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SNL: Jesse E. x Mark Z.

This just started as a rumor. Well, it really did happen after all, Social Network’s star Jesse Eisenberg and real-life Mark Zuckerberg in a Saturday Night Live episode. I think Jesse is adorable though. All that geek front. I can’t like Mark Zuckerberg pa kasi I really wanna know why did he cut Eduardo’s shares (ANDREW GARFIELD in the film ❤)


Filipinos x Facebook: Good or not?


P.S. Do you agree that Jesse Eisenberg is nerdier than Mark?! I think so!

We are not aimless

Manila Contemporary has been in operation since December 2008. In only a little under two years, its large, high-ceiling space (300 square meters in area), has played home to a large and impressive roster of artists from the Philippines and the greater Southeast Asia. (official website)


When in the Philippines, do check out the local arts scene, and find yourself in enigma of the works of Filipinos, especially the young ones. I actually just crashed the opening night, I just saw the pub mat at Inkarlcerating. I needed a break so I just went, even alone, to destress myself from school, graduation stuff, force feeding of review center marketing blabs, and, still, more nursing stuff. I obviously need something to calm my nerves. (If I have been flooding your timelines in twitter with megadoses of rants, I am sorry.)

I like their works. They’re visionary, rebellious, and fresh. It makes you think.

The installations upstairs are nothing but equals of the paintings downstairs. There is a lot of deconstruction involved here.

More at my Facebook page!

I almost forgot that I almost, ALMOST, lost my way because it was behind the very gallant Ford gala event. Having myself alone, I shoe-stalked people to curb my loneliness. Call me the Shoehunter /LOL

Paul Jatayna x Soule Phenomenon booties (I approve!)

Gray Go-go boots

DM-ish military boots


The crowd.

Eye candies.

This guy's tattoo in his left ear (blurred because I used up all the digital zoom of my camera)

I love how bohemian this look is

Androgyny's finest: Paul Jatayna ( and Karl Leuterio (

Went to Global City after to have dinner with Jen (next post).

Mi favorito!

Always, in class... This is actually for me /chos


Main gallery is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11AM – 7PM; Sundays, 11AM – 4PM. Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays.

Let us support our talented local artists!


I just got this e-mail:

Hi, Crisjonver! This is Pepe Diokno of Rock Ed Philippines.

Welcome to the Rock Ed family! We’re working on something big and I want you to be the first to know about it.

Rock Ed began in 2005 as a ten-year project to get Filipinos interested in nation-building. Today, we’re a nationwide group of people from all walks of life, working in our own little ways to make the Philippines better.

But while we all want to build the country, we often don’t know where to start. This is where Rock Ed comes in.

We’ve just completed our new website, It’s more than just a site — it’s a service that makes it easy for you to volunteer for causes you like. For the first time ever, we’ve created a bridge between you and exciting projects that are changing the country.

All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll immediately be assigned projects that fit your skills and expertise. If you’re starting a project yourself, post it and Rock Ed volunteers will answer your call. The site also allows you to send free text brigades to volunteers–a feature that was especially useful to us during Typhoon Ondoy.

Crisjonver, we’re so excited to introduce this to you, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! Click here to sign up today.

Maraming, maraming salamat po. Mabuhay, and rock and roll!

Pepe Diokno
Executive Director
Rock Ed Philippines

Email us at Visit our website at


Join Rock Ed now and let us volunteer for the cause of the Filipinos. Let us help with our own little ways. Because together, our little ways are less smaller. Let’s show the world that the Filipinos care for their less fortunate brothers and sisters. They need our help!

So, volunteer now.

Live a life of cause,

P.S. Rock Ed is just one of the many volunteer organizations (as for Rock Ed, it’s an NGO) available in the country. Coordinate with your school and its organizations, if they have volunteer committees, or check local organizations. Your contribution has an eternal effect, so get this going.

Please blog responsibly.

This will be the one thing that I will have to ask from everyone – my readers, my co-bloggers, members of the Press and other social media. We have come to this day and age that blogging equates to the power of any other media forms – it gives the facts, it lays down an opinion, and later on, it then persuades people. It is great, we have to agree to it. And as Spiderman (that was Tobey Maguire, and now the ever hot Andrew Garfield ❤) says, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”


Now this is a diversion from our topic here, teehee. But hot, isn’t he?

From what do I draw the purpose of writing this entry? Take a look at this, article from the Sunday Inquirer Magazine (via Chuvaness)

Please Don’t Give Blogging a Bad Name
By Margaux Salcedo, Contributor
Philippine Daily Inquirer
January 22, 2011

GEORGIA opened a restaurant sometime between 2000 and 2010. It was received well by the public. It quickly gained popularity by word of mouth. Before long, the country’s most read newspaper (“balanced news, fearless views”) wrote about her, expanding her restaurant’s clientele even further.
One day, The (PR) Firm approached Georgia, telling her that she could increase her sales by three if she hired them. Georgia gently declined, saying that she had been lucky in receiving good reviews from the press. “But we can also help you through social media,” The Firm’s representative said. “We call this service ‘buzz creation’ or word-of-mouth generation,” the rep explained.
The Firm said that if hired for this service, they would invite bloggers to eat at Georgia’s restaurant and blog rave reviews. They would also create a restaurant Facebook page and make sure that a significant number would “Like” the resto’s page. When the resto would be featured in a blog, they would make sure that there are positive comments on that post.

To the dear readers who don’t blog, let me give a briefer. A blog is one’s online page. For example, I have a blogwhere I talk about my restaurant experiences. A blog works like a personal diary or notebook (you could name yours Minnie’s Musings or Trina’s Travels) but it is instantly published for the whole world to see (or not, i.e. you can also opt to keep your posts private).
Posts could be as mundane as snippets of a lazy day, as heavy as Manolo Quezon’s take on the Arroyo Administration, as hurtful as attacks on a woman’s Belo’d boobs. But soon enough blogs became so popular that otherwise private personalities became public figures and personal posts became practically public sites. Some food bloggers have become quite powerful in the sense that a post could draw a crowd to an otherwise neglected restaurant or drive customers away by ranting that the service, the soup or some such thing was terrible.
Food bloggers, especially, were revered as reliable sources because they were perceived to be independent of any influence, paying for their own meals and untouched by PR firms. Certain bloggers, like the Marketman orLori Baltazar have worked hard to maintain this integrity.

But PR firms have caught on. Marketing is no longer limited to tri-media or traditional media, i.e., TV, radio and print. It now also extends to social or new media: a website, a Facebook page, mentions on Twitter, online directories and blogs. The Firm that approached Georgia told her that if she was willing, they would make sure that her restaurant got positive reviews on the Net. Still, Georgia declined, believing that she would succeed on her own merits.
A few days later, Big Bad Blogger ate at her restaurant. He smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. He wrote a raving review about the restaurant. She thought it was a sincere review.
However, a few days after THAT, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We have an arrangement with him. We can make sure that more bloggers write about your restaurant the same way if you hire us.”
How much? Georgia asked. The price demanded: P120,000 a month for a year. “What?!” Georgia thought. “These guys are crazy.” And again she gently declined. They lowered the offer to P80,000. (That’s P80,000 per month x 12 months or P960,000; almost a million bucks.) Georgia still declined.

Cut to a year later when Georgia opened another restaurant. Big Bad Blogger visits. Again, he smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. This time, though, he wrote a scathing review. A few days after that, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We can make sure he retracts his comments and clarifies that your restaurant is not bad but really good after all.” For the same price.
One can draw one’s own conclusions from this. Maybe Georgia is overreacting to a negative review. Maybe The Firm was only claiming to have relations with Big Bad Blogger for their own sinister purposes, unbeknownst to Big Bad Blogger. Or maybe the suspicions are true and Big Bad Blogger bows to the highest bidder. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: Georgia is now afraid of the blogging community. And this fear resonates among other restaurateurs who have had the same experience.
In fact, when I asked Georgia if I could name her, she pleaded not to be named, afraid that the blogger might retaliate: “They pretend to be unbiased and unpaid but they are now being used by PR firms.” She shared that for the launch of a dessert product, the PR firm invited bloggers and gave away Lomo cameras. “But they’re worse than traditional media,” Georgia continued, “because we never experienced that kind of extortion from food writers. What happens now is you have to pay the PR firm for your protection from these bloggers. The thing about blogs is that not a lot of people know that they are already becoming a PR arm.”

This is sad because the blogging community was that one last community that we could rely on for the truth (aside from the Sunday Inquirer Magazine, of course *wink*). Now while this is solely Georgia’s story, resonated by others who have likewise been approached by The Firm, for us writers, and especially for bloggers, it is likewise tragic, because it gives writing, in general, and blogging, in particular, a bad name.
There’s nothing wrong with expressing one’s opinion. Just make sure it is indeed your own. There is also nothing wrong with trying to get a free meal. Just please don’t make the rest of us writers and bloggers pay for it. Certainly neither writers nor restaurateurs have the right to tell the Big Bad Blogger or The Firm to stop doing business. This is just a little request to please not give blogging a bad name. We’re watching you. (end quote)


I am known to bash a lot of things, but just so because I believe I have to bash it. In other words, I bash for myself. I don’t bash because I was paid – it’s like killing for a price, a paid assassin. Or maybe this. I can only think of only one classification for these type of bloggers – a blogging prostitute. I won’t even use the word whore because it is used colloquially to refer to something one has an inclination to do (i.e. camwhoring = very inclined to taking pictures of oneself.) But this? This will have to stop. They are white slaves of nasty PR firms who will stop at nothing to get their business done. It is quite sad to see that the blogosphere (then indie, more reliable, and free) is infiltrated by extortionists and actually one of our kind has gone to the dark side.

So please do blog responsibly. Don’t be accomplices of such terrible plots. Let us keep this world, the blogging world – our world – a place for free, inspiring, and honest information – be it a fact or an opinion. There is nothing wrong with earning a little some-some from blogging. There is none in my blog that says don’t use blogging for business, but, to reiterate, please blog responsibly. Blog only for what you believe in. Blog only YOUR opinion. Blog only with responsibility.

For some more reads in blogging:

Marketman’s oath to responsible blogging (also his opinion to the article)

People’s thoughts (or tweets)

Another case of PR people gone bad

Chuvaness’ PoV

I believe this is the perfect time to promote this badge also:

Happy (and responsible) blogging to us all,

A dose of art on a Saturday

This is where I’ll be, most probably tonight:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSaw this at Inkarlcerating by Karl earlier this morning and I thought I’ll give it a try to look at some installations they might be showing. Also, I’ve been wanting to see some of AJ Omandac’s stuff, which have a lot of buzz (and here also) about it. Come let’s support the local art scene!

So there, if you’re looking for some place to chill on a chilly, lonely, and highly unproductive Saturday night, grab your booties and head over White Space at Pasong Tamo extension, Makati City. Aside from the quirky fashionistas and I hope Saab drops by too tonight,  I hope to see y’all tonight!

Gallery is up until February 6, 2011.

Who doesn’t tumble these days?

It was once a place for people who don’t want Facebook, much more Twitter. It was a spot where you can be yourself (well, you can be anywhere, trust me) and let loose what you can’t on Facebook because your entire clan is logged in 24/7. It was a new hype in blogging. brings you Filipino Tumblr Superstars who 1.) has a lot of following, 2.) are definitely Tumblarity (when it was still around) kings and queens, 3.) must be a celebrity, and 4.) post damn good stuff in the internet. And apparently they drove a lot of tumbling peeps along with them.


Click photo to go to original post

I am following 7 out of 10 bloggers in that list. Of course (!) including the lovely and witty (and all the nice words that I can find in the dictionary) Saab.

Follow me, too!

Pokemon Freak

Well in my post last year, around November, I emphasized my fascination about Pokemon. And now, the fifth generation is here to capture all us Pokemon lovers – old and young.

Released in Japan on September 18, 2010, now it’s coming to North America on March 6, 2011! I can’t wait to check out new Pokemon and adventures. It will be an affair with my NDS (which is now with my sister) all again!

A new region: Unova
A new gear: C-gear
A new set of starters: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott
Three-way battle

For more information, click here.

Food bloggers on the loose!

I have so much respect for these bloggers – Market Manila, Our Awesome Planet, and Dessert Comes First. I wish to become just like them in the future. Kudos to all bloggers in the Philippines! I didn’t have the chance to watch it on TV, I’m glad Ms. Lori shared it through her blog.

Oh! I almost forgot, a Filipino-raised foreigner shared his insights, too – Burnt Lumpia.

Rediscovered love: Manila


Vintage Camera on Hidalgo st., Quiapo, Manila. Pardon the quality of pictures, I just used my phone camera.

Last week was a kind of hell for us. We held a seminar, done plenty of meetings, practices, and lots of paperworks. So Hanna and I decided to go to Hidalgo for some break before our sanity can take a break on us.


Lenses are everywhere.

For some of you who are not familiar with, Hidalgo street in the Quiapo district of Manila is a long stretch of photography stores, selling items ranging from original to pre-owned cameras and accessories. Vintage articles can also be found around the area. I took the pleasure to ask for some items for my camera (coming this February) finding myself some cheap finds. I hope they get cheaper in one month’s time though. /kuripot

Why February is so faaar? I want to hold it na, haha.

We were there to find Hanna a handycam lens filter for a friend; one which we didn’t accomplish. (If some of you know a store which has a 0.35mm lens filter, please do advise.) Having the rest of our free day in the middle of bustling Manila, we went to Chinatown.


Ongpin street. Parang nakapose lang si Ate. HAHA!

Very authentic Chinese food! This has my seal of approval.

My grandmom used to bring me here as a child to procure items for our now defunct sari-sari store in Bulacan. We always eat at granddad’s favorite restaurant, Ongpin Manosa, which is actually a hole in the wall establishment that serves honest-to-goodness Chinese fare, and where we ate lunch. However, I would really just want to extend that they need to improve some sanitation conditions. Anyway, it was a reel of memory for me and a new one for Hanna. Tummies were well filled and satisfied though. I have been craving for Chinatown-style food!


Delicious Maki: seasoned ground meat swimming in semi-sweet glutinous sauce. My grandmom always order this.

Lomi: thick egg noodles in savory sauce topped with vegetables, shrimp meat, and pork

Cantonese style Noodles: Egg noodles sauteed with vegetables and meat

There were a lot of tea and diuresis involved

We really are unprepared, I wish I brought my Tsuper maiden issue to guide us. Tsuper put a really hard work on presenting and eliciting appreciation of old Manila. Manila is indeed loveable with all the history and culture going on. Imagine, the Quiapo district alone houses the very popular Quiapo church, a Mosque with a Muslim community around, and Chinatown. Not to mention the conglomerate of ancestral houses that stood up since the Spanish era. Manila deserves a second chance to shine. Note to the government: if you’re really damn serious about tourism, drop the lousy campaign ads, leave it to those who really knows their craft, and get started with Manila. It is the capital, after all.

So there we were, kind of lost in a middle of a somewhat foreign land. It actually feels alien when you pass through the gates.

This is in the other end of the gate. Let's watch the lion dance on the Chinese new year, yes?

Carriedo Church and usual Manila life

Ongpin st. is named after a civic leader named Roman Ongpin

Given the limited knowledge of Chinatown, we went looking for Eng Bee Tin Hopia Bakery instead. It is popular and Hanna has quite a thing for hopia. Eng Bee Tin has four branches around Chinatown. Why do you need so much hopia in Chinatown, anyway?


Binondo Church, which btw has an amazing architecture, is near the first Eng Bee Tin bakery.

The spontaneity didn’t stop at Chinatown when we headed straight to the National Museum, something we should have done in our Humanities class. It’s kinda creepy there na pala. (Following photos were legal and taken with supervision with phone camera.)

1800's photograph


Hanna hearts the Spoliarium by Juan Luna

Urban Planning circa 1933. Text reads: Calle Espana. Another note to the government: Please do this.

Nothing is more fitting but to cap the day with our all-time favorite drink – milk tea. We were planning to get Easy Way in Ongpin, but we opted for Happy Fanshu instead.

Can you remember the last time you said you love Manila?

Tooth Bitch

While I sincerely love eating, and eating, and eating, and well – eating, my dentition has not been completely cooperative, thanks to a new member of my molar family, my wisdom tooth a.k.a. The Tooth Bitch.

I cannot nibble on fish and chips, damn hurts...

wisdom tooth, in humans, is any of the usually four third molars, including mandibular third molar and maxillary third molar. Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Most adults have four wisdom teeth, but it is possible to have more, in which case they are called supernumerary teeth. Wisdom teeth commonly affect other teeth as they develop, becoming impacted or “coming in sideways”. They are often extracted when this occurs. (Source)

I wish God did not create wisdom teeth, because I can’t eat yogurt or ice cream. It’s been a week since it started hurting, my cheeks are starting to feel thick and swollen, though it has not yet, and I hope it will not. Even pain killers would not do their job. Effing (tooth) bitch.

Spotted in my bag: A bootle of Aleve (Naproxen sodium) which btw is bailing on me.

I came to the school dentist, and in just thirty seconds he blurted out something like dental surgery. It seems that my very unwelcome guest to my perfectly fit and non-painful teeth family is impacted. Regular extraction won’t do, per as my dentist said. I needed to have this surgically removed and I can think of a thousand reasons at the least why I can’t and that involves my hospital duties.

As painful as it is, I just hope that my pain killers would actually work, that I can eat normally again and that I lose weight after this. It’s the best consolation I can get with not being able to eat. Gaaaaah!

Awfully in pain,

Just a trivia: In August 2008, scientists in Japan were able to harvest stem cells in wisdom teeth. Since it was a rather common extraction, it could be a source of ever-important stem cells. Patients were given the option to keep it in case they would ever need it.

Now if that only was in the Philippines…