Daily Archives: November 25, 2011

Bite me

I should be really sleeping by now. I have a long day ahead of me, and I still have to pack my stuff ’cause I’ll be away from home for work. PLUS I shall need all my energy for prepping for the ST. JAMES BAZAAR on Saturday, where Punchdrunk Panda is participating.

BUT! My adrenaline won’t go down. Forgive me as I spazz over at my new bag that came all the way from LONDON!!!

I still have no decent picture of it, but it is pretty much like it! It is an understatement to say that I love it!!! Here’s a photo from my BB though. Sorry, I can’t help it. Thank you to Bags of Love UK for sending me this personalized genuine leather holdall WITH a print of a photo I took last June! It’s just so lovely! I’ll blog more about this in the coming days (when my failed time management skills, a.k.a. my tortuous schedule actually had mercy on me!) But yeah, I can’t really believe I have this in my hands!!!

I know a lot still haven’t seen Breaking Dawn part 1. I won’t spoil, don’t worry. I urge you to watch it, it’s an interesting watch. My really meticulous friend, Pat actually LIKED it – so chances are I’m right. But hey shout out to that bitch who narrated every single scene to her friends – who apparently also sat right behind us. So what, your friends are like morons and they can’t comprehend without you telling them what’s happening? There’s a reason why it’s called a goddamn movie.

Pardon the rant. Anyhoo, I prolly won’t post a review until the end of this month. One thing’s for sure though – I stopped reading New Moon because it was really awful, and this movie just made me churn my gut to read the rest of the story I just left. It’s that good. Also, props to cinematography – gore is the way to go (YOU HAVE TO WATCH NA I’M SO ITCHING TO POST A REVIEW ALR!!!!)

So there. I’ll finish some work stuff before I actually have a shuteye. Gawd. It’s such a happy night.

And yeah, you most probably got the reason behind the title. Go figure it out, if you haven’t. Maybe that bitch I just told you about can help you :P