Holiday Wishlist v1.1 -verybratofme

I tried to restrain myself but obviously I can’t. So here goes an extended wishlist for the holidays – even though it’s 20 items already! /brat

Fancy notebook. Or if you will ask me, from a specialty store (i.e. Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Scribe, Papemelrotti, you get that, don’t you?) Or if you really love me, get me a Moleskin!

Since books are included in my first wishlist, a bookmark is just so appropriate. Especially this one ^


From / Contact for orders...for me :))

A camera lens tumbler. So chica!

This size, in two-fold design. And yes, you may give me D&G ❤

Leather wallet. 3/4 of the regular horizontal type, two-fold, white or black. Or you can give me knitted coin purses, I really love those!

Taylor Swift concert tickets!


This is the work of Nice job!

A year worth of membership for WordPress.

Driving classes.

Teach me how to ride a bike! Seriously, I can’t. I’m the nerdy kid who plays Nintendo all the time I was actually a child and even when I’m all grown up. So yes, teach me.

Having biking mentioned, I want to bike the whole Batanes shoreline!

And just have a happy, productive, and fulfilled 2011.

Now let’s all have that!


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