Bloggers United 2

I will have to apologize for the blurred photos. This is Jonver in shopping mode :P




I am very prepared when the Bloggers United bazaar was announced. I know which stores to go to already. What I didn’t prepare though is my time. I had a meeting early in the morning. So what I only saw in David‘s booth was these signs, LOL! Seriously, kidding aside, all the stuff I wanna buy from David was swept clean. Better luck next time, I guess…



DSC_0561Accessories from Gelo Arucan! I wanna buy the Born This Way but I forgot to!

DSC_0562Unisex Accessories, curated by JP Singson

DSC_0566Karl + Mike + Bosquejo booth!

DSC_0567Sino itong bakla na lagi kong kasamang magshopping?! ALAMIN. Chos!



The Plump Pinay has a very nice booth! CAN YOU BELIEVE I scored a hoodie from them (that I don’t have a photo now!) Aside from the perfect fit, I love the vintage Rolling Stones illustration. SCORED… OH YEAH!

DSC_0572Jen, Angel, Ava


The sellers at Divine Lee/Tim Yap/Victor Basa‘s booth we’re very kind! 1. They gave me a discount for V’s vintage boots, 2. There was a lotto ticket in V’s shoes and they gave it to me na lang haha AND 3. I left my DSLR at their booth and they were kind enough to keep it!!!! I WAS REALLY WORRIED! But I am so proud of them for being honest. *fist pump* tayo mga Ate!




Gold Dot team! No I didn’t buy a pair of shoes for myself from Gold Dot (asa naman sa malapad kong mga feet) but I scored booties from internationally known blogger Karl Leuterio! It was the right fit and it’s ITALIAN. I can ask for nothing more!

Sorry for the lack of photos, especially that of my purchases. But all in all I just spent something over a thousand pesos for TWO BOOTS and a HOODIE. It’s like I went to ukay but I just got really fabulous pieces!!! Can’t wait to post outfit photos using them!!!

DSC_0581My shopping partner in crime, Jen Aquino, in leopard sheer blazer. Arrive. Idagdag mo ang pangalawang Longchamp Le Pliage nya. ARRIVE.

Went to Mary Grace to grab early dinner…

DSC_0582Fried Kesong Puti with Chili Daing Dressing. This naturally goes with a calamansi dressing, but I like to try the chili daing dressing. The waiter was too kind to accommodate my request :)

It was funny when I took this photo. The lens was fogged up because of the aircon and I didn’t notice it. I like the effect though.

DSC_0583Grilled Classic Ensaymada. Fluffy and cheesy. Why can’t all ensaymadas be like this?!

DSC_0584Pasta Amatriciana with Italian meatballs. Pasta for my fabulous meat-loving friend. 

DSC_0585Oh this dressing… IS LOVE!

DSC_0586Dropped by Sonja’s to grab a red velvet cupcake. I am still in the Red Velvet fever. 



DSC_0589The Red Velvet Vixen


I died of happiness that day. Shopping + Foodtrip is indeed the most foolproof stress buster!

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