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Wear Pinoy!


We at altMNL don’t believe in boring fashion statements. Most importantly, we don’t believe that you need to look outside Manila to get the latest in fashion. Here are 10 all-Pinoy brands which can up your ante.

Strut pieces from these brands and let’s show the world how Pinoy fashion is forward!

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And this is maybe my proudest article for altMNL so far. Featuring some of my favorite Pinoy brands… It really puts a smile in my face doing this article for them and the whole Pinoy fashion and design industry.

Always remember: wear your own,




And this will be hard to choke out not going… I’d want to discuss here why but maybe later. Still not in the mood hihi. Anyway.

Listen to three of today’s movers in social media and Philippine society. Maria Ressa, Yves Gonzales, and my very own former boss and friend Ros Juan will be speaking about their work in social good! It really pains me not being able to go…

So to know more about this, head on over a http://www.gamechangers.infinite.ly or contact Arriane Serafico @arriane_… and book that date, Jan. 26, already. Highly recommended!!


Welcome, altMNL!


We’ve been working so hard for this. What once we called baby project became a full blown website ready to show Manila how to live alternatively.

Recreating your options. That’s our banner, and let us show to you your options for, if not better, living in Manila more!

So hit it. Click www.altMNL.com and throw us a few comments, if you like! Also follow us on Twitter @altMNL, and on Facebook.

Can’t wait for bigger things to happen with my team in altMNL! Congrats guys, we deserve beer!!! :D


No, not the Greek restaurant favorite phrase when they flambe cheese in front of you and you just get scared of your life for a good two seconds. Then you burn your tongue after, and drink Ouzo and further burn your throat. No it is not… And for the record, I love Greek food. I really do. Oh shit, now I’m hungreh.

BUT THIS. THIS IS OPPA GANGNAM STYLE. I can attest that at first it really is annoying. Not kinda. It is really annoying. But give it a chance. Last through the whole song…

And maybe, you’ll sing it in your own concert like Nelly Furtado did here in Manila! Hehe, it sticks like a sticky gum in the heel of your shoe. It just won’t die!!!

Mehehehehehehe. You just got infected by the Gangname Style. Sorry, didn’t warn you earlier hehehehehehehe


Her name is Onika you can call her Nicki


Just met Nicki Minaj earlier today and it was awesome (I love her leggings!!!) though I was a bit a late. Thanks to our friends from STATUS Magazine who took a picture and posted it immediately at their blog (you guys are soooo awesome!) Didn’t bring my big-ass DSLR camera because I don’t wanna leave it in the baggage counter later at the concert area. I seriously need a smaller camera and/or a new phone. Hihi :P

Now I’m just killing time and waiting for her concert later at the MOA arena. Who’s watching later? See you there!

P.S. I still don’t have shiny leggings. I suck at shopping for these kinda things. Where do I get some? :(

Thanks to Globe and BlackBerry Philippines!

When Pinoys come home…

…it’s more fun in the Philippines!


“With millions of Filipinos living abroad, practically in almost every country and territory around the world, we felt that our people are the best tourism ambassadors for the country. By crowdsourcing video of family vacations, getaway trips with friends or even having fun in their hometown, we find a rich source of real stories and experiences that we can share with the rest of the world, enticing them to come to the Philippines,” said Rizza Maniego-Eala, Group Head for International Business of Globe Telecom.

DSC_0040DOT Asec. Domingo Ramon Enerio III delivered DOT’s report of #itsmorefuninthephilippines campaign and future plans


I am so privileged to be invited at the press launch of the partnership of Globe and DOT, as well as their new program Pinoy Homecoming. It’s a wonderful campaign, really, because aside from driving foreigners to go to the Philippines (which we all know helps our economy), the new DOT program aims to encourage Filipinos in other countries to come home and once again visit their roots, and possibly stay in the country.


And also, in honor of their efforts and help by means of foreign exchange remittances, Pinoy abroad are to be given special privileges and benefits courtesy of DOT partner merchants. I find it as a straightforward to campaign to bring Filipino families together once again (not that there is something really wrong with being away, I strongly believe in that.) Filipinos get a taste of this partnership, too! Globe is partnering with Manila International Airport Authority for free Wi-Fi service at all terminals of the NAIA, including the domestic terminal.

DSC_0044Asec Enerio III and Globe’s Maniego-Eala signs partnership contract.


“We at Globe are happy to be one of the catalysts of the country’s tourism industry,” Maniego-Eala adds,” As we help spur more tourist arrivals, we are committed to enabling them to have the best experience as they travel through our telecommunications services–whether they roam using the Globe network with their foreign SIM, or if they choose to use a Globe prepaid SIM and during their stay. As we are in the thick of a massive $700-M network modernization program, we assure the DOT that our top tourist destinations in the country are prioritized in the roll-out of the new Globe network.”







Tourism-wise, holding the press conference at Ilustrado restaurant at Intramuros, which is actually a tourist favorite too, is a nice choice. I love it there! Will try the Sampaguita ice cream next time. Thank you Globe and DOT for a pleasant luncheon and afternoon!

Close Up Pyromusical + Concert!

DSC_1005It felt like I threw a big birthday party! LOLz!

DSC_1003Ian Batherson, Valerie Weigmann

DSC_1006Never the Strangers


I was invited to the press conference, pyromusical, and concert held by Close Up Philippines on the same day my birthday is! I really had plans with friends to watch the fireworks on my birthday when they invited me so I requested if I can bring along Angela and Hanna as well! Thank you to Close Up for accommodating me and my friends!!! I really felt special that day – they even greeted me on Twitter that day, it was so crazy!




We were led to the VIP section of the Close Up stage. They had a separate stage from the SM stage (which is near the bay area.) Very excluded from the crowd outside, and it was just comfy there. I didn’t even have to worry about my things. Most importantly, I could see the artists perform really near, and of course, take good photos!



DSC_1021Thanks to Audrey, Dom, and (missing in the photo) Carla for the invite!



The pyromusical was up first! Italy presented first —














Then, an intermission. The #NewCloseUpSong was introduced and some former Close Up hits were also played.




DSC_1088Gino Padilla




DSC_1096Rico Blanco






DSC_1110And Never The Strangers with the #NewCloseUpSong, Moving Closer



The winners of the Pyromusical were announced, then the Philippine team  presented. There was a technical difficulty, and seriously SM needs back up plans when this happens again. Anyhow, they recovered after some 30+ minutes and continued with the show. Nothing really spectacular but it was good.











And then more artists performed!!!!




DSC_0055Barbie Almalbis







Rico Blanco, who was also celebrating his birthday that day, was the last to perform! He did quite a set and I was actually singing to Antukin and Liwanag sa Dilim. Thank you, Rico, for singing such beautiful songs! It was very appropriate for our birthday!

DSC_0066Another Rico! DJ Rico Robles!



It was a tiring day (and night) at MOA, but the party ain’t over since some friends are waiting over at Delish in Maginhawa for some drinks!!! Love these guys to bits!!!

I can’t wait til my next birthday! So far, it just gets better and better!

Close Up Pyropalooza

DSC_0112Close Up Pyropalooza media launch was held at Cirkulo Restaurant in Makati City



DSC_0094Close Up Brand Manager

Bloggers were gathered over dinner at the Cirkulo Restaurant in Makati City for the launch of Close Up’s Valentine program (as we all know Lovapalooza) along with the 3rd Annual Pyromusical Competition; aptly coined as Pyropalooza. Close Up will open the competition proper on February 11, Saturday, with eyegasmic fireworks and musical concert featuring the following artists:

American Idol star and now TV5’s newest Kapatid David Archuleta


Pop star Zia Quizon

Never the Strangers, and


DSC_0093Cirkulo food is soooooo good. I wish I can remember what I ate.

DSC_0095Angel, Kaye, Vergil, Dianne, Erika, Lloyd, and Hanna


DSC_0103Bloggers with Dom from Media Contacts PH







Solo black button up shirt, Guess denim pants, Bloggers United (Victor Basa) vintage man heels, Paradigm Shift x Leatherengines noose neckpiece

I love dinner-parties! Dressing up isn’t very hard. And as usual I went with black and other dark elements like my uber dark blue denim from Guess. It wasn’t really very dressy, but the slight height raise from my man heels gave it a dressy effect IMHO. I know I should try to experiment my look, maybe I’ll try to do that next time. Somebody teach me how to wear colors and not shade!!!

DSC_0113Post-event Mcdo session with Erika and Dianne



I haven’t seen these two girls for months! Last time I saw them was S/S12 Fashion Week. Both have been busy with studies as Erika is graduating this March (congrats, E!) and Dianne is pretty busy with thesis (go girl!) I won’t be spilling the milk (wahahahahaha, internal joke) but that Mcdo session was really fun! Slumber party soon, girls!

Going back to Pyropalooza! Valentine’s Day can seem tedious for some (owyeah, am not one of them, but… malay nateeeen :P) with all the planning, being conscious to make it special, and moreover the budgeting. Fret no more! Close Up offers an affordable yet equally romantic and fun Valentine’s option.

Buy any Close Up product and exchange proof of purchase at these redemption booths for a PhP 100 ticket, or 50% discounts to PhP 300 and 500 tickets! Get a romantic spot, astounding fireworks, and musical entertainment and not rip off your wallet!

Last day of the Pyromusical competition is my birthday. Care to bring me there? *ehem, ehem*


Earlier this day DOT announced its newest campaign to boost tourism in the country. Introducing #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines! There’s a lot to like about the current DOT admin now, and one of them is employing really GOOD graphic artists! Don’t you like the campaign materials? Check out the logo below —

The logo for the country's newest tourism slogan, "It's more fun in the Philippines," features a pixelized version of the Philippine map. Photo from itsmorefuninthephilippines.com

Also, it makes heavy use of social media which makes it participative. Everyone is invited to promote the Philippines, everyone has the chance to contribute. Make this hashtag #itsmorefuninthephilippines trend worldwide by tweeting why it is indeed more fun in the Philippines! Be creative: tweet your favorite photos, videos, statements that are uniquely Filipino. With social media, who knows what heights the Philippine tourism can take!

Raffles Design Institute – Manila


First off, forgive me. Yes this is very last week pa. But am really swamped with work and some other issues along the side. What is good now is I’m so ready to share to you Raffles Design Institiute – Manila! I really do not want to give just a couple of minutes for this, but I want to be able to impart to you this humble institution with a glorious international boast-worthy history.

DSC_0202With Miko, Kaye, Erika, and Lawryeng

DSC_0203LARGE BRANDS up for internship. I just say WOW



I’d rather not bore you with the slide photos, would I? Raffles, as I fondly call it, is an international design institute offering world-recognized courses and degrees – Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Design, and Visual Communication. What really tickles my fancy is that after taking your subjects at this campus, you have an option to continue it ELSEWHERE in its other 37 colleges in 36 cities across 14 countries! Get all that WITH assistance from the management. Now how is that for a college education to look forward to!


Well above is a slide of just SOME of their affiliates that you can get an internship at. I wish I had gotten an opportunity to intern at Swatch or Zara when I was in college (but yeah, I’m in nursing school, what was I thinking LOL!) But seriously, if I’d be given a chance to study again, then maybe I’d rethink my choices.

DSC_0209Moi, Miko, Kaye, Erika, Arnie





We had a quick tour of their floors at Accralaw building in The Fort, Global City. Picture above is their library. Get that – a library stockful of magazines! I wonder if they have Fantastic Man? :D




The study lounge is a conducive space for the students to study. Think tank, it is! I’d kill for my college to have one of these for the nursing department. Damn!



Interior Design students would find this room suitable to their plate-making needs. Lotsa free space to spread long sheets of paper and other materials!



I like that the Fashion Marketing and Management rooms are very minimal. Tables + projector + mood board. Yes, marketers DO need mood boards! I second that!



In the middle of our tour, Interior Design lecturer Mr. Lee Miles showed up and talked with us for a little while. He has a fancy accent and a really interesting sense of fashion (PEG!) I love it when men wear blazers over their shirts. Faux hipster, a really classy one, if you ask me :P

DSC_0225Sewing room

DSC_0228They have a MAC ROOM! Yes, MAC, separate from a PC room. LOVE. Just pure love.

DSC_0229Some works by students at visual communication

DSC_0231I took this photo because I wanna learn how to draw. Eventually, I hope I will

I’d like to show the room for Visual Communication, but I guess all I need to say is to imagine a blank space. Very conducive for those students, I think, because they need their tabula rasa!


Before the tour ended, Fashion Design Professor Dr. Janet Emmanuel came to have a little chat with us. She shared how she is amazed at how blogging has mobilized marketing through social media in the country. I agree, Ma’am! If it weren’t for blogging, I may not have a job now. LOL! But seriously! I am also flattered at how she acknowledged at how I managed blogging while I am a registered nurse. She’s such a sweet and happy person :D

IMG_7912 copy

IMG_7914 copyF&H black v-neck, Thrifted blazer, Oxygen reversible jeans, Thrifted military boots, Punchdrunk Panda camera strap | Outfit photo by Miko Carreon

Haha! Did you notice that I look a little pandak when I’m wearing a lot of dark colors? Taking a note on that! Anyhow, it was a lovely morning to spend at Raffles! I am really privileged to be invited to tour around it! I love it. Even the programs, they’re very organized and aligned to international standards. I hope more and more internationally competitive universities, colleges, and institutes come here and invest for the Filipinos and our education.

I even see myself being enrolled in Fashion Marketing and Management… Hmmmm, we will see. We WILL see about that :P

* We were really late (Erika and I) but we also attended the WGSN trend forecasting for Summer-Spring 2012. I found a lot of familiar and new takes on some aesthetics. I’m so excited for Summer! Are you? If you are, then visit WGSN and learn about 50’s revival, tribal artisan, acquatic, and an upcoming Olympic-inspired trend!

* Also, Raffles Education in other countries does  not only focus on design. There are a lot of courses available, and you may look at it here.

Raffles Design Institue – Manila
Units 18-01/19-00 Accralaw Tower
30th Street, Crescent Park West
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+632 846-2888