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The BIG Outlet and Travel Sale 2011

Now enjoy all the best deals with the biggest brands plus Book & Buy and discounted rates on hotels, resorts and airfare! Buy everything you need for your next big getaway in this 3-day extravaganza!

Catch The BIG Outlet and Travel Sale at The Megatent (30 Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City (bet DepEd and Renaissance) on October 14-16, 2011, Friday-Sunday, 10am-9pm

Up to 90% off on Select Merchandise + Book & Buy Promos from Resorts & Hotels and other perks like:

  • Free Entrance to BPI Cardholders (with valid ID)
  • Additional perks for BPI Express Credit Edge and Petron Mastercard holders!
  • Hourly Raffle Draws for BPI Edge & Petron Mastercard holders
  • Chance to win Sun Cellular post-paid line + Mobile Phones!

Travel Merchants: AirPhil Express, Microtel Philippines, The Tides Hotel Boracay, Movenpick Resort & SpaCebu, Las Casas Filipinas, One Tagaytay Place, Hotel Elizabeth, Fersal Hotel, etc.

Brands: PowerMac Center, Ipanema, Levi’s, Nike Golf, Dupe’, Rudy Project, Crumpler, Cushe, Hush Puppies, Melissa, Adidas, Puma, Devant, Nike, Accel, Rustan Marketing Corp. Cutting Edge,  JA Henckels, Manny O Wines, Canopy Homes, Parker, Chocolate Clothing, Dockers, R.A.F., Plains & Prints, Guerlain, Grendha, Giordano Ladies, Pac Sports, Sebago, Targus, Switch, Digital Walker, Audio Technica, Ideal Vision, Speck, Slazenger, Maldita, and many many more!


A little bird told me that a lot of people are planning to get away and travel this time of the year! THIS IS JUST IN TIME! You can buy all your stuff in discounted prices and even a chance to win amazing prizes from participating brands! Or you may not travel NOW but if you plan to travel, I suggest you  start investing in your stuff NOW!

You may RSVP here at the event page. If you worry about entrance, just tweet me @Jonver_David or contact me.

I’ll be there also to check out some things for my upcoming trip! I’ll tell you if it’s sure already :)


I love Sesame Street as a kid! Definitely brought back tons of memories.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?


UPDATE 100411: Visit the newly-launched website here.

Let’s support a worthy cause.


Homophobia should end here and now

PAK! At gusto pala ni Mother ng anak na Becky! Represent!!!

Kidding aside, what she said is true and I hope she meant it from the heart. I can give a long and painstaking write up on homophobia and gender equality, but for now, I’ll let Divine talk this one out. How amazing even for a straight woman to talk passionately against oppression on homosexuals. I can’t help myself from nodding to her points. Not the boldest speech ever, but she has something to say.

Homophobia should end here and now. This patriarchal society must learn to bend and see beyond the preference and acknowledge the person instead. Homosexuals are not freaks, they are even more talented than most of us. They are just being themselves, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody should try that for a change.

And with that I leave you with Take Me or Leave Me from the musical Rent. Let’s celebrate diversity!

Equality for all!!!


Haha, as if Saab needs my help – she already got over a thousand votes. But still do vote for my favorite blogger (nuks!) for her to be able to sell her uber chic pre-loved clothes at the SuperSale Bazaar!

All you have to do is:

1. Like SuperSale Bazaar
2. Like her photo
3. Promote her photo

There, easy as pie. Go vote now!

Okay ang fanboy ko, errrr.

What’s toastin’?

It’s raining, and there is no other food I crave for but comfort food, which will easily translate to Singaporean food :)

DSC_0704Spicy Laksa to warm you up



DSC_0709Hainanese Chicken Rice to rev your engines up

DSC_0711Some Nasi Lemak for a quirky taste bud ride

DSC_0712And down it with a tall glass of Yuan Yang – where coffee meets tea. I can certify myself a caffeine dependent person after a gulp. LOL!

DSC_0702Or perhaps a refereshing help of Barley Tea. The sound of “barley” scares me, but maybe it’s worth a try.

DSC_0703And after all the hustlin’ around town, why don’t you reward yourself with a cup of steamy Kopi Tarik. 

Toast Box
Basement level, Trinoma
Quezon City

P.S. I’m craving now!!!

I need a break, I need art

SILVERLENS GALLERIES opening September 28, Wednesday, 6-9pm: Isa Lorenzo at Silverlens, Patricia Eustaquio at SLab, and Tatong Recheta Torres at 20SQUARE

To usher in the month of October, Silverlens/Slab/20SQUARE present shows by Isa Lorenzo, Patricia Perez Eustaquio, and Tatong Recheta Torres.

Inspired by mythology and recent readings, Isa Lorenzo asks, “What if reincarnations could mix forms: to have the body of a human but the head of a forest fern, or the body of a lion but the head of a hawk?” Her show, titled INCARNATE showcases a microgalaxy of mixed form rebirths, and hybrids that perhaps exist beyond the photographer’s imagination.

In SLab, we have CLOUD COUNTRY, where Patricia Perez Eustaquio presents her characteristic work, paintings on shaped canvases, as well as new work cast from materials we haven’t seen her work with before– crystal, bronze, a mirror and a photograph. The artist puts it best; Cloud Country “makes tenuous connections between images, text and material. [It] relies on the tangential narratives that their marriages conjure.”

Tatong Recheta Torres rounds up the October series with a solo show in 20SQUARE called GLUTTED VERTEBRATES. Working with oil, watercolor, and charcoal, Torres’s show features grim creatures made completely of hair– beings that fit right in the artist’s perception of an alternate world.

All three shows open on September 28, 2011, Wednesday, 6-9pm, and run until October 19, 2011.

left image: Isa Lorenzo, Phoenix Dextra, 2011 (detail); center image: Patricia Eustaquio, Blue Eyes, 2011 (detail); right image: Tatong Recheta Torres, Fandom Vulgaris, 2011 (detail)


I love newsletters! They remind me of things that I want to do that my forgetful self always wins over. Silverlens have monthly art exhibits and I love it to bits – especially when I am stressed and in need of some art therapy. I consider going to galleries relaxation, giving my brain a chance to unwind, to think differently and outwardly, and just relax. It miraculously loosens up my cramped up mind and sets me free for a while. You should try it! It’s been a while since I’ve gone to see a gallery, that I am so excited to drop by and gorge myself on the juicy exhibitions. I need this badly now.

In this world that calls itself free, is an imprisoned self. We need to liberate ourselves every once in a while. 

Silverlens Gallery
2320 Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati City, Philippines
(632) 816 0044
Mon – Fri, 10-7 pm
Sat, 1-6 pm

Wrangler // Fiamma // Collective



Oh well. I still don’t have internet at home, and I am still hooking at a random wi-fi hotspot. God knows what amount of curses I’ve been hurling at Globe in a span of two weeks. I think I haven’t sworn so much in my life. Messing up with my internet connection is clearly a way to get me pissed. Shutanginamezzz!!!


Well anyhow, back to regular programming. I went to  Robinson’s Place Manila for Wrangler‘s fashion show – featuring their newest collection and brand ambassador, Daniel Matsunaga and Aubrey Miles (who wasn’t there.) I wasn’t able to come to their show last Fashion Week and I was really glad I made it this time – though I was really late. You gotta hate Makati traffic.


DSC_0716Didn’t catch the women walk

DSC_0719Was just in time for zeh boys. *lucky!*



DSC_0726I love this look!!!




DSC_0732I like how it is so my style – shirt x denims x boots. I just have to work out for the ‘ceps, LOL!


DSC_0735 He looks like a boy in a really masculine body. You gotta love that!

DSC_0736Wrangler all over, eh?


DSC_0741Andi Manzano hosted

DSC_0746I could’ve walked the ramp instead. I kid, I kid!!! Okay, don’t take that seriously haha.

DSC_0747NFFs!!! Ava, Krissy, Ana, Megann, and Keigh!

DSC_0750Had a quick dinner at Piadina with the bloggers. I had pesto.


Hanged out a little bit with Ava, Keigh, and Megann at Chatime – Archers branch. New girlfriends, I love!!! I then went straight to Fiamma after for Bobet’s event. The place was so packed!!!




DSC_0755I so love this photo of Adrianne, Megan, and Thysz. You can make a story out of it alone!



DSC_0758Mike, Bon


DSC_0764Why was a tabasco sauce in the table? Somebody perhaps took shots of this, LOL!

Human flood!!! That’s why we went to The Collective for Gold Panda’s gig. I didn’t stay though, had work the following day.


DSC_0768LOL at Ate Bobet’s face!





DSC_0781Quick bite at Happy Palace. It’s either I was so wasted because I haven’t had a decent sleep, or I’ll-keep-my-mouth-shut. 


Last Week in Photos

I’m the hippest smurf ever, LOL! I love that rocking chair at Sip, btw.

Photo by Hanna Samson

Visited Muji Greenbelt. Muji’s newest branch. I know, I know – all Muji branches are the same, but it is just so therapeutic going here and it’s very near my office. So I went, LOL!

I can do my entire Christmas shopping here, I swear.

Scissors. Yes, very smart eh?

Afterwards, I went to a meeting at Rockwell for a talk in Albay. I’m pretty scared and excited all at the same time for this.

Dinner with Jen. Long overdue birthday dinner. Had some tempura and karaage, then watched Zombadings. It still was funny even for the second time around. OH! Let’s watch Rakenrol next!!!

Store Shoot. For Binalot.






DSC_0800This guard called my attention. I tried to ignore him though – because I know what I’m doing LOL! I have a goddamn camera in my hand not a gun!!!

Franchise Asia 2011. Went here for work. I had a great time looking at the booths and tasting different stuff, as most participants were food companies. Also we won best booth!!! Yay for Binalot!!!



DSC_0870Hello there, Wendy cosplayer!

DSC_0871Max’s booth looks like a lounge – and greets you right after entering the hall.

DSC_0876I love how this Bench booth (actually Suyen corporation booth) looks like a pop-up shop. But they were not selling anything, hehe.

DSC_0878Our friend Manels was also there. I didn’t get to see Mark though.

DSC_0881The Mini Cooper from Crystal Clear was back!


DSC_0884And yes, our winning homey booth. Don’t you love how Zen it looks like?

Community Creativity Camp at Beacon School. Had spent weeks and weeks preparing for this and it finally happened. Will blog more of this in another post.

I got to be teacher for a day

Super kulit kids! I think they feed on patience, LOL!

Milk tea afterwards. Finally tried Sip at Galleria. Will be reviewing the place soon!

All is fun but I won’t deny that my stress level is at the neck already. I need a bubble wrap. Or a really long hibernation. WEEKEND PLEASE!!!

Some photos from my BlackBerry Curve 8520.

After Ed, there is Mario

After the rave Ed Westwick has left the Philippines (as if it’s even over, Chuck Bass fly over here again!!!) here is a new face, Thailand’s Mario Maurer of The Love of Siam fame, for local clothing brand Penshoppe.

I cannot express how a lot of girls and gheys have been waiting for this moment (since 2008, even before someone found him) what with his looks that could kill and a body that definitely is too sultry for our eyes.

Who could resist?

A fan conference is set to happen on October 28, Friday, 1pm at the PICC, courtesy of Publicty Asia and Penshoppe, as co-presented by ABS-CBN, and hosted by MTV VJ Utt (who is also Thai.) But there’s a catch – you have to complete a stamp card to avail entry to the FanCon. For every PhP500 worth of purchase in all Penshoppe boutiques, one is entitled to a stamp. One should fill the stamp card of 10 slots to avail ticket to the event.

I find it too much of a hassle (and expense) though. I’ll just go to Thailand and find him there, LOL! Or wait til his rumored movie with Erich Gonzales (love triangle with Enchong Dee, perhaps? ❤) materializes. Anyhoo, I wish Mario got here even before everyone knew of him though.

ANNNNNNNNNND! I want to take this opportunity to tell the world how Thais make wonderful films. I lalalalalalalalalalove Thai films!!!

Love of Siam

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Thai Life Insurance TVCbrace yourself for sadness in this commercial

And I love Thai milk tea too! Ok irrelevant hehe. But, Thai is ❤❤❤