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The Milk Tea Project continues on Cha Dao Maginhawa branch. I marched straight from the Bloggers Congress and a quick dinner at Megamall, capping the night at this tea place.





Is it just me, or tea shops are starting to look alike #justsayin. Anyway, I love how welcoming the shop is. They have tents outside so customers can enjoy their tea al fresco. It was still  the soft opening period, so it is understandable that the crowd is still somewhat sparse.

DSC_0131This menu is on a table and is very convenient. You have to give it that they have warm service. Props to that.



I have to be honest here. I really do not like how they did their tea in this place. I ordered the Classic Milk Tea and it really reminds me  of Nido (which I run away from when I was a kid.) No offense to Nido and Nido lovers, but I really loathe the taste of powdered milk – ANY powdered milk. I cannot taste the tea in the drink and I can’t forgive the powdered milk taste (sorry.) I’d like to believe that the tea is just so awkwardly sweet because the crew made a mistake.

Please believe me that it disheartens me to give a bad review. I do not want to destroy any brand name, and the sole purpose of this project is to promote the tea lifestyle – the diversity of each and every shop and how they are making a good and sustainable competition in the Philippines.

In light of this, I am going to give Cha Dao a second chance and this post will serve as a work in progress. I hope that this will be a push for the tea place to improve their tea.

DSC_0134Come to think of it, the sweetness of the macaron from The French Baker numbed my tongue a little to taste a little tea from my drink.

DSC_0135But still, a milk tea drink should be able to stand in itself.

Til we see each other again, Cha Dao! :)

Help Save a Heartbeat

It’s sweet when businesses are not just making profit for owners themselves, when they go the extra mile to support a cause. In this case, my online shop owner friend Eunicena informed me about their new line of shirts at VNALTIK and how it is made to support a friend who’s having a heart surgery. Surgery ain’t cheap, let’s admit it. So I really admire her for her love for her friend and her sincerity to help.

I LOVE THE DESIGNS! No, really! It speaks to the heart (pun intended) and is very classy, nonetheless. The shirts cost PhP550 and the tank top, PhP350. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes, too – so everyone can avail!  Not too steep for a piece of fashionable clothing that can spark a whole new chance of living for someone. Some of us buy very expensive clothes and I have nothing to rant about that – it’s everybody’s right to feel and look good in clothing. But when an opportunity to help like this opens, I hope you have a heart to spend some bucks to help save a life.

If you are willing to help (and to wear this, I honestly cannot think how you won’t want this, hehe) click here and fill out the order form. You may also read Eunicena’s blog post here about The Beat Goes On and like it on Facebook here.

Thank you! And I hope you spread the word… to the same beat.

Multiply Shopping Party


Right after attending the Freeway event, we went straight to Whitespace for the Multiply Shopping Party. What more to fuse the joys of shopping and partying! We got to meet and greet some multiply shop owners and shoppers as well. They got me at the food though – none less than BIZU. I’ve been dying to go to Bizu, but it’s always out of my way. That Opera Cake was phenomenal. You can attest that by not seeing a picture of it here, everything went straight where it must belong. Tea-hee!


DSC_0347Shop at the Multiply Marketplace. I like the rebranding Multiply had gone.





Kookie Buhain, Charlene Ajose

DSC_0345Lloyda Lim-Tan

DSC_0340Dianne, Charlene, Erika


Tracy Ayson, Kookie Buhain



Lovebirds, LOL! David Guison and Lissa Kahayon

DSC_0351Aisa Ipac with friend


Having fun with the Wii!


Camille Co



Ikaw na B (for bakla) ang dami mong FANS! :P

Thank you Multiply for the fun event! Excuse me, while I help myself at the Multiply Marketplace :P

Freeway x Vicente Manansala


I was invited by a couple of blogger friends to attend the Vicente Manansala tribute by Freeway in Glorietta 5. I like it that brands like Freeway and Solo have used the clothing industry as a medium to offer our national artists  in a consumable format, whereas more people can see and appreciate it. Let’s admit it, some people are appalled by the thought of museum (though I really really love to go to museums.) By putting it into clothing, people do not just use it – they buy it because they appreciate the design and the artist himself.




DSC_0273There was a live portrait painting session at the lobby. Spotted was Ms. Divine Lee, who also hosted for the event. 

DSC_0274Me, Ava, Megann

DSC_0275Ava, Megann, Ana, and Keigh with some bloggers I just met

DSC_0276Tumblr attack! Charlene, Dianne (B!), Erika, Elisa and some other bloggers I just met (weeeee, I shoulda got their names and blogs)


Style-huntin’: Very Comme if you ask me. Remind me of Karl, Mike, and JP


White polo with button detail: Solo, Striped white-blue cardigan: F&H, Reversible jeans: Oxygen, Military boots: Thrifted

I took the chance to use my Solo shirt which I haven’t used for a while. Was going for the preppy x little edgy look but I think the stress I have to get myself into before coming to the event really did me bad. Haggardo versoza lang :P

DSC_0283Freeway x Manansala

DSC_0284Solo x Kenkoy




Bloggers on a photo frenzy!

I love Freeway x Solo x Ensembles’ boutique in G5! So warm and welcoming. I also like their chandeliers and most importantly – their clothes! I plan to buy a few pieces.

DSC_0289Me, Tracy, Vern, and Ana

DSC_0291Look, I found Cariza! I miss you giiiiiiiiirl!

DSC_0292Tim Yap and Divine Lee hosted. I must admit, that Manansala blazer Tim is strutting is dope. Wanna have one, too!


DSC_0296Manansala video

Then there was a fashion show… I could swear, the models looked beautiful in those outfits. I wonder how will the men’s pieces look. Yes, Freeway told us there will be a men’s version! I’m excited for it!






That bag! I love how subtle it is.






You could go like, Hey, I have a national artist’s work in my bag!







DSC_0324Or like how do you like my all-Filipino pride ensemble?! Yes, all-Filipino. Apparel by Freeway, Shoes by Muniz (Carmina Villaroel)

DSC_0333Q&A portion with Manansala’s daughter, Lopez museum, and an art collector. (Bad with names, period.)


Ow, look! Melai dopped by. I like her smile very much.


DSC_0339Dorky photo op with Divine Lee. I cannot believe I put on my dorky face with this very special photo op. Starstruck kasi ako kay Ms. D!