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Current mood: The xx

And I know you’re fed up of hearing me ranting about Christmas songs, and the fuss about the holidays. So I won’t bring that up. And here’s a Christmas song actually… But not JUST a Christmas tune, but it’s Last Christmas by The xx!!! Imagine the joy, the yuletide joy, when I found this! It’s sung in a way that it’s not a) too jolly, b) too diva, or c) both; it’s sober but I can feel it’s Christmas! I super love it!

And oh, you guys know also about altMNL, this blog I’m working on with friends. We also came up with Not Just Another Christmas Mixtape. Some tunes to save you from the boredom of the usual you hear (please, don’t even mention the tacky tunes in the local jeepneys. I CANNOT.)

So yeah, it’s just so happppppyyyyyy to put this on repeat. Best with someone to hug or a hot cup of cocoa, but yeah I don’t have the former. Hi, hot cocoa. Warm me up. I’ll stop talking to myself already. Enjoy the holiday break, guys!

PdP Christmas Fartee!

DSC_0223PdP gave me the sweetest gift! *pun intended*





DSC_0236One orgasmic sigh











DSC_0251What happened to panda?! LOL!







I miss the PdP team :|

Moonleaf giveaway winner + updates!

I must admit, I really had a hard time deciding for the winner of the Moonleaf Planner. But y’know, though I really want all of you to win (LOL!) I wish I have enough resources too, I have to choose one.

And our Moonleaf planner winner is… Zeti Cuenca (@zeticuenca)

Don’t worry if you didn’t win in this contest – you can still avail of this very affordable, albeit pretty and functional, planner! You just have to go to the nearest Moonleaf Tea Shop branch and buy one for only PhP300 (white) / PhP450 (black)!

Speaking of which, I’m really tempted to go to Moonleaf San Fernando earlier this day since I was near there and was craving for Wintermelon Black Tea. Though sadly, nobody can drive me there, and I’m too tamad to commute, HAHA! Sucha brat!

Tameta Clan. Shot earlier at my Aunt’s house in Malolos.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope we all had a meaningful Christmas… though mine took a lot of twists and turns and whatnots, in the end I can say that this is the best Christmas everrr! Just received the best gift too, I wish I can blog about it already, but yeah, I can’t :P

Hello! Did you miss me?

I know it’s so bipolar-ish of me to be so happy after my existential x philosophical x dreading post about Christmas. But hey, again — if we can be happy everyday, and Christmas is JUST another day. Then we can be happy on Christmas day. Merry Christmas IS appropriate to say! :P

A few updates before I start my backlog-killing spree! (Oh fun!)

  • Our benefit pop-up bazaar at Moonleaf Maginhawa turned out to be success! We raised over PhP23,000 for Northern Mindanao! Way to go bloggers and shoppers! Moonleaf is still accepting donations up until the end of this day ONLY.

  • I’m so excited to share to you my Bicol adventure! Well, not really an adventure as I was there for the First Bicol Social Media Workshop! Had a grand time with students from Bicol University!

PPhoto by one of the students from BU

  • Right after touchdown in Manila, I went straight to prep for my sister’s debut! Angel @ 18 was a huge success, and I’m so proud of my sister!!!

Angel’s so pretty!

Syempre, di ako pakakabog! Unkabogable KUYA!

  • HAD THE GRANDEST TIME AT PdP’S CHRISTMAS PARTYYYY! Pictures to follow! So sad though others didn’t make it na.
  • I still have utang posts about PdP’s blogger hangout at Milky & Sunny and  Dr. Marten’s re-opening in the PH! It was so much fun!!! *oh forgive the lag, December is a busy month :(*

Photo by Miko Carreon

  • The Moonleaf Tea Shop Planner giveaway is still on UNTIL the end of this day (Dec. 24, 11:59pm) I hadn’t have time to read every comment, but it seems to me, so far, that everyone LOVES the Moonleaf planner!

  • My already-stout heart has been made even stouter by people giving stuff to me for Christmas. I love you all, guys and gals ❤
  • And if you haven’t got anything for me, just refer to this Wishlist. CHAROT! But yeah, you can give me anything from the list. Do not hesitate, please. HAHA! #makapal #ohyeah!

So that’s pretty much everything happening! If you must know, after my backlogs I’m on to my Pokemon workout and will finish probably American Psycho (and probably also, succumb into downloading Haruki Murakami e-books.) HAHA!


Oh my. Look at days passing by.

Yes, I am positively sure (and not dreaming) that Christmas is here in less than a day’s time. Look at that. Just like that, it’s here. I can’t even.

I remember a time when Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. Though my parents didn’t really teach us to expect gifts (i.e. I am not sanay to receive gifts. LIKE NOT REALLY SANAY,) I always look forward to Christmas dinner, seeing grandpa and grandma, watching cartoons til morning, playing games, down to the last thing on the list of Christmas Eve-Day to-do’s which btw can grow as long as we can think of something to do. The next day, we visit relatives. We receive something, but not much. But it’s heartwarming to receive something and to see all of them and share food and drinks (and the old men will always be drunk!) We’ll go back home, tired of all the chatter-blabber but we know we had fun and there’s a year ahead of us to expect Christmas again.

I guess it ain’t the same when you grow up.

Christmas Eve. 24th of December. Everyone is in the house. School/Office are called off for a moment (or in my case, I almost spent Christmas day in the hospital. I shudder.) Everybody’s prepping for the Noche Buena. Cleaning the house. Chopping ingredients. You’ll check email every once in a while, find out you need to finish some last-minute work. It eats up all your time. You turn on the TV. Every station has their own crappy holiday special. Or maybe not really crappy — but you know? It’s just so commercialized. It’s almost Christmas dinner. You’re sleepy and you’re hungry. What on earth were you thinking to wait for midnight to eat dinner?! Isn’t it supposed to be midnight snack or something? But no, you have to watch your weight. Then Noche Buena comes. You eat, take pictures, laugh a little, argue who’s gonna do the dishes (I’ll normally say, “hey I cooked, bitches”) Then it’s settled. You open gifts after. After some years of innocence, I always intentionally forget to give someone a gift. Don’t ask. Then you sleep sparingly and you head to the relatives’ place in hours’ time.

Christmas day. 25th of December. Roads are empty. Malls are closed. You get in the car with the family, and you can’t take that EVERY radio station plays Christmas songs. AREN’T THEY FED UP?! It’s been on, for like, since September! Anyway, finally you arrive the relative’s house. You talk about your life (or why hasn’t you have a girlfriend or whatnot. WTF do they care?!) More and more chatter. Until then, it’s a blur. You just wanna shut off all of them, read a book or play Pokemon or something. The next thing you know is that you’re headed home, your energy’s drained and WHY THE HELL WERE YOU OUT AGAIN?! I could’ve slept and rested. But oh well, you don’t get to be Grinch, or Scrooge, or even just yourself and say Christmas is just another day in the freakin’ calendar. It’s always the day for them.

Then we have to do it all over again. Oh bummer.

I don’t know exactly why I’m having these realizations this Christmas Eve’s morn. Last year, I already knew Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday anymore (It’s New Year’s Day now anyway) and I even came up with a to-do list for Christmas Eve. So positive, ain’t it? I don’t get it now though. I’m just being transparent. Definitely I am NOT bitter. I am NOT hating. But I just really feel nothing this Christmas. I can’t feel it.

It will be just another day in the calendar. And people will wait another 365 days to splurge, get fat, and get broke.

I am not the Grinch who will steal Christmas. I am not Scrooge who hate Christmas. But I’m just Jonver who ain’t fond of Christmas. But that doesn’t mean Christmas can’t be happy. Like any other day, we can all be happy TODAY.

Shangri-la’s Retail to Runway

I’m so back!!! Work has been eating up my time, and I literally fall to sleep with my shoes on. So forgive me… Though I really am excited to show you all the events, adventures, and whatnots I’ve been up to. The more busy I become, the more stuff there is to share with you guys!

Anyhoo! I love, love, love, love , LOVE Street wear! You mix and match, wear whatever you want, express yourself, freedom at its best, barely no rules at all. So when I was invited to watch Shangri-la’s Retail to Runway, I was excited to see fresh offerings of both local and international brands worn to the runway.


Styling was done by Ferdi Salvador and John Lozada of the F.A.S.H. Team. Somehow the key to Street Luxe is a combo of smart layering, mixing and matching, and accessorizing – aligned to fusing basics and statement pieces.






6Sweaters will be handy this cool season (and rainy!)



9Maxi has been in the scene for a while…

10Doesn’t hurt to be basic at times…



13Ooooooh! Grunge!

14Model Ria Bolivar walks Retail to Runway









23Bianca Valerio graces this holiday offering by Shang!


25I am so gaga with aztec and navajo print (though I still am thinking how to pull it off)







Brands who participated are Accessorize, Anthem, A/X, Bauhaus, Bergamo, Bossini, Celine, CMG, The Ramp/Crossings, Daniel Hechter, Debenhams, Diesel, Furla, The Gap, Izod, K & Co., Kenneth Cole, Mango, Marks & Spencer, Massimo Dutti, Michael Kors, Mico Boutique, M)phosis, Nautica, Original Penguin, Pab Der, Uomo, Raoul, Rustan’s, The Travel Club, Topshop, Warehouse, and Zara.

DSC_0416Plain white v-neck shirt, Thrifted blazer, Guess denims, Thrifted boots, Speedo frames.

Philippines might be the next fashion capital with these stylists (and fashion bloggers!) at work. Watch out world, here we come!

Post-STJ, World AIDS Day, and it’s-not-yet-Christmas

Now at the Nomad Manager‘s house with Nek-nek  and virtually doing nothing. Well, I have checked my email already, answered a few. Checked the company Twitter and Facebook, posted already. Thanked people (sincerely!) who came at STJ. WE REALLY LOVE ALL THOSE WHO BRAVED THE ST. JAMES BAZAAR *SOB*) And yes, it’s raining, and I haven’t showered yet (TMI alert) and we’re going to Moonleaf in a few…

I really don’t know what to say but I guess, it’s this petiks day that I want to blog about. It’s been a while since I actually had a break from, not just work, but other rakets as well. Haha, my backlog is piling up again (sorry for those events I shoulda blogged about alr by now) but work is really swamping me. November has been busy and I can’t even imagine how December will look like. All I know is that it’s fun, too though really physically tiring.

Well I guess all that matters is that you enjoy what you do. I actually can’t remember saying these words way back in college :P

AND it’s World AIDS Day. Support and tweet #zeroHIVph! Be aware, educate others, and protect ourselves. Everyday, people die of AIDS, and it shouldn’t be clouded with whatnot stats and hoolabaloos! Care for people with AIDS. Let’s get the government to act on it, because it’s damn serious.

Coincidentally, it’s Gay Pride in Manila. Always be proud, brothers and sisters!

You see, December 1 isn’t all about the start of the Christmas season (oh please, not another Christmas whatever.) I woke up to a Christmas-full of tweets and Facebook statuses and I can’t even. Oh please. 23 days (24th is forgivable) of this, I wish I survive.

So. There, in grinch mode again. Haha. No I don’t hate Christmas, people are just overreacting so it becomes really overrated. Near-hate is appropriate :P

This post is sabog, therefore I’m posting it >:D

Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011

So this is how it feels like to man a booth in a bazaar.




First PdP buyers get to have shot with Panda! :P


DSC_0133Shoes, sleeves, straps, notebooks, and… RINGS!!!!


Oh-so-cute rings! Available in bazaars and soon in our online shop!


DSC_0138Quick break at Happy Lemon. Soon to be reviewed at the Milk Tea Project :)


DSC_0141Happy panda sitters :D





It’s the first time I ever experienced selling in a bazaar. Well, I’ve had pseudo-experiences on fair selling when I was on High School, but I think that barely counts; especially when you account my friend-coercing efforts :P Anyway, I learned how to appreciate bazaar sellers. It takes a lot to man a booth – with all the crowd, the questions, the impossible haggles, etc! You can’t leave the booth just anytime. You can’t appear tired, you must always smile. Above all, you must sell your stuff to indecisive buyers (I quoted as such because I believe people do not know what they want and are generally indecisive.) Though I have to note that we’ve had a couple of buyers who just showed up and bought.



DSC_0171Bazaar Neighbors – Aklat Eklat/Local Loco and… 

DSC_0154Doodled Tees! I love their Tees!

We were situated outside the tent, right at the entrance to the bazaar. I don’t know if that is particularly good, but hell yeah it was cold inside the tent. Here are some of the stuff sold inside the tent…



DSC_0176Steve Jobs on a keychain!




DSC_0181Vinyl disc bags! Very witty!

DSC_0183Island Girl accessories… Some of these are made of coconut. Can you imagine?


DSC_0186Replaceable leather wrist watches. How convenient!


DSC_0190Satchel! Imma get one, I promise my dear old tired (and broke!) self haha!

DSC_0198Theo chocolates! They have the weirdest, nevertheless yummy, concoctions! My favorite are Dark Chocolate and Siling Labuyo and Dark Chocolate, Green Mango and Salt. Don’t you love the packaging, too!



DSC_0195One of the last brands that I visited was Timbre (pronounced as Tam-ber, according to owner Paul.) I love the design – globally competitive with the tribal artisan and proudly Filipino! Looking forward for this on December!


Thank you to those who supported Punchdrunk Panda! I was really tired that day, but it was fulfilling at the same time. I have newfound respect for bazaaristas for that matter :P

* The Global Pinoy Bazaar is annually organized by Yabang PinoyIt aims to showcase different 100% Filipino brands and products.

Party Week: BSN110 Christmas Party @ Glorietta de Manila

This is a delayed post, just so because I have to suffer the repercussions of my actions early this semester. I won’t discuss it here, but nevertheless, I won’t let it stop the happiness of my Christmas Party Week either! Party after party after party!

The BSN110 Christmas Party @ Glorietta de Manila! Wear your status — fashionably!

Danie Adriano

Ariane dela Cruz and Hannah Calvo

Dee Zyrie Divina and June Pamintuan

Team Yellow, Team Single! Angeline Vivar, Emmalyn Dimaguila, and Erieca Valdez

Wear your status proud!

Black: If you are single and searching/dating.
White: If you are single because you can’t have the one you love.
Yellow: If you are single but happy and contented and have no plans of having a relationship yet.
Gray: If you are single but thinks that you already found your true love.
Violet: If you are single, found someone but is not yet ready to commit.
Red: If you are taken and so much in love.
Green: If you are in a relationship but confused.
Blue: If you are in an informal relationship (in short fling/s)
Pink: If you are tired of being in love as of the moment (time-out muna).

…by Jean Rose Lim.

With Master Organizer Marielle Pamatmat and Sexy Mara Villaluz (!)

With Hanna Samson

With the very witty Elaine Arce

DJ Roy in the house!

Hosts of the night: Ramon Aringo and JM Vecida

Crush ng Bayan: Choco Biongan

The very voluptuous Marielle Pamatmat

Master Party Organizers Yeye, Roy, and Jean

You go with that animal print dress, Ciarel Ramos!

Future radio jocks: Hanna, Jonver, and Ella Coronado

Group 38

The Posse: Jeff Ordonez, JM Vecida, and Ramon Aringo

Obligatory Outfit Post, with Yeye. On me: Switch Tee, Billabong Pants, Thrifted Boots, Wayfarers, and accessories.

After the party, we headed on to Guilly’s. Kinda hardly enjoyable, the music sorta sucks. There were some hits, but some are just pointless. We enjoyed each other’s company though! Party on!

This will be the last Christmas party the section will have, since on April we’ll be all (very hopefully!) marching the red carpet and receive our diploma. To the best section ever, thank you for the good time!

Christmas Eve To-Do List

1. Sleep. Practically, this is your much-needed and long-awaited sleep marathon. If you’re a student, I bet you just can’t wait for this time of the year.

2. Hot cocoa with family. Ain’t it lovely to spend the cool Christmas Eve brunch with family? Put that tablea in that pan of hot steamed milk, and merit yourself a cup of love!

3. Clean the house. You don’t want to celebrate or have guests with a messy house. So grab that duster and massacre the dust bunny army!

4. Simbang Gabi. The Filipino tradition of nine mornings spent in mass, meditating the word of God, ad discovering (or rediscovering) the true meaning of Christmas. Isn’t Jesus the true meaning of these all?

5. Prepare for Noche Buena. You can’t forego this occasion without food. Set the menu and theme, do it as a family activity, have the kids help in preparing, assign tasks to everybody, and let it be fun cooking altogether!

6. Charge the camera. You don’t want to miss a moment now, do you? So don’t forget that your camera needs power to run. Go, plug it. Now.

7. Wrap last minute gifts. I am the boy who crammed. So for those like me, do it in the wee hours of the morning, when everybody’s asleep. We don’t want to let them know who’s Santa, do we? Teehee.

8. Last time to carol. It’s a kid’s thing, but Christmas is not Christmas without some carolers in the streets. Have some change ready by the tree to give to those snotty lil’ kids. And watch out for, “Tenk you, tenk you, ambabarat ninyo tenk you!”

9. Exchange hundreds to twenties. C’mon don’t be the Grinch and give something for that someone shouting, “Namamasko pfouwsz!”

10. Do the Christmas itinerary. As a tradition, my family goes out on Christmas day. We don’t host Christmas day on our home, we celebrate it on our relatives’ homes. For those like us, perhaps, a lil’ planning won’t hurt to maximize the merry day that is Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!