Daily Archives: December 8, 2010

DIY Therapy

TV Therapy.

This is your show, this is your time.

We’re actually in TV, not watching TV. My classmates thought of watching the late morning-turned-noontime show Showtime in the ABS-CBN studios, and yes though not really a fan of, I came.

The 110 Gang!

This one's for my sister who loves Ryan Bang!

JNVR x Karylle Tatlong Hari. She actually had to bend, has skyscraper heels kasi, teehee.

I actually realized the effort put in TV shows like these. Not only by contestants, but by crew and staff also. The effort to keep people alive and happy, to also keep the viewers in the other end of the tube alive and happy. Bored at some points, but with friends, it was a pleasant experience all-in-all. It dawned to me, however, that I can’t stand to watch a straight show without looking at my tweets and SMS. So yeah, watching again would take quite some while now.


Bookstore Therapy.

I am tempted to buy but I still have unopened ones.

Addition to the growing book wishlist. Refer to Pageturners section please :)

The bookstore never fails to soothe my senses and/or keep me occupied especially when waiting for company. While waiting for Nechane, my eyes were again at the shelves, and always tempted to break a rule and snap shots of titles I plan to buy. Worse, I finished skimming cover to cover Photo You Magazine. *Now which reminds me, dSLR… sigh* Aaaah, the smell of paper and ink. Indeed, random trips to the bookstore is a treat to your soul. Chos!

No to vampire-undead fiction anymore. Please.

F&F Therapy.

Galit sa grill?! Haha!

Friends and food is always a good idea! It’s the Holidays, and all we can think of are reunions, catching-up dinners, shopping-then-dinner-dates, Dinner-then-parties; whatever it is in between, it will always be food – brunch, dinner, merienda, tusok-tusok, name it. We Filipinos love to eat. And you just can’t hide it!

Japanese a la Jonver, feeling chef at Yakimix, Tomas Morato. Chos!

Strawberry x Chocolate x Marshies

We were planning to grab Matcha Korichio from nearby Kozui, but would never want to be a glutton, wouldn’t we?

This Holidays, whether you’re working, studying for boards, having classes, or just bummed to the brim, take a break, indulge in a DIY therapy. Go out for once a while, catch up with friends, have fun. Be creative, there are tons of things to do, even in minimum expense. After all, it’s what the Holidays are for – Reconnecting.

Il fait bon vivre,
It’s good to be alive,



Actually it’s FrancisMClothing.com

The famed clothing company inspired by Urban Patriotism and Francis M‘s music, image, and advocacies launched it’s official online shopping portal, moving from the original Multiply shop set up by the Master Rapper himself, Francis Magalona with collaborators Carlo Maniquiz, Itoy Villajin, and Willy Velasquez. Now runned by the Magalonas and the same collaborators, Francis M Clothing Company (FMCC) brings their products accessible to all the Philippine Islands and the world —

It was on soft launch on December 6, as tweeted by Saab. Some things are still rough on the edges so she tweeted…

And I see that it’s still up by now. I suppose it’s functional already. Featuring the future of the Tee —

Men’s Collection.

Women’s Collection.

Now offering bags also. FrancisMClothing.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Saab tweeted about DHL, so I again suppose they’re delivering via DHL.

Learn more about FrancisMClothing.com in their blog, terms and conditions, and FAQs.

Come to think of it, this holiday season, this is not a bad gift idea. Spread urban patriotism. Love our own. Represent, yo!

* I feel the need to disclose some details here. I am not paid for this entry and also not in connection with the Magalonas, nor the management of FMCC. But yes, I am in love with FMCC designs, Saab, and the Mags.

* Have fun shopping for the Holidays!

UPDATE: FMCC would be at the Noel Discovery Bazaar in the World Trade Center in Pasay City from December 18-23. See y’all there!