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Tango Fire will set Manila on fire!

DSC_0239Ballet Philippines’ Ms. Margie Moran with Angel Rodriguez and Ava Te

DSC_0242Noemi Lardizabal-Dado



It was indeed hot that night! Pun intended or not, it was a steaming night of Tango and drinks alongside meeting friends for a perfect night cap at Nuvo. We were introduced to The Tango Fire  Company of Buenos Aires who are, most probably, the best Tango dancers I’ve seen in my life! It was splendid watching them with every flicker of their feet, and sway of their hips. It is indeed not only an erotic dance, but and for the most sensual. It soulfully speaks to your senses.

DSC_0249Ms. Margie Moran danced with Mauro from Tango Fire. Mauro is fire, LOL!




DSC_0255And he danced with several other women…



Keeper of the day! Mauro’s so graceful!




And ended with a bang!!! WOW! 




DSC_0279Tango dancers from Tango Fire and Ballet Philippines danced with the audience.



Of course bloggers didn’t pass the opportunity to dance too! Can you guess who’s this blogger? :3 No I didn’t dance… hahahahahahaha! If only Mauro invited me to! – WAHAHAHAHAHAH!





Mauro was such a woman’s man that night. 

DSC_0299Tweeps! I missed you so much!

Tango Fire will present Flames of Desire here in the Philippines on January 17 – 18, 2012 at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre, Resorts World Manila. The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires are ready to capture the hearts of Manilenos with original Argentine numbers, none other from the home of Tango. Flames of Desire is an internationally acclaimed performance by the company and Filipinos will get to see it live here, thanks to Ballet Philippines.

This once-in-a-lifetime performance is for the benefit of Ballet Philippines Foundation’s Noordin Jumalon Scholarship Fund. This funds students who can’t afford but has a heart to study the art of ballet. Support the arts and watch Tango Fire – Flames of Desire, live in Manila! Tickets start at PhP 1,200. For tickets, contact Ticketworld at 891-9999 or Ballet Philippines at 551-1003.

Thanks to Kassy Pajarillo of FTW Magazine for inviting me!

They’re back: Bloggers United 2!

This beautiful poster is made by Megann Jabola! Cute ain’t it?

From the success of BLOGGERS UNITED 1 comes another bloggers gives back x meet and greet by the original team of Ana Gonzales, Melai Entuna and Aisa Ipac. They encourage camaraderie and sense of “community” among Manila’s (and eventually, the country’s) fashion blogging community through events and productions like this.

It was fun last BU and I cannot fathom it’s double the whammy now!!!

Featuring some of Manila’s top and notable bloggers – Divine Lee (watch out for her YSLs!!!), Laureen Uy (Steve Maddens? Hmmmm), Kookie Buhain, Lissa Kahayaon (perhaps some maxis!), David Guison (I want dibs on his boots :P), Karl Leuterio (HEEL-LESS?!), Patricia Prieto (pretty, plafyful dresses) and Preview Magazine’s own Daryl and Andre Chang (God, I can buy off his whole closet if I have zeh money!).

But because Bloggers United wishes to go beyond the geographic limitations of the archipelago and extend its reach beyond Metro Manila and so for this event, they are flying in some of Cebu’s very own fashion bloggers which include Kryz Uy, Eden Villarba, designer Yves Camingue, Gillian Uang and Mildred Zapanta and a few more. Say hello to some of my BBM-mates! Hi Eden :3

Part of the proceeds from this event will go to the GMA Kapuso Foundation for its school building project, a small but significant step to improve the Filipino youth’s access to education.

So if you’re up for some early and happy Christmas shopping with your favorite bloggers, head over at Treston College at University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road, Bonifacio Global City – just right in front of Market! Market! and where Junior Masterchef Philippines are shooting.

Follow Bloggers United in Twitter @bloggers_united and follow them in Facebook.

Bloggers United is possible through their partnership with:
Multiply Philippines
GMA Kapuso Foundation
Treston International College

Event is co-presented by:
Columbia Digital

Official media partners
Meg Magazine
When in Manila
Gadgets Magazine

In cooperation with:
Nail It!
Xend Business Solutions

Special thanks to:
Posh Nails
SM Dept Store

Online Shop Donors:
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I’m on the lookout for the best boots and yeah, again, Andre’s whole closet. LOL! Just kidding! See you there!!!

Raffles Design Institute – Manila


First off, forgive me. Yes this is very last week pa. But am really swamped with work and some other issues along the side. What is good now is I’m so ready to share to you Raffles Design Institiute – Manila! I really do not want to give just a couple of minutes for this, but I want to be able to impart to you this humble institution with a glorious international boast-worthy history.

DSC_0202With Miko, Kaye, Erika, and Lawryeng

DSC_0203LARGE BRANDS up for internship. I just say WOW



I’d rather not bore you with the slide photos, would I? Raffles, as I fondly call it, is an international design institute offering world-recognized courses and degrees – Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Design, and Visual Communication. What really tickles my fancy is that after taking your subjects at this campus, you have an option to continue it ELSEWHERE in its other 37 colleges in 36 cities across 14 countries! Get all that WITH assistance from the management. Now how is that for a college education to look forward to!


Well above is a slide of just SOME of their affiliates that you can get an internship at. I wish I had gotten an opportunity to intern at Swatch or Zara when I was in college (but yeah, I’m in nursing school, what was I thinking LOL!) But seriously, if I’d be given a chance to study again, then maybe I’d rethink my choices.

DSC_0209Moi, Miko, Kaye, Erika, Arnie





We had a quick tour of their floors at Accralaw building in The Fort, Global City. Picture above is their library. Get that – a library stockful of magazines! I wonder if they have Fantastic Man? :D




The study lounge is a conducive space for the students to study. Think tank, it is! I’d kill for my college to have one of these for the nursing department. Damn!



Interior Design students would find this room suitable to their plate-making needs. Lotsa free space to spread long sheets of paper and other materials!



I like that the Fashion Marketing and Management rooms are very minimal. Tables + projector + mood board. Yes, marketers DO need mood boards! I second that!



In the middle of our tour, Interior Design lecturer Mr. Lee Miles showed up and talked with us for a little while. He has a fancy accent and a really interesting sense of fashion (PEG!) I love it when men wear blazers over their shirts. Faux hipster, a really classy one, if you ask me :P

DSC_0225Sewing room

DSC_0228They have a MAC ROOM! Yes, MAC, separate from a PC room. LOVE. Just pure love.

DSC_0229Some works by students at visual communication

DSC_0231I took this photo because I wanna learn how to draw. Eventually, I hope I will

I’d like to show the room for Visual Communication, but I guess all I need to say is to imagine a blank space. Very conducive for those students, I think, because they need their tabula rasa!


Before the tour ended, Fashion Design Professor Dr. Janet Emmanuel came to have a little chat with us. She shared how she is amazed at how blogging has mobilized marketing through social media in the country. I agree, Ma’am! If it weren’t for blogging, I may not have a job now. LOL! But seriously! I am also flattered at how she acknowledged at how I managed blogging while I am a registered nurse. She’s such a sweet and happy person :D

IMG_7912 copy

IMG_7914 copyF&H black v-neck, Thrifted blazer, Oxygen reversible jeans, Thrifted military boots, Punchdrunk Panda camera strap | Outfit photo by Miko Carreon

Haha! Did you notice that I look a little pandak when I’m wearing a lot of dark colors? Taking a note on that! Anyhow, it was a lovely morning to spend at Raffles! I am really privileged to be invited to tour around it! I love it. Even the programs, they’re very organized and aligned to international standards. I hope more and more internationally competitive universities, colleges, and institutes come here and invest for the Filipinos and our education.

I even see myself being enrolled in Fashion Marketing and Management… Hmmmm, we will see. We WILL see about that :P

* We were really late (Erika and I) but we also attended the WGSN trend forecasting for Summer-Spring 2012. I found a lot of familiar and new takes on some aesthetics. I’m so excited for Summer! Are you? If you are, then visit WGSN and learn about 50’s revival, tribal artisan, acquatic, and an upcoming Olympic-inspired trend!

* Also, Raffles Education in other countries does  not only focus on design. There are a lot of courses available, and you may look at it here.

Raffles Design Institue – Manila
Units 18-01/19-00 Accralaw Tower
30th Street, Crescent Park West
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+632 846-2888