PFW S/S12 Loot!

A spin-off from all the runway shots and who’s who of the limelight. This is where I share the cream at the top of the smorgasbord of shows, the lil’ something that gives the shows a delightful sweet finish.



From Guess Philippines: a couple of beautiful lookbooks, notebook, GUESS List card, and an entitlement to a free pair of jeans! (Received this on a Monday night, and it definitely drove the blues (especially the jeans!) that day!)


From Vans Philippines: a Vans shirt, notebook, dope stickies, and tote bag. (An addition to my growing collection of black shirts!)


From Oxygen Clothing: a couple of Marcela shirts (one from the preview, and one from the PFW show,) a paper doll made by Soleil Ignacio – which is btw absolutely lovely! – and a couple more of items from the preview (tee-hee!) 


DSC_0025Oh Soleil got my dorky face! Gujab!!!! 

DSC_0026and apparently my fashion statement-ish too!

DSC_0027This is my favorite Marcela Gutierrez illustration for Oxygen

This is not to be taken as the sole motivating factor behind blogging. I mean, yes, being a blogger sometimes entitles you to these perks and privileges but it’s because the brands appreciate your time and effort. Nowadays, blogging really comes with a very hefty amount of “good stuff.” However I have long wanted to clear this side of blogging from my own point of view. That blogging is not just about the free stuff (but honestly, it’s a sweet addition) but it is also all about sharing who you are and your two cents about your food, your clothes, your gadgets or what may float your boat. Your desire to share matters and it’s a lot more than endorsements. I have been receiving questions regarding this, and I’ve thought this is the perfect opportunity to answer those questions. I hope I have given a fairly satisfactory answer though :D

And now, excuse me while I indulge myself a lil’ bit with these freebies. Tee-hee! Thank you very much to Guess, Vans, and especially Oxygen! Special thanks to Connect Agency for this wonderful opportunity and PFW for a great show :D

Will always be grateful,

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