Daily Archives: October 30, 2011

Crazy Halloween Weekend!!!

Blurred photo of the runway. I so love blurry photos. They’re so pretty!

Philippine Fashion Week Summer-Spring 2012 is the best PFW eveeeeeeeer! Well, that’s for me. Tea-hee!!! I must warn you though that for the following days, I will be flooding (LOL! 10+ backlogs and counting… just for the past week!) this blog with the hottest scoops behind the latest PFW! I’m so excited to show you the latest collection of the amazing brands that I watched. PLUS! Some of them had us in VIP, so I have really really REALLY great photos! I’ve met really cool bloggers along the way, too and I’m very happy I came to have met them! I learned bits of fashion wisdom from them! These all are coming your way very very soon!

Mario Maurer walked Penshoppe! I wasn’t able to watch, so that above is some random video I grabbed from Youtube. It was a pandemonium in and outside SMX because of fans wanting to get in Hall 2 but seemed like Penshoppe couldn’t accommodate everyone! Everyone was booing and I was waiting for Ana to be done because I was pulling out some of her accessories. However. MARIO MAURER IS SO CUTE EVEN IN THE SCREEN!!!! *unnecessary spazzing*

I wish I can post more about PFW, but I need my forty winks for my shoot in T-7 hours! More of it also in the coming posts (GAWD MY BACKLOGS GROW ON THEIR OWN!) For the meanwhile, listen to Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks. I’ve heard this first in the PdP HQ and it’s been all over PFW also! Kuh-raaaaaaaaaaaaazy song. I love it, I can listen to it a million times and be not umay about it! It’s just so dope! ❤

And if you’re watching Jason Mraz (with Toca Rivera) in Smart Araneta Coliseum later, I hate having to add Smart to it, tweet/SMS/BBM/Facebook me and let’s meet! I’m watching with my college best friend, Hanna. I am so excited!!! It’s my dream for Jason to come back here in Manila and I ditched Owl City and Black Eyed Peas for this. Yes, it will be all worth it. WE ❤ YOU JASOOOOOOOON!

And seriously, it’s still Halloween. And what’s creepier than Halloween? 1st of November (it really gives me the jeepers!) So who Halloween-partied yesterday (Well, I did! Who else partied last Saturday?) It really didn’t turned out well, I came home a lil drunk and wasted and my head spun first thing in the morni… errr, lunchtime, when I woke up. So yes, instead of getting wasted, y’all watch Donnie Darko, my Halloween movie for this year. SRSLY, IT’S GODDAMN CRAZY! I always love psycho movies, but I end up doubting my own sanity. So yeah, it scares the shit out of me.

So there, I really need to sleep. Please don’t mind my utterly fanboy tone while typing this post! This week has been very crazy. And as what I have been tweeting the whole week – This week is one for the keeps!

Ciao and I love you all!