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AKG x Quincy Jones

DSC_0286Thank you AKG Philippines for my new earphones, they’re so comfy, my ears are pampered :)



DSC_0292I hope I looked this cute when listening to music, rather than looking like wazak haha






Each one is a blend of sophisticated design and perfect sound exactly what you’d expect from one of the most gifted, successful and admired music icons the world has ever heard.




Another picky (and a big fan of music) earphone user, my friend Hanna, approves AKG!




Last week, AKG Philippines launched special earphones in tribute to the man behind Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, carrying an absolutely sleek design and as always the sound we always expect from AKG. I was one of the few firsts to test these babies and being a picky earphone user myself, I’d conclude it’s a bed for ears out there.

Image - Q350 Green (Group View on white 01)

Q460 white (3D View on white 01)

Low Res Q701 Group White Background

To know more about AKG Philippines, follow them on Facebook and on Twitter!

Tomato Green at Market! Market!

There are very few things aside from food and Muji that brings me to The Fort. If it isn’t an exhibit, show, or friends, it must be something I can’t find in the North.


So before the payday weekend hit, I make sure to check out Tomato Green’s summer collection.


DSC_0915Men’s watches


DSC_0917Colored pants



DSC_0920When I saw this online, I just knew I had to buy it. Loveleh!

DSC_0939Chambray shirts.

I don’t wear short-sleeved shirts, because it’s either too small or lousy on me. But Tomato’s shirts fit well!


DSC_0941Summer shorts



This set is very me: shirt, cardigan, and maybe denim



Aside from sneakers, they have boat shoes and loafers as well.





DSC_0930Jen got this leopard-print shorts





DSC_0926I LOVE THIS PHOTO OF ME!!!! Lakas maka-BTS!


DSC_0937Thank you, Tomato!



Stereotyped shirt, Oxygen reversible jeans, Reebok high cut sneakers

This is my normal look, watch out for my Tomato look though – I never have thought I can look like that! Also, I hope they bring Tomato Green to their North branches!! :)

Hunger Games AGAIN


So hi there again! This day couldn’t get any lazier… It’s the longest I’ve been home since I got a job again back in January. And I was just blog-hopping and checking tweets, and oh, changed my Facebook profile picture. But that doesn’t interest you, and most importantly, is not connected to my blog post title. Sheesh, forgive the three year-old in me.


Anyhoo, I’ve watched The Hunger Games again before the holiday, and I still couldn’t pull out a decent movie review out of my brain. Remember that I haven’t seen anything that I haven’t seen before? Yeah count this one in. I know there are plenty other films to watch, but I just couldn’t pass up with watching a fellow fan and shrieking like a girl and like nobody cared.

DSC_0426Aaron Yeo visited Angel for her birthday! How sweet of this guy! 


DSC_0429This is new to us. When did SM start using this for movies?


DSC_0431Hello everyone, meet the birthday girl! I love Angel‘s new hair!!


DSC_0433These Apple flats from Manels are genius!



We had dinner at the newly renovated Yabu. It was bigger, but it still is crowded. Maybe they should get a bigger place of their own, and not just in a mall #justsayin. Anyway, the food is still how I liked it the first time I was there. I ordered the Rosu (instead of my favorite Kurobota.) The meat was still succulent, thanks to the all-encompassing presence of fat in the meat. I shall try the Hire some other time, or even the Chicken and Seafood katsu. But for now, I’m having and am happy with my pork, yes, thank you.



I couldn’t emphasize how I LOVE the cabbage salad. I almost asked the waitress to omit the rice from my order, but my bill would be the same, so I had rice. Next time though I wouldn’t have the rice. Cabbage and Katsu is heaven and it should stay as is. (Blogging this on a Good Friday does not help, I’m hungry and there are no places to eat at but home.)

About that Hunger Games date. What can I say? Aaron hasn’t watched it yet, and Angel and I were going for round two. AND. I. STILL. CAN’T. BELIEVE. HOW. GOOD. IT. IS!!!! I mean, bashers can bash all they want, book purists can just stay with their books and force an imaginary filmed one in their minds, but yes I’ll take this film with ME as good excellent! I’d like to blab all I’ve said to everybody I talked with this, but I’m saving it for a legit movie review (if I ever come with a decent one, lol)

And of course, give me the benefit of gayness. Josh Hutcherson‘s Peeta IS an eyecandy, and has the perfect underdog puppy eyes look to this wildly feminine series. And also, who could forget Alexander Ludwig’s Cato?! SERIOUSLY, how and when did he get that sizzling hot? That may have to answer to the basher’s casting fail, less pedophilia in District 2 is really a high-numbered incident! Of course, I’m joking. Die, bashers. No, really. Peace and love everyone! :P


Folded and Hung basic v-neck tee, Levi’s distressed denim pants, Thrifted Rolling Stones hooded jacket, Reebok high cut kicks

Thanks to Aaron for the photo!

I semi-want and not want to explain my outfit. This is my guilty outfit, where I just throw a random set of clothes (well mostly monochromatic,) wear jacket, and wear rubber shoes. Haha! These are the days when I just want to be comfy and not care. But, who knew, it actually worked. And I thought also that this is my Hunger Games look. Haha, with the pants smeared with jizz mud. I wish I wore boots though for more THG.

ANYWAY, before I forget. Happy, happy birthday again to the only one blogging wonder woman that is Angeline! It was really fun hanging with you, spending the last few hours before all closes down for the break. Hope you really had a good one. I hope I can join you girls in Titanic 3D this Wednesday… we’ll be shrieking trying-not-to-shriek girls again. Or maybe another round of Hunger Games. Hahahahaha!

P.S. Seriously, if anyone would ask me to watch with him/her The Hunger Games again, I’d definitely say YES without any doubt.

V-day thingamajigs

DSC_0293One cheesy student’s work. Who might be the lucky girl… or boy for that matter? HAHA!

We had special videos up at the Moonleaf Maginhawa branch and also online! Aren’t these couples the sweetest?!


So V-day came and I had work that lasted throughout the day. I hadn’t seen it any other way though, so it was fine. Believe me, the highlights of my day were receiving two cupcakes (thanks Jaja and Jen!); dating, errrrrrr…. eating Hainanese with Nica; and watching the 54th Grammy’s (I wish Bruno Mars dated me for Valentine’s lol!)

DSC_0297Nakakadalaga look!




Close Up Pyropalooza

DSC_0112Close Up Pyropalooza media launch was held at Cirkulo Restaurant in Makati City



DSC_0094Close Up Brand Manager

Bloggers were gathered over dinner at the Cirkulo Restaurant in Makati City for the launch of Close Up’s Valentine program (as we all know Lovapalooza) along with the 3rd Annual Pyromusical Competition; aptly coined as Pyropalooza. Close Up will open the competition proper on February 11, Saturday, with eyegasmic fireworks and musical concert featuring the following artists:

American Idol star and now TV5’s newest Kapatid David Archuleta


Pop star Zia Quizon

Never the Strangers, and


DSC_0093Cirkulo food is soooooo good. I wish I can remember what I ate.

DSC_0095Angel, Kaye, Vergil, Dianne, Erika, Lloyd, and Hanna


DSC_0103Bloggers with Dom from Media Contacts PH







Solo black button up shirt, Guess denim pants, Bloggers United (Victor Basa) vintage man heels, Paradigm Shift x Leatherengines noose neckpiece

I love dinner-parties! Dressing up isn’t very hard. And as usual I went with black and other dark elements like my uber dark blue denim from Guess. It wasn’t really very dressy, but the slight height raise from my man heels gave it a dressy effect IMHO. I know I should try to experiment my look, maybe I’ll try to do that next time. Somebody teach me how to wear colors and not shade!!!

DSC_0113Post-event Mcdo session with Erika and Dianne



I haven’t seen these two girls for months! Last time I saw them was S/S12 Fashion Week. Both have been busy with studies as Erika is graduating this March (congrats, E!) and Dianne is pretty busy with thesis (go girl!) I won’t be spilling the milk (wahahahahaha, internal joke) but that Mcdo session was really fun! Slumber party soon, girls!

Going back to Pyropalooza! Valentine’s Day can seem tedious for some (owyeah, am not one of them, but… malay nateeeen :P) with all the planning, being conscious to make it special, and moreover the budgeting. Fret no more! Close Up offers an affordable yet equally romantic and fun Valentine’s option.

Buy any Close Up product and exchange proof of purchase at these redemption booths for a PhP 100 ticket, or 50% discounts to PhP 300 and 500 tickets! Get a romantic spot, astounding fireworks, and musical entertainment and not rip off your wallet!

Last day of the Pyromusical competition is my birthday. Care to bring me there? *ehem, ehem*

Hanging out with Nechane

I miss my friend, Nechane! We didn’t have the chance to even hang out days before she left for Canada, so the moment she landed here in Manila, I wasted no time to see her. Unfortunately our schedules didn’t match, so we have to cancel a number of times. But it pushed through nonetheless! It was wonderful having to talk to her again. I miss her and her stories and her jokes. And I wish she could stay, but I am really happy she is having the time of her life in Canada.

DSC_0539We’re such pigs :P

DSC_0543Spinach lasagna

DSC_0544Chicken macaroni salad





My very pretty friend! 

DSC_0542Would make a pretty couple. PERO WIT! Baka may magalit :P


DSC_0550Si Ate naka-MK!

DSC_0551Gone cheesecake hunting… but to no avail.

DSC_0552Level up ang Coffee Bean planner! *slow clap*





Bench black basic collared shirt, Oxygen gray denim pants, Punchdrunk Panda “Negatives” plimsolls and camera strap, Speedo square frames

And oh, I forgot to take a photo. Thanks for the H&M loot, teh! Sa uulitin, I love you! I hope I see you soon… in Canada :P

Bite me

I should be really sleeping by now. I have a long day ahead of me, and I still have to pack my stuff ’cause I’ll be away from home for work. PLUS I shall need all my energy for prepping for the ST. JAMES BAZAAR on Saturday, where Punchdrunk Panda is participating.

BUT! My adrenaline won’t go down. Forgive me as I spazz over at my new bag that came all the way from LONDON!!!

I still have no decent picture of it, but it is pretty much like it! It is an understatement to say that I love it!!! Here’s a photo from my BB though. Sorry, I can’t help it. Thank you to Bags of Love UK for sending me this personalized genuine leather holdall WITH a print of a photo I took last June! It’s just so lovely! I’ll blog more about this in the coming days (when my failed time management skills, a.k.a. my tortuous schedule actually had mercy on me!) But yeah, I can’t really believe I have this in my hands!!!

I know a lot still haven’t seen Breaking Dawn part 1. I won’t spoil, don’t worry. I urge you to watch it, it’s an interesting watch. My really meticulous friend, Pat actually LIKED it – so chances are I’m right. But hey shout out to that bitch who narrated every single scene to her friends – who apparently also sat right behind us. So what, your friends are like morons and they can’t comprehend without you telling them what’s happening? There’s a reason why it’s called a goddamn movie.

Pardon the rant. Anyhoo, I prolly won’t post a review until the end of this month. One thing’s for sure though – I stopped reading New Moon because it was really awful, and this movie just made me churn my gut to read the rest of the story I just left. It’s that good. Also, props to cinematography – gore is the way to go (YOU HAVE TO WATCH NA I’M SO ITCHING TO POST A REVIEW ALR!!!!)

So there. I’ll finish some work stuff before I actually have a shuteye. Gawd. It’s such a happy night.

And yeah, you most probably got the reason behind the title. Go figure it out, if you haven’t. Maybe that bitch I just told you about can help you :P

Mango Philippines is ready for the Holidays!


DSC_0333Leather on the skin feels so good, don’t you think?

DSC_0334Ah, everlasting plaid

DSC_0335I like how spacious Mango Shangri-la is





DSC_0340Interesting. Animal prints is still in vogue



DSC_0342I’m starting to have the crucifix fever. Get me one for Christmas, bitches ❤


DSC_0345Mango Lookbook


Very stylish brand manager. I forgot to get his name though…

DSC_0348Some classy pop art cartoon prints. Look, it’s Minnie!

Experiences with shopping with girlfriends render one to be in touch with the feminine side (oh, believe me, I have no problem with that!) That’s why I know that shopping means a pilgrimage to brands like Mango. Mango has been in the radar of every stylish lady for quite a while – what with a plethora of comfortable yet quality and subtly stylish clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. I’ve always thought why Mango doesn’t have a men’s line.

Kate Moss and Terry Richardson are perfect for this ad that circulated around 3o countries including Spain (where it all began), France, Germany, Turkey, UK, Greece, and Russia.

I really liked that bag in the video! Anyway, after a quick search, I came to know that apparently, the Spanish clothing brand has indeed a men’s line, HE by Mango, which has been around for quite a while. This really makes me think why isn’t Mango Philippines carrying this? I think if Topman and Zara Man has Manila branches, so should HE by Mango.

I hope though it doesn’t take a while before HE by Mango arrives in Manila. But for the meantime, I shall have some pieces shipped here straight from Spain. HAHAHAHAHA LOLJK!

Like Mango in Facebook NOW!

Vans S/S12

I think this is the first time Vans participated in the Philippine Fashion Week, and this is the last show that I watched. It may be the last, but it definitely gave me a high! I was surprised to be seated on the front row!!! Didn’t really expect that. Plus I love Vans’ stage – they built a mini skate park inside MOA. Cool, ain’t it?



1Sporty, cool, and classy.






6I think the strength of Vans is in their shoes. You can wear them anytime and still look sassy.


8Some celebrities walked the “skate park”


DSC_0925Cyclists and skaters did exhibitions too! Props to Vans for a stunning show!




DSC_0933Cute skater kids! I wish I know how to skate 


Jhong Hilario also did exhibitions! I created a GIF for that!






DSC_0989Shout out to my new blogger friend, the very chic Daphne Benosa

This may be their first PFW show but, heck, Vans knows how to put up some show! They stayed true to the skater brand that they’ve been known for. Props to that and for putting up with all these effort – extra hyping the runway, having skaters skate everywhere, and a lot more in between. Summer must really be the best season for the brand since their clothing line is very comfy and wearable. Now that’s what you need for the summer heat, isn’t it? Something that will not sweat you out in the middle of the summer heat and is completely wearable anytime.



DSC_0996F&H v-neck undershirt, Oxygen long-sleeve knitted turtle neck, Penshoppe semi-glossy pants, Thrifted military boots, Anagon silver wired bib necklace, Speedo frames… and a lot of loot bags, LOL!

I loooooooooove being in an all black ensemble. This may explain the plethora of black pieces in my closet! Aside from hiding my baby fats (which are ugly, very ugly) black is a classic style that never fades! The bib necklace that I ordered from Anagon arrived that afternoon, so I had a chance to match it with my outfit. And it just exploded in the middle of all the blackness that I wore! I am not that of an accessories person (another sweat mcahine issue) but I really love the detail that this necklace gives my rather bland outfit without it. Don’t you love the detail of Anagon’s wired collection? You go order here, before it’s too late!

Freego S/S12

I was surprised when Wrangler’s PR invited me to PFW, knowing that they are not participating in this season. Then they cleared it out to me that it’s Freego doing the show and not them. My bad for not checking the schedule, tee-hee!

This time around I went with my friends at work, Jen and Nica. It was their first time to watch PFW. We kinda arrived late, so we didn’t have any seat AND my camera battery was drained! LIKE HOLY MOTHER OF ASDFGHJKL!!!!! I was freaking out and good thing Jen has her very convenient Lumix in her bag. That really saved my day. I should buy one of those soon.

P1020356MOA atrium is soooooo packed! 

P1020346I like the Midnight Hunter collection making use of the assassin-007 theme. I love oo7 and assassins!!!



P1020352And then JC de Vera came out. Gawd those pandesals!


P1020357Adamson Falcons and San Beda Lions came out with their undies only! The whole atrium was in uproar. Like, who wouldn’t?









P1020371The Cool and Dry collection was very summer. I can almost see myself wearing those in the middle of the summer heat.



P1020377Danica Magpantay

P1020379It was a great show! Props to Freego for the innovative runway. I didn’t have an establishing shot, but it is beautiful nonetheless.








and boys! LOLJK!


Rex Clothing cross tee, Thrifted gray denim jacket, Penshoppe semi-glossy pants, Thrifted military boots, Wrangler denim tote

I love denim!!! Almost all of the shows that I watched this season are denim brands and I love them all. It’s so flexible I can wear it anytime – Summer, Holiday, Fall and Winter (chos lang!) Also it’s not that difficult to style. It goes along with almost every piece in my closet. Convenient, indeed!


P1020395Jen and Nica flaunting their animal rings


P1020408Went to Gong Cha for a quick refreshment

P1020403But Nica is quite disappointed with their Honey Dew milk tea

P1020402I just stuck with my Earl Grey milk tea instead… more of this in a separate post for The Milk Tea Project

Ciao for now!