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Congratulations, Globe!

I just want to congratulate my generous sponsor for being considered as Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Service Provider of the Year!


Globe Telecom was honored as Frost & Sullivan Philippines Mobile Service Provider of the Year for 2013 following its remarkable performance in 2012 despite intense competition in mobile markets. Receiving the award (as shown in photo) is Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu (right) from Nitin Bhat, Frost & Sullivan Partner and Head of Consulting. The leading telecommunications company was also recognized by the business consulting firm as Philippines Emerging Infrastructure-as-a-Service Vendor of the Year. Continue reading

MB, what?

Who’s a fan of Johnoy Danao here? Yes, he’s the composer-singer who toured the Moonleaf Tea Shop chain and who sang the jingle above. Listen to this beautifully composed song (which sticks to your ears, really) explaining how to use your internet efficiently and wisely!

Learn and enjoy, folks!

Looking for a pre-loved iPad 2

I think I owe it to my never being home, being always on the go, being layas most of the time… and finally my very mobile job as a community manager that makes me really want the iPad. I just think it’s the nomad’s perfect device weapon of choice. Not too heavy as a laptop, but not as small and (sometimes) slow as a phone. Although that really depends on the app you use.

It’s also a part of this year’s resolution goalsWalang biro at bola, that I really think and strongly believe that the iPad will revolutionize my life. WOW. Ms. Universe answer. Yes, I know. Revolutionize is the word! I promise to discuss this in a very geeky reasonable way plus apps that I am dying to have and use!

But I don’t really need the new or even a brand new iPad. If it’s still working and battery does not die on an instagram, I’m willing to buy a pre-loved gadget. Come to think of it, most of my gadgets and phones are pre-loved. I am not really a fan of brand new stuff, especially to gadgets. Others’ trash is my treasure indeed!

So just for now, I am this nomad, geek, and thrift freak who wants needs an iPad for his very mobile life and work. So if you (of your friend for that matter) are selling your iPad 2, preferably white (choosy pa eh noh) doesn’t matter how big is the memory, and selling for below PhP 15,000, I’m in for it and I wanna buy it, provided it still is in good condition (sana may warranty din, hihi)

Or if you wanna donate it to humankind that is me, JUST. GO. GIVE. IT. TO. ME. Hello, sponsors. Hihi :)

Anyway, if you wanna help me, please comment below, or email me at jonverdavid[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any offers.

Thanksies sissies!

Go mobile with MiLi

I’ve been living with my Blackberry phone for quite some time and it has been there in my high and low times. Well, aside for my personal transactions, it’s where I work sometimes because basically my job revolves around Facebook and Twitter. And add to that when I randomly become lazy to open Toshi, my netbook, I have been a heavy Blackberry user ever since.

MiLi Power Miracle image 1

The only drawback from every phone, I think, is the battery life. Seriously, when I work – and I mean Twitter, BBM, YM, and the office apps are on, my battery is only good until less than half a day. Yeah, and I’m out of the house for 25 hours. And it’s such a hassle to find cafes with enough sockets. It’s sad but good thing, I have MiLi!

MiLi Power King image 1

Maybe I’ll get this next – it’s for bigger devices like iPad and laptops!

MiLi is just a simple innovation – it’s a mobile power storage which you plug to your smartphone and et voila – izz like God’s heaven sent to people who use up their batteries at the midday!

And now they have a promo running from June 15 to July 31! If you buy a Power Star for your smartphone, you get a Pocketpal 1A USB adapter! You can avail of this promo in the following outlets:

Ambassador Appliances (Shangri-La, Park Square, VMall)
Astroplus (SM Makati, VMall, Mall of Asia)
Astrovision (Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La, Trinoma, Robinson’s Ermita)
Beeper City (VMall, Greenhills)
Globotel (Greenbelt 1)
Mobile 1 (Park Square, Rockwell, ATC)
Office Warehouse (Paseo Center, Rockwell, Fairview, Shangri-La, Mall of Asia)

MiLi Power Star (for Blackberry, Samsung, & Android smartphones) image 1

To know more about MiLi, check The Online Gadgeteer at Multiply!