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When Pinoys come home…

…it’s more fun in the Philippines!


“With millions of Filipinos living abroad, practically in almost every country and territory around the world, we felt that our people are the best tourism ambassadors for the country. By crowdsourcing video of family vacations, getaway trips with friends or even having fun in their hometown, we find a rich source of real stories and experiences that we can share with the rest of the world, enticing them to come to the Philippines,” said Rizza Maniego-Eala, Group Head for International Business of Globe Telecom.

DSC_0040DOT Asec. Domingo Ramon Enerio III delivered DOT’s report of #itsmorefuninthephilippines campaign and future plans


I am so privileged to be invited at the press launch of the partnership of Globe and DOT, as well as their new program Pinoy Homecoming. It’s a wonderful campaign, really, because aside from driving foreigners to go to the Philippines (which we all know helps our economy), the new DOT program aims to encourage Filipinos in other countries to come home and once again visit their roots, and possibly stay in the country.


And also, in honor of their efforts and help by means of foreign exchange remittances, Pinoy abroad are to be given special privileges and benefits courtesy of DOT partner merchants. I find it as a straightforward to campaign to bring Filipino families together once again (not that there is something really wrong with being away, I strongly believe in that.) Filipinos get a taste of this partnership, too! Globe is partnering with Manila International Airport Authority for free Wi-Fi service at all terminals of the NAIA, including the domestic terminal.

DSC_0044Asec Enerio III and Globe’s Maniego-Eala signs partnership contract.


“We at Globe are happy to be one of the catalysts of the country’s tourism industry,” Maniego-Eala adds,” As we help spur more tourist arrivals, we are committed to enabling them to have the best experience as they travel through our telecommunications services–whether they roam using the Globe network with their foreign SIM, or if they choose to use a Globe prepaid SIM and during their stay. As we are in the thick of a massive $700-M network modernization program, we assure the DOT that our top tourist destinations in the country are prioritized in the roll-out of the new Globe network.”







Tourism-wise, holding the press conference at Ilustrado restaurant at Intramuros, which is actually a tourist favorite too, is a nice choice. I love it there! Will try the Sampaguita ice cream next time. Thank you Globe and DOT for a pleasant luncheon and afternoon!


Amazing infographic from Goodreads! I like how they really put an analysis to the influx of dystopian literature through the years! Among the themes, I can say World War II and Post-apocalypses are my favorites!

This is an instant addition to my LOOOOOOOONG list of books to read. Come to think of it, this one’s my favorite genre. I like reading about dystopia and how people would actually survive the war/government/apocalypse.

I’ve just sold my Hunger Games book to Rsen (thank you, friend) because I’m buying the whole boxed set. I could actually settle with just buying the UK version, but I had the US, so I have to have the same versions. Yeah, I’m OC like that.

Please let me go giddy over the HUNGER GAMES FILM. We’re watching it tomorrow already!! PEETAAAAAAA!!

Oh I still have to have my Panem ID printed! *fanboys*

For a nurse-friendly Philippines


There you have it, finally! Finally, the DOH opened their eyes and took action at the atrocity of opportunistic hospitals exploiting the need of nurses. I am in an overzealous state and maybe, in an overhopeful tone, that this will change the face of nursing profession in the country.

Then again, I have to reiterate that we are licensed professionals and we do not deserve to be treated as if we are still students. We passed the board exam for a reason – and being admitted as a nurse volunteer in exchange of work experience is undeniable exploitation (in part of the employer) and a pathetic act (in part of the nurse.) As licensed professionals we should be compensated duly for our services. The reason why our kind do not stay, is not only because of greener pastures, but because this country (the hospital administrators, especially) does not give what we are due of, not even enough to even feed our families.

This memo may be flawless in words, however it cannot be executed fully without political will. So the battle must continue after this – Hospitals should be inspected. Administrators should be monitored. And results should be evident. It should not stop with this.

E-Jeep Heritage Route Launch

I used to study at Makati, some four years ago, when I spent a semester in a school there. Travelling from Bulacan to Makati is stressful (but in comparison to my mom’s Bulacan – Las Pinas loop everyday, it was almost nothing.) Imagine the stress I would get for a day. I had acute bronchitis just before the semester ended, so I needed to transfer (with a couple more of reasons.)

DSC_1153An overview of Makati City from the City Mayor’s Office

I guess, what really added to the stress of everyday commuting is that urban pollution took a toll on my health. Thankfully, a group of individuals and companies took a step on reducing pollution in the country’s premiere financial district. On 2009, Makati City, in cooperation with the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (iCSC) launched the E-Jeepney.

DSC_1165E-Jeepney design from local art scene trailblazer Toym Imao

The eJeepney is locally designed and assembled by PhUV Inc., the business arm of MVPMAP. It can comfortably seat 14 passengers (12 at the rear and two at the front, including the driver) and can be operated for about 65 kms after every full charge at a maximum of speed of 35 kph. It is just part of a bigger program, the Climate Friendly Cities Program of iCSC. This program has three major components: a biodigester fed with biodegradable household wastes to generate electricity, a depot or a terminal and the end-users of the electricity generated by alternative means, a fleet of eJeepneys.

The locally-assembled eJeepney is the very first electric vehicle ever granted a license plate by the Land Transportation Office. It was also awarded a Fr. Satur Neri Award by the Presidential Adviser on Climate Change during this year’s Earth Day celebrations. (SOURCE)

DSC_1102Try commuting with these high heels.

DSC_1108City’s trusted e-jeepney drivers


Commuting is an essential part of an average Filipino. This must have been the mindset of Makati City government when they deployed several units of the E-Jeepney to service hundreds (or maybe thousands) of Makati city-dwellers FOR FREE. It’s called the Makati Green Route, which tracks the Legazpi and Salcedo Villages.

For the Salcedo Village route, from Landmark, the eJeepneys will go through Makati Avenue, Paseo de Roxas, Villar St., Dela Rosa, Valero, Sedeno, back to Paseo de Roxas, Makati Avenue and finally back to Landmark via North and Rizal Drives.

For the Legazpi Village loop, from Landmark, the eJeepneys take on Esperanza, Paseo de Roxas, Legazpi, Dela Rosa, Salcedo, Benavidez, Esperanza, Makati Avenue and finally back to Landmark through North and Rizal Drives.

DSC_1097Ms. Makati pays a visit to the launch

DSC_1098With E-Jeepney’s Rommel Juan


Last July 12, I was privileged to be invited to witness the launch of a new route to provide environment-sensitive service to more and more people in Makati. Dubbed as the Makati Heritage Route, the new loop will traverse along the city’s historic section: Barangay Poblacion from the Makati City Hall going through some historical sites such as Museo ng Makati, Poblacion Park, Pio Del Pilar High School, all the way through the Power Plant Mall towards Estrella and EDSA.



DSC_1120Vice President Jejomar Binay

DSC_1124Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Jun” Binay, who is celebrating his birthday the same day, drove through the new route.

“History and modernity merge and take shape today in Makati as climate change solutions,” said Red Constantino, executive director of the iCSC. “Cities need to take the lead and to do so will require bold leadership and pragmatic vision. We have political momentum, we are mobilizing more policy support and we are going full steam ahead, hopefully on a nationwide scale soon.”




The organization is fast-tracking application of commercial franchise papers for the E-Jeepney, in cooperation with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) who promises quick and responsive service to make this technology available to a larger market.  “With spiking oil prices, the shift to e-jeepneys will not only result in cleaner air but in higher take-home income for jeepney drivers and operators,” Constantino ended.







This project is supported by Binalot Fiesta Foods, Makati Parking Authority (MAPA), Makati Commercial Estate Association (MACEA), PhilBio, British Embassy Manila and the National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS).

COMMUTERS! Catch the FREE E-Jeepney rides at The Landmark and Makati City Hall, Mondays to Fridays starting from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities
(+632) 473 3217

My Eiga Sai Week

Since the board exams were done, and I barely have anything to do (aside from blogging, of course) so I go to film festivals. Films are free. Films are really good. In my opinion, the quality of the movies in film festivals are better than those in the mainstream cinema. Not that there is something wrong with mainstream, I just find these ones more relevant to me.

And have I mentioned it was FREE? Best part of it, of course!

Every July, Shangri-la Mall offers Eiga Sai to the public. Eiga Sai, which means film festival in Japanese, is one of the most anticipated film festivals (I think I have used this term quite a lot already) in the Philippines. It commemorates the Philippine-Japanese friendship ties, and a celebration of the Japanese art of filming.

There is something to the Japanese cinema that really captures me. I have been an avid patron of the Land of the Rising Sun and all of its aspects ever since I was a kid (except for the fact that they abused the Filipinos in World War II.) I love their culture and way of life. Their films are no diversion, and is a direct translation of the Japanese that I have always loved. I must have been a Japanese in my past life.

Personal trivia break: My ultimate culinary dream is to eat ramen in a lantern-adorned street stall with falling Sakura as a backdrop.

Now that was one lengthy rationale why I would watch Eiga Sai by default. So with my love for films and anything Japan-made, I trooped outside and I was lucky enough to catch three films, given the amount of audience that lined up for the films.

Villon’s Wife

This is a story of a woman who tries to be loyal to her popular writer, yet promiscuous and misbehaving, husband. Set in 1946, wherein the stereotypes of gender are still a major idealism, one sees the incredible and undying fidelity of a woman. I really find this film empowering and demeaning (in the sense of reflection of the gender stereotype ideal) at the same time.

Your Friend

Friends are forever. This is the ideology that this film teaches. Take on Emi and Yuka, unlikely to be friends, but they became friends anyway. Together they face the everyday dilemma of a handicapped student (you need to find out, I’m not spoiling, teehee!) I think I can’t go any further, lest I spoil. I’ll tell though that they have a comforting soundtrack and is a really feel-good, gonna-make-you-a-crybaby movie.


Departures is the featured film for this year’s Eiga Sai. This movie won the 81st Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2009 and a couple more locally in Japan. A different view on death was shown when the cellist Daigo Kobayashi lost his job, went back to his hometown, and took a whole new career as an encoffiner. With alternating comedy and drama, acclaimed director Yojiro Takita browses on the Japanese view of the dead.

I was really lucky that I caught a special screening yesterday, and it was well worth it lining up for two and a half hours for a ticket!


Worry not, kids! Even if Eiga Sai just ended showing in Shang today, you can still catch these wonderful movies (aside from downloading them) at Gaisano Grand Citimall Davao, Ayala Center Cebu, and UP Film Institute in these corresponding dates!

All films will be shown with English subtitles. Admission is free.

Gaisano Grand Citimall Davao

22 July 2011
4:00pm – Your Friend
6:30pm – Departures

23 July 2011
11:00am – One Million Yen Girl
1:30pm – The Chef of South Polar
4:00pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
7:00pm – Climber’s High

24 July 2011
11:00am – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
1:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
4:30pm – Feel the Wind
7:15pm – Villon’s Wife

Ayala Center Cinema 4 Cebu

02 August 2011
7:00pm – The Chef of South Polar

03 August 2011
7:00pm – Climber’s High

04 August 2011
7:00pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country

05 August 2011
7:00pm – Villon’s Wife

06 August 2011
1:30pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
4:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
7:30pm – One Million Yen Girl

07 August 2011
1:30pm – Your Friend
4:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
7:30pm – Feel the Wind

UP Film Insitute

17 August 2011
12:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
3:00pm – One Million Yen Girl
5:30pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
7:30pm – Villon’s Wife

18 August 2011
12:30pm – Your Friend
3:00pm – Feel the Wind
5:15pm – Yunagi City, Sakura Country
7:30pm – Climber’s High

19 August 2011
12:30pm – Climber’s High
3:00pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
5:30pm – Villon’s Wife
7:30pm – The Chef of South Polar

20 August 2011
12:30pm – Summer Days with Coo
3:00pm – Feel the Wind
5:10pm – The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
7:30pm – The Chef of South Polar

For synopsis of films, please click here.


I’m really eyeing to watch all those that I still haven’t in UP Film Institute. Say hi when we meet!


What’s Hot: The Grand Makati Sale


Now this is definitely something hot in the Urban oven.

When I was at Singapore last June, it was still the GSS or The Great Singapore Sale. Then I came to know (when I was actually back in MNL) that it was indeed some sort of a NATIONAL EVENT – like a holiday! Folks from all around the world travel to Singapore, which proves to be a good tactic to drive tourists in, therefore increasing the national revenue!

In its 341st year this July, Makati City, follows the consumerist call, and celebrates with marking down goods and services UP TO 70% off at major establishments in Makati like Greenbelt, Glorietta, Rustan’s Department Store, Stores Specialist Inc., Power Plant Mall, SM Department Store, Waltermart and Cash & Carry. Makati Medical Center is participating also by marking down executive check-ups!

When I came back from my whirlwind trip from SG, I thought I’ll be back to cover some more shopping, but seems like I can find good deals here in our own country as well. AH! If only Cotton On and Uniqlo have branches here! Good thing there’s MUJI and other amazing brands here already! This could be a start of something new, in our economic and tourism aspects.

So excited to hit the malls now! AND so excited to see this being a national event, just as the months of May, June, and July are sacred to crazy shoppers!

P.S. I wish, though, that the poster was done better. I just know it can be better. Just sayin’!


New York RULES!

They are now the largest state to pass the Marriage Equality Act or more popularly known as Gay Marriage, among Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, and the District of Columbia. I think this is to be celebrated so much, since the abolishing of slavery and the suffrage for women. They are among the world’s most persecuted subculture. But still, as gay means happy, they remained and now have more reasons to be gay and happy (pun intended)!

Pictures from Tumblr. These Tumblr people loves and embraces the GAY! I don’t know who’s to credit now, since they’re widely and wildly reblogged! So now collectively known as Tumblr ❤ NY ❤ GAY.

new york pass marriage equality act newspapergay perfect marriage statue of liberty lady justiceLady Gaga celebrates GAY-ness! (This one from fuckyeahladygaga)

Lady Gaga loves GAY

The Empire State Building turned rainbow in honor of the Annual Gay Pride Parade and the passing of the Marriage Equality Act. (from thedailywhat)

Empire State Building Rainbow

It has been reported also that popular gay couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka just got engaged! SO SWEET!

neil patrick harris kisses david burtka

They also had twins via a surrogate mother. Now they can marry each other. Domestic partnership is already a thing of the past. Way to go, New York! More and more reasons to move in!

neil patrick harris, david burtka's twins via surrogate mother

Happy Gay Pride everyone!

P.S. Philippines, LOOK AT NEW YORK NOW! Tayo RH Bill at Divorce pa lang! Move on, bitches. (Sorry about the word, I think you know whom I am referring to. It really makes me feel better about it.)

Disclaimer: Should you find this post offensive, I don’t care.

Everything for equality,


Since we don’t have classes today (got suspended because of Typhoon Storm Falcon,) why not we stimulate our minds and become nation builders, while we have idle time?

Designed by Team Manila


#PhilippineFridays is simply a hashtag born out of the Manila Minds brainstorming workshop spearheaded by Project Heal Manila. It aims to promote Philippine Tourism, primarily on Twitter, and further and deeper on every social media platform. It mobilizes the citizens and allows them to participate in nation building in as simple as contributing their ideas for the tourism industry, and our economy as well.

So while you’re at your idle time, why not think of a way we can boost Tourism in the country? After all, it’s our most beautiful asset!

Tweet. Partake. Build. Our nation is as much our responsibility as any of those in position. You are important in building this nation to be a better place that it should be.

Tweet away!
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State of the Nation’s Airport

There are a lot of things said of our airport – it’s old, crowded, filthy, and the restrooms – horrible. Just horrible. Complete with pictures, it can’t be denied, really. (See – 1, 2, 3, 4) That’s Terminal 1, where all other International flights aside from Philippine Airlines, AirPhil, and Cebu Pacific can be found. I guess, less complaints can be heard of Terminal 2 (PAL only.) Maybe because it’s relatively new, and fewer people use it. Well for one, the restrooms are tamer. I just think, it needs big time air conditioning.










It’s been nearly 10 years since I rode an airplane again.





The clerk in Changi airport asked me if I wanted a window seat. I hope the one in NAIA asked me too.


P.S. PAL is not PALaging late. Thanks for being punctual, PAL!

Jonver goes SG for MTV Asia!

One stressful day, this came in my e-mail:

STOOOOOOKED! Nevermind going to Singapore, but the fact that MTV Asia invited me there is enough! I am really grateful for all the opportunities this blog is opening for me! Thank you, thank you MTV Asia!

However, I had a little bit of a problem because my passport is a year and a couple of months expired already. I had to have it extended. Good thing, DFA has this public memo about extension. AND YES, even if you’re a year and a couple of months late from renewing your passport. Yay for DFA’s impeccable service. So people, renew your passports ahead of time!

Special mention to Hanna, Glenn, and Kass for helping me out for my passport dilemma. Also, I read a helpful post from the OAP maven, Mr. Anton Diaz.

P.S. You may have remembered Saab Magalona being invited to EMA’s Live Screening by MTV Asia, also in Singapore. Wala laaaaaaang… You know me naman when it comes to Saab, teehee! I’m so freaking excited!

P.S.S. I won’t even deny. This will be the first time I’ll be out of the country.

Can’t. Hide. EXCITEMENT,