Daily Archives: June 12, 2012

Current mood: Snow Patrol

Random stuff about this day:

1. I never ever believed I’d spend less than PhP 200 in a day, until today.
2. I’m gonna live with this budget for 4 more days. Good luck.
3. Met up with two of the bestest college friends I’ve ever had.
4. It got sad, and I didn’t get it. The day has been so nice.
5. Maybe it’s all that’s lacking now. Money. Relationship. And everything in between.
6. In that same vein, Snow Patrol is coming to Manila this August. God let money rain. Or someone love me and buy me a ticket.
7. I want need an iPad 2. Not the new one, I cannot afford the old model, much more the new one. I hope my sponsors are reading this *grins widely*
8. I miss college. That’s odd because I told myself I’d never do.
9. Maybe it’s the train ride. Or the long walks. Or maybe just seeing my friends.
10. I wish the internet holds so I can finish some backlogs.
11. Or maybe not, I’d like to watch Norwegian Wood instead. Procrastination at its best. Heh.
12. Happy Independence Day, Philippines. Be free for real.

This is all I ever wanted from life.