Oxygen S/S12

Oxygen‘s show for the Philippine Fashion Week is one of my most anticipated shows of the season. Ever since the preview that we had at their Trinoma branch, early October, I’ve been very excited for this collection and collaboration with Marcela Guttierez!!!





DSC_0704Miko and I are a bit early… and too excited! We almost had the room to ourselves only

DSC_0706Then people started pouring in…

DSC_0708Bjorn Bedayo and friend

DSC_0709Bonnapart Galeng and Curves Lopez

DSC_0711The Carlos Concepcion


Ally Duazo of Gold Dot


DSC_0715Verge and Levy

DSC_0716Karl with Gold Dot girls

DSC_0717Gerd and Miko


Sarah Meier



1Summer is all about comfortable clothing. Time for sheer and thin fabrics, subdued hues, and shorts!


3But it does not mean you cannot be edgy. Oxygen shows us how to style with the right edge and comfort




7Loving the tote bags!

8Layering can be a bit of a problem in the summer season, especially for a sweat machine like me, but this collection is too comfy to make one break a lot of sweat.

9Reminds me of summer parties way back in college

10The Marcela prints are exquisite partners to the Oxygen cut!



DSC_0811Oxygen Brand Manager Jeff Bascon gave a final speech




It was an awesome show! If you’ve been following me through Twitter, you’ll know that I made kulet for them to upload their runway mix! And here it is! This playlist kept me inspired while doing this post! Congratulations to Oxygen for setting the bars up for every collection without veering away from the aesthetic that they’ve been known for. Y’all should be proud too! Oxygen is an all-Filipino brand making waves here and, soon abroad!


Vicky Herrera 


Status Magazine’s Rosario Herrera. The Herreras are so beautiful!


Pretty bloggers that graced the event – Ava Te and Megann Jabola


Madam Thysz! Only Thysz can deliver!


Always edgy Karl Leuterio


Photo by Miko Carreon

DSC_0829Oxygen long sleeve turtle neck,  Levi’s distressed white denims, Thrifted military boots, Reebok backpack, Speedo frames

Came to the show straight from work, hence the backpack. But I love that backpack that I got for over 50% off, LOL! Spacious and just the right size. Anyway, I haven’t thought of the inspiration for that day’s outfit, until I realized it’s so Star Trek-ish! Or outerspace chic, whatchamahcallit! LOL! I think this is what watching too much Big Bang Theory does to you!

5 responses to “Oxygen S/S12

  1. i like how you grouped the runway pictures together (side by side). nice post! :)

  2. Pingback: PFW S/S12 Loot! | Where is Jonver??

  3. Aww, thank you for taking a photo of us! It was great seeing you there! :)

    xx, Megann of STYLE SURGERY

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