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Tap out pain!

Oct 19, 2012, 12:43 PM

The country’s first augmented reality game of its kind – Ibufluid Medicol Advance’s Tap Out Pain. Tap Out Pain is the latest installment in Medicol’s Advance Rewards Program (check out, which makes winning super super easy. Simple social actions like tweeting or rating photos immediately enable you to win cool lifestyle prizes like an iPad, Samsung S2 and various GCs.

Sep 25, 2012, 5:45 PM

I really like the cute character designs and how they represent each pain! Uh, not pertaining to that pain… NO EMO ALLOWED HAHA!

Sep 25, 2012, 5:44 PM

The skulldriver is my ultimate enemy outside of this app. I’d have emotions while killing this mofo. Hahaha talk about getting real about it!

Sep 25, 2012, 5:43 PM

This one’s my favorite, really showed you what a cramp is!

Sep 25, 2012, 5:43 PM

Unfortunately, it’s only available on Android. I wish they made one for iOS, though. You can download the app on Google Play here.

Oct 19, 2012, 12:43 PM

How to start? Players just have to initially purchase specially marked MEDICOL ADVANCE 5’s Pack at Mercury Drugstore and Watsons Pharmacy. Then they simply register at, enter the scratch code found on the Ibufluid MEDICOL ADVANCE 5’s pack, scan the special TAPOUT PAIN barcode to unleash one of the Pain Monsters, and it’s game on!

Free movie, anyone?

For times like the long weekend, and we’ve run out of things to do, there’s always an option to hit the movies. It’s cold there, with a date or your barkada… but budget is always the question. C’mon let’s face it. Movies nowadays ain’t as cheap as before. So, if you wanna save up a little but want to spend a night out – check this treat from BDO! Read on ahead to learn more how you can snag free tickets to ANY movie you want :)

Promo Mechanics

  1. The promo is open to all active principal and supplementary cardholders of MasterCard, Visa, JCB and The American Express Credit Card issued by BDO.
  2. BDO Credit Card single online transaction of at least P3,000 from July 1 to August 31, 2012 entitles the cardholder to a FREE P100 voucher from SM Cinema.
  3. Availment of voucher is from July 1 to October 31, 2012 from all SM Cinema branches nationwide. Voucher is valid up to one year from issuance.
  4. All online (local, international or installment) purchases are qualified. Transactions not tagged as online such as but not limited to retail, mail order/telephone order, recurring payment system, cash advances made via ATM or over the counter, auto charge, charge on demand, balance transfer, balance convert, Easy Pay convert retail, Easy Pay Cash or Cash It Easy are excluded from the promo.

Full mechanics are here.

MANELS celebrates with you!

It’s time again for All-Filipino premium leather goods brand Manels‘ Anniversary Sale… And guess what, it still is 50% off ON ALL ITEMS! So march down the nearest Manels store and shop til hearts drop. Tweet @marksig_manels if you have questions :)

Go mobile with MiLi

I’ve been living with my Blackberry phone for quite some time and it has been there in my high and low times. Well, aside for my personal transactions, it’s where I work sometimes because basically my job revolves around Facebook and Twitter. And add to that when I randomly become lazy to open Toshi, my netbook, I have been a heavy Blackberry user ever since.

MiLi Power Miracle image 1

The only drawback from every phone, I think, is the battery life. Seriously, when I work – and I mean Twitter, BBM, YM, and the office apps are on, my battery is only good until less than half a day. Yeah, and I’m out of the house for 25 hours. And it’s such a hassle to find cafes with enough sockets. It’s sad but good thing, I have MiLi!

MiLi Power King image 1

Maybe I’ll get this next – it’s for bigger devices like iPad and laptops!

MiLi is just a simple innovation – it’s a mobile power storage which you plug to your smartphone and et voila – izz like God’s heaven sent to people who use up their batteries at the midday!

And now they have a promo running from June 15 to July 31! If you buy a Power Star for your smartphone, you get a Pocketpal 1A USB adapter! You can avail of this promo in the following outlets:

Ambassador Appliances (Shangri-La, Park Square, VMall)
Astroplus (SM Makati, VMall, Mall of Asia)
Astrovision (Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La, Trinoma, Robinson’s Ermita)
Beeper City (VMall, Greenhills)
Globotel (Greenbelt 1)
Mobile 1 (Park Square, Rockwell, ATC)
Office Warehouse (Paseo Center, Rockwell, Fairview, Shangri-La, Mall of Asia)

MiLi Power Star (for Blackberry, Samsung, & Android smartphones) image 1

To know more about MiLi, check The Online Gadgeteer at Multiply!

Globe Lovebus ❤


“Free rides! Yay!” Exactly my thought when I was invited to experience the pilot ride of the Globe Lovebus. It’s Globe’s way of giving back the love by letting all of us experience hassle-free (and you bet, MORE FUN!!!) riding, much like their newest prepaid promo *143#. 




The Globe Lovebus traverses the busy road of EDSA, pit-stopping at your favorite malls in the Metro. The route starts from Trinoma and ends in MOA and vice versa. From a commuter perspective, this is really a relief, because getting a bus (and getting bored by all their movies) in EDSA is a pain in the ass. The long ride is no longer a problem too, since Globe gives you a one-of-a-kind bus ride experience with a number of in-ride activities like games with actual prizes (I see some eyes glimmer! *wink*)

I’d ride the bus if it meant seeing Ed Westwick everyday. CHARAUGHT!



So how does one gets in the Lovebus? Here’s some easy steps:

1. Register through Globe’s Facebook account.
2. Book your ride, along with your name, prepaid number, and some friends’ names (more utash more fun!)
3. Wait for a confirmation SMS to be sent to you mobile number.
4. Go to your scheduled ride, and show the SMS that acts as your ticket.
5. Hop on the bus, and enjoy the ride!!!




But the fun doesn’t stop there, the Lovebus also has provincial legs in Batangas and La Union this coming Holy Week! Trips to the provinces will be on April 4 and 5, with return trips on April 8 and 9. And if you plan on visiting one of the recently announced top beaches in the world – Boracay, just show your Globe-powered mobile phone or Tattoo stick and ride the Globe Loveboat to and from Boracay island on April 13 – 15! Buses in Metro Manila will commence trips on April 10 and will run for an entire month from Monday to Saturday, 10am – 7pm.



DSC_0137Lunch at Buffet 101 at the Seaside in SM Mall of Asia



DSC_0135I’m on a diet. CHOS! The big slab of steak was on the second plate, haha!

DSC_0139Francis, Coy, Celine

DSC_0141TJ kept us really entertained while riding the Lovebus


And to keep you connected this summer, you don’t need to remember numbers, keywords, or codes. All you need to remember is *143# to avail of Globe’s latest prepaid promos! All promos are now centralized on this promo, so that it’s easier  and quicker to register for Globe promos. Like UNLIALLTRIO which gives you unlimited call, text, and surfing! When will this be available on postpaid? I need eeeeet so bad!

The Moonleaf 2012 Planner

We interrupt this backlog-killing spree for a very important announcement —

MOONLEAF 2012 PLANNER IS ALREADY AVAILABLE AT YOUR FAVORITE MOONLEAF BRANCH! *Imagine me shouting out of freakin’ excitement* And yeah, they require no stamp collection, no drowning in caffeine, just you and your Moonleaf 2012 Planner.

And yeah, I quit a five-year habit (a guilty one, yes) for this. I’m so excited for my own!!! I recommend you buy one to see its contents. Well, I had the chance to see it first, but I won’t kill the excitement :P


Congratulations to the Moonleaf team for the very successful launch of new branches, a trending spot in Twitter, and this beautiful planner (that I can’t quite get my head off until I have my hands on one!) Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter!

Anteroom Sessions!

After only a month of planning, that Saturday night of music, shopping, giveaways, and milk tea finally happened. What happened to be only a musing of sorts turned into one big successful event! I was sick the night before Anteroom Sessions, but what the hell, I really didn’t care because I really wanted to make this event memorable. And even after four days, I still can’t organize my thoughts – blame it on the flu, I guess. But it’s really cool that these artists and brands decided to collaborate with us to bring you a one-of-a-kind weekend art x music experience.

DSC_0441It was Patman’s first time to use this cutter, LOL!



DSC_0448Setting up

DSC_0447The Pats

DSC_0445Au natural


DSC_0449Prepping spiels


DSC_0462Only Revolutions



DSC_0454On an INSANE sale!!!

DSC_0451Early birds!!! I love Googly Gooeys from Analog Soul.

DSC_0450And I miss college because of this tee. Almost bought it actually (but then I realized I didn’t bring any money, haha!)




DSC_0467Moonleaf Tea Shop is always packed!


Love Never Dies – love the electric guitar + mixer fusion. Hanna would have loved to listen to their sets









Slow Hello – I love how her voice is so soothing



DSC_0495Manuel Nicolas Alvero – I always see him in gigs like the Heima launch at the LRI and Meiday, but it’s only that day I got to listen to him



DSC_0490Tarsius – It was Diego Mapa’s birthday! And their set was so electrifying, it left the people in shock 



DSC_0502Thysz and Jen hosted, with me butting in sometimes, LOL!



DSC_0513Outerhope – J’adore!!! I was a screeching fanboy at the back and I was happily floating among their soundwaves. So calming to listen to! You should download their free tracks (all artists’ links below)




Love in Athens – I was surprised at how strong his music is, plus I love how quirky Francis Regalado is!

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the following brands!

DSC_0496Accommodating and very funny crew at Moonleaf Tea Shop

DSC_0473Splatt MNL accessories – they also sell customized letterman and varsity jackets

DSC_0476FILED! – ’cause something always tells me I will never have enough notebooks

DSC_0474Holic – accessorize with their bracelets – which are subtly adorned by bronze charms

DSC_0477Analog Soul – love ’em shirts!!! I should go get some.

DSC_0478Junk Studio (as manned by my co-intern Pat Remoquillo) – upcycled products up for grabs.

Thank you to everyone who entrusted their Saturday nights to us. We really do hope you enjoyed the sets, the shops, the giveaways, the milk tea, and of course the company that we shared. We can’t wait for the next one. We hope you’re feeling the same way too!

DSC_0469Thysz, Fabgelous

DSC_0461June, Dee, Ariane

DSC_0506Go lang, Ate Mike! :P

DSC_0516FEU batchmates! Elaine, Coco, Ella, Dee, June, Ariane

DSC_0514Sir Chris, Pate

DSC_0522Charlene, Jason

DSC_0523St. Scho peepz: Hanna, Escy, Saco, and Pate






DSC_0540Fabgelous, Paul



DSC_0537Leatherengines, Fabgelous, Happy Lab

DSC_0538Designers AJ of Os and Elyoo

DSC_0541Curves, Bon



Go sa kapayatan sitners: Ate Bobet!

DSC_0551Mike, Ronan


Pate taking her new JP Cuison plimsolls for a spin


Mine was an OJ Desuasido chukka design


I cannot be more thankful for the success of Anteroom Sessions!!!

Photo Booth courtesy of Topshot Booth!


The first Anteroom Sessions has been brought to you by Punchdrunk Panda with…

Partner Artists: Outerhope | Slow Hello | Tarisus | Manuel Nicolas Alvero | Love in Athens | Love Never Dies | DJ Only Revolutions

Partner Brands: Topshot Booth | Analog Soul | FILED! | Junk Studio | Splatt MNL | Yabang Pinoy | Holic

Venue partner: Moonleaf Tea Shop

Thank you very much for partnering with us! Til the next!!! \m/

P.S. We are still on an INSANE Birthday Blowout Sale courtesy of our birthday girl Gail Go! Only up until the 9th/Friday, so hurry to the PdP website now!

UPDATE: Some of my photos are featured here. Thank you very much, STATUS Magazine!

Punchdrunk Panda
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SHOWING THIS WEEK: Titus Andronicus

Was in the dress rehearsal of Titus Andronicus a while ago at SDA (thank you Marion for accommodating me) and I’m amazed at how they really prepare for this. From the nitty gritty of it – costume, props, production design, lights, music. Everything seems so well put together. It’s opening this Wednesday, August 3 at the SDA Auditorium, up until August 5. I really didn’t take any photos, but I’ll leave you with this poster they made.

First performed in the winter of 1594, TITUS ANDRONICUS is considered to be Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most violent work marked by a number of beheadings, a disembowelment, rape, dismemberment, murders, and cannibalism. Set during the latter days of the Roman Empire, the play tells the fictional story of Titus, a general in the Roman army, who is engaged in a cycle of revenge with Tamora, Queen of the Goths.

Featuring theater stalwarts KALILA AGUILOS, DAX ALEJANDRO, JOSHUA DEOCAREZA, NAR CABICO, G.A. FALLARME, DERRICK GOZOS, GWYN GUANZON, RUSSELL LEGASPI, MARA MARASIGAN, JIHAD MARIANO, PAOLO O’HARA, CHRISTIAN PARADO, PAUL JAKE PAULE, GAB SANTOS, and JOEL SARCHO as Titus Andronicus, the play will be shown at the SDA Theater at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design & Arts along Vito Cruz, Manila. Performance Dates are August 3, 4, and 5, 2011 with 1:00 and 7:00 PM shows. Ticket prices are at PHP 150, 300, and 350. Co-presented to you by Kickers, High Sierra, DC, Quiksilver, Roxy and Jansport.

Get these cool freebies when you buy the corresponding tickets:

PhP 300 ticket = Jansport lanyard
Two PhP 350 tickets = Jansport notebook
Five PhP 350 tickets = High Sierra backpack
Seven PhP 350 tickets = Jansport backpack
Ten PhP 350 tickets = Any Jansport bag

For tickets and other inquiries, please call or text: 09178387285 / 09155059439 / 09175020531 / 09163256772.


As you know this is the thesis of the AB-Production Design and AB-Technical Theater students of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (some of whom are my friends.) So let us support them by watching! This is open for all individuals, Benildean or not. See you!!!

If you don’t know how to get there, here’s a map to help you. Or just get off at Vito Cruz LRT 1 station and walk across the road. When you see Jollibee, head straight that street. SDA is near a construction sight and a 7/11 store.

RSVP to this event.

XIE XIE: The Moonleaf Tea Shop Grand Launch!


This Friday, Moonleaf Tea Shop celebrate and thank YOU for making Moonleaf your favourite milk tea shop!


– They’re formally launching their flagship store, Moonleaf Maginhawa!
– Get the New MOONLEAF TEA SHOP LOYALTY CARD with every purchase!


– Invite your friends for a group photo in one of our photo booths, submit it as an entry to win prizes for THE MOST CREATIVE TEAM PHOTO, BEST INTERPRETATION OF THE THEME and MOST NUMBER OF PEOPLE W/ MOONLEAF DRINK IN A PHOTO. (Check FB page for contest details).


– EXCLUSIVE FREEBIES and DISCOUNTS from our event partners for every drink you buy!
– A chance to win HOURLY PRIZES when you are inside the store!


– Starts at 7:00PM.
– Premiere of Moonleaf Tea Shop Video Presentation.
– Moonleaf Main Man, Adrian Adriano’s birthday celebration.


RSVP to the event and also like their Facebook pages!

Moonleaf Tea Shop
103 Maginhawa street
UP Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City


And did I mention that they were sponsors of the Harry Potter screening by Zed yesterday?! This brand is getting bigger and bigger. And I am so excited on what they have to offer! Visit Moonleaf Tea Shop later and get amazing freebies, aside of course from your very luscious milk tea drink! I’m also excited with our upcoming collaboration (not the blog, but something I’m working out with.) There’s so much happening at Moonleaf Tea Shop!

Will be dropping by after the Cinemalaya opening night! Say hi, when you see me!


Manels Private Sale

If there are two fashion guilty pleasures that I have – that would be shoes and bags. Shameful confession: most of the time, before I look to the face, I look to the shoes first! Well, anyway. HAHA! Enough of that.

Two days before the launch of the biggest sale (as far as I’m concerned) I’ve ever heard, Manels invited bloggers to see their latest collections and, of course, to go shopping!!! ALL ITEMS, 50% OFF! Zeh bloggers just went wild!

DSC_1046Bloggers just went giddy!



DSC_1051Ooops, dark. Sarreh Melai!

DSC_1052Camwhore-all-you-can! You go shoot that photo, Aisa!


DSC_1057Early (not angry) birds: Aisa, Reg, Honey, Krissy, and Ana

DSC_1061Gah, so many choices! WHICH TO BUY THOUGH?

Maphisto: Men’s shoes. I actually find it marginalizing (very serious, lol) that most boutiques have only A CORNER for men. We are capable of dressing up people, so pimp that corner up! Just saying…

DSC_1047Premium leather

DSC_1050I love the wingtip and perforations, but I really don’t need it.

DSC_1053These look comfy like bathroom slippers.

DSC_1055Topsiders nation

DSC_1059I’ve been searching for a tote bag…

DSC_1060When you’re at Manels, try to smell the leather. It’s so addicting.

DSC_1064I have a pair that looks like these, but I think aren’t as sturdy as these topsiders.




DSC_1091I got the fourth, beige one.



Mr. Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations of Manels leathergoods. He’s very accommodating. Thank you Sir!

Now some treat for the girls. Manels has a wide selection of women’s shoes.


DSC_1067This snow leopard print tote can stand out in any crowd.

DSC_1068Fringe, anyone?

DSC_1073Studded leather oxfords. For some remixed hipster chic outfit.

DSC_1094You know what they say…

DSC_1080“The higher the heels…”

DSC_1083“…the closer to God!”



They also feature some other leather items like…


DSC_1074More bags

DSC_1075Very classy wallets 


Here are some of the bloggers I met in the event:


DSC_1071Photographer Frank Ruaya


Honey Andrade of Somnium et Vita. Fellow nurse-blogger. Hello there, Honey!


Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant. I was surprised to know her age, she looks so young! And so stylish too!



Reg Rodriguez of Hey Rocket Girl! Her maxi dress really caught my eye.


Krissy of Krissyfied.

DSC_1084Manels staff, who are equally accommodating as their boss!

Thank you and happy anniversary, Manels for a wonderful shopping experience! And I wish I can remember all the bloggers’ names! There goes me again.

The Manels BIG Sale, 50% off on all items, including new arrivals, also on all branches, runs from July 13 – 17 only.

Lastly this is what I wore. Kinda repeat (teehee, I’m not fashown!) Photo by Frank Ruaya

And this is what I got, beige topsiders. Yay! I have new shoes ulit! Photo by Manels Megamall branch.

Heed your inner consumerist! (LOL!)