Daily Archives: December 31, 2010

The New Year’s Eve To-Do List

Christmas Eve To-Do List here.

1. Be at home. It’s the last and first holiday of the previous and new year respectively (now that was magulo, haha) so why not stay indoors (or anywhere just with family) and lavish the few free days you have with them. Your time with them might not be plenty in quantity but definitely is quality.

2. The thirteen (was it?) fruits. I keep hearing it was actually twelve. Well, whatever it is, it’s not the tradition I am after. Live a healthier lifestyle, quit the vices, junk food, and the couch. Eat fruits, exercise, and aim for another 30 or more years of your life. No one can take care of yourself but you.

3. Media Noche. What is a special day without food? Cook away the family secret recipe and let a heartwarming food be shared among family and friends.

4. Fireworks (be safe). If you must, but please care for earth and consider just slamming that lid to the pan. It bangs your ears but at least not the ozone layer.

5. Pray for a good year ahead. There’s nothing better but to start a year with a conversation with your God. Tell Him your worries, your plans, your aspirations. It actually helps to believe in a greater force in your life.

6. Set out the year’s goals. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. An investment, a new car, a relationship, or a smaller waistline. Whatever it is, I believe planning is the first stage to every success.

7. Put closure to things that need closure. As you plan to start new goals, you also have to put some things into closure. Everything ends in their own rightful time. No matter what.

8. Last-minute reunions. Your free time is as scarce as your unused sick leave days. Use it to catch up with people on the first day of the year when you don’t have actual work.

9. Fix your school/work stuff. Those scarce free time will plummet into zero so fast you won’t actually feel it pass by. Fix your stuff early so even if you catch hangover you’re ready for school or work for that matter.

10. Work for a better you. New year is for new beginnings. As another year ends, let’s aim that we become a better person than we are in the past. Change bad habits. Form good new ones. Take it baby step by baby step. Then eventually you’ll make big steps in the road called life.

A prosperous, meaningful, and blessed 2011 to all of you!