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Adorkable and Nerdelicious

Recently, Apple released they’re new Apple Genius TVC… and apparently a new Apple guy… which we can’t name for now. WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY ANYWAY?! So damn cute, hihi

Ever since Tim Cook stepped into the scene critics and Apple fans cannot help but to compare him to the demigod that is Steve Jobs. I so do not want to be in Cook’s shoes now, because damn well I am putting my butt in a hot seat if I do…

My point is, and others’ too I think, is that Apple is reviving they’re personal marketing techniques rather than investing in a matter-of-factly product-centric ads. This is good, since Apple’s hardware will always be superior (at least for me) and now that they’re on top of their game there, why not invest in a whole new different dimension – personalize the brand and make it more relatable?

Or maybe, it’s just not the way it use to be? Apple snobs may care no less as long as they get their tech gears how they want it to be. I do not know, but marketing-wise I think it’s best that they cover all bases just so as to reach every possible market. This way they can educate the people more about their product and more about their customer relationship-building personality.

What do you think of this new ad? Let me know, I’d like to hear your opinion :)

P.S. It’s fine to comment on the cute Apple guy… hihi



EDIT: I left my phone when I went out for lunch and when I was back roughly an hour ago, the phone just magicly lit and it was just alive. I AM SO HAPPY plus some other things happened today, so yeah – I’m already solved for this day :)

Let’s interrupt a seemingly good day with the worst news I can hear for the life of me. My phone just died on me. I feel like dying too.

Seriously, I’m getting a new one on Monday and I still haven’t backed up. But I was planning to! I reset my phone a few hours ago and now it won’t open at all! ZOMG. CONTACTS. MESSAGES. VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT NOTES. It feels like losing a limb for me since I do everything with my BlackBerry :(

So please if anyone can just help me recover my data. And hopefully, my phone can still be fixed. I’m giving it to my sister :(


Jansport x Sole Academy

JanSport Right Pack Signature Series Collaboration

JanSport Right Pack Signature Series

Collaboration is really the name of the game these days, and Philippines’ very own boutique apparel store Sole Academy! Being one of the 21 collaborators from all over the world this year, Sole Academy was chosen to represent our country to design a signature and limited edition classic leather bottom backpack only available at Sole Academy in Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. For more details, like them on Facebook and follow too on Twitter! :)

JanSport Right Pack Signature Series Patch

Lazy days













For those days that we miss, we have Moonleaf Tea Shop.

Starships a la Trasher BKK

Nicki Minaj was just here in Manila a few weeks back and boy how she loved the Filipinos’ warm welcome, but I guess she’ll find these trashers competing for attention!!! I love these guys…errr GIRLS! Love the color of the video, and always always always love the production design! They’ve gone a long way since they released We Found Love, their first hit parody earlier this year, and Riri would damn be proud!

Somebody bring them here in the Philippines!

Quick Giveaway c/o Rexona Philippines!

Y’all know I’m a big supporter of these two girls, so we’re now doing a quick giveaway! And it’s just easy… Just watch the two girls in action and answer this simple question:

If you are Iya and Anya, how will you do the challenge with more confidence?

If you are as confident as Iya and Anya, comment below with your answer, and the most confident answer will win a P1000 gift pack from Rexona Philippines! Winner will be announced on Monday, so better start watching NOW!


I shall admit that I was never an Alcatel boy. I had the Siemens cutesy phone when I was in grade school, Nokia colored phone craze (thanks to my high school peer pressures), then switched to and from Samsung and Nokia in the span of my college years, then finally stuck with a BlackBerry. But it was never an Alcatel.


However, after seeing these photos, I can’t resist but to say how sexy and glam they are and how I wanna try them. Not joking even, I hope they’re as functional as how good they look as they are powered by no less than Android OS.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D REDGlam 810  Continue reading

Murphy’s Law

I’ve been wanting to post an entry since the weekend started, presuming that this weekend started from Friday and ends tonight. But I’ve been bugged with either work stuff, my own laziness, the weather, or Murphy’s Law. Damn Murphy whoever he is and why does he have to make a law. Well, I know it’s not that man’s fault but whenever it happens, I just can help but to curse whatever you can curse.

If it can go wrong, it will. It’s my mom’s ageless favorite quote and you can bet your life savings that she will quote at will. When the door has been kept open, when you can just latch it. When you drop something while texting. When you forgot to feed the dogs. Whenever you do something wrong, virtually. For her you can avoid everything if you put this one liner of a bloody quote in your head. I don’t know how or if ever it bums my mom when she quotes herself in her head, but as for me, I hate blaming no one else but myself. It is life’s sole inevitable circumstance – you cannot blame anyone else but yourself.

To think, life could be easier if you can just blame everything else. But what good it is to point?

Putting things into perspective, this should drive you to be a better person. Then if not, what’s the use of three days of sulking and thinking. When enough is enough then comes the time to move on.

It’s really funny how small things like this affects me and leads me into an existential crisis. Maybe it’s just me because they say I think a lot. Or overthink for that matter. Or maybe I’ve been avoiding this moment that I have to reevaluate myself and see where I really stand. No I’m not telling you what happened, ’cause that defeats the purpose of taking this to myself. But I am sharing to you what I learned. Learn to look forward.

One thing though. I don’t deal good with interruptions. I’m not a man of routine either. And I guess I have to know what I want from life. Am I spontaneous? Or am I a routine person? There can be only one side. Or maybe I can be both. For now, I don’t know.

For now…

This is all I ever wanted from life

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Divinely Flawless

She’s been there a long time, but those who got to know her just recently would call her the Queen of Beckies. Loved for her penchant for fashion, beauty, and all around gayness; Globe Asiatique’s princess-in-charge, and the world wide web’s beloved BB (babaeng baklaDivine Lee is now the new face of beauty conglomerate FLAWLESS.

In a short interview with the Queen (all hail!), Divine shares that she has no fears for mistakes. This top blogger doesn’t care if she hits a wrong letter or misses a subject-verb agreement… if it meant talking to you like you’re friends of a lifetime. “I mean Victor (Basa) is very particular about spelling, grammar, I’m like “Naintindihan mo yung sinulat ko?” Victor: Yeah, it’s wrong” Me: “O alam mo ngang wrong pero naintindihan mo, so ok na yan” (laughs). I don’t check. I’m really excited when I write so I just write everything. Minsan mali mali young words, ganyan. Victor: “Your blog is the pinakamagulo” Even Google AdSense wont accept me coz I’m taglish. But forget it, It’s more of like a personal diary talking to a best friend.”

“I would share things there that I would usually call my closest friends, like Jake, “May bago akong nadiscover na pamapaganda”. I would share it with my blog the same way that I would tell them. I guess people got to know me better that way. Para na kaming friends. And when I see them, I get excited kasi everyday of my life, I’m writing and I’m sharing something to them. So when I see someone and they say, “OMG, I’m a fierce follower”, I feel like I know them na rin; from tweeting, to tumblr to the blog nga,” Divine just want to talk to you like she does in real life, and her blog stands true to all of these.

Our favorite becky icon may have no fears for mistakes, but if it can be made better, our Divinely Flawless girl right here gives you the “WHY NOT?” and go signal for Flawless’ latest service: “Hey guys, nahanap ko na young matagal na nating hinahanap sa mga sump na tinatawag nation. Lahat naman tayo may sump at one point or another. Like chicken pox, stretch marks, acne scars. Mawawala na lahat yan coz of Frac N Roll. You guys better check it out. Ako natry ko na siya and aminin, talagang nawala yung mga things na dati kailangan ko pang i-concealer. But now may solusyon na siya.”

So what is Flawless’ Frac N’ Roll? More details after the jump! Continue reading

Hang Ten Midyear Sale


I got my favorite pair of shorts from Hang Ten. That’s it, time to hoard in every color!