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Panda-friendly packaging!

We are proud to present our new panda-friendly packaging! It feels so good to help out the environment and we hope that this inspires other companies to try do their best to save the pandas, if you know what we mean.

More surprises from your favorite quirky brand coming your way!!! Meanwhile, buy your funky fix here at the Punchdrunk Panda website!


The Angry Bird Theorem

HELP! I can’t sleep!!!! Dammit. Momol weather should be able to induce sleep, instead, I’m still up and inch-close to bang my head to get a knock-out of myself.

*le gasp* Is this because of the Thai milk tea I had last evening?! I rolled in the bed thrice already, and I want my forty winks…



Since the title is so The Big Bang Theory, I feel like a Sheldon on caffeine. Okay, this thing is shutting down.

Catch ya later, alligater,

Milk Tea List

I’m aiming to try each and every Milk Tea joint accessible to me and so this list sprang up. Actually, I think it adds productivity, since I’m bummed now and my project is progressing slowly. Each item should have a link to my review of each. I’m so diligent, only one some has a link *snicker*

I credit Nica of Oh Random! for this :)
In no particular order —

  1. Moonleaf Tea Shop
  2. Bubblea Tea
  3. Serenitea
  4. Happy Lemon
  5. Teatap
  6. Chatime
  7. Raintree Teaspresso
  8. Saints Alp
  9. Cha Dao
  10. Sip
  11. Gong Cha
  12. Teaology
  13. Infinitea
  14. Tea, please
  15. Kozui – Matcha
  16. Jatujak – Thai milk tea
  17. Toast Box – Teh Tarik
  18. Orchard Road – Teh Tarik
  19. Quickly
  20. Easy Way
  21. Happy Fanshu
  22. Zen Tea
  23. Simple Line
  24. Bubbatealicious
  25. Bon AppeTea
  26. The Tea Bar
  27. Ersao – it’s so bad, I’m not even considering it!
  28. Tea Zone – my taste buds revolt.
  29. Chowking – ’nuff said.
Some unfamiliar stores from Nica’s list:
  1. Honestea
  2. Milk + Tea Station
  3. Thousand Teas

There you go! Please do comment if you know some other places for the project! Whew!

*prays for mercy on waistline and pocket*