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What I’m Loving Now: Peach Yakult from Moonleaf Tea Shop

PhFW Holiday ’12: Michael Cinco & Rajo Laurel for Bench

Michael Cinco: Impalpable


DSC_1011Reminds me of a French park in some french movie set in the 1920’s


This season Bench went away from their usual fashion shows and decided to give us a show. Introducing the new celebrity-designer perfume line, dubbed as Impalpable by world-renown Filipino designer Michael Cinco. Bench and Cinco did not just put up a perfume launch, they also brought Cinco’s prized bridal gowns and America’s Next Top Models Dominique and Allison. SMX was in an uproar!












And then ANTM’s Allison Harvard happened. ALL. HEARTS. STOPPED.




DSC_1031And some boysssssssssssss. LOVEEEEEET!


Rajo Laurel: Rajo Revolution



Meanwhile, at the room next to Cinco’s jaw-dropping (figure out what made my jaw drop, it wasn’t so hard to see :P) show, was Rajo’s energetic take on launching yet another celebrity-designer perfume line called Rajo Uno and Rajo Dos. There were dance numbers, rockeoke, cheerdance face-off, and the celebs just went out to spend time with their fans. Enchong Dee was a crowd favorite… but it was also Rajo Laurel’s birthday celebration!


DSC_1038a la Girls Gone Wild







DSC_1055More boys! Hahahahaha. 


Congratulations and thanks to Bench for inviting me to their Fashion Week show! It was truly one of a kind, kudos!

UP NEXT: What happens after every PhFW show… hehehe

PhFW Holiday ’12: Design Fusion | Visions & Trends | Ready To Wear

Design Fusion Collection

Bo Parcon


Enrico Carado

2The Egyptian – Aztec – Tribal feel worked with unique cuts and those sky high shoes by Joco Comendador

Jaki Penalosa

3Pina is incorporated into different silhouettes and cuts

Visions & Trends Collection

Happy Andrada

4Eerily clinical

Jan Garcia

5Maximalist and nomadic with layers and drapes.

Oz Go

6Ombre is back in vogue for next season! I love the big lapel on the third photo

Regine Dulay


Russel Villafuerte

8Good to see mixed fabrics, especially the leather-sheer combo. Very grungy!

Ready To Wear Collection

Dave Ocampo


[Emi Englis is a part of this collection, but I cannot find my photos of his clothes. I apologize for this.]

Harley Ruedas

11Print on denim? WHY NOT?

Jian Lasala

12One of my favorites from the whole show. Minimally well thought of ideas of design are really orgasmic for me.

John Guarnes


Mike Lavarez

14Another favorite designer which really showed a different collection this season. It may be simple in one look but look carefully for Mike’s attention to detail

Nixon Marquez

15Nixon’s 90’s carefree attitude and style in his clothes are very evident. I love the looseness and the monochrome in this collection.

Congratulations to all the designers who put so much love and effort for this show! It was great to see Filipinos really have talent – in whichever field they choose!

Are you confident enough?

Now these are the few times that I really wish I am a girl!

Yeah it doesn’t mean I’m gay that I want to be a girl. I have my exceptions though – clothes and shoes, all those straight men, and privileges like these. Haha! I’ve been talking to my college best friend, Hanna, that we’ve been thru crazy auditions as BFFs, but we think we cannot this time. How I wish I am a crazy girl right now :P

SO WHY NOT?! Why not go on a crazy week and do something outrageous everyday? Dress up like it’s Halloween (or Born This Way Ball, lolz) everyday. Talk to a complete stranger and sing Call Me Maybe. Walk in a straight line anywhere. Pretend that it’s your birthday. OR WHAT ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF SOMETHING CRAZY? What matters is the adventure you’ll get while doing it!

Rexona asks us, WHY NOT? So maybe Hanna and I will end up auditioning? WATCH OUT :P

Follow these simple steps above to join and have a chance to have the adventure of your lifetime AND take home 500 grand! NOW TELL ME WHY I DO NOT WISH I AM A GIRL RIGHT NOW!


Last Monday, just right before Independence day, along with some bloggers, we spent dinner at M Cafe with Rexona and Unilever Philippines to discuss this new crazy project. I tell you, the girls behind this were crazy too, I love them!






And speaking of crazy, I met up with two of my craziest and the bestest friends I’d ever had in college, too! Say hello to Hanna and Ella (who most prolly should join this contest!)



WHY NOT JOIN NOW! Deadline is on June 17 (THIS. SUNDAY. ALREADY.) To know more about this, like them on Facebook!