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Manila Social Media Day!

The official Manila Social Media Day in cooperation with Mashable!

Free admission with lotsa surprises and freebies to be given away! So join us as we celebrate being a social media capital at Makati TOMORROW.

But first, let’s see each other at The Bookworm Brigade at Moonleaf Maginhawa! Then let’s go here together, shall we?

Letting go

I’m… letting go of these babies. I’m already on the brink of crying because of separation issues… and all the asthma I got after unearthing these babies :(

It’s sad, but in one point or another, we all have to say good bye.
But I’m looking forward to getting new titles on Saturday at The Bookworm Brigade! Happening this Saturday already at Moonleaf Maginhawa :)

Map by Jonard

Bring your old books, magazines, and any other reading materials for swapping and/or donating and have some tea with us!

Pub mats by Cariza

Also, we’re giving away felt bookmarks (c/o Moonleaf and Twee Shop) to the first 100 registrants —

Planner not included, hehe

We’ll see you on Saturday! I’m so excited already :)

Official event pub mat by VPG

For more updates, please RSVP to our event page here :)

Let’s go to beach each let’s go get away

Look who’s watching the Pink Tour?! It’s me and my friend Nica Minaj! Thanks to Globe and Blackberry for the tickets (and good seats!)

Now, it’s time to plug Nicki Minaj in the pla-yah, holla!


Current mood: Walk the Moon

I’ve been obsessing over Anna Sun by Walk the Moon since Sunday it reappeared in my Youtube feed in between watching Future Shorts and marathoning The XX songs. I really really really really love this song, how it really ups my mood and how much energy I waste just to resist dancing while remembering I’m just wearing earphones – well, might as well dance, I guess!

And I lurve the music video! I hope you noticed that it’s just taken with one shot… again, I can’t resist to dance. *instantly adds to productivity playlist* which leads me to how this day has been soooooo productive! Woke up so early and I realized I haven’t been waking up that early. I really wanna gain back my sleeping habits discipline! And yes, being productive means being distracted from unwanted thoughts. I so love this day!

Plain white v-neck tee, Levi’s distressed white denim pants, Thrifted coverup as makeshift skirt, and military boots

And I love my outfit this day, too! I’m really in the mood to use my jackets/cardigans/coverups as makeshift skirts, so you’ll be seeing it a lot, lol! So… I’m off to finish this post and finish reading Train Man so I can bring it along the pile of books I’m swapping over at The Bookworm Brigade! don’t forget that it’s this Saturday already at Moonleaf Maginhawa :)

We got no money, but we got heart
We’re gonna rattle this ghost town
This house is falling apart!

Terry Richardson-esque




Terry Richardson was is well-known for his simple yet impactful single flash photography aesthetic, for which I am guilty that he is always the inspiration whenever I use flash in my photos. And this time, who more appropriate but my friend Thysz to model for me – sucha natural. Maybe I can do more shoots like these :)









P.S. Ang pretty ng boss ko noh?

Current mood: Aqualung

I can’t even start how this day (technically yesterday) was an emotional whirlwind for me, it was up then it was down, and it was up all over again… then down again. It feels like a yoyo, but what the hell. I was glad though a party of people was there to distract me. Spiraling downward is the last thing I need now but I am glad how this spiraling made me realize a lot of things.

I guess, we can’t choose from what and where we learn things.

Well, you really have to follow me @Jonver_David in Twitter to know these realizations, hehe. What a cheapskate’s try on luring you to follow me on Twitter! LOL!

One thing though, and drill this to your craniums:
You accept the love you think you deserve.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky ’99

And cue music. Then repeat.

…I’m yours and suddenly you’re mine
and it’s brighter than sunshine.

Schools Run for School Rooms

Iligan City was among the places in Northeastern Mindanao that were worst-hit by typhoon Sendong. The typhoon, which ravaged the region with its heavy rainfall from December 15 to 18, left a total of PhP 1,033,131,515,100. 00 worth of damages in infrastructures, agricultural crops, and school buildings. Six months after the disaster, the situation in Iligan City remains bleak. Many people are still living in so-called tent cities and living off relief goods. As the school year starts, the children would have to make do with makeshift classrooms, as 12 schools and 136 classrooms in Iligan City were among Sendong’s casualties.

Athletes in Action (AIA) believes in making positive changes in people’s lives through sports. That is why the international humanitarian organization of athletes is organizing an advocacy run on July, which proceeds will fund the rebuilding of the classrooms in Iligan City.

Titled “Schools Run for School Rooms” (SRSR), the advocacy run will gather student-runners from major colleges and universities in Metro Manila to compete in distances of 3K, 5K, and 10K on the urban environment of the Bonifacio Global City early morning of July 7th. Besides college students, groups from government agencies, churches, and private corporations have also expressed their interest in joining the SRSR.














Thank you Fila and AIA for the pleasant evening!

Current mood: Yellowcard

Very angsty teenager of me, but I feel like one tonight…
I’m never the kind of teen who listened to Yellowcard then, so I do not know for the sake of my life why I am listening to them now, haha!
But then, again, the songs I listen lately speak for me now.

So I guess, there, my inner angsty punk is out in the open now.
*puts on eyeliner*

Globe Tatt Awards Finalists Night + Rockeoke!

I knoooooooooooooooow! This post is a bit late – another bad lazy-ass blogger moment for me, buuuuut, I’m still blogging how fun Globe’s Rockeoke Night at Seventh High was! I swear this is the best Globe party ever by far! I love you, Globe :)


The Tatt Awards finalists were introduced by Chicosci’s Miggy Chavez, Ashley Rivera (or more commonly known as Petra Mahalimuyak,) and DJ Gino Quillamor (weeeeee, who I have such a big crush on!)


Nina Sandejas (lurve your hair, girl!) and EWWS’ Garovs and Ryan

DSC_0069The Advocate finalists (you go, Arriane! WOOHOO!)

DSC_0072Superstar Marian’s missing in action! Do you know who s/he is?! :P

DSC_0079The Game Changer finalists


Francis Brew


Gloc 9 for Indie Rocker (wonder where are the other finalists?)


DSC_0088Krissy and Erika performed for an intermission. Do you remember the time they were internet stars?


DSC_0096Stylisimo finalists. Laureen Uy, reigning stylisimo, is also nominated this year!


Bogart the Explorer for what else? The Explorer! Why weren’t you explorin’ like the other finalists, eh? LOL!

DSC_0100Becky Nights for Thought Mover!





When all of the finalists were announced, it’s time for Rockeoke! Two of my friends joined the roll, and man were they good!




This is the first time I heard TJ sing live…


DSC_0114Naks, Paul! Parang concert lang aah! Anyway, I didn’t know Paul can sing… PLUS PLUS PLUS POGI POINTS HAHA!


Here’s Paul, hitting the high notes! I’m sucha big fan teehee!



DSC_0124Of course, Mikee Bustos just had to sing too, which was one of the best renditions of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing I’ve evar heard!



DSC_0133Thank you Team Globe! You know I love you so (yiiiii cheesy haha)


Paul as the rocker, and me as the groupie (LOL JUST KIDDING!!!)

ADD oversized top (from Karl Leuterio), Oxygen gray denim pants, Thrifted military boots

…OH! Watch out if your online rockstars win in the 2012 Tatt Awards this Friday. I’ll be live tweeting at the event, so make sure to follow me @Jonver_David for updates!

Current mood: Ron Pope

This song has been on repeat in my BB for a week already. And I just can’t have enough of it… because it’s just so appropriate for what I feel now. I have to thank Cariza for making a mixtape for me, and including this song.

I think this song, kinda speaks for me… when unsung lyrics, unwritten words, undone actions aren’t enough.

A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather
I’m praying that you and me might end up together
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I’m holding you close than most
’cause you are my heaven

– A Drop in the Ocean, Ron Pope

Anyway. Please help me spread the word for my bookswap event on the 30th! I’m inviting everyone to come and bring your books for swapping and/or donating at Moonleaf Maginhawa this Saturday, June 30!

I’ll blog about the details and some books I’m bringing later! For now, you may find full details of the event here.

And I’ll leave you to another Ron Pope song, haha! Emo-han na!