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Hunger Games AGAIN


So hi there again! This day couldn’t get any lazier… It’s the longest I’ve been home since I got a job again back in January. And I was just blog-hopping and checking tweets, and oh, changed my Facebook profile picture. But that doesn’t interest you, and most importantly, is not connected to my blog post title. Sheesh, forgive the three year-old in me.


Anyhoo, I’ve watched The Hunger Games again before the holiday, and I still couldn’t pull out a decent movie review out of my brain. Remember that I haven’t seen anything that I haven’t seen before? Yeah count this one in. I know there are plenty other films to watch, but I just couldn’t pass up with watching a fellow fan and shrieking like a girl and like nobody cared.

DSC_0426Aaron Yeo visited Angel for her birthday! How sweet of this guy! 


DSC_0429This is new to us. When did SM start using this for movies?


DSC_0431Hello everyone, meet the birthday girl! I love Angel‘s new hair!!


DSC_0433These Apple flats from Manels are genius!



We had dinner at the newly renovated Yabu. It was bigger, but it still is crowded. Maybe they should get a bigger place of their own, and not just in a mall #justsayin. Anyway, the food is still how I liked it the first time I was there. I ordered the Rosu (instead of my favorite Kurobota.) The meat was still succulent, thanks to the all-encompassing presence of fat in the meat. I shall try the Hire some other time, or even the Chicken and Seafood katsu. But for now, I’m having and am happy with my pork, yes, thank you.



I couldn’t emphasize how I LOVE the cabbage salad. I almost asked the waitress to omit the rice from my order, but my bill would be the same, so I had rice. Next time though I wouldn’t have the rice. Cabbage and Katsu is heaven and it should stay as is. (Blogging this on a Good Friday does not help, I’m hungry and there are no places to eat at but home.)

About that Hunger Games date. What can I say? Aaron hasn’t watched it yet, and Angel and I were going for round two. AND. I. STILL. CAN’T. BELIEVE. HOW. GOOD. IT. IS!!!! I mean, bashers can bash all they want, book purists can just stay with their books and force an imaginary filmed one in their minds, but yes I’ll take this film with ME as good excellent! I’d like to blab all I’ve said to everybody I talked with this, but I’m saving it for a legit movie review (if I ever come with a decent one, lol)

And of course, give me the benefit of gayness. Josh Hutcherson‘s Peeta IS an eyecandy, and has the perfect underdog puppy eyes look to this wildly feminine series. And also, who could forget Alexander Ludwig’s Cato?! SERIOUSLY, how and when did he get that sizzling hot? That may have to answer to the basher’s casting fail, less pedophilia in District 2 is really a high-numbered incident! Of course, I’m joking. Die, bashers. No, really. Peace and love everyone! :P


Folded and Hung basic v-neck tee, Levi’s distressed denim pants, Thrifted Rolling Stones hooded jacket, Reebok high cut kicks

Thanks to Aaron for the photo!

I semi-want and not want to explain my outfit. This is my guilty outfit, where I just throw a random set of clothes (well mostly monochromatic,) wear jacket, and wear rubber shoes. Haha! These are the days when I just want to be comfy and not care. But, who knew, it actually worked. And I thought also that this is my Hunger Games look. Haha, with the pants smeared with jizz mud. I wish I wore boots though for more THG.

ANYWAY, before I forget. Happy, happy birthday again to the only one blogging wonder woman that is Angeline! It was really fun hanging with you, spending the last few hours before all closes down for the break. Hope you really had a good one. I hope I can join you girls in Titanic 3D this Wednesday… we’ll be shrieking trying-not-to-shriek girls again. Or maybe another round of Hunger Games. Hahahahaha!

P.S. Seriously, if anyone would ask me to watch with him/her The Hunger Games again, I’d definitely say YES without any doubt.

Yabu Katsu Craze!!!

One of my new discoveries lately is Yabu: House of Katsu in the Megamall Atrium. It’s this new Katsu place in Manila but what separates this not another Japanese joint is that 1) they specialize in Katsu, 2) it’s unbelievably SOFT and TENDER Katsu, and 3) it’s authentic yet affordable.

DSC_0902Lotsa sake. But we didn’t drink any. Will definitely try when I get back.

DSC_0903Potato salad and Wakame salad. We were served a couple of appetizers. The potato salad in Japanese mayo has that soft starchy taste in perfect medley with the tangy Japanese mayo. The Wakame (seaweed) salad is addicting. I can’t explain its taste but it’s savory.

DSC_0904Steamed Japanese string beans and Silken Tofu. Not their real menu names, I somehow deleted my note in my BB with the list of what I ate. But what I do remember is that the silken tofu is so soft in the tongue, unlike the common tofu we have in the local market.

DSC_0905Sesame sauce. This part of the dining experience is my second favorite (next to diving my teeth into the tender Kurobota tonkatsu!) They let us do our own sauce which starts with grinding the sesame seeds in a bowl. After grinding we pour the sweet sauce (which I didn’t have a photo of.) I love smelling the sesame seeds while grinding it.



DSC_0910And the main show — I ordered the Kurobota Tonkatsu or the Premium Meat Set. The set comes with the tonkatsu, a generous helping of salad with sesame sauce (which you can ask for more), a bowl of rice, miso soup and fruits. They claim you can slice the meat using your chopsticks – and yes, it’s true!



One thing I love most about this place is how they do the meat. I settled for non less than Kurobota – the meat is darker, fattier and more tender, and for me, JUST FOR ME, it’s better without the sauce. Toff, who’s my seatmate that night, even called me  a meat purist – which is partly true. There are certain dishes that I love with a sauce, and there are those I don’t want any. Just meat and my teeth into it.

DSC_0913With Jim, Cacai, Miko, Kaye, and Toff


Thanks to Yabu Manager, Mr. Mon for accommodating us

DSC_0918We were served a dessert called Lava a la Mode. Not really my favorite, but it was okay. I was in Katsu hangover when I started digging this. Haha!

DSC_0920Cacai, Jim, Moi, Pao, Kaye, Miko, Yabu brand manager, Verge, Lawryeng, and Toff


DSC_0923Stereotyped tee, Adidas Ateneo jacket, F&H distressed denims, Punchdrunk Panda Negatives plimsolls.

Was really tamad to dress up, but I think this one worked out just as fine. It was a blue day, I guess. But my tummy ain’t blue :P

Yabu: House of Katsu
Megamall Atrium 2/F
(02) 576 3900
Facebook | Twitter

Shangri-la’s Retail to Runway

I’m so back!!! Work has been eating up my time, and I literally fall to sleep with my shoes on. So forgive me… Though I really am excited to show you all the events, adventures, and whatnots I’ve been up to. The more busy I become, the more stuff there is to share with you guys!

Anyhoo! I love, love, love, love , LOVE Street wear! You mix and match, wear whatever you want, express yourself, freedom at its best, barely no rules at all. So when I was invited to watch Shangri-la’s Retail to Runway, I was excited to see fresh offerings of both local and international brands worn to the runway.


Styling was done by Ferdi Salvador and John Lozada of the F.A.S.H. Team. Somehow the key to Street Luxe is a combo of smart layering, mixing and matching, and accessorizing – aligned to fusing basics and statement pieces.






6Sweaters will be handy this cool season (and rainy!)



9Maxi has been in the scene for a while…

10Doesn’t hurt to be basic at times…



13Ooooooh! Grunge!

14Model Ria Bolivar walks Retail to Runway









23Bianca Valerio graces this holiday offering by Shang!


25I am so gaga with aztec and navajo print (though I still am thinking how to pull it off)







Brands who participated are Accessorize, Anthem, A/X, Bauhaus, Bergamo, Bossini, Celine, CMG, The Ramp/Crossings, Daniel Hechter, Debenhams, Diesel, Furla, The Gap, Izod, K & Co., Kenneth Cole, Mango, Marks & Spencer, Massimo Dutti, Michael Kors, Mico Boutique, M)phosis, Nautica, Original Penguin, Pab Der, Uomo, Raoul, Rustan’s, The Travel Club, Topshop, Warehouse, and Zara.

DSC_0416Plain white v-neck shirt, Thrifted blazer, Guess denims, Thrifted boots, Speedo frames.

Philippines might be the next fashion capital with these stylists (and fashion bloggers!) at work. Watch out world, here we come!

Post-STJ, World AIDS Day, and it’s-not-yet-Christmas

Now at the Nomad Manager‘s house with Nek-nek  and virtually doing nothing. Well, I have checked my email already, answered a few. Checked the company Twitter and Facebook, posted already. Thanked people (sincerely!) who came at STJ. WE REALLY LOVE ALL THOSE WHO BRAVED THE ST. JAMES BAZAAR *SOB*) And yes, it’s raining, and I haven’t showered yet (TMI alert) and we’re going to Moonleaf in a few…

I really don’t know what to say but I guess, it’s this petiks day that I want to blog about. It’s been a while since I actually had a break from, not just work, but other rakets as well. Haha, my backlog is piling up again (sorry for those events I shoulda blogged about alr by now) but work is really swamping me. November has been busy and I can’t even imagine how December will look like. All I know is that it’s fun, too though really physically tiring.

Well I guess all that matters is that you enjoy what you do. I actually can’t remember saying these words way back in college :P

AND it’s World AIDS Day. Support and tweet #zeroHIVph! Be aware, educate others, and protect ourselves. Everyday, people die of AIDS, and it shouldn’t be clouded with whatnot stats and hoolabaloos! Care for people with AIDS. Let’s get the government to act on it, because it’s damn serious.

Coincidentally, it’s Gay Pride in Manila. Always be proud, brothers and sisters!

You see, December 1 isn’t all about the start of the Christmas season (oh please, not another Christmas whatever.) I woke up to a Christmas-full of tweets and Facebook statuses and I can’t even. Oh please. 23 days (24th is forgivable) of this, I wish I survive.

So. There, in grinch mode again. Haha. No I don’t hate Christmas, people are just overreacting so it becomes really overrated. Near-hate is appropriate :P

This post is sabog, therefore I’m posting it >:D

Mango Philippines is ready for the Holidays!


DSC_0333Leather on the skin feels so good, don’t you think?

DSC_0334Ah, everlasting plaid

DSC_0335I like how spacious Mango Shangri-la is





DSC_0340Interesting. Animal prints is still in vogue



DSC_0342I’m starting to have the crucifix fever. Get me one for Christmas, bitches ❤


DSC_0345Mango Lookbook


Very stylish brand manager. I forgot to get his name though…

DSC_0348Some classy pop art cartoon prints. Look, it’s Minnie!

Experiences with shopping with girlfriends render one to be in touch with the feminine side (oh, believe me, I have no problem with that!) That’s why I know that shopping means a pilgrimage to brands like Mango. Mango has been in the radar of every stylish lady for quite a while – what with a plethora of comfortable yet quality and subtly stylish clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. I’ve always thought why Mango doesn’t have a men’s line.

Kate Moss and Terry Richardson are perfect for this ad that circulated around 3o countries including Spain (where it all began), France, Germany, Turkey, UK, Greece, and Russia.

I really liked that bag in the video! Anyway, after a quick search, I came to know that apparently, the Spanish clothing brand has indeed a men’s line, HE by Mango, which has been around for quite a while. This really makes me think why isn’t Mango Philippines carrying this? I think if Topman and Zara Man has Manila branches, so should HE by Mango.

I hope though it doesn’t take a while before HE by Mango arrives in Manila. But for the meantime, I shall have some pieces shipped here straight from Spain. HAHAHAHAHA LOLJK!

Like Mango in Facebook NOW!

Last Week in Photos

Straight from the GPB last week, I really didn’t have a weekend. Props to my body for not crashing, LOL! Anyway, I love this week because it’s so busy and productive. But it was also fun. Lots and lots of fun with friends, officemates, collaborators, and what have you.

2011 304

2011 327

2011 328

2011 341

2011 340

2011 366

2011 394Forgive that face. MY FAAAAACE!

2011 407

2011 516Divisoria photos by iphoneographer Hanna Samson

Went to Divisoria to source for our little project. I think this is the highlight of my week – Hanna, Ella, and I braved the roads of Manila and back to Eastwood, where our temporary HQ is, to plan a lot for this project. I’m glad our baby steps are going somewhere! Props to my team for being so cooperative :D




Attended WGSN trend forecasting seminar at Raffles Design Institute in The Fort. It was seeing fashion in a different set of eyes, and thanks to that, I now have more knowledge in fashion than just “black really is elegant.” LOL! Also, we had a tour at the international institution. Makes me wanna study again!



Tango Fire is coming here in Manila! And I am so lucky to be the one of the first to know it! Tango is my favorite ballroom way back college PE days. Though I know it’s a dance between a quarreling couple, I never knew it comes in a ballet form! Looking forward to this indeed!


DSC_0309Was he informed I’m gonna take this photo? LOL! Chris Lao in the house!!!


IMMAP Open Mic Night at Craft was really awesome! I was really inspired to continue my newfound career in Marketing and it was indeed a learning smorgasbord for everyone! Will be sharing tots of inspiration I got from this session really soon!




Dropped by Mango Shangri-la with some other bloggers to shoot their Holiday collection. I wish they carry a men’s line because I really love the fabric they use here. I can almost see myself wearing it. No not the women’s clothes. LOL, forget I said that :P




Spotted Bianca Valerio on the runway

Capped the weekend by watching Shangri-la’s Holiday Fashion Show; featuring some of the brands they carry under their mall!

Not bad at all. I love doing this weekly photo thing and I also love being busy! Don’t you?

Keep being productive,

Subspace Coffee House

It’s not everyday that you stay in a coffee shop. I mean, yes, it can be a lifestyle on its own, but face it – it’s an expensive one. Though, every once in a while, everyone needs a breather from the workplace and may be in need for a coffee shop to work at. For me, it needs not to have the greatest tasting coffee, or the fastest wi-fi (though sometimes I insist that, internet should be non-negotiably lightning FAST) but it has to spark your creativity. It has to inspire. It has to kickstart your rather rusty engine and get you up and running about.

DSC_0561Inspiration overload


DSC_0551Wooden chairs for chandeliers. I don’t mind at all.






Enter Subspace Coffee House, the vintage-overloaded, out-of-the-box concept cafe located at the former Emerald avenue in Ortigas Center.

DSC_0553Vintage pieces gathered by Thor, the owner, from around the country and beyond (Outerspace? LOL!)


DSC_0555Sweet nothings



Everything just seems so well put in this place. Even menus are highly aligned to the aesthetic of the whole store, too. I didn’t get to try some food and drinks though. Maybe next time. Purple Potato Latte and Peanut Butter Latte sounds very intriguing…

DSC_0560EVE says hello by the counter. S/he may take your orders too, LOL!




If this place doesn’t give you even a hint of inspiration, then I don’t know what else would do. Take a look around the cafe (it’s not that big, anyway) and you’ll notice how the interiors alone redefine the cafe experience! The inspiration for this, so I read from blogs, is the rich and dynamically growing aesthetic of Seoul in South Korea. Arriane, a self-professed SoKor junkie confessed that cafes like this can be found in every corner in Seoul! I died in total and instantaneous envy! I can’t believe how we lack these kind of edgy-looking places here in the Philippines!







Sharing time: I don’t know if I told you already, but I have this kind of repulse over K-pop. However I suddenly realized it becomes bearable to listen to it when faced with overly design-indulgent interior pieces. Plus, I get to “appreciate” the foreign songs just a little bit. HAHA! #stillnotintoit #butnolongerhating



DSC_0591Thor + space crew


DSC_0603Remember that we did our bloggers preview here? It’s such a nice memory to look back to.


Everyone is happy :D

DSC_0582…even Panda!

I shall let the photos speak more for themselves. And oh, a mental note for everyone to visit their furniture store, Space Encounters next door.

Subspace Coffee House
Unit 103, G/F Grand Emerald Tower
F. Ortigas Jr. Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
subspacecoffee@gmail.com | 655 7077
Mon – Sat 8am – 11pm

Punchdrunk Panda x Bloggers: All-New Camera Straps!

Before we launch the much-awaited addition to the PdP arsenal of weapons of mass funkiness, Punchdrunk Panda decided to throw a preview to five photographer-bloggers. This is the first project I held for PdP, and so it was nerve-wracking nevertheless fun all at the same time!

DSC_0561I love this place so much! Creativity surges!


We gathered them in a nifty and snug coffee place, Subspace Coffee House (which I will be featuring in a separate post.) Oh the joy in their eyes when they saw the newest designs by Rob ChamJoseph VelasquezPat Manlapas, and PdP’s very own, Gail Go.


One by one, the bloggers poured in. Alexis, Eileen, David, and Arriane were the lucky few who saw these babies first! David loved it so much he just had to buy one!



















We came up with a photo challenge. Each one has to model the camera straps and shoot each other’s photos! It was magulo, makulet, but super duper fun! We had to move the furniture a number of times! I miss it now as I’m typing this post.



DSC_0603PdP  Arriane, David, Eileen, and Alexis!


Whew! Til the next collection! I had so much fun working with the brand and bloggers! This is why I love my job so much ^^

DSC_0617The clouds are so pretty that day, as if it is a sign of a happy day. 


DSC_0618Ran some errands with the PdP team after.



DSC_0627And celebrated at Sbarro. Look at my spaghetti and meatball, first real food for that day!!!

DSC_0628Nica’s half ziti.

DSC_0629And Jen’s white pizza


Punchdrunk Panda approves!

Thank you to Subspace Coffee House for hosting this event, the bloggers for coming and being game to our little challenge, and to my team for trusting me. Thank you all for being so fun to work with! More projects coming, you just keep tuned in at this site!

Quick plug: We will be at the Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent this November 5-6! You can buy your camera straps and other PdP items there! See you there!

Last *AWESOME* week in Photos

It has been a very busy Fashion Week

Until now, I really cannot completely grasp what just happened last week! Whirlwind PFW and a lot of in-betweens! Awesomesauce!!!! IT REALLY IS!!!

More and more people are watching Philippine Fashion Week. Glad that people appreciate local design




Went to Guess‘ show for Philippine Fashion Week. Met my blogger friends again for the first time since the Oxygen preview. As usual, they’re looking so great!




I love the clouds that day, they really are pretty

Thanks to David Guison for this photo of me!

PdP invited a handful of bloggers to Subspace Coffee House to preview the latest awesomesauce camera strap collection we just recently launched. This is the first event I handled for PdP. It’s a bit rough on the edges, but it was successfully delivered! Thank you to my team and the bloggers who made this happen! Stay tune for the next collection we’re having!!!

Pandafy! Coming very soon!

DSC_0663I love the architecture at H20!



After the preview, I went to H20 hotel and met Hanna for a quick Manila walkathon. Walked through Luneta, Roxas blvd., and we found ourselves at David’s Tea House, at Malate, for noodles and dimsum. Btw, their wanton is the best!!! And their tea is delicious. Coming back with the family when Mommy comes home this November.

Went To Freego’s show in the MOA atrium. First time watch inside the mall, and it was wild! People are everywhere and I didn’t manage to find a seat for me, Nica, and Jen. But the collection is awesome, as well. Y’all love it! AND THESE BASKETBALL PLAYERS! They walked outside the curtains with just their undies on and dressed onstage. Oh gawd, my knees have gone weak :P


Back at the SMX, the next day, for Oxygen’s show. Been looking forward to this show since we previewed the Marcela Gutierrez collection. Very edgy and cool.




The collection is so freaking amazing. I want to go into the minds of these designers! After the show, we went to the after party at Prive and met a lot of people. No pictures, because they won’t let my camera in, but I swear I was half-drunk and had the guts to talk to Cliff Ho who is sooooo handsome. That and alcohol made my knees really weak!!!


Saturday is the last day of PFW, for me, that is. Hustled through The Ramp’s show. Thanks to Erika who got me a ticket, even for the last minute. I just wished I wore a fairly ventilated outfit. I am such a sweat machine.



Also watched Vans’ show that day. So glad I did, because I was seated at the front with Miko, Daphne, Gerd, and Verge. So stoked! And they built a mini skate park inside the mall. WOW! Now that’s what you call innovative!

Now this is the face…

…that launched a thousand fans into rage!

Penshoppe’s show was outrageous because of Mario Maurer! I wasn’t able to get in, and I wasn’t really planning anyway, but I was there to wait for Ana to pullout some pieces from her online shop. It was not a pretty scene outside and fans were booing because they can’t be accommodated inside. I think Penshoppe had a special thing for them today…


I initially planned to watch some designers’ show (L’Oreal Menswear and RTW collections) but I had to do a shoot with my sister for her debut. This is my first photo shoot to organize, and so I was so nervous and freaked out. I had Erika, Ana, Bianca, Bea, and Tiff to thank for this shoot. I think they made it easy for me. Thanks, you gals!

FMCC black round neck, Levi’s distressed white denims, Liliw, Laguna espadrilles, Speedo frames

Anyhoo, more of the Summer Spring Collections of these brands on separate posts!!! Egad, this week is so awesome (for the nth time!)

P.S. I am still in Jason Mraz hangover! Watching him play last night is so hypnotizing! And he is so kulet! I just wish he sang Make it Mine! So here it is and let’s all be LSS about it :D

PdP x Bloggers teaser

Yesterday, we at PdP hosted an intimate bloggers preview of our new camera straps at Subspace Coffee House (that place is so awesome!) I am so excited with collaborating with these bloggers and I cannot wait to blog more about this. Unfortunately, some things (i.e. adult stuff) must carry on before this, so the reason for this teaser. BUT I am getting back to all of you to tell how awesome the event went! For the meanwhile watch and enjoy this video (above) made by our Master Panda, Jen Horn.

Also follow David, Arriane, Alexis, and Eileen to win PdP GCs and tickets to the Global Pinoy Bazaar! Thanks, guys and gals!

This week has been pretty much EPIC so far! Still, more surprises keep on, well… surprising me. This week’s for the keeps. Thank you, Universe! :)

Millionz of elyenz!