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Antonio’s at Tagaytay


Before heading out to Nurture Spa Village for the Happiness Boot Camp, we stopped by the famous Antonio’s Restaurant at Tagaytay City. I’ve been meaning to go here, but due to the lack of company, and apparently funds (ohgadasdfghjkl) it never pushes through! I’m really glad we tried it that day… It was all good!






I like the set up inside Antonio’s! It’s an old house converted to a restaurant! There are different table arrangements – from the main dining hall to the garden.




Wedding photo shoot, anyone?








The food was A-OK! Blaming my poor memory for forgetting the names of what we ate! Clearly, I’m not that much of a food blogger now (I almost forgot to take pictures haha) You can view the menu here though! It’s not in the menu, but friends have been telling me they have the perfect sinigang – so that’s what I’m having next time I’m here!

Antonio’s Restaurant
Bgy. Neogan
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413-0975

Are you happy?


Happiness isn’t my strongest suit. However, I have always believed that contentment is the philosophy behind happiness. Yes, that’s found in my Facebook info page, and yes that may qualify as an answer to Ms. Universe. But I guess, that’s not the point of this post, hehe :P




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When Pinoys come home…

…it’s more fun in the Philippines!


“With millions of Filipinos living abroad, practically in almost every country and territory around the world, we felt that our people are the best tourism ambassadors for the country. By crowdsourcing video of family vacations, getaway trips with friends or even having fun in their hometown, we find a rich source of real stories and experiences that we can share with the rest of the world, enticing them to come to the Philippines,” said Rizza Maniego-Eala, Group Head for International Business of Globe Telecom.

DSC_0040DOT Asec. Domingo Ramon Enerio III delivered DOT’s report of #itsmorefuninthephilippines campaign and future plans


I am so privileged to be invited at the press launch of the partnership of Globe and DOT, as well as their new program Pinoy Homecoming. It’s a wonderful campaign, really, because aside from driving foreigners to go to the Philippines (which we all know helps our economy), the new DOT program aims to encourage Filipinos in other countries to come home and once again visit their roots, and possibly stay in the country.


And also, in honor of their efforts and help by means of foreign exchange remittances, Pinoy abroad are to be given special privileges and benefits courtesy of DOT partner merchants. I find it as a straightforward to campaign to bring Filipino families together once again (not that there is something really wrong with being away, I strongly believe in that.) Filipinos get a taste of this partnership, too! Globe is partnering with Manila International Airport Authority for free Wi-Fi service at all terminals of the NAIA, including the domestic terminal.

DSC_0044Asec Enerio III and Globe’s Maniego-Eala signs partnership contract.


“We at Globe are happy to be one of the catalysts of the country’s tourism industry,” Maniego-Eala adds,” As we help spur more tourist arrivals, we are committed to enabling them to have the best experience as they travel through our telecommunications services–whether they roam using the Globe network with their foreign SIM, or if they choose to use a Globe prepaid SIM and during their stay. As we are in the thick of a massive $700-M network modernization program, we assure the DOT that our top tourist destinations in the country are prioritized in the roll-out of the new Globe network.”







Tourism-wise, holding the press conference at Ilustrado restaurant at Intramuros, which is actually a tourist favorite too, is a nice choice. I love it there! Will try the Sampaguita ice cream next time. Thank you Globe and DOT for a pleasant luncheon and afternoon!

I am my hair

Penshoppe hoodie shirt, Thrifted drapey coverup, Hang Ten shorts, Tomato Green mustard sneakers

JUST GOT HOME FROM AN EPIC NIGHT! Went to the Fila x AIA event, and watched Rock of Ages after. Anyway, introducing my new hair *Cue Hair by Lady Gaga* which, according to popular opinion, makes me look like a girl, a lesbian and/or someone from mainland Southeast Asian. What can you say though?

I’m downloading the Rock of Ages OST, and trying to make a concrete review of the movie/musical. AND TRY NOT TO DREAM OF TOM CRUISE. Trying really damn hard, haha!

Friday Night High

I seriously loooooooooooooooooove Village Tavern at The Fort! I think it’s one of the best new places in town.


DSC_0030Pita sandwiches

DSC_0032Sweet Potato Fries. Seriously and sinfully delicious!


This smoked bacon flatbread pizza is one of the BEST pizzas I’d ever had!

DSC_0034It’s my first time to meet Nikita Conwi of RX 93.1! Sucha nice lass… anyway, comment/vote for her to be the next I am Meg Style Ambassador!


After dinner, we went to Centerstage for some booze and songs! AND JACOB KILLED EVERY SONG HE SANG! He’s so good, I wanna tear his vocal chords off! Haha, I wish I took some vids though…




I miss these people! Been weeks since I last saw them. Get together soon, yes?

Looking for a pre-loved iPad 2

I think I owe it to my never being home, being always on the go, being layas most of the time… and finally my very mobile job as a community manager that makes me really want the iPad. I just think it’s the nomad’s perfect device weapon of choice. Not too heavy as a laptop, but not as small and (sometimes) slow as a phone. Although that really depends on the app you use.

It’s also a part of this year’s resolution goalsWalang biro at bola, that I really think and strongly believe that the iPad will revolutionize my life. WOW. Ms. Universe answer. Yes, I know. Revolutionize is the word! I promise to discuss this in a very geeky reasonable way plus apps that I am dying to have and use!

But I don’t really need the new or even a brand new iPad. If it’s still working and battery does not die on an instagram, I’m willing to buy a pre-loved gadget. Come to think of it, most of my gadgets and phones are pre-loved. I am not really a fan of brand new stuff, especially to gadgets. Others’ trash is my treasure indeed!

So just for now, I am this nomad, geek, and thrift freak who wants needs an iPad for his very mobile life and work. So if you (of your friend for that matter) are selling your iPad 2, preferably white (choosy pa eh noh) doesn’t matter how big is the memory, and selling for below PhP 15,000, I’m in for it and I wanna buy it, provided it still is in good condition (sana may warranty din, hihi)

Or if you wanna donate it to humankind that is me, JUST. GO. GIVE. IT. TO. ME. Hello, sponsors. Hihi :)

Anyway, if you wanna help me, please comment below, or email me at jonverdavid[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any offers.

Thanksies sissies!

Earthly Delights

Yet again, this is one long overdue post, but also true, I still feel how fun this party was! STATUS Magazine throws THE. BEST. PARTIES. evarrrrrrrrr! Just look at those faces ——— DRUNK BY 6PM!

DSC_1132Just remember we started looking like these when you see us wasted and all out drunk later in this post, haha! NO REGRETS!



DSC_1135There were unlimited Magnum barssssssss. Oh my god, I haven’t seen so much Chocolate Truffles in one place (normally, it’s out of stock meh)

DSC_1136Nang tinuruan ako ni Gelo maging hippie. CHE! HAHA!






I love this photo of Angel, and no it’s not because I shot it haha
















Mah very pretty friend, Patty… who I badly miss now :(



Best in emote. TRUE!



What’s your mix, lololololololol





I intended to repeat that photo (actually kasi nakakatamad din burahin pa.) This is to all of Jacob’s groupies. LOL!


DJ FASHIN! Love the tunes sir!



The Teresa Herrera. I swear all I did was stare at her when we were introduced. She’s just so pretty…….. and thin!


DSC_1178Bloggahs reprezent


DSC_1180My pretty bosz Thysz


Runway Philippines’ Tina Herrera – she’s just so sweet and kind!






Another bad-ass picture of Angel. I am seriously loving your pictures girl!










DSC_1216That day/night was so EPIC! As I said, Status throws the dopest parties in town!


Who wouldn’t fall for this guy?!



Werqing it like bitchez






DSC_1239Soleil Ignacio. I can’t believe she remembers my blog. Sucha sweet lass :)


Huling emote. Nikita a la Terry Richardson


And some more boys….errrrr, FRIENDS!!!! I can’t wait for the next STATUS party. SERIOUSLY, when you get invited, GO. Do not think twice.

See you all again!

I want to remember you

You see, I was never the one to have good memories. And pictures of you aren’t enough for me to keep memories of you when there are so much about you that I wanted to never want to forget.

I want my eyes to remember every detail of your face, how you have that scar, or how your eyes twitch sometimes. I want my nose to remember your fragrant scent, and how come you don’t wear any perfume. I want my ears to remember your unusually small yet charming voice, especially when you sung to me that certain Christmas day. I want my lips to remember how soft yours were, and how they tasted after you just finished your cigarette. I want my fingers to remember every curve of your body, and how it was the only solace I have when I almost killed myself.

I want to remember you. But even if I want to, how can I bring it all back? How do I keep you in my mind when it won’t hold on? I’d like to remember these things for the rest of my life, ‘cause if there’s any memory I’d want to keep for myself for this moment, it’s all about you.

If it’s the only thing I’d do, I want to remember you.

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Daphne Osena-Paez collaborates with Bench Homescents

“I believe that home fragrances are just as important as personal scents,” she says. “It is the final touch in creating a well-dressed home.”

Daphne Osena-Paez


I was a bit confused when I was invited to Bench and the venue was Dimensione and they mentioned a collab with Daphne Osena-Paez (which btw I am a big fan from her Urban Zone days!) And true enough it is something to do with HOME.


Quoting Daphne…

“For as long as I could remember I always had room scents — whether it was candles, sprays, sachets or drawer liners. I want my home always smelling fresh and clean. I would tell these stories frequently on my blog”

The resulting trio reflects these sensibilities. “I wanted the fragrance line to reflect different moods. When I was creating this with the Bench team, I was imagining actual rooms. I took inspiration from food, travel and colors.”


For as long as I can remember, homescents are the least of my concern when designing my home. After the afternoon tea with Daphne, I instantly appreciated the value of home fragrance – how it helps set the mood or change the mood, whichever is needed. AND MY FAMILY APPRECIATES AND LOVES IT TOO!

DSC_0016My friend Angel won the Daphne chair worth P15,000! UBER COOL!




Aside from the home fragrance, Daphne also officially launched her chair collection! Each Daphne chair is carefully handmade by an award-winning, export-accredited furniture company. They are so cute but not to be fooled ’cause it’s masterfully engineered to last.





Folded and Hung black tee, Mental long vest (from Mike Magallanes), Penshoppe leatherette pants, Thrifted military boots


Daphne x Bench Homescents are available in three fragrances. Mint Jasmine Infusion is a mix of floral and mint, inspired by an outdoor kitchen in Tuscany. Homemade Lemon Tart is reminiscent of freshly-baked pie, a universal scent designed to appeal to all ages and lifestyles. Acres of Lavender, which aids in sleep, is woodsy, soothing and relaxing.

Daphne Home Scents retail at Php348.00 each and is available at Dimensione stores and selected Bench stores nationwide.

Multiverse Causality

I was reading this and I was reversing each and every action I did and was rethinking each and every reaction you gave.

And I suddenly thought… I overthink. I don’t want another parallel universe for you to love me and me to love you. If you love me here and now, if I love you here and now, screw how many universes even exist.

I love you. And that’s all that matters.


What if, in another universe, I deserve you?

Hear me out. There’s this philosopher from the 1890s named William James, and he coined this theory about “the multiverse” which suggests that a hypothetical set of multiple universes comprises everything that can possibly exist simultaneously.

Are you following? The entirety of space, time, matter and energy is all happening at once in different timelines: It’s the idea of parallel universes. Right? So okay, let’s presume the multiverse is real.

Well then, maybe somewhere in those infinite universes is one, or several, where I deserve you.

Maybe there’s a universe out there — happening now — where we end up together and when I close my eyes at night, I’m not dreaming the way a normal person would. Instead I’m seeing flashes of our lives in the multiverse. They’re not simple dreams because I miss you, right? They’re scientific, anachronistic visions.

For instance:

In this universe, I don’t want a family, but maybe in another, I’m more of the type to settle down. Maybe there’s a universe where you hold my hand while I give birth to our daughter in a white hospital room with pink flowers and fuzzy teddy bears on the window sill. Where we take family vacations and pose for dorky pictures in our neon bathing suits on the sands of a Florida beach. Where we curl up to watch a cheesy movie at the end of a long day in our big, green, suburban house once the kids have fallen asleep.

Maybe there’s a universe where we are middle-aged and taking our child to college and bickering over where to put her dresser or what posters she should hang up. Where you kiss her on the forehead ‘goodbye’ and we drive home in contented, proud silence, your fingers grazing my knuckles, our wedding rings glistening. Where we both have gray hair and we laugh and smile and hug and drink lemonade on the porch.

Maybe there’s a universe where that’s the life I want. Where I don’t second guess everything and I’m not afraid of commitment and of the future and of love. Maybe there’s a universe without all the noise in my head and the pride that makes me so fiercely independent and the coldness in my heart that I can turn on and off like a security fence.

Maybe there’s a universe where I’m the right person for you. Where I adore every nice thing you did for me without starting to resent you. A universe where you actually end up with someone who appreciates you. Where no one becomes a doormat. Where both of us can shed our baggage and curiosity and issues. A universe where we’re happy — without wondering if that happiness is some messed-up Jenga game ready to topple at the slightest quiver. A universe where we’re comfortable and sure, and we have cats.

Maybe there’s a universe where we fall asleep next to each other every night like spoons, like two innocent bunnies — my face buried in your neck, hugging your warmth — and we both don’t want anything or anybody else. Where we don’t want more, we just want each other.

Maybe there’s a universe where I don’t covet so much all the time and where I’m content and where I don’t wonder about picking up and moving to Japan without saying anything to anyone and where at this very juncture, I can just know I’ll always want to come home and cook dinner with you.

If you think of it all this way, then it’s like neither of us did anything wrong.

You just found me in the wrong universe. That’s all. This is, as they say, the darkest timeline. Everywhere else, nay, “everywhen” else — us in the Civil War, us in Ancient Egypt, us in the swinging ’60s — we are happy.

If this theory holds, well, by the law of averages, there had to be one universe — just this one — where we don’t end up together. Here and now just happens to be it. If you think of it this way, nothing is our fault.

So see, that explains everything. We’re not together anymore because of the multiverse.

Well, isn’t that comforting?

If you’re sad, do like I do and just think of the other ‘verses. The ones where I believe in love and where I don’t hate myself and where I never feel the need to kamikaze relationships. A universe where we can have nice things. It’s helpful, right?

Because you could have loved me forever. And maybe in another universe, I let you.