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PdP Spotlight feature!!!

The past few days were kinda lazy and I am enjoying my two-week break a bit too much. One can be lazy over being lazy too, I guess. This feature, however, got me jumping though. I lalalalalalalalove it! Thank you, PdP family!


PdP Spotlight: Marketing/Blogging Intern Jonver David

Jonver is a tireless ball of energy. In spite of coming all the way from Bulacan, and juggling work, his internship at PdP and his blog, he still manages to be everywhere, participating in PdP activities and covering events for his blog. Here, our marketing intern, who is actually a Nursing graduate from FEU, chats with us about his internship at PdP.

Why did you apply for an internship position at PdP?

I had just finished my board exam when I received the email confirming my interview with Punchdrunk Panda, and I thought of it as a break from my usual environment. Plus, I also really wanted to learn something new.

Who did you directly report to? How is it working with that person?

I reported to Jen, Gail, and Nica. But most of the time, I worked with Jen and Nica. It was really fun working with them. I find them relaxing to be with – even though the stress is up to the neck (for example, with Anteroom Sessions).  And most of the time, we’re having milk tea, which is always a plus.

Can you talk about your most memorable experience in this internship?

Anteroom Sessions is the most memorable project I have ever handled – not only in PdP, – but in my life. Well, so far. I can’t even fathom how I managed to run all over the place during Anteroom Sessions, even when I was sick that day. I was even more surprised when I wanted to repeat it even though I was almost paralyzed and couldn’t even talk after the event.

What did you have the most fun doing?

I really had fun preparing for Anteroom Sessions. Though I was only half-involved, since I had a full-time job aside from my internship. I really liked the event preparation – especially having bands and pop-up shops and a lot of others on the side. I thought of it as a mini-Cubao X event.

Is there one thing you won’t ever forget from this internship?

Yes. The role of milk tea in my life as an intern! LOL!

Did your internship encourage you to apply for a full-time position at PdP? 

Yes, of course. I see PdP as a promising brand and I love to be more involved in the nitty gritty of it. I might not have taken marketing as a degree but I can identify a brand worth marketing for. And there are a couple of values that I love about PdP – the passion for Filipino artists and the drive to stand out.

You don’t have a marketing background yet you still applied for the marketing position, what advice would you like to give aspiring young marketers?

Marketing is two things – getting the word out and making it stay. You have to find a way for your brand to make a mark. It will not be easy – even with social media, which makes it seems easier – but it’s a hella lot of fun tinkering around it. Define what makes your brand stand out and capitalize on it. Lastly, don’t quit. Ever.