Something’s Gonna Happen Thursday!

I woke up to an extremely positive day! It’s the 17th of March and it has never been better ever! It’s my day and something’s gonna happen Thursday!

First stop: School. Have a competency exam to take. But then sched is messed up so Hanna and I decided to reschedule the next day (we figured that it was a competency exam for contact center agents! That’s one way to predict our future, nurses! Nothing against, just sayin’ /sigh)

Anyway. Second stop: Ayala Museum. Onto my plans for the day! The rescheduling of the exam gave us time to go change and freshen up before Visual Voice. Visual Voice is, by the way, hosted by Ayala Museum and Manila Design Week 2011.


Marcela Gutierrez inspires young designers. She relays her stories of ups and downs, and how she bummed until she got broke and finally squeezed the creative juices out of her head.

Never stop even if all things stopped, and you can’t do something about it…

Networking is very very important. Every person you [meet] shape yourself in the future…

It depends on your will to go somewhere…

Miguel Polidano explains the trends of editorial design. How designing a book can be crucial and how not to clash with the client. Funny, witty, and just very prolific!

It’s just 9:06am in Spain, perhaps?!

Poli, as Ms. Clara Balaguer, director of Manila Design Week, calls him spoke in pure Spanish his whole talk. He said that he wants to explain his concepts on how it really should be, and if he said something ridiculous, then there is still time to tweak it up. Funny guy!

Turn things that are intangible into something tangible…

[Editorial design is] physically representing things that are ethereal…

A graphic designer is a technician in communication and ultimately and editor of [contact.]

Some sidetrips! We saw multimedia-superstar-duo Ryan and Garovs!

Ayala Museum’s Spike Acosta with his Support Japan armband. I just really had to have a photo of that! Let us all support Japan!

Here is when my day is first made. Just before Senor Polidano gave his parting words for the young artists, somebody just texted and even called up!

Gang: Hi Jonver! Was trying to call to greet you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday! -Gang

I was so psyched! A call AND personal message from coolness herself Ms. Gang Badoy! Awesomesauce!!! I actually hyperventilated hearing her voice! Starstruck! Just keep them good vibes coming…

As if my day is over yet, I came home to a simple, yet pleasant surprise. Everyone is at home! Kevin is not though, he’s at school for their annual ball. But it’s still alright! Family cooked for me, awwwwww! Simple, intimate family birthday dinner.

Pampahaba ng buhay – Pansit!

That colorful cake. Thanks Mommy!!!

Other food did not make it to the picture-taking, but did take a rollercoaster ride to our stomachs! Was so famished when I got home, haha!


Day ain’t over yet! Just when I was so ready to call it a day, another greeting came (where did all these people get my number, my granny asked! /lol!) Guess who.

LCV: Hey David! This is Luchi. Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday. May you be busy counting your blessings from the Lord who gave you such a wonderful friend in Jen. I’m sure you, too, are a blessing to her. God bless!

Bet ko yan! I wish I’d be really BUSY counting my blessings! If it isn’t TV5’s head of news and public of affairs, Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdez, who greeted me that struck me only with W-O-W!!! She even greeted me on national TV!!! Imagine. That. Hyperventilate!!! And whoever (ehem) asked those cool people to greet me, is ever so sweet!!! Killer Jen Aquino has been making this week too special for me! Thank you Killer!

I just have to call it a day, I guess. But what a day, indeed! At the end of all this, as my birthday week comes to a sweet finish, this post, which involved a lot of exclamation marks, goes to those who made my day/week extra special. Those who flooded my Twitter timeline, Facebook wall, and text inbox thank you sweeties! To my family who waited until nine for dinner with me, how sweet of you guys! To Hanna who went to the Museum with me, we still have lotsa to go to, thanks too! To my very good friend, Jen Aquino, I don’t know how to thank you enough! That was the sweetest gift ever!

And of course, to God, who is Maker of all things good, my life goes only to the one who loved me the most. To the everlasting, I love You!

I can’t even imagine how whirlwind this day had become. Only in the sweetest memory I shall remember all these. Another year for me. Another year.

P.S. Forgot to disclose something. I am forever 21.
P.S.S. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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