Daily Archives: November 11, 2011

And in the daylight we can hitchhike to Maine

You all know how I really am not a music buff. I take recommendations from my peers and from random LSS (how can one be LSS and not know the title?) Just this morning, I downloaded this song upon recommendation of my partner in crime – Daylight by Matt and Kim reminds me of my carefree days way back college. Believe it or not, I am way happy-go-lucky-er then than now. Maybe it’s the adult in me now, LOL! But seriously, things are different now. I have a job, I pay my own bills, I have to save and shit like that. It’s crazy, it’s like an OD of to-do lists and responsibilities.

But I like it. Scratch that, I love it. I love my job and I cannot be more thankful to God for giving me this. I never imagined my life after college would be like this. It can be physically tiring, yes. Everything does, I think. But at least, now I sleep soundly and wake up before my alarm hits (happens a lot these days to me, idk why!) because I am just so happy I am living my life now. There may be a lot of things that I lack right now, but for sure everything will come to place in the perfect time.

I just have to post this right now, even if my body begs me its shuteye. I just have to blog how this song sends out the good vibes! *Puts this in the good morning playlist* Thanks to Hanna for introducing me to this song. You should really do a music blog, you know like, Blalock’s, LOL!

Sleeping now… for real!