Vans S/S12

I think this is the first time Vans participated in the Philippine Fashion Week, and this is the last show that I watched. It may be the last, but it definitely gave me a high! I was surprised to be seated on the front row!!! Didn’t really expect that. Plus I love Vans’ stage – they built a mini skate park inside MOA. Cool, ain’t it?



1Sporty, cool, and classy.






6I think the strength of Vans is in their shoes. You can wear them anytime and still look sassy.


8Some celebrities walked the “skate park”


DSC_0925Cyclists and skaters did exhibitions too! Props to Vans for a stunning show!




DSC_0933Cute skater kids! I wish I know how to skate 


Jhong Hilario also did exhibitions! I created a GIF for that!






DSC_0989Shout out to my new blogger friend, the very chic Daphne Benosa

This may be their first PFW show but, heck, Vans knows how to put up some show! They stayed true to the skater brand that they’ve been known for. Props to that and for putting up with all these effort – extra hyping the runway, having skaters skate everywhere, and a lot more in between. Summer must really be the best season for the brand since their clothing line is very comfy and wearable. Now that’s what you need for the summer heat, isn’t it? Something that will not sweat you out in the middle of the summer heat and is completely wearable anytime.



DSC_0996F&H v-neck undershirt, Oxygen long-sleeve knitted turtle neck, Penshoppe semi-glossy pants, Thrifted military boots, Anagon silver wired bib necklace, Speedo frames… and a lot of loot bags, LOL!

I loooooooooove being in an all black ensemble. This may explain the plethora of black pieces in my closet! Aside from hiding my baby fats (which are ugly, very ugly) black is a classic style that never fades! The bib necklace that I ordered from Anagon arrived that afternoon, so I had a chance to match it with my outfit. And it just exploded in the middle of all the blackness that I wore! I am not that of an accessories person (another sweat mcahine issue) but I really love the detail that this necklace gives my rather bland outfit without it. Don’t you love the detail of Anagon’s wired collection? You go order here, before it’s too late!

2 responses to “Vans S/S12

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  2. Hi, Jonver! We were in front row! Huzzah. See you in other events! :)

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