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Maginhawa is home

It’s a pretty accurate map of what’s what of Maginhawa street here in Teacher’s Village, where I currently taking refuge work. And oh, you see there my humble favorite tea shop, Moonleaf. And some other favorites like Tomato Kick, Combi (now defunct, but replaced by another favorite Zugbu,) and The Pino Kitchen group (with Pipino and BRGR Project.) They should really add the recently opened Kowloon siomai stand in front of BRGR Project!

Will be doing a Top 10 list of Teacher’s Village finds! Any suggestions?

Maginhawa street map by Rogue Magazine

Hello, 2012!

The year 2011 was good to me.

  • Graduated from college (FINALLY!) with latin honors
  • Passed the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam
  • First time out of the country — and trip was foh free yow!
  • I didn’t need to find work, work came to me (which I thank GOD for a million times. I’m truly blessed)
  • Not to mention the people I’ve met and worked with this year are incredibly amazing! TwestivalJuanxiPdPMoonleaf plus the countless, albeit absolutely fabulous, events that I’ve been to. My most heartfelt gratitude to the plethora of PR agencies that kept on inviting me. I heart you, guys!
  • Started up my own venture with the best of my college friends. You should watch out for Stereotyped‘s next collection!
  • First talk about blogging — pretty nerve-wracking but is one of my best days as a blogger, indeed!

Thank you all for being a part of the adventurous year, that is 2011. The adventure hadn’t stopped, but it only have just begun… again! Though I’ve been concealing, in this blog that is, I was jobless and no longer in the PdP team. No it’s not them, it’s me. As much as I love to continue working for them, believe me if I could, I would… but some things, as I always say, have to meet their conclusions. Fortunately for me, friendship never dies and I still get to work with them at times. *cheese alert* It’s just that I miss my team badly.

Here comes 2012, saying hello to me. I think my two-week unemployment starting last Christmas season was necessary to open my eyes to a lot of things – especially to those that I really want to do achieve in 2012. Yeah I know, kinda foolish. Christmas and jobless. A perfect match. *basks in irony*

But thank God, because up until now, I still can’t figure out how come these things are happening. I have my plans… but definitely His plans are way bigger than I thought they are. I’ll start work in a few days, and you bet I can’t wait to start… TO START A LOT OF THINGS. I won’t (maybe can’t) disclose for now, but it is indeed an exciting turn and it’s just the START of 2012.

This post is growing in length already, but before I forget, I wanna list down 12 things I want to do in 2012.

  1. SAVE. If last year, this was in the last, now it’s coming in first.
  2. ACQUIRE a domain name. How does sounds to you?
  3. TAKE a lot of photos… again. Rediscover photography.
  4. TRAIN. I’m so excited, somebody’s funding my social media training. I’ll make kwento soon!
  5. READ. I’ve been reading, but I’m not satisfied with the rate I’m running. This forcibly and partly justifies the next goal (haha) —
  6. BUY an iPad. So I can read more (!) and mobilize my job.
  7. TRAVEL the Indochina Southeast Asia trail. At least even before the year ends. Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand and maybe a ferry to Indonesia, Malaysia, and culminate in Singapore before going back to Manila. My good friend, Hanna Samson of 1 Week and After,  and her tips are especially noteworthy!
  8. PACK lightly, traveling far away or not. Or at least learn how to.
  9. FIX my room, errrr… space. No matter how asthmatic I can get.
  10. SLEEP at night, wake up in the morning and work in between. Read this somewhere but I forgot where. I like the idea.
  11. START the NYC project. Employ the Law of Attraction.
  12. GET tested. ‘Nuff said.

Simple goals for a simple and successful 2012.

Jonver’s Christmas Wishlist 2011 edition!

Batchel. A satchel with a handle. I don’t know where did the “B” come from, haha. Doesn’t really need to be Cambridge, but it won’t hurt too if you get me a Cambridge haha. Preferably 13″ and in mustard or brown :P

Creepers. A 50’s classic! I don’t know when I started liking it, but it is definitely in my radar now (especially because I need the height LOL!)! I don’t know where else in the Philippines you can find one aside from Gold Dot! That furry addition and military belt buckle detail is just so fierce! I’m a size 8 men’s, haha!

The Amazing Playground Letterman jacket. Patched with the letter J, please! Am no jock, but I really dig these jackets – you all know I love stuff I can wear anywhere! Preferably medium size and in maroon and white. #AlamNa! :P

iPod Nano 3rd gen. This is my favorite iPod nano! I sold my iPod a couple of years ago, and now I want one again. I know I’m such a fickle, haha! I’d love a silver one :)

Moonleaf Planner. CROSS. THIS. OUT. Because… Moonleaf management has already given me one!!! Thank you Moonleaf! But I lalalalalalalove this planner — I quit a five-year habit for this and saved up money and calories. There’s a lot inside too — YOU HAVE TO BUY ONE FOR YOU TO KNOW :P

A date in Moonleaf Maginhawa and my Wintermelon Black Tea. 100% sweetness, no add-ons. Buy me tea with macarons, pleash? I’d love a catch up session with people I haven’t seen for a while and maybe, just maybe I can bring someone special here too :3

Sophie’s Mom Red Velvet Cupcakes + Dulce de Leche Chocolate cupcakes. I’ll finish a dozen quickly! Oh alright, I’ll share! HAHA! I love that it’s just so perfect. Finally, I have found my perfect cupcake :3 *SOB*

Macarons. Salted Caramel please! Before cupcakes, I am so gaga with Macarons! Empire and The Cookie Jar make exquisite batches of guilty macaron love! Perfect with a cup of tea.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins boxed set. Been meaning to read the whole saga, but damn I need to find time. I need to read this before the movie hits theaters. That gives me three months — GO FIGURE!

Anything crucifix without a man. I think I am starting to have a cross fever! Amen fashion anyone?

NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet. My New York project hasn’t formally started yet, but this can help it kick start! The name of the game is simple – collect anything that shouts (or even whisper) NUEVA YORK! Anyway this wallet is made from recyclable materials so it’s earth-friendly and you can buy this from Punchdrunk Panda, yow!

Opulence by Jeremy Scott and/or White Rebel by Swatch. I haven’t worn any watch since my last duty in college. But I will wear one again (and promise will never be late again — CHOS LANG!)


Advanced grateful remarks to those who will gift me (kapal lang noh?!) But seriously, any gift wrapped with a whole lot of love is fine. A lil’ addition, i.e. anything from this list, will be better though — HAHA!

Gird your loins for the I’m-a-brat Wishlist Christmas 2011 edition!!!

IMMAP Open Mic Night

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) held the very first Open Mic Night at Craft bar in The Fort! It was a night of learning, inspiration, and a lot like overflowing Mexican fare and booze.

It was the first free Pecha Kucha session and people are so excited to hear from the speakers they had nominated in the IMMAP event wall in Facebook. The event was overflowing with spontaneity and a smorgasbord of what looks like edible inspiration.




Speakers are required to prepare 20 slides to be delivered at 20 seconds each – for a total of 6:40 minutes. It was amazing how much thoughts can be put in just  a little over 6 minutes of sharing. I can’t write everything here but I’ll try to do these amazing speakers some justice!

DSC_0304Jayvee Fernandez. The people who are important are not into social media.

DSC_0305Jay Jaboneta. The new people power in social media is to help Filipinos.

DSC_0306Andre Yap. Tell me and I will forget it. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and [I] will be one of [you].

DSC_0307Chay Saputil. Develop or better yet change the game. It has to be memorable and it has to be remarkable.

DSC_0308Anna Oposa. What one may lack in expertise can be made up for by persistence!

DSC_0309A quick break and look who we’ve got here! Atty. Chris Lao!

DSC_0310Oh. Had he been informed about this ambush photo op? NOT! :P 



DSC_0315Nasser Lubay. Your inspirations define your work. Stay inspired!

DSC_0316Coy Caballes. It’s all about the eye for viral. Content should evoke emotions. It is all about the people and [loving] your community.

DSC_0318Brian Tenorio. Seduction as a strategy in design helps you activate and target desire. (insert: I really really want to make a separate post about Tenorio’s talk. It’s so relevant!)

DSC_0319Patrick Cuartero. Compel in every touch point.

DSC_0320Ricky Baizas. If anything else fails, be your own CEO. Think Zuckerberg.

DSC_0321Carlo Ople. Do digital as you would your legacy!

DSC_0322Ernie Lopez. When you do the content, you feed your audience what they have no choice about.

DSC_0323Jim Paredes. Write stuff for us. Come as we are.

DSC_0324Third Domingo. Lunchtime is the new Primetime – everyone is stuck in only ONE medium.

DSC_0326Niccolo Cosme. (on AIDS awareness) If you’re doing nothing, then fuck you! (insert: I really (superlative!) enjoyed Niccolo’s talk so I really had forgotten to get his photo on stage. Good thing he’s just right beside me after his talk. Way to go, sister!)


I think what was clear from all the speakers that night was this – Passion is key to achieving whatever you want in life. You may be doing what you are ought to do, but what you ought to is not always what you what your heart tells you to do. Passion is key to a lock that holds you from reaching dreams. You have to find your passion. These people have and there should be nothing to stop you or me to find what we really want.

Thank you, IMMAP for coming up with this wonderful event. I was very inspired that day and God knows, I need a lot of it these days.

GUEST POST: Ang Ulan at Ang Iyong Damdamin

Blogged originally at:

Pagsablay by Patricia San Jose

Aminin mo. Kapag umuulan ang sarap mag-emote. Pakiramdam mo nakiki-iyak sa iyo ang himpapawid, perpekto ang hangin na sinlamig ng iyong puso, at kasing lumbay ng paligid ang iyong kinabukasan. Wagas na wagas. Patanaw-tanaw sa bintana, pahiga-higa sa kama. Sa bawat pagtulala, parang inililipad ng maulang panahon ang iyong hinuha.

Kung mahusay ka at nais mong ipagpatuloy ang ganitong gawain, narito ang ilang mga awitin na sa tingin ko ay mas lalo pang wawasak sa katinuan mo:

1. Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka by Basil ValdezHanep na panimula ito sa iyong rainy day soundtrip. Ididikdik pa lalo sa iyong isip ang estado ng paligid mo, sabay banat ng mga hanep shits tungkol sa pagsinta. Pagkatapos mong pakinggan ang kanta, hindi mo maiintindihan kung kikiligin ka ba o malulungkot dahil sa mga naalala mo. At oo, ‘yung version talaga ni Basil Valdez ang nirerecommend ko dahil mas may dramatic effect talaga ang mga lumang ballads.

2. Chasing Cars by Snow PatrolAng kantang ito ay iimbitahin kang humilahod sa sahig at doon gumawa ng sariling monologue. Moda lang ng moda habang nakahiga sa semento. Parang ‘yung ginawa ng singer sa video. Tipmag-planking habang pinakikinggan ang awit na ito (mas extreme na shit, mas mahusay).

3. Love Is A Losing Game by Amy WinehouseIsang pagpupugay sa diyosa ng mga lasengga na si Amy Winehouse! Ang awit na ito ay talaga namang para sa mga sawi. Mainam na sabayan ng alak ang malungkot na melody ng kanta, tutal nakasalampak ka narin naman sa sahig dahil sa Chasing CarsTip: Maglasing tulad ng singer para sa full effect.

4. Nothing by The Script. Kung nalasing ka na habang pinakikinggan ang kanta ni Amy Winehouse, dito ka na sa The Script babagsak (kung hindi ka pa lasing matapos ang Love Is A Losing Game, ginagarantya ko na matapos ang kantang ito, aakyat lahat ng alkohol sa ulo mo). Isa ang The Script sa mga banda na kayang magpaluha kahit opening lines pa lang ng kanta (masyadong malupit ang album nilang Science and Faith; sinisisi ko ito sa pagkakaroon ko ng depresyon). Paalala: Iwasan ang paghawak ng cellphone, landline, o kung anumang kagamitan na maaaring maging daan sa pakikipag-usap mo sa iyong ex o kung sino mang “significant other”. Pigilan ang sarili. Ipagpatuloy ang udyok ng kanta kung nais mong mamatay sa kahihiyan.

5. Someone Like You by Adele. Tutal nasa realm na rin naman tayo ng break ups at pagkasawi, narito ang isang kanta na sadyang isinulat para sa mga taong pa-move on effect pero deep down inside ay nais namang maglupasay at magiiyak sa tuwing mauungkat ang kanyang tunay na nadarama (or kapag bumabagyo, at bored).

6. Here I Am by Air SupplyPustahan, hindi ka na makakaalis sa estado ng pagmumuni-muni tungkol sa nakaraan, at habang nariyan ka’t inaalala ang iyong mga kahapon, the best ang sabayan ito ng pagbirit ng Air Supply, ang bandang supplier ng pinaka bentang cheesy songs mula pa noong dekada otsenta. Sa sobrang cheesy na kanilang mga kanta, pwede na itong toppings sa pizza.

7. Save Me by QueenYou are on the roll baby! Naguumapaw ang 80′s sa mga awiting mainam sa pag-eemote tuwing tag-ulan. Habang pinakikinggan ang kantang ito ay mararamdaman ang presensya ng isa sa greatest rock stars na si Freddie Mercury (maaalalang siya ay namatay sa AIDS noong 1991; ano pa nga ba ang mas romanticized pa kaysa death ng isang rockstar?).

8. Let It Be by The BeatlesAt this point, alam kong stoned na stoned ka na. Tamado na pati ang iyong kaluluwa, at maaaring nakakakita ka na ng kung anu-anong aparisyon dahil sa iyong kalasingan (sa alak o sa kalungkutan/kasawian?). Sundin ang payo nila Paul McCartney at John Lennon. Let it be. Tip: Follow the light.

9. Emotions by Samantha Sang & Bee GeesKung sinundan mo ang ilaw, malamang sa puntong ito ay hinahanap mo na ang iyong minamahal, at siya ay iyong matatagpuan, at kayo ay magyayakap… Ngunit magigising ka sa katotohanang ang yakap mo ay ang iyong unang basa sa luha (o ng kung ano pa mang likidong pangkatawan, depende sa iyo). Jologs, pare.

10. You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi. Sa puntong ito ay kailangan mo ng magising. Sampalin ang pag-iisip sa pamamagitan ng makabasag-eardrum na awitin. Mag head bang. Iwaksi ang espiritu ng alak at ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Ipagpatuloy ang paghe-headbang hanggang sa bumalik ang katinuan. Bumangon, tigilan na ang kalungkutan, at gumawa ng mga bagay na kapakipakinabang. Paalala: Nakaka-stiff neck ang matagal at tuloy-tuloy na paghe-head bang. Maaaring sa puntong ito ay hindi mo maramdaman, ngunit kapag nawala na ang alak sa iyong nervous system ay isusumpa mo ako dahil pinilit kitang kalugin ang iyong ulo. Kaya naman maghinay-hinay sa naturang pagkalog. Kung hindi mapigil, mag-antabay ng ibuprofen sa iyong tagiliran.

** Final message: Kung anuman ang iyong pinagdadaanan, kaya mo ‘yan. Hindi excuse ang ulan para ika’y manlumo sa kawalan. Malaki ka na.

Otherwise, mag-post ng comments sa ibaba at tayo’y sabay na magmoda. Happy Rainy Days! – PSJ


O di ba? Panalo lang ang playlist ni Patring na mahilig mag-moda-modahan! ALAMOYAN! Pero heto at umuulan pa. Hala, sige, monologue pa. On repeat mo pa. Ngawa pa. Keri lang yan, teh. Walang pipigil sa ‘yo. Sabi ko naman sa ‘yo ang booking ay booking, at hindi iniiyakan!!!


Basahin ang iba pang nakakalerkey na bloggey ni Patricia San Jose sa Ipinapangako namen ang kaligayahang hahanap-hanapin mo! Karnal pala?! Chareng, alam ko na nasa isip mo! HAHA!

O sya, sige na, chururus na!!!




My Eiga Sai Week

Since the board exams were done, and I barely have anything to do (aside from blogging, of course) so I go to film festivals. Films are free. Films are really good. In my opinion, the quality of the movies in film festivals are better than those in the mainstream cinema. Not that there is something wrong with mainstream, I just find these ones more relevant to me.

And have I mentioned it was FREE? Best part of it, of course!

Every July, Shangri-la Mall offers Eiga Sai to the public. Eiga Sai, which means film festival in Japanese, is one of the most anticipated film festivals (I think I have used this term quite a lot already) in the Philippines. It commemorates the Philippine-Japanese friendship ties, and a celebration of the Japanese art of filming.

There is something to the Japanese cinema that really captures me. I have been an avid patron of the Land of the Rising Sun and all of its aspects ever since I was a kid (except for the fact that they abused the Filipinos in World War II.) I love their culture and way of life. Their films are no diversion, and is a direct translation of the Japanese that I have always loved. I must have been a Japanese in my past life.

Personal trivia break: My ultimate culinary dream is to eat ramen in a lantern-adorned street stall with falling Sakura as a backdrop.

Now that was one lengthy rationale why I would watch Eiga Sai by default. So with my love for films and anything Japan-made, I trooped outside and I was lucky enough to catch three films, given the amount of audience that lined up for the films.

Villon’s Wife

This is a story of a woman who tries to be loyal to her popular writer, yet promiscuous and misbehaving, husband. Set in 1946, wherein the stereotypes of gender are still a major idealism, one sees the incredible and undying fidelity of a woman. I really find this film empowering and demeaning (in the sense of reflection of the gender stereotype ideal) at the same time.

Your Friend

Friends are forever. This is the ideology that this film teaches. Take on Emi and Yuka, unlikely to be friends, but they became friends anyway. Together they face the everyday dilemma of a handicapped student (you need to find out, I’m not spoiling, teehee!) I think I can’t go any further, lest I spoil. I’ll tell though that they have a comforting soundtrack and is a really feel-good, gonna-make-you-a-crybaby movie.


Departures is the featured film for this year’s Eiga Sai. This movie won the 81st Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2009 and a couple more locally in Japan. A different view on death was shown when the cellist Daigo Kobayashi lost his job, went back to his hometown, and took a whole new career as an encoffiner. With alternating comedy and drama, acclaimed director Yojiro Takita browses on the Japanese view of the dead.

I was really lucky that I caught a special screening yesterday, and it was well worth it lining up for two and a half hours for a ticket!


Worry not, kids! Even if Eiga Sai just ended showing in Shang today, you can still catch these wonderful movies (aside from downloading them) at Gaisano Grand Citimall Davao, Ayala Center Cebu, and UP Film Institute in these corresponding dates!

All films will be shown with English subtitles. Admission is free.

Gaisano Grand Citimall Davao

22 July 2011
4:00pm – Your Friend
6:30pm – Departures

23 July 2011
11:00am – One Million Yen Girl
1:30pm – The Chef of South Polar
4:00pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
7:00pm – Climber’s High

24 July 2011
11:00am – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
1:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
4:30pm – Feel the Wind
7:15pm – Villon’s Wife

Ayala Center Cinema 4 Cebu

02 August 2011
7:00pm – The Chef of South Polar

03 August 2011
7:00pm – Climber’s High

04 August 2011
7:00pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country

05 August 2011
7:00pm – Villon’s Wife

06 August 2011
1:30pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
4:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
7:30pm – One Million Yen Girl

07 August 2011
1:30pm – Your Friend
4:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
7:30pm – Feel the Wind

UP Film Insitute

17 August 2011
12:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
3:00pm – One Million Yen Girl
5:30pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
7:30pm – Villon’s Wife

18 August 2011
12:30pm – Your Friend
3:00pm – Feel the Wind
5:15pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
7:30pm – Climber’s High

19 August 2011
12:30pm – Climber’s High
3:00pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
5:30pm – Villon’s Wife
7:30pm – The Chef of South Polar

20 August 2011
12:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
3:00pm – Feel the Wind
5:10pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
7:30pm – The Chef of South Polar

For synopsis of films, please click here.


I’m really eyeing to watch all those that I still haven’t in UP Film Institute. Say hi when we meet!




Listing ain’t finished with the last number – a nice thought to baffle about before I log out. WHICH BTW I LIKE THIS INFOGRAPHIC SO MUCH. This is why I specifically avoid logging in after 12mn. LOL! I really need to get some shut eye because I will really really run late for my review classes. NEED. TO. BE. SERIOUUUS.

Trying to sleep,

The Quarterly Jonver Report

I just woke up coming from two back-to-back events. And yes, sleeplessness is like alcohol that sometimes brings in more hangover than alcohol does. The Quarterly Jonver Report is about to commence in a while…

*I am in the dining room, with a glass of my favorite soda, with the Glee cast on the background, while I put watermarks pictures taken from Chace the D3100*

Shot by The Jen Aquino.

I saw a tweet earlier (when I hadn’t had any sleep yet) recognizing the near end of the first quarter of the year. It hit me, that indeed it had been three months. And I must admit that A LOT has happened since the year started. Let me post this self-evaluation, as I perceive that a huge part of my life now is, not only involved in my blog, but also was affected by this blog. Also the quarterly report can help me recap the year easily in three-month spans (geek!) Let me start with this though:

2011 started blurry. Blurry because I am graduating, not even knowing what’s next in this phase. It is a bleak assurance that I could easily get a job, considering the heavy surplus in nurses now. But I guess all things go bleak before they become very clear in us.

Graduation. I am, at last, graduating from college. I’ve been in college for six years, and I am proud to say that I haven’t flunked any subject, nor had one in danger. I am graduating with flying colors (in a course that I least liked – euphemism, lol!) and it is my honor to offer this to the people who have helped me in any kind, especially to my mother who has been my inspiration in all of these.

Where is Jonver?? It was late December of 2010 when I began meeting other bloggers. Different people behind usernames, websites, and codenames. This blog has allowed me to network and know other people. I am particularly glad that I began this blog and started becoming serious about this, because it has been a great help in meeting new people, at least for me. This blog has brought me to places that at first thought, I wouldn’t imagine being there, much less see any of it coming.

Photography. Chace, the D3100, opened a whole new dimension of opportunities for me. It has been a hobby ever since, and now I think I am ready for some serious business. The equipment is not the whole point though. A professional camera doesn’t make one a photographer. Still, I think that a creative imagination is the key in any profession. I really do consider myself amateur in this and definitely a noob. So who wants to teach me some camera tricks? :)

Closure. Some things (just now, mind you) have come into closure. I think I have sent my message clear enough now just to appease the turmoil in my insides. I have loved that person for two years, unreciprocated, but nevertheless, I loved therefore I am. Hurt, yes, but I believe though that with doors slammed at your face, a new one always opens. This closure is an end but as well a start to greater things in my life.

Twestival Manila. RockEd. Photobloggers Philippines. Young Photographers Philippines. And the many other bloggers, designers, people and artists of different fields that I have met. I am grateful that I have crossed paths with these different groups of people to which I owe much of the first quarter of 2011. All I can say is that I am honored to have worked, have met, and have known these people. I may not have any organizations or involvement in college, but I believe they are worth more than that. And I am proud to say that this blog helped me to connect to them! For more, guys! FOR MORE!

And if there are new friends, there are those good ol’ ones. Enumerating them one by one will be too lengthy for a post. I suggest you read the plethora of posts about friends, aptly tagged as Family and Friends. For when the toughest times come, friends are the toughest that you got.

That pretty much covers everything, thanks!


#NowPlaying on repeat

Toxic, Glee cast

…’cause it has been so dragging lately…

Dog Days are Over, Florence and the Machine

…but just within hand’s reach only.

Lose Yourself, The Script

…’cause I just did…

Tongue Tied, Faber Drive

…for someone.

Please Don’t Go, Mike Posner

…’cause I have done my part and…

Ignorance | Playing God, Paramore

…I am ready to move on.

Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield

…’cause I need some.

Empire State of Mind, Glee cast

…for the love of.

Big Bang Theory, Barenaked Ladies

…’cause it has to start with something…

2012, Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj

…and end with another.

The End where I Begin, The Script

…’cause I need to start again… and am watching the concert in Manila, too! HAHA!

One of Us, Glee cast

…’cause He had been.

Born this Way, Lady Gaga

…’cause gender equality is something yet to be achieved for this twisted planet. People must know how to have respect not just for the conventional, but even for the not-so-usual. Your preference does not define your totality of being.

Don’t discriminate. Represent!


Manila’s Vintage Hub

I was kinda early for Heima last Saturday, so I took the opportunity to shoot some finds in Cubao X. I remember finding vintage carplates here for Ms. Cheche Lazaro, and they have more than just that. I ♥ Vintage here at Cubao X.

Night life in Cubao X. The place is also popular with its bars and restaurants. My favorite: MOGWAI (but they always run out of Mojitos)

Remnants Shop. Vintage photographs, camera, wine bottles,

I remembered Pat here — Nancy Drew series!

The owner asked me to take a photograph of this 1998 Metallica flag poster. This is a rare find according to her.

I loved viewfinder when I was a kid!

Who had used a typewriter before ever using a computer? I DO!


Angel’s Thrift Shop

Vinyl players.

Antique furniture shops

Shoe shops. Cubao X was originally Marikina Shoe Expo. Until now, some of the original tenants were still there selling awesome shoes!

Even people are using vintage around the area. Check out this vintage Vespa.

Inovatique. I wanted to shoot some photos inside Inovatique, another interior design store, like Heima. But they have a no picture taking inside policy. Anyone knows Inovatique?

Cubao X has so much potential!