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It’s that time of the year.

Holiday Wishlist. For the awesome friends of Jonver David, nyahahaha.

Books. Refer to my Pageturners section :)

Cardigan, Scarf, Leather jacket, or anything winter couture, haha demanding?

DMs! 8-hole please.

Vintage specs. Channeling John Lennon. Can I have prescriptions like this?

Planner. Or help me for the Starbucks planner and have mercy on my pocket and hips!

Ultra spic and span Muji PH store! And also the loot inside! (Hideo Muraoka in the foreground, photo by Chuvaness)

Muji notebooks I love.

Anything from MUJI. Better yet take me there :)

Tae Guk Gi, film about the Korean War

Peace in Korea, in the world. Let’s pray.

I want to stay at the hotel near Forest House... if ever.

Trip back to Baguio/Sagada/Somewhere North.

Channeling minamalism.

Onto Headphones. I still like these.

Cases! Gawd, I don’t want to have duty on Christmas  day. And even on New Year’s!


Leather case for my BB ❤

from Lazaro's

Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Photo from DCF.com)

The I-still-think-it’s-Valrhona chocolate cake from Lazaro’s. Maybe THE Jen Aquino can scout for me who made it, teehee. Or Cookie Dough Cheesecake. /drool

Narnia movie!

SAAAAAAAAAB with her new tattoo ❤ (Photo from Saab's tumblr)

A greeting from my crush, Saab ❤

A part-time job.

Cereal Killers reunion.

Tote by Juun J

A leather tote bag.

The legalization of the RH Bill….

…and YOU! (Sino? Haha!)

P.S. I put up this list for the holidays though all I really want for Christmas is a spanking new dSLR <— the 20th wish ❤

Cross fingers, please Lord.

P.P.S. I’ll be an aliping saguiguilid for the rest of the year, to that someone who will give me the dSLR (asa x law of attraction) haha!

Happy shopping,

What’s in your bag v1

This is too late for the Manila Design Week contribution by Bratpack.

And I’ve seen it in Monday mag.

Saab did it, too. As well as Pat (although I’d like to think that in a parallel universe I conceived it to do first. Bitter? AMP! HAHA!) Here’s some evidence:

What's in my bag circa 2006: Esprit bag from mom. Mentos, Book from NBS, another book, notebook, and wallet.

Yes that was a cheap shot, I know.

And tonight, I decided to do it. Hahaha, and as Pat would put it – Feeling VIP lang.

Yes, it's that many in a bag.

I didn’t think there was that many stuff in my bag — everyday!

Ateneo jacket over Jansport White && Gray Bag

From L-R: Toshiba NB205 (fondly Toshi), Black notebook for notes with lots of handouts, [next line] Wallet from Oxygen, Coin purse from somewhere north, Eyemo for red eyes, pair of gray mist contacts with grade, ice cream lip balm from HK, Everyone’s a hero baller, white PQI flash drive, mercury drug plastic with biogesic inside, FEU-IN bookmark, [next line] Stabilo pencils, Mongol pencil, Tombow pen, Apache marker, green highlighter, Faster multicolored pen (for duties), green staples, stapler, keys, Orion correction tape, Stabilo eraser, [next line] earphones, school ID, watch. Whew!

From L-R: Starbucks 2010 Planner with lots of handouts again, pair of thick black rim glasses, [next line] Defend Press Freedom tickler,  Yellow pad, Toshi’s charger, face towel (I get SO sweaty everyday,) watch, nameplate, FEU lanyard.

And that’s basically the mess that is my bag. I’d like a spacier bag sometimes. Stay tuned for v2!