started aching for food, so we strolled around the Bay area for some quick fix. Luckily we found places that weren’t closed yet, and we went to Icebergs for late dinner. It wasn’t a cheap place, but food was — what appropriate word to say — Orgasmic! I know already that the parfaits and everything that has ice cream here is rockin, but never tried their dishes yet. It’s kinda perfect, and yes random, because Ame and I was thinking of coming up with a food blog post. This was it, I supposed. Only that she left her camera. There’d be more, she said. *more food blogs yay!*

Icebergs, according to my mom, has been in the dining and dessert place scene since her college days, serving mouthwatering parfaits among other ice cream treats. Despite being known for cold treats, the ice cream parlor-restaurant also offered gourmet food. You can view their menu here.

The biggest fish in fish and chips [fries] I’d ever seen

Must-be-silkier Tofu Steak with Spinach Rice

Gambas and Spinach Rice

It was the biggest fish in fish and chips, errrrr fries, that I had seen and eaten. The fish didn’t taste bland, wasn’t dry, and medley-ed with the mayo-garlic sauce. I didn’t like the tofu steak so much though. I think it was so-so. The sauce was good, but it could be better if the tofu is silkier. Ame told me that the gambas was not spicy [which should be spicy, right?] but anything shrimp for the lady can pass for her. I tasted the sauce, and it was alright, just the right tang for the shrimp. The spinach rice was fairly executed, but tasted spinach anyway.

Sundaes in midnight! <3

My Kahlua Chocolate Sundae

Ame’s Cappucino Sundae

Dessert came and yeah Ame shrieked in excitement to see ice cream on the table. Mine was a Kahlua Chocolate Sundae, and hers was Cappucino. We tasted each other’s dessert [I know very few people who share their food in the restaurant :) This made me remember Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS] and the Cappucino was a little anemic. My Kahlua Chocolate, however, was strong; rich chocolate with kahlua liqueur. It made me gulped a glass of water a number of times. Icebergs is really a dessert place, their desserts are just old-fashioned-goodness! All in all the damage was almost PhP900, but the food was worth it. Definitely not for everyday though, or I’ll go broke. I’ll be back to regular Mcdo diet the day next. LOLJK!

We walked to Ame’s place full and elated [read: orgasm by food] with the night. Being the nocturnal us, we hadn’t noticed that it was already 2am. The night was totally spontaneous and random.

Film + Sea + Music + Friends + Food + Some time off = A very memorable night.

Ame being excited over food and avoiding a picture with her Gambas

Death by Splurge//Orgasm by Food fansign on a receipt

Death by Splurge//Orgasm by Food fansign on a receipt

To more chillax nights, Ame!

So when did you last spontaneously spend a day/night?

On music and an eclectic band called Up Dharma Down

 I am not a musician, nor a music enthusiast. My collective knowledge on music is not extensive. I listen to music mostly on what my friends recommend, what movies play (if they’re really good), or whatever I hear on the radio (impossibly MY radio, I have no radio. It must be the local transportations’ radio, loud stereos on the streets, or somebody’s iPod playing on subwoofers that fit the ears.)

Gratitude to my friends who have contributed in widening my interest for music. My playlist had grown from 10MB to 10GB of music. My former 16GB iPod, which I sold at a whim, was never enough to contain all of it. Of all the bands, solo artists, and instrumentalists, mainstream and indie, that squats in my music folder, I have to say Up Dharma Down will have to be the most played band in my playlist.

*from the Up Dharma Down website*
Armi, Carlos, Paul, Ean

Although I am still not really that INTO music, when my friend gave me a downloaded copy of Fragmented by Up Dharma Down way way back, I instantly fell in love with music that, in my opinion, so original, and so dynamic. I used one word to describe their music — eclectic.



Up Dharma Down speaks to the soul. It is music fitting to the eccentric, to the idiosyncratic. I always mention that Up Dharma Down is very eclectic. They are indulgent. They are nonconformist. The way they play music in such a bipolar manner creates this curdle in the gut that aches for more and wishes it never ends. Their lyrics are poetry of heaven and hell fused in a melodic mixture of love and hate, fulfillment and regret. It is not pretentious but blooms from the heart that speaks also to the heart. Up Dharma Down, a band that cannot even call a genre for their craft, is the kind of music I would be so enthusiastic about, I thought. Every new song is a new experience to look forward to, and every old song is a beautiful memory to look back to. I may not be a music junkie, but definitely an Up Dharma Down junkie this time. I even go to gigs! HAHA which I never did to any other bands. They are not for the normal listener. It asks to be understood behind all the enigma.

Up Dharma Down’s Hexagon Lounge gig | 08.27.2010


Not to mention that Ms. Armi Millare, the band’s vocalist and keyboardist is such a sweetheart on stage that can sing killer vocals. One friend of mine  called her divine, and I cannot exact any other word than that also. She’s free spirited, outright smart, and just completely charming.

Credit to for the last three pictures


I am surprised that I heard Up Dharma Down’s newest single on TV along with GMA’s newest fantaserye. I seldom watch TV nowadays, and only had nakaw-tingin on the boob tube whenever I catch a meal on the family dining table. Anyway, it is very unlikely for indie music to enter this kind of mainstream entertainment, and I’m not surprised that people began digging Up Dharma Down for more. Of course, it’s Up Dharma Down, it gotta be good!

On all these success (along with a number of awards that they won already,) I think Up Dharma Down had hit mainstream already. But what is commendable of the band is they did not bend their genre just for the sake of going mainstream. The UDD touch is always there, and they are still that good soulful indie music that you heard way back years ago. It’s a very rare quality now, in my very subjective opinion, to resist the urge, the opportunity, the tendency to go mainstream. But in the case of Up Dharma Down, they have never veered away from what they do — they are indie that had gone mainstream but stayed indie all along.

Still music, despite profit and fame, is an act of expressing and of not impressing.

 The beautiful Armi Millare

Two thumbs up for Up Dharma Down!

Surreal Shadows Hybrid Highlights by SDA AB Photo Students

by AB Photo people from SDA 

I always know that photography, or anything that has something to do with it, has a pinch in my heart. So even the most toxic, and seemingly unnerving day in a student nurse’s life (read: thesis, care plans, and minor subjects that would not stop being pa-major) would not stop this lover of the arts (that I wish I could create one too :D) to march down to Taft avenue from Morayta st. just to see the work of budding photography majors… like my friends!

It was their project actually, but I guess if you don’t tell people it was, I for one could mistake it for a professional gallery. The images will burn into your memory.

*They invited Armi as a guest, but nonetheless she did not make it, she was sick. The whole gallery played Up Dharma Down all night instead!*

 No bias, but this is my ultimate favorite. Surreal!

Zeh nostalgia wall

Single shot only

 Chic and expressive


Here are some takes from the fabulous exhibit. Not to mention, some of the photos were ruined by “natural calamity”(or so it was?) but the overalls still look fantastic.

Ame’s wall
Alecks’ wall
Apple’s wall

Joe’s wall

Food was everywhere, and the cupcakes we’re just heavenly. <3 it!

Zeh zhocolate fondue!

Nacho Libre!

The this-is-so-yummy-I-could-forget-my-name cupcake

Sexy cupcake!


And more Boy Bawang

Ms. and Mr. Boy Bawang 2010. LOLz!

And yes, somehow, I wish I study here, and also be one of these great artists.

And after a stressful day, let’s camwhore and drain the camera’s battery! *Shots from zeh camwhoring camera*

Please take note that that was Ame’s hand >:D

…and plenty more here

Then drinks for the awesome students!


I had class by 7am the day after, and I arrived home 5:30am, just in time to go to school. I don’t mind the stress, I had fun anyway, and made really good friends.

You guys rock \m/!!!

For my SDA friends.
XOXO from moi <3<3<3

So I had a list of things to blog…

…but then academics and procrastination get in the way. I had one draft and two other late events to blog about. And yeah, I won’t mention them so that you won’t even recognize it. LOLz.

Seriously. It’s hard to work when it’s not your thing you’re working on, you know what I mean.

So I think I’m going to blog away the evening (and the boredom of nursing paperworks) with what I did today.

1. I spent the late evening yesterday with someone special, so that I arrived home very tired. I slept until 9am, until that I have to bring my sister to the doctor. She had fever, cough and colds for four days, and yes, I am not home enough to know that. Zeh nurses in the clinic were gossiping and I can’t see the future of the nursing profession in the Philippines (let’s dedicate a separate blog post for that… and maybe not here.)

2. Going back home, I don’t know if I’d start working, start eating, or start sleeping again. With that, I opened my lappie which I had forgot to shut down last night, thus my battery was drained, and started tweaking Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Weird things about students, you’re with your books and notes but when you open Facebook, it’s all gone in your vision. Everything set in the periphery already. And I am not an exception. Add to that Formspring. Which reminds me of! Armi has Formspring, and she’s answering all questions! 

The Armification of Jamberrr
Armi’s networking profiles in a row.


Not to include to that I was listening to Up Dharma Down‘s whole dsicography that time I was cyberstalking her Formspring. Well, it was my productivity playlist. It psyches me to work. Sometimes lullaby playlist, lulls me to sleep. It’s a do-it-everything playlist.

3. Aside from cyberstalking Armi (Oh no Armi, don’t be afraid!), I also took note of their gigs for this month, on their official Facebook page. I am such a junkie! I also followed Armi up to come to my friends’ exhibit in DLS-CSB which we fervently hope she grace her presence with. I am so stoked for more ARMIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3!

4. I use Google Reader for following those blogs I usually read on a daily basis. Due to academic load, and the sheer lack of ability to stay awake to read those upon arriving home, it had piled up to 200 posts (I think that was in less than a week.) Now that I’m typing this blog, I had reduced it [translate: read each post] to 67. But it’s slowly piling up again :(

I just finished reading Armi’s latest tumblr posts :)

I have to note that almost all the blogs I read for this week are about the Hong Kong Nationals massacre and the remembering of Alexis Tioseco’s murder along with Nika Bohinc. Too depressing stories for the Philippines. Not that kind of news we want to hit the international community. But I bet it already did. :|

Check out: Chuvaness, SaabMagalona, and GangBadoy

5. Then it suddenly came to me that I have to eat, so I jumped out of bed (I am bedridden having muscle pain, my muscles are aching man!) and grabbed leftovers from yesterday’s dinner which was plenty. Propped it in the microwave, and poof instant late brunch. That was around 3:30pm, and I can’t even feel hunger pangs. Now that was weird.

6. I thought of something to pump me up for work, so I bought some chocolate (CHOCO MUCHO!!!!) and sat on the bed to start although I find myself alternating between chatting and doing paperworks. My paperworks for tomorrow are about nurse-patient interaction and the nursing care of mentally challenged individuals. Go figure. I wanna finish before Cinderella time tick-tocks.

7. The clock reads 11:22 pm. Me doing this blog means me not doing the paperworks, so I guess I have to go finish them na.

Armi and UP DHARMA DOWN for inspiration! :D

And oh, something for me to look forward to tomorrow: Ame’s Exhibit! I’m so excited!!!! I hope Armi comes! *Enforces law of ATTRACTION* ^^,

Holla at me here :D

UPDATE: Armi didn’t come that night, she was sick. I hope she’s a-okay now. <3 Pagaling ka po Ms. Armi Millare! <3

Touchdown Manila Design Week 2010!

I really never had any plans to go to Manila Design Week (MDW) at any day. 1.) I am not an artist, (literary, if that counts here) an appreciator may be appropriate; 2.) I have no one to go with; 3.) My academic schedule has been drilling holes in my skull for the past few months now, so yeah, it was not in the plan.

Manila Design Week Stage

When my good graphic artist friend, Pate caught me on Facebook and made aya in a random post, and we are off to MDW in Cubao X. This is the last stint MDW held, so I decided (finally) to go. Hanna, my classmate and Pate’s high school chum, didn’t go. And yes, we wish you were there Hanna.

One of the art galleries in Cubao X

So after a very light schoolwork, and some hangout @ SM San Lazaro with cosplayer friends, I headed straight to Gateway to wait for Pate and Louis. I shall reinstate that Hanna should be there. Hahaha. Anyway, I arrived so early I roamed around Gateway and found some UAAP stuff my wallet can’t wait to shed moolah to buy. [I hate that I can’t take pictures of those. They weren’t in the display as well, so yeah head to the mall to see ’em.] Nike is the new sponsor of *selected* UAAP apparel. Last year Adidas endorsed Ateneo and La Salle which launched a thousand anti-elitist comments. I can’t summon any comment though when I saw FEU and Ateneo on NIke’s display tarp. I think this is based on the predictions that the two powerhouse teams will meet in the Finals (FEU as of the moment is in top, AdU on second, and Ateneo on third.) What’s surprising though is that FEU has endorsements this year. I never knew any UAAP endorsements for my school, not until now. And for my bias, it’s pitted against Ateneo. Way to go, I guess? LOLz.

Me in my Ateneo Jacket in their bball battle against DLSU
I think we were in the La Salle side, when I shouted GO ATENEO!

I wonder what happened to the age-old rivalry – Ateneo v La Salle. On the other hand, La Salle is still endorsed by Adidas, having their centennial very near. More suprisingly, San Beda is also endorsed not only by Nike, but by Adidas also. Well, it’s not UAAP though. 

Up to the cinema level, Inception is still showing. And I’m pissed to the gut still not having watched it. 1.) Thesis; 2.) Humanities Exemption Project; 3.) Duty; and 4.) Broke. Of all the four reasons stated, I sooooooo hate the fourth. I should find a part-time job pronto. Pate told me to watch it in the movie house, aghast at the fact I am resorting to downloading it. There were no piracy issues brought up though, just aesthetic and moviewatching experiences.

Geez, it was shown last Summer on other parts of the globe

I waited for them at Taco Bell after eating at KFC *glutton!* Pate arrived earliest, followed by Luis, her another graphic artist friend, and Louis last. Louis looked like sabog, but nevertheless arrived. Peace! I’m glad I’m not the only nurse to go here (plus spotting people in clinical uniforms.) But I’m not in uniform, ang chaka naman kasi, LOLz.

Actually the rendezvous calls for a heart emergency, being that Louis’ heart. Peace again dude! Good thing alcohol kinda cures all things. Kinda. Too much alcohol – not good! So Louis and I took a stroll around the Cubao X to talk it off. Pate and Luis hit the stage for the performances.

The place was jampacked. Not the usual Cubao X night. If Cubao X was a bottle of beer, it looks like a slightly shaken bottle of booze, opened then carbonated bubbles oozing from it. I can’t even go near Mogwai for Mojitos. And yes, I will bet my one month allowance money that they ran out of it.

MDW crowd

Mogwai, please stock up on your Mojitos please :|

The place, aside from jampacked of people, is flooding of stalls. Graphic artist after graphic artist after graphic artist. One of those we particularly went in was Manila Sound Vision in THE Clothing (I think. Haha, I wasn’t particular of the store.) It exhibits different (and weird) album cover arts. It’s where the mini-street party was held.


The cover art we loved most (above) and the cover art that blew our minds off (below)

I didn’t mind to take so many pictures that night. I was hoping I can catch Up Dharma Down play that night. My ears wanted to hear them sing Tadhana live. But we missed Armi and the band play. They were finishing their last song when we arrived at the place. Imago was in the house, and they play this new song that I missed the title. Older songs were also played. A couple of indie bands also played. I missed their name. I was so consumed at the thought I missed the one band I hoped to play that night. There were hearsays that Sandwich and Urbandub’s gonna play, but I’m too groggy to watch since it was past 2am already.
I really wished I saw them play :|


Imago on stage

More Imago

Didn’t catch the name of this band. But the male vocals looks like Champ of Hale :)

And I can swear that she looks like Rep. Gloria Arroyo a.k.a. REGLA

Til next year, Manila Design Week!
My friend Pate told me there are a few events in Cubao X being that this 21st (I think) and September 4 (this I’m sure she told me.) See y’all there!

Indie too much: Pho Hoa

(I haven’t brought my camera then, so forgive moi.)

So after indie movies and a bit of shoe shopping, my friend and I decided to try something indie Asian. No Japanese, no Chinese. No Filipino, too. Something we don’t usually do. Or eat. I ogled at restaurants nearby as she tries on flats. There I saw a somewhat eternally present restaurant at this old mall we used to go to. Pho Hoa. Oh. Vietnamese.

I actually have read lots of good reviews about Pho Hoa, mostly from health buffs. I dragged my friend to the Vietnamese place and there ate. Expected much? Yes.

Menu. Not much choices. Or is it the cuisine that is limited? Anyway, I didn’t have much choice but to order noodles, veering away from rice (weird though, I know it’s rice noodles that they are using.) For my friend, a dry version of noodles. The dishes looked like filled with toppings so we didn’t order something on the side. But there was the disappointing part. There were no house tea. I can’t imagine noodles without house tea! Well, they offered Jasmine tea, not my type though. Doesn’t Vietnamese fare go with tea? Somebody advise me on this.

Food service. Our food came in fast, the noodles coming in first.

Flavor. I am actually thrilled that they separated the togue-looking sprouts, an herb I forgot what it’s called, a tiny lemon wedge and chili. It gives me a sense of freedom with my food. I tried the broth first, then put them all in. A lot of my friends knows that I’m an herb person. I like herbs, and if I can put them in all dishes I would. But I guess, Vietnamese herbs are an exemption. They make the broth taste like grass and medicine in a capsule. It’s my fault really to even try that. However, the dish became a-ok when I removed the “grass” out of it. The noodles tasted so-so actually. Beef and rice noodles seemed overcooked. The togue-like sprouts tasted like singkamas and that gave the dish some crunch.

The vermicelli bowl my friend got is what I really wanted. It looked like Asian salad with noodles. It has greens, grilled chicken, bacon bits, minced nuts, and of course rice noodles. It comes with a sweetish sour dressing that blends well with the flavors that is already playing with your taste buds. I’m glad my friend let me finish the dish.

Price. I seldom mention prices of food I order, maybe many has been noticing that, unless it is really really really a cheap very-good-tasting fare. But the prices here, in my very selfish opinion, are over the roof. I can’t imagine noodles, small bowl, which costs P200. The vermicelli bowl went P250 for a small bowl too. Add to that they don’t have house tea. Good thing only they don’t have service charge. I wished I consider my friend’s suggestion to try Bodhi.

I can’t really have a very concrete opinion with the food at Pho Hoa. Maybe I need to try some other dishes to really conclude.

The vermicelli bowl saved my palate from the very herby noodles, that maybe taken care of if there was house tea. ‘Nuff said.

Cinemalaya Date

So there in the middle of cramming paper works (which I totally did not intend,) Jen and I decided to call a dinner and movie night out. I was really in a hurry to finish my assessment papers, and she was gone to the doctor for a bad cold. And it was storming outside. But what the hell, I want Cinemalaya and a bowl of noodles and wanton.

Cinemalaya hosts indie movies every year. An annual treat of Filipino eclectic films

An annual ritual: Cinemalaya
North Park
I always plan to eat here, but never happened, until…

So we think, it’s time for good ol’ fashioned cold-weather-craving for steaming noodles and dimsum. Original plan was with Super Bowl, prolly one of the few Chinese restaurants that my taste buds approve. However, we found ourselves in North Park; which by the way, had my eyes a few months back, but for the sheer lack of company to eat there, I’d only finally went for it only that day. I really should learn to try things even when I’m alone. Anyway, that will be another blog post, I think.

Hungry and craving, we ran through the menu on the placemat while catching up with each other. Maybe I should probably mention that we were not given the menu, but we took it from the table adjacent ours. So much for customer service.

Anyway, we had a lot of catching up and lots of talking to do. Our hectic schedules never permitted us to meet that often. Me with the incredibly demanding course and her with her incredibly wonderful job (that I wish it’s my job, too.) I remember telling her of people on Facebook bashing on me. Bastards, ugh. Again, another blog post will be dedicated for those.

Since the noodle craving started, inspired by the rainy weather, I ordered Three Mushroom and Wanton Noodles. I’m amazed that they ask diners what type of noodle comes with their soup. I picked the green one that looked like pesto. I have no idea what it is made of.

Three-Kind Mushroom and Wanton Noodle Soup
The green in this noodles reminds me really of pesto.

For the person with colds, Congee of sorts (forgot the name, actually. And never made it for the picture taking) We also ordered pot stickers, and broccoli and mushrooms.

Pot Stickers
So-so Pot Stickers

Three-Kind Mushroom and Broccoli Flowers

There is an evident Mushroom craving.

Another flaw. They told us that the order will take for about 20 minutes. Well, I’m really not strict with the time my orders take at any given time, only if it is faster than an hour. More than an hour, notify the starving customer. The order, I think, took an hour to reach my already hypersalivating mouth. I’d appreciate it more if they said – are you willing to wait? (I remembered tuloy that MRT ad. HAHA) Given that the place is not yet full house, I think it is without excuse to be really slow.

It is worth the wait for the food though. My noodle soup is packed with flavor and noodles are cooked just right, taste like hand-pulled, but it look like it isn’t. The mushroom in the soup added texture to the already flavorful soup, with three kinds – button, shiitake, and one that I cannot identify. I didn’t like the pot stickers though. The pork tasted raw, and the sauce is too sweet. I prefer more if it came with spicy sauce to at least cover the raw taste. The broccoli with mushrooms seemed promising, and a vegetarian alternative for beef broccoli. The mushrooms are, again, sweet to taste. Chinese food’s supposed to be salty right?

After that filling meal, we head straight to UP for Cinemalaya. It’s weird how I missed UP even though I didn’t study there. Maybe it was all the times I spent with Jen, Sheng, and Rafael that makes up for the reason why UP is my second home. There were scalpers outside Cine Adarna. And selling tickets lower than the official tickets. Two thoughts. One. I thought scalpers existed only at the Big Dome. Two. Aren’t scalper tickets costlier than those bought at the booth? In short, we bought tickets from two scalpers who seemed to know Jen. There was a forum for the previous film that they had shown earlier. After which the line to the cinema materialized and we were in.

I miss the cereal killers gang :(
I can’t miss the old times more.

We watched Si Techie, Teknoboy, at Juana B. The film is a political satire showing how technology overrules people’s lives nowadays. It is funny. It is mind-numbing. And it is value-laden. I think it couldn’t really be helped to go through sexual issues since the internet, being a technology that influences the society with huge impact, is now a virtual sex den. Cinemalaya provides an avenue for filmmakers to address social issues and inspire creativity at the same time. I really hope it runs all year round.

At the end of the day, I still had my paperworks. But I carry now inspiration of art. And a full satisfied stomach.