Nokia N9 Launch at Prive


DSC_0481Magic DJs


DSC_0485Paolo Bediones and DJ Sam YG

DSC_0487Celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles

DSC_0489I was thrilled to see Jenni Epperson and her daughter Aryanna! Such beautiful ladies! (and may I add and gloat a little – Jenni told me she loves my outfit that night! :P)

DSC_0490Alyanna Martinez with Franky



DSC_0494Playing a game… a finger game!


DSC_0498Ready, set… FINGER!

DSC_0499They have to feed each other using only one FINGER!



DSC_0506Bianca Valerio was pretty cautious to show her face, haha!


DSC_0532Brent Javier with girlfriend

DSC_0531Connect Agency’s Jon Herrera spinned for us!

DSC_0478Gerd and Franky

DSC_0480Franky, Lawryeng, and Verge

DSC_0488Almost matching denim outfits – Me and Gerd. 

DSC_0530My very pretty crowd with Connect’s Ed Lorenzo!

DSC_0526People are People black striped v-neck shirt, Thrifted (US) gray denim jacket, Billabong gray denim pants, Thrfted military boots, Wrangler denim tote, Speedo square frames.

Imagine the blush on my face (aside from drinking) when The Jenni Epperson greeted my outfit that night! Well, I love wearing denim, that explains this outfit. Also, I can wear denim ANYWHERE – this explains my katamaran naman. HAHA!


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