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Bags of Love UK

Some time in December (I think) when a mail slash early Christmas treat arrived from London! I was exchanging emails with Bags of Love UK regarding this leather holdall. I already used it a number of times – in events, work, vacation. It really does hold it all, y’know?

Bicol trip for a talk: Rex Clothing cross shirt, Oxygen reversible jeans, US brand denim jacket, Punchdrunk Panda negatives plimsolls, and Bags of Love UK leather holdall.

I think by now, friends and family already know that I am a heavy packer (pronounce well, kids.) And this bag indeed is a wonder. It’s made of authentic leather – from the make to the handles. It is spacious enough to carry my everyday stuff: netbook, DSLR, extra clothes, books, planner/journal/notebooks, and whatever I may deem to need or even unnecessarily carry that day. It does the job well. It doesn’t break even though I fill it to the brim!

Dr. Marten’s Launch: Basic shirt, Thrifted coat, H&M plaid scarf, Penshoppe jeans, Karl Leuterio (BU2) boots, Bags of Love UK leather holdall

And I love how I can use them when I’m in the mood for formal wear. It’s always the case then – I don’t know what bag to bring when I’m in somewhat formal. This bag cures this problem though. No more excuses to use a backpack, haha!


Bicol trip Day 2: it acts as a shoulder bag also!

AND OH! Have I told you about how they customized the design for me? I sent over a photo that I took and they printed it and stitched it to my holdall! How convenient was that? I can easily say to my clients that, hey this is one of the photos I took around the city. Et voila, it’s a conversation piece! It really is a bag of love!!!

To know more about Bags of Love UK, this amazing British brand, you may hover at the links below. Anyway, Can you guess which Manila City photo I had them put in my bag?

Bags of Love UK

Paradigm Shift S/S12: SHINY

This is me posting late for one of the most beautiful things I awaited this Summer! The moment I saw the collection, I thought of one thing: where do I get all the money to buy the pieces that I want?! Well, rest assured that the prices are friendly, but there are just too much that I wanted to buy!

I love how the vest dress was styled (right)

Here are my top picks for this collection. I posted them with prices, so I remember myself how much I’ll save haha *wink*

Shorts with silver PVC detail (P2,185) I ordered this while they were just finishing their lookbook! Good thing, I’m friends with the owners Mike and Karl.

Silver vest-dress (P1,850) This vest-dress… I just can’t explain how ninja-ic and surreal it is! Getting this before fashion week!

Short that converts to a skirt when unbuttoned (P2,185) I can’t explain more how this piece is so well-thought of.

Silver shirt (P995) And there are basic days, that you just want to be neutral. *approves*

Shirt with triangle PVC (P1,499) SERIOUSLY HIPSTER. I’m thinking of asking them if I can have it in v-neck, kinda reminds me of a piece an installation in the Louvre.

Gray leggings (P995) I know what you’re thinking – what with my humongous thighs and legs, what am I thinking of buying a pair of leggings! But there’s no harm in trying – and try I will!

I am so gaga with this collection!!!

Paradigm Shift Clothing
by Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes
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Punchdrunk Panda’s *NEW* Camera Straps Summer 2012

Just in time, so I can wash my old camera strap, also from PdP.

Handle with Care by Jen Horn

I like this nude-brown-ish design from Jen Horn. I’ve always liked the designs of a delivery box, hence I’m buying this one! OH! They come now in ministraps for small, compact cameras. Now everyone gets to enjoy these cute camera accessories!

Junk Food Addiction by Gail Go

Koi by Robx Bautista

There is definitely something about Koi that it has to be translated into a laptop sleeve, iPad sleeve, plimsolls, and now a camera strap!

Navajo by Jen Horn

All the camera straps have the signature neoprene, mesh, and leather materials used in the older straps. Bigger ones for DSLRs are sold for P595, while the smaller ones for compact cameras (digicams) are sold for P445! Enjoy 10% discount when you register and buy through www.punchdrunkpanda.com!

I just heard from the Master Panda that they’ll be printing just enough, so you better BUY one now!

You can also browse this brochure here.

Punchdrunk Panda
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Dr. Martens reopens in the Philippines!!!

Imagine how happy Doc Martens lovers here in Manila were when the beloved shoe brand announced they’re opening in The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City! A lot of us were frustrated because there is not one outlet that sell trusty ol’ DM boots before. So when it reopened its doors again to Manilenos, there is no way we would miss it!

DSC_067014-holes!!!! Oh love.


DSC_0673Mantons, Desert boots, Tassel loafers, and Bennets


DSC_0675Everyone was wearing their favorite Docs





Dr. Martnes Philippines is located at The Fort Strip – in a container van! Very cool concept! It looks like pop-up shop, but when we asked around, the people working there actually told us it’s here to stay! OH JOY!!!!








DSC_0691Dinner break at Burger Avenue



DSC_0696Radiactive Sago Project plays for Dr. Martens Philippines opening








DSC_0704Borgy Manotoc hosts the giveaway


Thrifted blazer, Basic white v-neck, H&M purple plaid scarf, Penshoppe semi-glossy pants, Thrifted (from Karl Leuterio) boots, Bags of Love UK leather holdall bag

PdP Blogger Hangout at Milky & Sunny

I think it’s just appropriate that I’m blogging this just now. Though yeah, it’s a little (if Dec. 7 is just yesterday to me, yes haha) late. I miss PdP team and these bloggers!

DSC_0595O RLY?!

DSC_0597Milky & Sunny in Kapitolyo, Pasig is just right beside Moonleaf Tea Shop. 

DSC_0603The wall paint really reminds me of an old-fashioned milk bottle… Hmmmmm



DSC_0610Something really funny about this photo :P



DSC_0619Rob Cham trying to endorse Moonleaf in a swear-free way. HAHA!

Punchdrunk Panda gathered bloggers last Dec. 7 at Milky & Sunny to introduce to them (and give them also, you bet!) the latest designs of their new batch of laptop sleeves! Nothing really formal here, we just met, ate really delectable breakfast food (even if it’s 3pm-ish! ALWAYS YUMMEH!) hogged on milk tea, and just had fun. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a break from the usual events we have in town. This little get-together is a manifesto to that!

Add to that a really fun photo shoot with them bloggers! Lemme see yo swagger, guys and gals! Shot none other than by moi.




Ava Te with Kneil Melicano‘s Red



Gerd Perez with Rob Cham‘s Monsters




Robbie Bautista with JP Cuison‘s Robohands. 



Thysz Estrada with Tof Zapanta‘s The World is Our Playground



And Rob Cham didn’t mind to pose with his creation! Pretty mug shot, ain’t it :P



It was really a fun day! But what makes this thingamajig happier is zeh FOOD! Introducing Milky & Sunny’s bestsellers!

DSC_0605Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole. Perfectly cheesy and healthy chow. I love how the broccoli is cooked just with the right crunch – not to0 tough, not too soggy. Also the faux meat flavor added by the mushroom is tricking my taste buds.

DSC_0606Bacon Tostadas. This comes in three or four (can’t remember, sarreh haha) but the moment it lands on the table, people grabbed instantly. Bacon-y goodness with the tomato sauce and cream with veggie crunch to boot. Who eats this for breakfast??? I’ll certainly would!

DSC_0608Chicken and waffles. Waffles ain’t normally savory, but this one is soooooo good. I like that they added mustard — totally a mustard junkie :P

DSC_0611Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancake. Definitely the star of the meal! Though I’d like fresh strawberries, the jam worked out just as fine. Cream cheese is the way to go too!!! Sent endorphins all the way!

DSC_0612Breakfast Enchilada. I don’t know how an enchilada should taste like, but I like their sauce and that they put so much cheese!

DSC_0615Tapa with garlic and egg. I’d like my egg to be sunny side-up though. Tapa, on the other hand, is cooked well — a little rare would do, but this is fine again. GARLIC rice is GARLIC rice. I loooooooove!

Can I just have breakfast food all day?

Moonleaf giveaway winner + updates!

I must admit, I really had a hard time deciding for the winner of the Moonleaf Planner. But y’know, though I really want all of you to win (LOL!) I wish I have enough resources too, I have to choose one.

And our Moonleaf planner winner is… Zeti Cuenca (@zeticuenca)

Don’t worry if you didn’t win in this contest – you can still avail of this very affordable, albeit pretty and functional, planner! You just have to go to the nearest Moonleaf Tea Shop branch and buy one for only PhP300 (white) / PhP450 (black)!

Speaking of which, I’m really tempted to go to Moonleaf San Fernando earlier this day since I was near there and was craving for Wintermelon Black Tea. Though sadly, nobody can drive me there, and I’m too tamad to commute, HAHA! Sucha brat!

Tameta Clan. Shot earlier at my Aunt’s house in Malolos.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope we all had a meaningful Christmas… though mine took a lot of twists and turns and whatnots, in the end I can say that this is the best Christmas everrr! Just received the best gift too, I wish I can blog about it already, but yeah, I can’t :P

PdP pop-up shop for Northern Mindanao!

122411 UPDATE: EVERYONE, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We have raised over PhP 23,000 for Northern Mindanao and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for supporting this relief drive and we are happy that we had the opportunity to help our fellow Filipinos! Let’s keep the helping spirit up! Merry Christmas everyone!

You probably heard every single effort to help Northern Mindanao. And it’s uplifting my heart to see Filipinos exerting every effort to volunteer/help/donate.

We at PdP want to help in the best way possible! The primary need now in CDO and Iligan are food and water. So instead of donating used clothes (and the alleged spring cleaning of some, evidenced by the presence of lace underwear and sequined outfits in the stash. OH REALLY? I’m so sorry, I just have to say that) we could donate food and water, or MONEY to be used to buy food and water for the Mindanaoans.

On Dec. 23, PdP will be having a pop-up shop at Moonleaf Tea Shop Maginhawa for the benefit of Sendong victims. We will be there along with several brands and bloggers who will be selling old and new stuff with proceeds to go to CDO and Iligan City. We hope that in our ways, however little they may be, we get to contribute and help our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

It’s Christmas and there’s no better way but to send love to those unfortunate ones. Please spread the word!

Poster by Dan Matutina

Moonleaf Tea Shop 2012 Planner + GIVEAWAY!

As you may have read, THE planner of the season had hit Manila a week ago, and now — NOW I HAVE IT IN MY HANDS! (I am still in Moonleaf – Maginhawa as I type, so still no photos, haha!) But I have some photos from their Facebook account!

The Moonleaf 2012 Planner comes in a hard-bound, 100-page book form made with high-quality paper. The design is minimalist (they said no fuss right?) and is inspired by the beauty of (what else?) the moon. Your whole week is laid out in a 2-page spread: great for writing in lots of reminders!

Your planner comes with:

ONE – Nifty felt bookmark (made by our friends at http://www.tweeshoponline.com)

SIX – 10% discount coupons you can use THE WHOLE YEAR! (conditions apply)

TWO – FREE DRINK COUPONS you can use on your birthday and on our anniversary! (conditions apply)

There are LIMITED STOCKS for each branch so the planners are available only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Also comes in a black variant!

So what do you do now?! THIS IS LIMITED ONLY! You should go now and BUY it while it lasts…

OR join this giveaway!!! Yes I am giving away ONE WHITE MOONLEAF 2012 PLANNER! All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. ANYONE can join this contest!
  2. Follow @moonleafteashop in Twitter and their Facebook account as well.
  3. Follow me @Jonver_David, too!
  4. Answer this question and comment in this post:

Why do you like the Moonleaf 2012 planner?

Best comment will win the planner!

Just like that, and have a chance to win the MOONLEAF 2012 PLANNER. Winner will be announced at December 24, 2011 11:59pm! I will be the Santa Claus who will be giving a very precious (and beautiful, indeed!) planner!

It’s a wonderful 2012 coming, I can feel it. Even better with this exclusive 2012 planner by Moonleaf Tea Shop!

Jonver’s Christmas Wishlist 2011 edition!

Batchel. A satchel with a handle. I don’t know where did the “B” come from, haha. Doesn’t really need to be Cambridge, but it won’t hurt too if you get me a Cambridge haha. Preferably 13″ and in mustard or brown :P

Creepers. A 50’s classic! I don’t know when I started liking it, but it is definitely in my radar now (especially because I need the height LOL!)! I don’t know where else in the Philippines you can find one aside from Gold Dot! That furry addition and military belt buckle detail is just so fierce! I’m a size 8 men’s, haha!

The Amazing Playground Letterman jacket. Patched with the letter J, please! Am no jock, but I really dig these jackets – you all know I love stuff I can wear anywhere! Preferably medium size and in maroon and white. #AlamNa! :P

iPod Nano 3rd gen. This is my favorite iPod nano! I sold my iPod a couple of years ago, and now I want one again. I know I’m such a fickle, haha! I’d love a silver one :)

Moonleaf Planner. CROSS. THIS. OUT. Because… Moonleaf management has already given me one!!! Thank you Moonleaf! But I lalalalalalalove this planner — I quit a five-year habit for this and saved up money and calories. There’s a lot inside too — YOU HAVE TO BUY ONE FOR YOU TO KNOW :P

A date in Moonleaf Maginhawa and my Wintermelon Black Tea. 100% sweetness, no add-ons. Buy me tea with macarons, pleash? I’d love a catch up session with people I haven’t seen for a while and maybe, just maybe I can bring someone special here too :3

Sophie’s Mom Red Velvet Cupcakes + Dulce de Leche Chocolate cupcakes. I’ll finish a dozen quickly! Oh alright, I’ll share! HAHA! I love that it’s just so perfect. Finally, I have found my perfect cupcake :3 *SOB*

Macarons. Salted Caramel please! Before cupcakes, I am so gaga with Macarons! Empire and The Cookie Jar make exquisite batches of guilty macaron love! Perfect with a cup of tea.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins boxed set. Been meaning to read the whole saga, but damn I need to find time. I need to read this before the movie hits theaters. That gives me three months — GO FIGURE!

Anything crucifix without a man. I think I am starting to have a cross fever! Amen fashion anyone?

NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet. My New York project hasn’t formally started yet, but this can help it kick start! The name of the game is simple – collect anything that shouts (or even whisper) NUEVA YORK! Anyway this wallet is made from recyclable materials so it’s earth-friendly and you can buy this from Punchdrunk Panda, yow!

Opulence by Jeremy Scott and/or White Rebel by Swatch. I haven’t worn any watch since my last duty in college. But I will wear one again (and promise will never be late again — CHOS LANG!)


Advanced grateful remarks to those who will gift me (kapal lang noh?!) But seriously, any gift wrapped with a whole lot of love is fine. A lil’ addition, i.e. anything from this list, will be better though — HAHA!

Gird your loins for the I’m-a-brat Wishlist Christmas 2011 edition!!!

Luxe Bazaar by LiST Group

I’m laughing at myself while doing this post, because it’s overdue for nearly a month. I’M LIKE REALLY BUSY THESE PAST FEW DAYS. I can’t even.


Anyhoo, here are some photos from the Luxe Bazaar. I really love this bazaar because the Ariato Center in Il Terrazo is uber comfy! Plus, a lot of my blogger friends were also there + Sophie’s Mom + Milk Tea. I can’t wish for anything else. CHOS! :P

DSC_0431Punchdrunk Panda team






DSC_0450Gold Dot


DSC_0453Happy Hoodies! I seriously love them!

DSC_0460I wanna buy this pair of boots from Five by Five…

DSC_0461But it doesn’t fit me well. Oh how sad.


DSC_0465Gold Dot team! I scored two pairs of heels for my sister for just PhP2000! Thank you Gold Dot

DSC_0473My sister will use this for her debut

DSC_0474The two shoes cost around PhP5000, and I get it for over 50% off. WHAT. A. DEAL!!! 

DSC_0475Ain’t they pretty?!

DSC_0426Sophies Mom! I died when I knew they were there. Their Red Velvet Cupcakes are to die for!



DSC_0429Dulce de Leche chocolate cupcakes. Sinful.




I was saying goodbye to Tita Tonette and was getting their card (so I can visit them in their Makati shop) when this little cute kid Sam offered me a nutella mochi. THIS CUTE KID IS SO SWEET *SOB* Thanks, Sam! Hope to see you again!

It was my first time to try Teaology! I will surely review this one for The Milk Tea Project — which reminds me to update already. HAHA!


DSC_0470Bench black basic collared shirt, Gap striped shorts, Liliw espadrilles, Thrifted panda puppet (which is so cute!)

Of course, I won’t pass without an outfit shot LOL! But seriously, when manning a bazaar, one has to be comfy enough to move around – carry stocks, keep the booth organized, and accommodate customers. But also, one should look nice especially when facing and talking to customers. My trusty espadrilles (from Liliw, Laguna! BUY LOCAL!) were super comfy and stylish enough, matched with a foolproof combo of black outfits!