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Bags of Love UK

Some time in December (I think) when a mail slash early Christmas treat arrived from London! I was exchanging emails with Bags of Love UK regarding this leather holdall. I already used it a number of times – in events, work, vacation. It really does hold it all, y’know?

Bicol trip for a talk: Rex Clothing cross shirt, Oxygen reversible jeans, US brand denim jacket, Punchdrunk Panda negatives plimsolls, and Bags of Love UK leather holdall.

I think by now, friends and family already know that I am a heavy packer (pronounce well, kids.) And this bag indeed is a wonder. It’s made of authentic leather – from the make to the handles. It is spacious enough to carry my everyday stuff: netbook, DSLR, extra clothes, books, planner/journal/notebooks, and whatever I may deem to need or even unnecessarily carry that day. It does the job well. It doesn’t break even though I fill it to the brim!

Dr. Marten’s Launch: Basic shirt, Thrifted coat, H&M plaid scarf, Penshoppe jeans, Karl Leuterio (BU2) boots, Bags of Love UK leather holdall

And I love how I can use them when I’m in the mood for formal wear. It’s always the case then – I don’t know what bag to bring when I’m in somewhat formal. This bag cures this problem though. No more excuses to use a backpack, haha!


Bicol trip Day 2: it acts as a shoulder bag also!

AND OH! Have I told you about how they customized the design for me? I sent over a photo that I took and they printed it and stitched it to my holdall! How convenient was that? I can easily say to my clients that, hey this is one of the photos I took around the city. Et voila, it’s a conversation piece! It really is a bag of love!!!

To know more about Bags of Love UK, this amazing British brand, you may hover at the links below. Anyway, Can you guess which Manila City photo I had them put in my bag?

Bags of Love UK