Mario Maurer x Penshoppe + PFW Closing Remarks

PANDEMONIUM! And I mean that in both good and bad ways! You’ll see why:



My PFW technically ended with the Penshoppe show. I really did not intend to stay because my head was aching and my body was begging me for a break already that time. But I still needed to pull out from Anagon Collection for my shoot the next day. I stayed in SMX with hopes that I could intercept Ana, who watched the show, and go home right away. Staying there though was the wrongest decision! FANS WERE ALL OVER THE PLACE! And they were booing because they weren’t let in due to accommodation issues. Long story cut short – it was a pandemonium outside Hall 2!!!

But I guess seeing Mario, just in the screen made all the iffiness go away!




I really don’t care if I didn’t get a chance to see him, I can hunt him down in Bangkok and catch him walking at Siam Square. PAK! Very Love of Siam lang ang peg!

Anyhoo, saw this tweet from Penshoppe which concerns the rather disappointed fans that day:

For those who had Penshoppe PFW invites but weren’t able to get in, email your name & contact number to

And that concludes my PFW coverage! Not really much compared to last season, but son of a gun, I REALLY ENJOYED THIS SEASON! Thank you to Connect Agencie (Cholo dela Vega, Edryan Lorenzo, Carina Alejandrino, and Karelle Nicole), Jeff Bascon and Kat Reyes of Oxygen, Guess and Vans Philippines, Carmela Guzman of Wrangler Philippines, fashion blogger Erika Rodica, and all the bloggers who were with me (y’all BBs know who you are!) Hope I get to cover more next season, I’m truly and really excited. Philippine fashion is really something to look forward to – ever so radically and dynamically moving into a more straightforward change!

Congratulations to all the organizers, brands, designers, stylists, HMUAs, models, photographers, collaborators and crew of Philippine Fashion Week! Take a bow, y’all deserve it!


2 responses to “Mario Maurer x Penshoppe + PFW Closing Remarks

  1. WE hope so…
    Everything was great for the series of events Penshoppe had as part of crossing the global market. Good job! Not until the finale, Penshoppe PFW October 29, 2011 scandal. Hundreds and hundreds were disappointed and swearing against the brand! What could have gone wrong?
    But, nobody wants it to happen as even Penshoppe stands to make actions for the dismayed followers. It could have been a stampede or worst, right? Lets hope for the best Penshoppe can offer to those who have invites but never had a glimpse of the show. So, better keep your invites according to Penshoppe!

    • That’s great that people knows Penshoppe really didn’t intend to fool the people. I believe it was an honest mistake from the side of the brand, and it’s good they’re taking steps to make up for it :D

      Let’s support Philippine brands!

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