Anawangin Shoot

I ditched a couple of important things for a friend. I can’t say no! First, it was for a friend, and second it was Anawangin. I’ve been planning all-year round to go here and finally I had!

SCTEX, 6 a.m.

Obligatory Caffeine

If thsi greets you in the morning, and does not make you feel good, I don't know what.

All set!

Well, as I said, it was for a friend. She has this fashion shoot project in CSB. The concept was High Fashion x Nature. Like Island x Couture. The clothes are of FDM student Jerry Evangelio, shots (official ones) by Alecks Mutuc and Marion Kitazawa, modelling by Haydee Garcia (who looks like Marian Rivera), part-styling, part-direction, and full-force production assistance by yours truly, Jonver David :P

Secluded. Network signal just forbade us.

Styling the very beautiful Haydee.

At some point, it looks like Baguio there!



Marion. And the magic make-up kit.

"Gimme FIERCE." - Marion, Alecks.

We had other photos, but they were with the photographers! Watch out for them fierce pictures :)

We didn’t stay at the island, though we would love to. We weren’t ready so we practically had no choice. Anawangin deserves a second visit though. I’ll bring tent, charcoal, grillables, and flip-flops. The next time around, I hope.

Yes, I forgot my flops.

Definitely will be going back! Photo by Marion

Hey I had some few keepers —

The almost-silhouette of the banca against the sun is perfect!

Doomsday-looking sunset.

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