Oxygen S/S12 x Marcela Gutierrez Preview

Almost a month ago, Oxygen invited me, along with other fashion bloggers to preview their would-be Summer-Spring 2012 collection at their Trinoma branch. I’m so honored to be in the same room with some of the top influencers of Philippine fashion, much more drinking Perrier, having cold cuts and custom-made cupcakes, and conversing with them. Indeed, it has been a pleasure to be there for Oxygen.

DSC_0973Cupcakes by Patti Grandidge. Subtly class, and yummeh!

DSC_0974I could’ve devoured the cold cut platter. Nice choice, I say!


Saw Vergil Chua right after entering the store. Met him for the first time here.

DSC_0977No sneaking! LOL!


inKARLcerating and Tin Iglesias


Mommy Thysz! And I love that Comme des Garcons tee!



Ira Giorgetti. Oh how I envy your genes, LOLJK :D


DSC_0993Carina of Connect, Gerd Perez, Miko Carreon, Alex Lapa



Jeff Bascon, Oxygen’s ultra-hip brand manager, pointing their latest pieces.


Introducing the latest collaboration of Oxygen with internationally renown fashion illustrator Marcela Gutierrez! For a while, I thought Marcela’s name was a bit familiar, until I realized I met her already here! And so I was very excited to see this collection, especially before anyone outside that room sees it! You have to give it, Oxygen really has classy style. Marcela is the way to go!!!






This green-white-gray illustration got my eye, and yay, I found it in my loot :D


DSC_1010Tie-dye-ish fashion is coming back in a twisted version. I love it! Definitely waiting for this to hit the racks.


I’ve been meaning to distress some of my pants. This gave an idea what to do with my old ones. But yes, this is on the wishlist, too. Very grungy and adherent to the Oxygen fashion that I know! 


Carrot cut pants. If it weren’t for my hips that don’t lie – quoting Hanna Samson!


Drape-y top.

DSC_1014I wish this shorts comes with a boy version.


Sheer top. I can almost feel how comfy this is under the cruel summer sun heat.





Not sure if this is the piece Kat Reyes told us about sublimation, but I really like the sexy illustration.


Jeff Bascon and Cholo dela Vega



DSC_1025Spotted: Style Samurai, Ms. Daryl Chang who I saw in casual clothing for the first time. She rocks any fashion statement.

DSC_1027Oxygen just treated us to a shopping afternoon. All the love from the bottom of my heart!!!

DSC_1028Alex, Pax, Karl, Tin. In fairness to Pax who still has no sleep that day – EFFORT! Love it, teh!

DSC_1032Miko, Verge, and Gerd with Edryan Lorenzo of Oxygen. Thanks Ed for inviting and accommodating us. Yer the best, pal!



This box made me really happy. Had a separate post about this. Thank you Oxygen and Connect Agencie! ^^


DSC_0001Grabbed lunch at Mcdo with Thysz. We’re big eaters like dut. Tee-hee!

Solo black button-down, Oxygen gray denims, Thrifted military boots, Paradigm Shift noose neck piece.

Thanks to Miko and Verge for the last two photos :)

Like Oxygen at Facebook, follow their awesome Tumblelog, and their Twitter for updates on their latest fashion pieces. Most of all, go out there and buy those pieces, they’re all worth it – which reminds me to work, work, work so hard so that I can buy, buy, buy all I want! LOL!

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